TestRX Review: Its Effectiveness And Side Effects

A little while back—my mojo had gone.

While apparently healthy—that lust for life I previously possessed had been extinguished. Everything seemed an effort—work, hobbies, family, and most concerning—my sex life.

For the first time since my teens—I wasn’t interested in bedroom action.

Worried faceI was worried—maybe there was something seriously wrong. Like many men, I’m not a fan of the doctor. Instead, I confided the guys at the gym.

One of them suggested TestRX testosterone booster—and I haven’t looked back since.

I recovered my energy, strength, and most importantly, my libido.

This Test RX review reveals the impressive power of this male supplement.

What Is TestRX?

The best way to start this TestRX review is to give you a brief overview.

Test RX is a testosterone booster (T-booster)—a supplement supplied in pill form that’s designed to raise your testosterone levels (T-levels).

Don’t worry—I’m not talking about invasive treatment here.

CompanyThe manufacturers haven’t loaded these pills with testosterone—that’s only available on prescription and can come with some nasty side effects.1

Instead, TestRX uses natural ingredients to elevate your body’s production of this essential male hormone.

I want to make clear that this supplement is designed to fit into your lifestyle. It’s a product purely for the guys—suitable for anyone over 18 and can even be taken safely with a brewski or two.

I can guess what you’re thinking—it raises testosterone, so what?

Stick with me—I’ll get down to that next.


Why You Should Consider Taking Testosterone Booster?

I want to ask you a question.

Do you remember how crazily high your sex-drive was in your teens?

Sexy girlJust a glimpse of a hot girl and your downstairs equipment would stir into action.

That was due to testosterone—basically, the hormone that makes us men.

During these adolescent years, your T-levels went through the roof. In fact, they reached the highest amount they ever will in your life.

The problem is—it was all downhill from there.

Here’s a shocking fact. As we age, our testosterone levels continually diminish—at an average rate of 1.6 percent each year.2

This has a significant impact on our lives, as this hormone is responsible for:

  • Libido.3
  • MusclesMuscle growth.4
  • Energy.5
  • Erection quality.6
  • Reducing body fat.7
  • Bone Density.8

If you have any issues in the above areas—the chances are it’s due to low testosterone.

How TestRX Works?

One of the concerns you may have in this Test RX review is how it affects your physiology.

What’s more, does it function in a way that’s based on scientific facts?

The answer’s, yes.

Through natural ingredients, this supplement elevates T-levels by:

  • PenisEncouraging your balls to produce more testosterone.9
  • Freeing “stored” testosterone—releasing some of this hormone that can be tied-up and rendered unusable by the body.10
  • Improving the testosterone to estrogen ratio—this female hormone promotes weight gain, man-boobs, and water retention.11

To help you weigh it up, here are the Test RX review pros and cons of the above:


  • High testosterone levels are achieved naturally—with no needles like TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)
  • Improves libido, erection strength, and energy.
  • Promotes fat loss.
  • Raises energy levels.


  • Your partner may be annoyed by your insatiable sexual appetite.
  • Other guys could become jealous of your new lease of life.
  • As your weight drops—you may have to buy some new clothes.


TestRX Ingredients

OnionThe first aspect to note in this Test RX review of the ingredients is that they’re all quantified.

Many sub-standard testosterone boosters contain a proprietary blend. That’s a mix of ingredients in which you know the total dose—but not the individual quantities of each compound.

Usually, this is a trick to hide low and ineffective dosing.

Anyway, let me show you what’s under the hood:

Vitamin D3

Many guys are deficient in this vitamin as the body metabolizes it through sunlight exposure. Hence, long hours spent in the office can prevent its creation.

Vitamin D bottle with sunNot only is it required to promote calcium absorption—but studies also show supplementing with vitamin D3 ramps up testosterone production.12 13

Vitamin K2

In addition to boosting bone and heart health—experts have concluded vitamin K2 increases testosterone formation.14 15

Vitamin B6

If you want to look younger—vitamin B6 is the answer.

Research shows that it improves skin elasticity and promotes cell growth. What’s more, it spurs on steroid receptors—making your body more responsive to testosterone.16 17


Not just an effective T-booster. Studies also illustrate this mineral relieves the symptoms of anxiety.18 19


ZincI’m pleased to see zinc—as it both improves memory and elevates testosterone production.20 21

D-Aspartic Acid

If you’re planning on having kids, this part of this Test RX review will be of interest.

Research shows that d-aspartic acid enhances sperm quality and fertility—as well as heightening your testosterone count.22 23


Even if you boost testosterone—there can be another issue.

CloverThe male body can convert this male hormone into the female version—estrogen. Fenugreek can prevent this transformation—leaving more testosterone to power you through the day.24

There’s one final characteristic of fenugreek I want to mention.

Some of your testosterone is “bound” to SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). It’s effectively imprisoned—and therefore, unable to function.

There’s increasing evidence that fenugreek can “free” this testosterone—elevating your bio-available T-levels.25

What Does TestRX Promise?

I’ve already shown you in this TestRX review the science behind the supplement—but what does the product itself claim?

Leading Edge, the respected nutritionists behind Test RX, say it:

Helps to Build Large Muscles

StrengthAging results in loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). Boosting muscle growth with Test RX elevates strength and improves appearance and confidence.26

Elevates Energy

As I mentioned earlier, lethargy has a negative effect on work, home, and your sex life. Heightening energy increases productivity, vitality, and bedroom performance.

Promotes Weight Loss

So-called middle-aged spread lowers our body image. This supplement encourages lipolysis (fat-loss) enabling you to feel great and prevent obesity-induced health issues.27

Boosts Sex Drive

Low libido ruins our confidence—and relationships. Elevating your desire provides you and your partner(s) more pleasure.

How Long Before I See Results?

If you’re like me—you’re impatient. You want results now!

The good news is—the first positive returns appear very rapidly—but prolonged use means more results.

To give you an idea, here’s a typical timeline:

CalendarWeek 1-2: After the first two weeks, energy levels gradually begin to escalate.

Week 3-4: Libido begins to rise.

Week 5-6: Strength and muscle mass heightens—especially when combined with weight training.

Week 7-8: Excess fat begins to drop, increasing your definition.

Week 9-10: Not only is your sex-drive at teenage levels—but it’s also possible you’re lasting longer too.

Week 11-12: You’re feeling that your life has turned around—wondering why you didn’t know about this supplement earlier.


Is It Safe to Use?

After seeing the impressive results in this Test RX review—you’re probably assuming that it must come at a cost to your health.

Shield with check markI’m pleased to say that this supplement is entirely safe.

All the ingredients are natural—there’s nothing here that requires a prescription. Besides, I wouldn’t do a Test RX review if I considered it hazardous.

On top of that—we’re not talking about a ridiculous number of pills per day. Just take two capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon—preferably with food.

That’s it.

And, unlike many prescriptions, you can still enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage too.

Before I finish this section—I’ll let you into a little-known secret.

Studies show that as long as you don’t overdo it—knocking back an alcoholic drink elevates testosterone! 28

Test RX Side Effects

As mentioned in this Test RX review—it’s perfectly safe. As such, you shouldn’t suffer from any side effects.

Allergy on handHowever, we all have our allergies and intolerances. Some people react to even natural compounds.

A few users have reported upset stomachs and headaches—although they’re quite rare.

If after reading this, you purchase a bottle—and then feel unwell—lower the dosage and consult your doctor.

Test RX Complaints

For a wholly balanced Test RX review—I investigated what other users thought of this product.

It was challenging to find any negative reports.

Wine tastingI found one guy who didn’t enjoy the taste and a couple of others who at times struggled to get the pills down.

However, overwhelmingly, users appear impressed with this supplement. To show you precisely what I mean—here are some typical customer testimonials.

“I saw a reduction in my body fat. My body looks a little fuller and harder. I changed nothing in terms of my diet. This is from just taking the supplement alone.”  -Marcus C.

“I’ve used this product four times—all with great results. It only takes four to six days to kick in. My libido boost is excellent. Great product all around.” -Timothy D.

“Within the first week, what I felt the most was my increase in energy while working out.” -Thomas L.

How Does It Feel To Take TestRX?

I wrote this Test RX review because I was amazed at what it did for me.

To be honest—it’s given me a whole new outlook on life.

I wake every morning, eager to hit each and every day hard. My work productivity has improved as I find myself interested and enthusiastic again.

The flagging I used to experience mid-afternoon has disappeared.

I arrive home at the end of the day and don’t just collapse on the sofa. My new-found energy has to be satisfied—both with evening exercise and finally, some seriously athletic bedroom sports.

What I’m trying to say is this:

Overall, I’m more confident—loving myself again.


TestRX Packages & Pricing

If you like what you hear in this Test RX review—then I know you’ll want to see the Test RX prices.

PillsEach box contains 120 capsules—which is sufficient for one month’s supply—priced at $69.95.

However, my advice? Don’t go for just one box. Firstly, the more you purchase, the more budget-friendly it becomes.

For example, if you buy three months’ worth of product, you’ll save $30.

But, that’s not the main reason.

After just one month, you’ll have experienced your energy and libido increasing. However, the benefits of strength, muscle, and fat loss come in the following two months.

Furthermore, by the end of the first four weeks, you’ll love how great you feel—you won’t want it to end! So, at the very minimum, look towards a 12-week supply.

Where to Buy?

Don’t leave this Test RX review and conduct an internet search to buy this supplement. This could result in purchasing a similar but less effective product.

WebsiteInstead, head directly over to the official Test RX website.

The benefits of buying direct means that your product comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. That is, if you’re unhappy with the results.

Furthermore, they offer worldwide delivery. Shipping times may vary from country to country—but in North America, it’s around 7-10 days.

Alternative Products

It’s only fair in this Test RX review to illustrate how this product compares with the other leading testosterone boosters on the market (see our guide on The Best Testosterone Boosters).

Here are the results:

Read My Review: Testogen

Vitamins bottleA solid supplement which is one of the most respectable T-boosters on the market. Testogen is formulated by respected nutritionists at Wolfson Berge Ltd. This company is well known for manufacturing high-quality supplements over several consecutive years.


  • Includes Bioperine to increase absorption.
  • Cheaper than Test RX.
  • No filler compounds
  • Ideally dosed – You know exactly what you get for your money.


  • Shorter money-back guarantee period than Test RX.
  • Contains less fenugreek compared to Test RX.

Read My Review: Testofuel

Cash backWith the confidence to offer a lengthy money-back guarantee, you know you’re receiving a reliable product. Yet low doses and the omission of some key ingredients let it down.


  • Respected manufacturer.
  • Designed for men and women.
  • Nine ingredients.


  • More expensive than Test RX for a three-month supply.
  • Low vitamin K2 dose compared to Test RX.
  • Fenugreek is a third of that contained in Test RX.

Read My Review: Prime Male

BoyA testosterone booster which is targeted at those of later years looking to regain their youth. This means that some compounds are angled towards addressing aging symptoms—rather than directly targeting the low testosterone cause.


  • Designed specifically for the very mature generation.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free USA and UK shipping.


  • More expensive than Test RX for two and three-month supplies.
  • Doesn’t contain fenugreek, unlike Test RX.
  • Includes compounds (such as luteolin) which have little effect on testosterone.
  • Some users indicate the pill has a strange taste.

TestRX Review Final Verdict

Feeling less of a man is something you shouldn’t have to accept.

Double bed with heartIt’s not just about losing your bedroom desire. It affects mood and outlook, lowering your quality of life.

But, solving this issue is thankfully simple.

Elevating testosterone levels restores you to your prime—and the best way to do this is with TestRX.

Containing nothing but scientifically proven T-boosting ingredients, coming from a reliable manufacturer, and more cost-effective than its competitors—it’s a no-brainer.

Bro, don’t just make-do.

Give yourself back your lust for life—you deserve it.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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