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We wanted to create a unique information hub to answer all questions related to sex toys as there wasn’t a one-stop, decision-useful and unbiased site available. By sharing our extensive experience, research about improving sex life, and the results of our reviews, we want to empower all couples to make educated decisions, and take responsibility for their sex life.

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Who is Behind This Site?

Robert Thomas is a sexologist, researcher and a writer who loves to explore and investigate everything that is related to bedroom action. He strives to improve couples sex life by challenging the advice given in the research papers, books, magazines and on the internet in general. Robert loves to write about sex exercises, as well as on tips & tricks how couples can introduce new sex toys to their relationship.


  • 10+ years of experience working as a sexologist. 
  • 9+ years of experience in researching different kinds of sex toys. 
  • 7+ years of experience in testing all kinds of sex toys. 

Robert has been self-employed for more than 3 years, mainly focused on helping couples to improve their sex life. Robert’s research is all about self-experimenting to come up with a perfect formula for sex toys and relationship improvement.

In his spare time, Robert enjoys travelling and cooking exotic foods. He also likes to meditate and hit the gym regularly.

More About Robert


Robert has a Master’s degrees in Human Sexuality Studies (MEd) from Widener University. He loves improving himself ongoing basis which has led him to earn Sex Educator Certificate from San Francisco Sex Information Organization in 2011. On top of it, he has taken several courses in writing, so he could improve the way he communicates his work to others. 

Robert has always been interested in finding new ways to help other people. Binding his strong research skill with great communication expertise has allowed him to publish articles in well-known scholarly magazines and digital outlets. 

Robert is keen to share his research findings with men who are looking to improve their sex life. 

We at Sextopedia hope that our research is decision-useful for couples and can benefit their sex experience the best way possible.

Our Contributors

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My name is Martin Smith and I am a seasoned sex coach who has helped hundreds of couples to improve their relationship. I’ve extensive experience in helping my clients to fully discover their sexual potential by giving them bulletproof tools for great sex. Over the years I’ve developed an extensive guide for couples that has proven to work effectively yet and again.

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My name is William R. Ryan I am an experimental sex coach with over 15 years of experience. I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of couples by teaching them how to feel more comfortable with intimacy and sexuality in general.

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I am a seasoned sex toy expert with years of experience in playing around with pocket pussies, fleshlights, sex machines, and many more.

Our Mission

Increasing the awareness about sex toys potential in improving couples sexual experience. There are many people out there who may provide inaccurate information just because to make a quick buck on it. At Sextopedia, we provide you with unbiased, decision-useful and research-backed information, so you could make educated choices when incorporating sex toys to your life.

At Sextopedia, we value open-mindness and critical thinking. Everything you read on Our site is aligned with these principles. We continue to work together with our readers to be able to offer a better sexual experience for all people out there.

Thanks to our long-term research, we are able to provide detailed content on different topics, so you could get all the necessary information related to sex toys from Sextopedia.

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