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PeniMaster PRO: Review And Results [April 2020]

My PeniMaster Pro review will serve as your informative guide to this line of penis extenders. I’ll share everything and anything you could want to learn about them.

Women favor well-endowed men over us smaller guys—it’s been proven.1 My constant focus on my measurements got so bad, it turned me timid in between the sheets.

The PeniMaster Pro was my savior when I thought I was out of options.

I was at the stage where I was seriously considering penile enhancement surgery.

Thankfully, I found the PeniMaster Pro. I chose the penis extender that fit my needs (the strap system) and dedicated myself to using it. With the length and girth I gained, I’m no longer worried about being judged—by myself or others.

What Is the PeniMaster Pro?

ShapesThe PeniMaster Pro is a single product with plenty of variety. It’s one device that can be applied to your penis singularly, with rods, a strap, or weights.

All of the penis extender kits include this vital component. It’s the extra equipment that differs. Here are the five packages and their respective prices:

  • PeniMaster Pro basic.
  • PeniMaster Pro strap expander.
  • PeniMaster Pro rod expander.
  • PeniMaster Pro weight expander.
  • PeniMaster Pro complete set.

MSP Concept, headquartered in Germany, manufactures PeniMaster Pro penis extenders. The company dedicates itself to the manufacture of urologic and medical enhancement apparatus.

The company’s motto is “be part of life.” I translated that as, “stop moping about your underwhelming size and take action to fix it.” 

Their penis extender series is built to combat penile issues of all sorts. The suction ball for the glans is designed not to squeeze or otherwise deform your head with long-term use. 

man smiling

Who Is This Penis Extender For?

The product in question is marketed as both a therapeutic and a cosmetic device. That means there are quite a few men who could profit from one.

Four arrows going outwardThis penis extender is a non-invasive strategy for total, three-dimensional enlargement. Proportionate growth is vital: you want to be longer and thicker—not only longer. 

On that note, the PeniMaster Pro works on bulking up your glans too. The anatomical suction chamber can both shape and enhance the head of your penis. 

Now, let’s discuss the medical applications of this penis extender. You can use it to correct curves that are either natural or the result of Peyronie’s disease. 

The extension properties are an effective measure to prevent length loss following operations such as a radical prostatectomy.2 Implanting a penile prosthesis can also shorten your penis.3 If you have surgery in your future, the PeniMaster Pro might be worth it.

carrot, corn and cucumber on a blue background

This extender can also be practical if you’re planning to undergo foreskin reconstruction. Note that this is only applicable if you have a partial foreskin, and there are no full guarantees. The theory is that the remaining skin will inevitably be stretched out, leaving your doctor with more to work with.

Finally, this model could boost your stamina and performance in the bedroom. That isn’t wholly unbelievable: after all, penis extenders do boost blood circulation. Mild erectile dysfunction can improve through one of these gadgets.4

The manufacturer suggests that the device could combat premature ejaculation through desensitization. The idea is that something touching your penis long-term will get you used to handling your member without it going off. 

Can Anybody Use It?

Practically anyone can use this penis extender, with a couple of exceptions.

Person with instrumentUsers with ongoing health issues should check with a professional for safety’s sake. 

After all, we aren’t talking about skin cream or hair dye. This product will go on your most sensitive organ.

If you have a diagnosed issue down below (urologic, Peyronie’s disease, history of surgeries), consult your physician first. Men with latex allergies won’t be able to use this model. 

Is the PeniMaster Pro Effective?

I want to keep my PeniMaster Pro review as unbiased as I can. Find out what goals real users have attained with this model and scientific evidence of effectiveness. 

User Success Rate 

Unlike other penis extenders, the PeniMaster Pro doesn’t have scores of customer reviews on the product pages. There isn’t a testimonial section on the website, either.

Doctor with stethoscopeInstead, the success rate is revealed through medical professionals who have prescribed the penis extender to their patients.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Timo Spanholtz recommends his patients to use this extender after enhancement surgery. His go-to version is the rod expander to reduce length loss.

Urologist Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi initially prescribed off-brand extenders to patients suffering from curved penises as a result of Peyronie’s or other conditions. I’m sure you can tell where this story is going. 

After seeing that his patients were giving up on these inferior devices, he tried the PeniMaster Pro. Dr. Tajkarimi praises the device for being safe to use and comfortable to wear long-term to achieve real results in correcting curves.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich went a step further and tried the PeniMaster Pro himself. The urologist couldn’t find a penis extender that wasn’t frustrating to wear. He praises it for being easy to wear and staying firmly in place throughout his busy days.

Scientific Research 

Person researchingYou can’t criticize the PeniMaster Pro when it comes to hard evidence. Not only does this penis extender have doctors supporting it, but there are also clinical trials too

One study monitored the effects of this penis extender on participants with Peyronie’s over 12 weeks. The average decrease in curvature was 41 percent, or 31 degrees less. An added perk was an improvement in erectile function, which Peyronie’s can impair.5

Another trial conducted by Dr. Petrovich (mentioned above) investigated the effects of the PeniMaster Pro on micropenises. Patients gained a whopping 3 inches of growth after 1.5 years of treatment, combined with testosterone therapy.6

Cucumber and measuring tape

The all-in-one instrument proved itself to be capable of fighting length loss after radical prostatectomy. Alongside other treatments, the extender not only preserved length but added to it by 5.5 percent.7

MicroscopeA study on another penis extender showed that participants benefited from thicker glans after treatment.8 The PeniMaster Pro is specially designed to focus on the entire penis, including the glans.

Penimaster Pro Review: Pros

  • Plenty of proof supporting effectiveness.
  • Versatile (choice of five packages).
  • Medically approved and tested for safety.
  • Ideal for total-penis enhancement.
  • Therapeutic for legitimate medical conditions.

Penimaster Pro Review: Cons

  • Contains latex.
  • Challenging to assemble.

What Does the PeniMaster Pro Promise?

This segment of my PeniMaster Pro review sums up the promises this product makes.

1) Overall Penis Enlargement

Two squares with arrowTaking yourself up a size sounds easier than it is. The device has to be capable of even, proportionate enlargement. 

You don’t want to add inches to your length only to have your girth unaffected. Or, to see your member get thicker and bigger, but your glans remains inadequately small. 

The PeniMaster Pro covers all facets of enhancement. Whichever system you pick, you’ll get thicker and longer from shaft to tip. 

2) Straighten Out Curved Penises

Peyronie’s disease can be crippling to live with. Besides the possibility of painful erections and possible dysfunction, it can also hit your confidence hard.

Men born with a natural curve may not have pain but can suffer from the same self-esteem issues. The way your manhood looks is important; it isn’t all about function.

PinThis penis extender can straighten your penis out for improved function and well-being. Studies have already demonstrated that it works for Peyronie’s disease. 

3) Improve Erectile Function 

Penis extenders aren’t as renowned as penis pumps for improving erectile dysfunction. 

Still, these products do force blood circulation to a certain degree. 

They apply consistent tension to your penis. The improved blood flow could manifest as more rigid, longer-lasting erections. 

4) Prevent Length Loss 

Undergoing an operation is hard. If that procedure is on your manhood, it’s even more difficult.

Now imagine the trauma of losing precious inches on top of that. The PeniMaster Pro can make such surgeries less emotionally painful by preserving your length. 

penimaster pro penis extender

What to Expect: Timeline of Results

This model is a quality penis extender, but it doesn’t work miracles. Yes, your penis will grow: but it won’t happen overnight.

Manage your dreams of showing off a 5-inch longer penis in a few months. Severe Peyronie’s can’t be corrected in a few weeks. Your gains will be steady and impressive, but not fantastical. 

Weight liftingYou need to commit to the PeniMaster Pro as you would to a gym routine. Now that your expectations are in check, I’ll tell you what gains to look forward to on a week by week basis.

Week One

The first seven days will be about adapting to wearing it. You’ll be getting used to assembling and removing it and experimenting with the traction.

Week Two to Three

By the second week, you’re starting to get somewhere. Your manhood appears thicker and longer after each time you remove the device. 

Week three ushers in the start of real progress. Your member is looking bigger for longer, not only right after you remove your penis extender.

The glans is fatter than it was. Measuring your penis may show a few millimeters of growth if you’re lucky. 

Week Four To Five

At this point, you’re glad you put your faith in this device. Your penis is visibly elongated and thicker all around. Almost all users will see the appearance of at least a couple of millimeters of length. 

By week five you’re comfortable wearing and assembling the device. If you’ve leveled up the traction, you’ll witness another millimeter or two gained. 

cucumber wrapped in a measuring tape

It isn’t your imagination—several degrees disappeared off your curve. Your erections are feeling stronger than ever.

Week Six To Seven

The effects of the PeniMaster Pro aren’t short-lasting anymore. Your penis stays engorged with extra millimeters for longer at the end of your wearing sessions. 

Zoom symbolYour flaccid length has changed for the bigger. If you have Peyronie’s, pain during sex has begun to diminish. 

Men who are measuring meticulously will notice yet another millimeter or more by week seven. You’re starting to take pride in your member. 🙂

Week Eight To Nine

Your penis isn’t the only thing undergoing dramatic change. The confidence and boosted blood flow in your penis have you performing like a sexual athlete in bed.

By Week nine your erections are fuller, and your penis is strikingly more massive than it was, especially when flaccid.

A long-term partner won’t be able to help but comment on how much straighter your penis looks if it was bent before. 

Week Ten To Eleven

Week ten has you at least 6 to 8 millimeters longer than when you began. The head of your penis is thicker, making it both more attractive and stimulating to your partner.

Handsome manHolding your penis when flaccid or hard gives you the impression you’re a whole new man. The growth will have your manhood fuller and heavier than it used to be.

By week eleven there’s no doubt that your Peyronie’s is improving. That pesky curve that causes you grief is substantially less pronounced at nearly three months in. 

You don’t need to consult your ruler to understand your penis has received an upgrade. It’s plain to see that you’re not dealing with the same equipment you started with.

Week Twelve

Millimeters are starting to add up. You and your partner (or partners) no longer recognize your penis—the length and girth have been definitively enhanced.

Happy faceYour erections and stamina show significant improvement since the start of treatment. You’re no longer wary about pain or premature ejaculation episodes spoiling your encounters.

My Penimaster Pro Review: Week Thirteen 

Three months shows a startling change in your once-disappointing member. If your penis was curved, it’s well on the way towards straightening out. Mild angles may be close to vanishing or fully straightened out.

Your gains by now are up to 0.5 inches (flaccid and erect). If you’ve been training hard, you might be fortunate enough to see more than that. 

Testimonials for the PeniMaster Pro

As I mentioned earlier, there aren’t readily available customer testimonials. You can check out what doctors have to say about it and why they recommend it here.

How to Use the PeniMaster Pro?

Video playerThis part of my PeniMaster Pro review consists of the how-to guides and package overviews. You can watch videos on how to assemble and use the device; as well as consult the official user manual.

The reason I’ve linked to these two resources is not out of laziness. You see, the PeniMaster Pro is a feat of complex engineering. It isn’t easy to explain how it works with words alone; you’re going to need diagrams and videos.

This isn’t to say that you’re going to struggle with putting it on and taking it off—there’s a learning curve. You’re more likely to overcome it with visual as well as written instructions.

Click here for the link to the PeniMaster Pro manual for all packages and at this link, you’ll find the video playlist for all facets of assembly. These are easy to follow videos, so assembling your device will be quick and easy.

Frequency of Use 

As I said, the PeniMaster Pro works better the more you use it. However, if you’ve never used a penis extender before, you can’t expect to start out with intense sessions.

Clock with round arrowThe manufacturer suggests wearing it in increments of no less than 30 minutes and no more than three hours. After you remove it, take a 30-minute break before putting it on again. Per day, you should be aiming for eight to 12 hours of wear.

You may be able to experiment with wearing it for longer, after a time. Every man is different—just be careful not to push yourself into an injury. 

Choosing Your Traction Level

The traction level might seem confusing with a device that’s capable of offering you almost 17 pounds of pull. I’ll tell you what level is best and which to start with here. 

For Beginners

The goal is tension without pain. Start at 200 grams, the lowest possible level. Once you can stand that tension for an entire hour with no uncomfortable sensations, increase the traction.

Weight scale with hookWork your way up to 1,100 grams from there. Your starter goal for each level is at least one hour at the set traction without any pain or soreness of any sort.

Best Traction Level

Anywhere between 280 to 400 grams are suitable for long-term results. How far you go will depend on your tolerance for the PeniMaster Pro. The greater traction you use and the longer you wear the device, the more extreme your gains will be. 

What About Slippage?

The PeniMaster Pro is among the most secure penis extenders out there. It uses a positive-locking fit to ensure your penis won’t slip out, even if it gets sweaty.

None of the forces attaching it to your penis involve crushing or squeezing your organ. That’s great news for your manhood and will help minimize slippage.

Engine oilIf you feel that it isn’t secure, see if you accidentally spread any lubricant on parts you weren’t supposed to. Areas covering the attachment groove on the glans chamber can’t be lubricated, or the latex bits will slip.

Alternatively, there may not be enough pressure in the glans chamber (the crux of the device). Increase the suction as needed and try again. 

PeniMaster Pro Side Effects and Complaints 

This bit is the least pleasant part of my PeniMaster Pro review. Before you jump to any conclusions about the dangers of penis extenders, read onwards.

Misusing this penis extender will have consequences. Still, that’s true of almost any product—instruction manuals exist for a reason.

Stomach acheIf you see or feel these symptoms on your manhood, analyze how you’re using the PeniMaster Pro:

  • Pain or soreness.
  • Swelling.
  • Minor blisters on the glans.
  • Itching or burning.

The last item could indicate an allergy to latex. If you aren’t sure if you have one or not, stop using the penis extender until you find out. 

A possible severe complaint that doesn’t involve injury is a lack of results. What if you’ve been wearing the extender and nothing is happening?

QuestionLet me ask you a few questions. 

Have you been building your way up to a higher level of traction for eight to 12 hours a day? Do you wear it daily? Have you been consistent for at least three months?

If you answered no to any of these three queries, the problem is human error. Try using the PeniMaster Pro properly and measure yourself again.

What Do You Get When You Buy the PeniMaster Pro?

Are you curious to learn what comes in the box with each package? I’ve got you covered with lists of all the items and accessories you’ll receive:

PeniMaster Pro Basic

  • Glans chamber (PeniMaster Pro) with attachment groove, coupling head, and valve port.
  • ToolboxSluice ring.
  • Latex sluice.
  • Latex adhesion diaphragm. 
  • Two sizes of split adapter.
  • Standard rotary valve.
  • Pump ball.
  • Hose.
  • ProMaster Comfort and Care (lubricant).

penimaster pro basic

PeniMaster Pro Strap Expander

  • PeniMaster Pro Basic.
  • Belt pulling force generator (strap expander) with tissue belt, conductive buckles, multi-position anchors, and fixing clip.
  • Coupling socket (attached to strap).

penimaster pro belt expander version

PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander

  • PeniMaster Pro Basic.
  • Box with checklistBasic ring including spring balance (rod expander) with pulling force control, threaded screw, rotary joints, and basic rods.
  • Complete set extension rods.
  • Coupling socket (attached to rod).

penimaster pro rod extender

PeniMaster Pro Basic With Weights 

  • PeniMaster Pro Basic.
  • Weight pulling force generator (strap expander).
  • Coupling socket (attached to strap).
  • Safety cord.
  • Shoulder belt with ladder lock buckles.
  • Base weight of 250 grams.
  • Additional round weights (two weights of 125 grams, one of 250 grams, and one of 500 grams).
  • Coupling retainer. 

penimaster pro basic weights

PeniMaster Pro Complete Set 

  • PeniMaster Pro Basic.
  • BeniMaster Pro Strap Expander.
  • PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander. 

penimaster pro complete set

Purchase FAQ

You’re probably a PeniMaster Pro expert by now. The last things you need to learn are where to buy it and what to expect with purchase. 

Where Can You Buy the PeniMaster Pro?

You can purchase the PeniMaster Pro from the official website. It’s also sold by distributors across the globe. You can check online to see if there’s one near you where you can buy it.

Shipping Countries 

Cargo shipThe PeniMaster Pro can be shipped anywhere in the world. As I mentioned, you may want to check distributors near you for a quicker fix. 

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery time will depend on the distributor you ordered the device from and your location.

Is Packaging Discreet?

The envelope or box you find at your doorstep or in your mailbox will be discreet. No mention of PeniMaster or penises: it’s portrayed as an innocuous body care product.

Is There a Warranty?

The PeniMaster Pro comes with a one-year warranty. 

What Is the Return and Refund Policy?

You have 14 days from receipt to notify MSP Concept that you want to return the PeniMaster Pro. 

Are There Coupon Codes?Voucher

So far, there aren’t any coupons on the PeniMaster Pro website. You can browse online to try to get a good deal. 

Penimaster Pro Review (FAQ)

Let’s finish my PeniMaster Pro review with a FAQ section. I’ll answer the most burning questions you likely have about this penis extender. 

Is It Safe to Use?

This penis extender is safe if used as directed by appropriate users. What I mean by that is you have to use common sense before you buy it and as you use it.

ChecklistTalk to your doctor about this penis extender if you have a health issue, no matter what it is. Follow the directions to avoid getting hurt.

Can PeniMaster Pro Straighten Your Penis?

Yes, the PeniMaster Pro is an established Peyronie’s treatment. If you were born with a bent member, you should benefit from the same effect. 

Alternatives to the PeniMaster Pro

Does the PeniMaster Pro not seem compatible with your needs? Whether you’re allergic to latex or find the gadget too complex, here are four alternatives (you could also check out our buying guide for best penis extenders):

Read Our Review: Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is a German-made penis extender. As with the PeniMaster Pro, it employs negative suction for maximum enhancement. The Phallosan Forte is also more of a medical device than a novelty one, with the credentials to prove it.

Flasks and tubeThe device has been clinically tested to show that it’s safe and effective. It’s also a viable choice for men with Peyronie’s, retracted penises, and other conditions. Plus, there’s a mobile app to guide you.

Many users praise how simple the Phallosan Forte is to assemble and wear. The PeniMaster Pro may be comfortable, but it can be tricky to get used to handling it. 

phallosan forte penis extender


  • Mobile app available.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Reputable manufacturer.


  • Little more costly, but in my opinion it is totally worth it.

Read Our Review: SizeGenetics

3 boxesThe SizeGenetics penis extender is sold in four separate packages. Men of all budgets and needs—including those with Peyronie’s—should find a kit to achieve their size goals.

Another attractive feature of this model is adaptability. All of the kits except one (the Value Edition) give you the choice of a noose or comfort strap. Extra accessories are sold on the website if you want to build up a cheaper package with time. 

If you love a good money-back guarantee, you’ll like SizeGenetics. The company is willing to wager on your results. If you use the device for four months straight, log your progress, and don’t grow; they’ll refund you the full price.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender


  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Stellar testimonials and photos from real users.
  • Range of prices and packages.
  • Strap or noose available.


  • Significant gains might take time.

Read Our Review: Quick Extender Pro

Person running fastThe name of this penis extender says it all. The Quick Extender Pro is about transforming your penis as fast as possible.

How does one inch per month sound to you? Naturally, every man will respond differently to treatment—but Quick Extender promises you’ll see some change in three weeks.

Selecting the Quick Extender Pro over the PeniMaster Pro has a financial pro too. Except for the Deluxe Limited Edition kit, all packages are under $200. If you aren’t pleased with your penis after six months, you’ll receive a full refund. 

quickextender pro


  • Six-month money-back guarantee.
  • Rapid visible results.
  • Anti-slip double-strap construction.
  • Special extender package for Peyronie’s disease.


  • Deluxe Limited Edition is expensive.

Read Our Review: Jes Extender

CarThe Jes Extender is the Rolls Royce of penis extenders. If that introduction has you clutching your wallet, don’t worry. There are packages that are on the affordable end. 

Having said that, men looking for more than a medical device will appreciate the Jes Extender. You can buy it coated in precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. There’s no reason why a penis extender can’t be striking as well as functional.

It isn’t all glitz and glamour: there’s substance behind the stylish design. The Jes Extender promises to get you up to 28 percent longer and 19 percent thicker if used as directed. 

jes extender


  • Backed up by medical evidence.
  • Stylish carry cases for all packages.
  • Penis extenders for all budgets and tastes.
  • Light package is good value for money.


  • Higher priced on average than the PeniMaster Pro.

Penimaster Pro Review Final Verdict

!00 percent zoom symbolMy final verdict is 100 percent in favor of the PeniMaster Pro. This penis extender successfully took my penis up to a size I can finally be cocky about. My days of timidity and depression about revealing myself to sexual partners are over. 

I’m glad I took the plunge and invested in this piece of equipment. For the price and diversity, this series is unbeatable. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to setting it up and taking it apart quicker than you expect.

I recommend any man seeking aesthetic enhancement to try the PeniMaster Pro. I also strongly advocate this model for men with Peyronie’s disease or who are facing serious surgical interventions in or around the groin area. 

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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