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The most intelligent, caring, and competent sex therapist I have ever known. Robert is truly interested in improving his patients’ sexual well-being by answering all the questions and following up on diagnoses.
Robert is an incredibly professional sex therapist. He provided us with the skills to improve our relationship, but not only on a romantic level. He has vast knowledge about sexuality, sex, romance and relationships that can be used to improve even the most complicated journeys.
Robert gave me back my confidence in the bedroom. I no longer worry about sexual performance anxiety, which I had carried with me for a very long time.
Anna and I decided to visit a sex therapist because of our long-lasting communication issues. I must say, it was one of the best choices we’ve made over a long time. Robert gave us the tools and resources to better our communication that has led to a much more fulfilling relationship.
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My name is Robert Thomas and I am the co-founder of Sextopedia. My team and I aim to provide you with all the information you need to understand men’s sexual wellbeing related topics in full. We combine thorough research with critical thinking and personal experience, so our readers could quickly find answers to their questions. We also provide consultations to couples and men who are interested in improving their sex life.

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