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About Sextopedia

Sextopedia combines thoroughly-researched information on sex toys with personal experience, open-mindness and critical thinking. Our goal is to provide honest and actionable sex advice to as many couples as possible.

To provide necessary and decision-useful information to our readers in one place, we conduct self-experiments and employ in-depth research to explore what works and what doesn’t.

Sextopedia’s mission is to help couples gain access to research-backed information which can be used to make smart decisions when it comes to improving their sex life. 

Why are we different?

We believe the quality and transparency of topics on sex toys could be improved. Therefore, we decided to go the extra mile to present you decision-useful and actionable advice. This is how we do it in Sextopedia:

  • Make it easy and applicable – We take sex toys related questions into pieces and explain these in the simplest way possible. You don’t need to have a university degree to understand us.
  • Give advice for real people – We talk about what tips and tricks work and what don’t in a way that will suit perfectly to your busy schedule.
  • Provide unbiased recommendations – Many experts overlook certain sex toys and may give overly positive reviews to others. Sextopedia’s team is not one of them. If we think that a specific sex toy doesn’t work, then we say so.

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Who is Behind This Site?

Robert Thomas is a sexologist, researcher and a writer who loves to explore and investigate everything that is related to bedroom action. He strives to improve couples sex life by challenging the advice given in the research papers, books, magazines and on the internet in general. Robert loves to write about sex exercises, as well as on tips & tricks how couples can introduce new sex toys to their relationship.

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Last modified: 06.09.22