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We wanted to create a unique information hub to answer all questions related to men’s sexual wellbeing as there wasn’t a one-stop, decision-useful and unbiased site available. By sharing our extensive experience, research about improving men’s sex life, and the results of our reviews, we want to empower men to make educated decisions, and take responsibility for their sex life.

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Who is Behind This Site?

Robert Thomas is a sexologist, nutritionist, researcher and a writer who loves to explore and investigate men’s sex life related questions. He strives to improve men’s sex life by challenging the advice given in the research papers, books, magazines and on the internet in general. Robert loves to write about exercises, nutrition, as well as on tips & tricks how men can achieve better sexual wellbeing.


  • 10+ years of experience working as a sexologist. Helping people with problems like sexual aversion, sexual traumas, lack of orgasm and sexual arousal, erectile difficulties and premature ejaculation. Additionally, researching and writing digital content about men’s sexual wellbeing;
  • 9+ years of experience in working with clients and helping them achieve their nutrition goals. Also researching and writing content on healthy diets, supplements and exercise plans;
  • 7+ years of experience in testing different exercise programs, diets, vitamins, minerals and other supplements which claim to improve men’s sex life.

During his career, Robert has worked for several well-known companies, mostly as a dietitian. Since 2008, he has been self-employed and mainly focused on helping people with sexual and nutritional related problems. In parallel to his private practice, he has been conducting in-depth research on foods, supplements and lifestyle changes which claim to improve men’s sexual wellbeing. Robert’s research is all about self-experimenting to come up with a perfect formula to improve men’s sex life.

In his spare time, Robert enjoys travelling and cooking exotic foods. He also likes to meditate and hit the gym regularly.

More About Robert


Robert has two Master’s degrees, one in Nutritional Science from Pepperdine University and the other one in Human Sexuality Studies (MEd) from Widener University. He loves improving himself ongoing basis which has led him to earn Sex Educator Certificate from San Francisco Sex Information Organization in 2011. On top of it, he has taken several courses in writing, so he could improve the way he communicates his work to others. 

Robert has always been interested in finding new ways to help other people. Binding his strong research skill with great communication expertise has allowed him to publish articles in well-known scholarly magazines and digital outlets. Robert is keen to share his research findings with men who are looking to improve their sex life. 

We at Sextopedia hope that our research is decision-useful for men and can benefit them the best way possible.

Our Contributors

Biswadeep Das obtained his Ph.D. in Aedes vector biology and arbovirus transmission from Utkal University, India. His principal interests include developing molecular diagnostics, RDTs, genetics and genomics. He pursued his postdoctoral training in Mayo Clinic, USA on disease modelling using zebrafish. In addition, he developed single tube detection assay for influenza virus A, B and RSV from environmental samples. One of his work domain is on improving the sperm fertility and fecundity in zebrafish using engineered dietary nanoparticles. He has also developed specific novel assays to detect sperm morphological abnormalities in vitro. At present, he holds a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at KIIT University, India and is also the InSciEd Out Co-ordinator Eastern India hub, along with Mayo Clinic. His work involves the development of RDTs for the detection of specific targets (pathogens, analytes, compounds), along with developing new assays for detecting abnormalities in sperms and improving the sperm vitality using engineered nanoparticles.

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Shalaka Samant is the founder and chief scientific consultant at Biombrella — a life science consulting firm. Her areas of interest are probiotic research, green chemistry research and microbial biotechnology. Prior to starting Biombrella, Shalaka trained to become a certified pharmacist. Later, she obtained her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical biotechnology from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 2008 and completed post-doctoral training in microbial pathogenesis from Yale university and University of Texas- Houston. For the past nine years she was a senior manager in the Discovery Research department of Anthem Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. — a CRO in Bangalore, India.

More About Shalaka

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My name is Martin Smith and I am a seasoned sex coach who has helped hundreds of couples to improve their relationship. I’ve extensive experience in helping my clients to fully discover their sexual potential by giving them bulletproof tools for great sex. Over the years I’ve developed an extensive guide for couples that has proven to work effectively yet and again.

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My name is William R. Ryan I am an experimental sex coach with over 15 years of experience. I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of couples by teaching them how to feel more comfortable with intimacy and sexuality in general.

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I am a seasoned sex toy expert with years of experience in playing around with pocket pussies, fleshlights, sex machines, and many more.

Nazish Idrees Chaudhary is a Clinical Psychologist and Nutritional Advisor. She is currently working as a consultant at Aadil Hospital, Khalid Clinic & Recovery Clinic in Lahore Pakistan. She is a highly qualified PhD. Scholar, completed her M.S. (silver medalist), M.Sc., B.Sc. in the relevant subjects and also a Certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Addiction Recovery Coach (UNODC) having Dip. Dialectical Behavior Therapy-DBT (UK), Diploma in Couple & Family Therapy (UK), Dip. Diet & Nutritional Advisor (UK) and Dip. Improving Memory (UK).  She is a Team Member of Young Nutritionists Club YNC-2019, Senior Member of International Young Psychologists Society IYPS-2019, Silver Member of International Alliance of Holistic Therapies (IAHT)-2019 and also a Member of International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP)-2018. She is a former Lecturer in Punjab University College of Information Technology. She had been nominated & Won an award in Connected Pakistan 2017 for “Best Psychological Services Awareness”. She has been conducting several workshops, seminars, organizing discussions and conferences for educational purposes and is invited as a guest speaker at many others. 

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Our Mission

Increasing the awareness about men’s sexual wellbeing raises the need for transparent and high-quality advice. There are many people out there who may provide inaccurate information just because to make a quick buck on it. At Sextopedia, we provide you with unbiased, decision-useful and research-backed information, so you could make educated choices.

At Sextopedia, we value open-mindness and critical thinking. Everything you read on Our site is aligned with these principles. We continue to work together with our readers to be able to offer a better sexual experience for all men out there.

Thanks to our long-term research, we are able to provide detailed content on different topics, so you could get all the necessary information related to men’s sexual wellbeing from Sextopedia.

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