General Review Guidelines

Last updated on October 2022. 

This document is prepared for the purpose of giving our readers an overview of how Sextopedia creates its content.

First and foremost, all Sextopedia (“We”, “Our”) content is thoroughly reviewed in order to provide the most accurate, decision-useful, and unbiased information to our readers. Our review process includes market research, in-house testing, consulting, and bringing in industry experts with the ability to provide insights not commonly found on the web. Throughout content research, We reference all our facts to original sources which in many cases is academic research. See our Editorial Guidelines for more detailed information. 

Sextopedia’s goal is to use the most authoritative sources of information so that Our readers can rely on Our content when looking for answers to their questions. We strive to be trustworthy and transparent in order to serve the best interest of Our readers.

Most of our revenue comes from affiliate links, which you’ll see towards the top of our product reviews and other areas of the website. It should be noted that We receive no “kick-backs” or compensation of any kind from the products we review. For more information on how We earn revenue, please refer to Our Advertising Disclosure.

General Framework for Reviews

Please note that each product category We review will have its own unique set of criteria that we use to compare products.

Informing Readers

The purpose of our reviews is to inform & educate Our readers about:

  1. Common sex toys-related questions.
  2. New and existing sex toys that help couples to enhance their sex life.
  3. Various features of a given product, including the build material safety, quality, orgasms deliverability, customer success stories, collaboration with experts, price, directions to use, and where to purchase.
  4. Products that are similar to a specific product that our readers are interested in.
  5. What Sextopedia visitors and users around the web (e.g. somebody who has posted a review on that product on Amazon or any other alternative site) are saying about the product.

Product Material Details

We analyze all the materials of the sex toys we review and verify whether the labeling is accurate. By doing that, we are able to offer support or refute the company’s claims about the product allergens. We only use academic research paper citations (available in the form of in-text citations or below the content via hyperlinks) to guide Our readers about safe and non-safe sex toy materials. 

Customer Experience and Success stories

Among other things, We put tremendous emphasis on customer reviews as Sextopedia aims to understand whether other users also find that a company’s claims are aligned with the end-user experience. However, We never alter our in-house test results to land at a specific result. We will always adhere to the principles of impartiality, trust, and perfection when creating editorial content and testing products. 

External Experts’ Advice

If possible, We always work together with external sexologists and sex coaches to critically evaluate the work we’ve created in-house.  

Product Cost

What you get for your money is utterly important for Sextopedia. Therefore, We conduct a detailed due diligence to understand the cost of sex toys and how this compares to alternatives.

Product Refund and Return Policy

If a customer’s experience doesn’t meet the product features/claims made by the company, it’s important for the customer to be able to return the product ASAP. Therefore, we conduct a comprehensive analysis about:

  • How clear is the return/refund policy?
  • How long is it valid and what are the specific requirements to be eligible for a refund/product return?
  • Do customers incur additional costs when a product is returned?

Our Reviews

We always offer unique, impartial, trusted, and decision-useful information to Our readers. We always stand by our findings and offer unbiased information to Our readers. It is very important to understand that we express our Own independent views on the Sextopedia website which means that these may not be aligned with every user experience.

Every reader of Sextopedia’s content should make their own conclusions and decisions about the suitability and safety of the products reviewed. For more information, please see our medical disclaimer.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on how Sextopedia could make its content even better.

Article Sources

When creating content, We try to be as thorough as possible. Thus, we try to refer to several authoritative sources in the editorial content, so that Our readers could get access to content that is thoroughly research-backed and vetted by industry professionals. All our citations are referred to direct information sources, not to any higher-level domain address.

Despite Our step-by-step review process, We may occasionally miss relevant information. If that is the case, we would be extremely happy if Our readers could point this out, so we could make improvements to our content. The easiest way to do so is to leave a comment at the bottom of an article or contact us through the contact us page.  

User Comments and Reviews

We would love Our readers to interact with Sextopedia articles and, thus, we encourage them to leave comments. It must be noted that Sextopedia has the right to remove or edit any comments if these include threats, hate speech, self-promotion, or any kind of misleading information.


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