Top five best male enhancement pills

Best Male Enhancement Pills | Detailed Comparison

After I tested the five best male enhancement pills—VigRX Plus is undoubtedly the most effective product available today.

Backed by respected nutritionists Leading Edge Health, this supplement’s 11 proven ingredients vastly elevate sexual performance—improving erections, raising libido, boosting energy, and supporting prostate health.

Instructions bookThis article details the workings behind VigRX Plus, explains why it’s more powerful than its competitors, and the reasons it should be part of your daily male health routine.

Why am I Talking about this in first place?

Insecurities about our sexual equipment, function, and performance are incredibly common.

Research shows that amongst men:

  • 68.3 percent are dissatisfied about the size of their penis.1
  • One in every two men experiences erection problems.2
  • 33 percent of males suffer from premature ejaculation.3
  • Falling testosterone levels reduce our libido as we age.4

Sleepy man sitting on bedNot only can this reduce our bedroom confidence, sexual enjoyment, and the pleasure we can provide to our partner—but it can also lead to anxiety and depression. Thus, affecting our daily routine.5

My Story

It all started slowly.

Historically, I’d always been active in the bedroom department—loving every aspect of sex and the satisfaction I could give to my other half. But, I began to gradually notice a decline.

Man looking down

That insatiable appetite to get down to some serious sexual athletics was starting to wane. Whereas before sex was always on my mind, now I was more interested in watching a TV or reading a book.

Person reading a bookMy partner began to notice—I explained it away through career stress and fatigue from working too hard. I even convinced myself. But, I was still managing to get busy between the sheets a few times a month, although nothing like the three-times-weekly I previously enjoyed.

However, after a few more months—it became worse.

When I did actually engage in sexual activities—my penis wasn’t working as well as it should. It was taking longer to attain an erection—and even when it had grown—it wasn’t as firm or as long-lasting as previously.

I felt less than a man.

I’m not a guy who expresses his emotions easily—but on a couple of occasions—I nearly broke down in tears.

I resolved to do something about it.

Purchase onlineAfter a morning researching on the internet—I purchased five of the best male enhancement pills—according to customer testimonials.

To be fair—this may have been overkill. But I was desperate—I wanted to solve the problem.

After months of experimentation—I found the answer.

VigRX Plus reignited my libido, returned my rock-hard erections, boosted my energy, and I’m sure gave me more intense orgasms.

Let me explain why I consider VigRX Plus the cream of the best male enhancement pills.

Best Male Enhancement Pills Overview

ListI know you’re keen to get down to the details behind VigRX Plus. However, firstly, allow me to give you a swift overview of the five best male enhancement pills I put to the test.

Why You Should Try Male Enhancement Pills?

With its lack of a proprietary blend, 11 powerful quantified ingredients, incredible customer reviews, and the peace of mind of a 67-day guarantee—VigRX comes out on top.

Confident person with star aboveThe best male enhancement pills address the main problem areas of sexual health. Not only resulting in an improved and more rewarding sex life—but also providing us with enhanced self-confidence and a more positive outlook.

These products can help to:

  • Elevate sex-drive.
  • Improve erectile quality, firmness, and longevity.
  • Raise sexual stamina.
  • Strengthen confidence in sexual performance.
  • Enhance orgasmic pleasure.
  • Heighten energy levels.
  • Protect the prostate.

The best male enhancement pills are available over the counter—meaning that in most cases, you will not need to visit your health practitioner.

Pain emoticonHowever, if your sexual issues are causing physical pain, have lasted for three months or longer, or are causing you mental health problems—I recommend a visit to the doctor.

How Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Unlike many pharmaceutical grade treatments, male enhancement pills are 100 percent natural. They contain ingredients that work in conjunction with the body to improve all areas of sexual wellbeing.

While formulations differ between products, in general, they work in the following ways:

1) Boost Testosterone

The best male enhancement pills include compounds that raise testosterone levels within the body.

Unlike TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) which can induce severe side effects, your T-count is raised naturally without adverse health issues.6

Books with atom and magnifying glassScience shows that heightening testosterone levels can:

  • Raise libido.7
  • Enhance erectile quality.8
  • Increase semen quality and volume.9
  • Boost fertility.
  • Heighten energy.10

Raising testosterone is one of the most effective ways of improving our sexual health.

2) Increase Nitric Oxide Production

Hard and long-lasting erections occur when your male member is engorged with blood.

The best male enhancement pills are formulated with ingredients that elevate nitric oxide levels. This gas is a vasodilator. It dilates the arteries improving blood flow to the genitalia.11

The result—firmer and more easily achieved erections.

Runner reaching finish lineFurthermore, opening up the vascular system can improve athletic stamina and endurance—allowing you to stretch your sex sessions to marathon proportions.12

man tying his shoes

3) Inhibit Histamine

Research suggests that the incidence of premature ejaculation may correlate with high levels of histamine.13

The best male enhancement pills include compounds that block the production of this hormone—improving your sexual stamina.

4) Protect the Prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most frequently experienced diseases in aging men—occurring in up to 80 percent of males.14

This is concerning, as BPH is known to cause:

  • ProstateProstate cancer.
  • Impotence.15
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction.16

The best male enhancement pills contain compounds known to protect against this uncomfortable condition—and also reduce the risk of its associated sexual complications.

How Male Enhancement Pills Work?

The best male enhancement pills contain ingredients that science has shown to increase prostate health, elevate libido, improve erection rigidity, and enhance orgasms.

But, be careful.

There are numerous supplements on the market that are underdosed, contain unproven compounds, and offer nothing except placebo ingredients.

Jar of foodAlways check the nutrition label to ensure its contents are all scientifically researched.

Equally, watch out for proprietary blends.

These may contain proven male enhancing ingredients—but they don’t disclose their individual quantities. Many sub-standard supplements use these blends to hide the fact that the dosage levels are ineffective.

How Fast Do I See Results?

Many men are often surprised by how quickly they notice the positive benefits of the best male enhancement pills. Furthermore, they indicate that the longer they’re usedthe more impressive the returns.

Here are the typical week-by-week improvements you can experience:

Week 1

SunsetOften, within just a few days, men using the best male enhancement pills notice that their energy levels are beginning to rise. They begin to witness that their lust for life is elevated and the ability to complete daily tasks is becoming easier—without inducing fatigue.

Week 2

During the second week, vitality levels are still rising. However, this is accompanied by a stirring in the genital area as libido begins to return. Admittedly, after just 14 days you’re unlikely to be an insatiable sex-machine. Yet, your interest and desire for sexual activities are gradually becoming more intense.

Week 3

Typically, around the third week, men who have been suffering from erectile problems see an improvement in symptoms.

The increased blood flow that the best male enhancement pills provide allows for more easily attainable erections—combined with slightly heightened athletic stamina.

Week 4

Empowerment signRising energy levels, enhanced erectile strength, and increased libido consolidate—creating the ideal conditions for improved bedroom performance. Often this results in elevated self-confidence and a feeling of sexual power.

Week 5 and Beyond

What many men experience with the best male enhancement pills is that the positive returns they provide are cumulative. The longer men use them, the more their bedroom prowess increases.

By the third month, many males report that their satisfaction, erection quality, sexual stamina, and libido are at heights they’ve not experienced for a long time.

Before and After Testimonials

As mentioned earlier in this Best Male Enhancement Pills article, I consider VigRX Plus to be the most powerful supplement to raise male sexual health.

Three people with three stars aboveIt seems that I’m not alone in this belief. Here are genuine testimonials from guys who have used this product:

“I’ve been using VigRX Plus for only a couple of weeks…already seen gains after just a couple of days…noticed I’ve been getting thicker even when flaccid…length is improving as well.” -David N

“After week one, I saw no difference. However, on week two, I achieved stronger and firmer erections. Normally it takes a little while to attain an erection but with VigRX…it came quick and strong.” -Emeks N

man smiling

“Have been using VigRX for a month…my penis has gotten thicker. Even my girlfriend noticed…I mean it really got thicker and when I cum it feels so good… better than before and it makes me cum a lot more.” -Aaron S

“My girth has increased along with my climax capacity.” -Carl D

“Increase in length and girth… I’ve even recommended it to friends. VigRX just plain works… I know because I have tried them all.” -Patrick W

How Does It Feel To Use Male Enhancement Pills?

I’ll be honest with you—it feels damn awesome.

Even just after the first week, when I began to feel my energy levels elevating, my attitude towards life began to improve.

However, I never really understood how much of an impact my lack of bedroom performance was having on my mental and relationship health.

Person's achievementWeek on week, I was witnessing improvements to my stamina, orgasms, erections, and desire. This was resulting in more active, athletic, and enjoyable lovemaking sessions with my partner.

Not only was I feeling like a man again—but also I was taking pleasure in seeing the happiness it was giving to my partner—restoring the spark to our love life.

In short—using VigRX plus has made me feel attractive, masculine, and confident again.

Best Male Enhancement Pills Ingredients

As discussed earlier, the formulation is the powerhouse behind the best male enhancement pills. Here are the key ingredients to look for in the most potent bedroom-boosting supplements.

1) L-arginine

An amino acid which stimulates the production of nitric oxide—boosting blood flow to increase athletic stamina and improve erection quality.17

2) Pomegranate

PomegranateA natural fruit extract that can treat erectile dysfunction.18

Researchers suggest that this may be because it removes antioxidants that can interfere with circulatory function.

Pomegranate on the plate

3) Niacin

A B-vitamin that can improve blood flow—promoting harder erections and raising athletic endurance.19

4) Zinc

Scientists explain that zinc is a potent testosterone booster—higher levels of which can raise libido and elevate erection quality.20 Oysters are high in zinc.

Oysters, ice and lemon on a plate

5) L-Methionine

Another amino acid that some scientists believe can inhibit histamine—a hormone which can cause premature ejaculation.21

6) MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

PlantThis compound, found naturally occurring in plants, can lower inflammation.22

Experts believe that inflammation can be one of the major causes of impotence.23

7) Horny Goat Weed

An Asian flowering plant which research shows can:

  • Elevate sexual desire.
  • Prevent erectile issues.24
  • Lower blood pressure—increasing athletic endurance.25
  • Boost energy levels.26

8) Red Korean Ginseng

A plant root and powerful sex booster.Ginseng

Studies illustrate that red ginseng can heighten libido, elevate free testosterone, inhibit the function of estrogen, and raise fertility.27

Red ginseng roots in a pile

9) Maca

A brassica (the family that includes cauliflowers and cabbages) which only grows in the Peruvian Andes.28

Studies show that taking Maca raises libido. More impressively, it’s gained the pseudonym of “Peruvian Viagra” as it can reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.29

10) Cordyceps

This Chinese fungus can increase sex-drive. It stimulates the part of the brain that’s responsible for sexual desire. 30

11) Bioperine

Sourced from black pepper—this compound has little effect on sexual function.Black pepper

However, it acts to elevate absorption of all the other compounds—increasing their efficacy.31

12) Selenium

A trace mineral that you can only source through your diet.

Studies show that boosting selenium levels can elevate sperm fertility, quality, and motility and may act to heighten sex drive.32

13) Ginkgo

Sometimes called the maidenhair tree, ginkgo can function as an aphrodisiac by enhancing blood flow—increasing sensitivity in the penis (and clitoris for that matter).33

One study discovered that 88 percent of people using ginkgo extract experienced elevated sexual desire. However, this was more common in the female contingent (91 percent of females opposed to 76 percent of males).34

14) Yohimbine

Three logsStudies show that yohimbine, derived from tree bark, can elevate nitric oxide levels improving the flow of blood into the male member.35

15) Others

  • Mondia Whitei.36
  • Saw Palmetto.37
  • Hawthorn Berry.38 39 40 41
  • Damiana. 42
  • Tribulus Terrestris.43
  • Muira Puama.44
  • Catuaba.45 46
  • Cuscuta.47

How to Choose the Best Male Enhancement Pills?

Hand holding a diamond giftThe easiest method to separate the best male enhancement pills is to check the ingredients. The one which includes the most potent male-boosting compounds—and at effective doses—is the optimum product.

Here’s how the five best male enhancement pills currently available compare:


How to Increase the best male enhancement pills effects?

The nutritional facts support customer testimonials and my own experience. With more scientifically proven male enhancement ingredients than its competitors—VigRX Plus is the most potent sex-boosting pill.Two hand holding a box

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions—this applies to male enhancement pills and any other supplement you’re consuming.

The nutritionists will recommend the number of pills and the time of day to take the tablets—to deliver the most impressive results.

Additionally, to take your sexual performance to the max, address the following areas:

  • Exercise—research shows that physical activity raises cardiovascular health-improving erections through elevated blood flow and increasing stamina.48
  • No smoking signDiet—healthy eating can prevent obesity—a leading cause of premature ejaculation.49
  • Smoking—drop the cigarettes as they reduce sexual endurance and narrow arteries—causing weak erections.50 51
  • Alcohol—excessive intake reduces the sex-hormone testosterone, lowers erectile quality, and can contribute to premature ejaculation. 52 53 54

Why Choose OTC Pills Instead of Prescription Drugs?

If any issues of your sexual health are causing you pain, affecting your mental wellbeing, or lasting for an extended period—see a health practitioner. As some symptoms may be related to an underlying medical problem—this may necessitate the use of prescription drugs.

However, if you’re just disappointed with your sexual prowess—over the counter (OTC) pills can be an effective solution.

The benefits these legal supplements have over their prescription drug counterparts are:

  • PharmacistNo visits to the doctor—OTC pills allow you to obtain treatment without the embarrassment or cost of visiting a medical specialist.
  • Side effect-free—as the best male enhancement pills are 100 percent natural, they generally have fewer adverse health effects than those on prescription.
  • Non-invasive—some prescription drugs for male sexual health involve injections or penile inserts.

Do You Need to Keep Taking the Pills to Maintain Results?

Many of the ingredients in the best male enhancement pills work on a cumulative basis. That is, the sexual performance boosting compounds escalate within the body the longer they are used.

A pill inside a glass of waterTaking the pills every day will heighten the returns they provide.

This is especially the case with ingredients that elevate testosterone. Using the best male enhancement pills will raise T-count—providing the benefits of increased libido and erectile performance.

However, if the use of the supplement ceases—T-levels will drop again—losing the immense benefits that you’ve been able to enjoy.

Side Effects

As these supplements are natural, side effects with the best male enhancement pills are rare.

However, that being said, individual tolerances and allergies can affect how your body responds—even to natural products.

Hence, if you encounter any adverse reactions when using even the best male enhancement pills, cease use.

Where To Buy?

You can obtain the best male enhancement pills listed in this article through the following outlets:

  • VigRX Plus: VigRX Plus website.
    • Available worldwide when purchased from Leading Edge Health with a 67-day money-back guarantee. Shipping times vary on the destination country.
  • Max Performer: Max Performer website.
    • Available in the US and UK from the Max Performer website—includes a 100-day money-back guarantee. Delivery within 5-7 days.
  • Male Extra: Male extra website.
    • Available worldwide when purchased from the Male Extra website with a 100-day money-back guarantee. Shipping times vary on the destination country.
  • Extenze: Extenze website.
    • Available worldwide when purchased from the official Extenze website with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Shipping times vary on the destination country.
  • ProSolution Plus: ProSolution Plus website.
    • Available worldwide when purchased from Leading Edge Health with a 67-day money-back guarantee. Shipping times vary on the destination country.
  • Viril X: Viril X website

What Packet Sizes Are Available for These Products?

The best male enhancement pills are available in bulk-purchase options. This provides the advantages of:

  • Being budget-friendly—the more you buy, the lower the cost per individual bottle.
  • Preventing reordering—allowing you more free time.
  • Ensuring constant supply—you’re not going to lose the gains made by the products if one bottle is exhausted.

Currently, these are the purchase options of the five best male enhancement pills:

VigRX Plus

  • Hand holding money bagOne month’s supply $69.99
  • Two months’ supply $143.99
  • Three months’ supply $205.99
  • Four months’ supply $267.99
  • Five months’ supply $329.99
  • Six months’ supply $384.99 (save $34.95)
  • One year’s supply $589.99 (save $249.89)

Max Performer

    • One month’s supply $69.00Calculator with dollar
    • Three months’ supply $138.00 (save $69)
    • Six months’ supply $200.00 (save $214)

Male Extra

    • One month’s supply $64.95
    • Four months’ supply $197.95 (save $61.85)
    • Six months’ supply $249.90 (save $139.8)



    • One month’s supply $59.95Price tag
    • Two months’ supply $109.98 (save $9.92)
    • Three months’ supply $164.97 (save $14.88)
    • Six months’ supply $329.94 (save $29.76)

ProSolution Plus

    • One month’s supply $69.95
    • Two months’ supply $119.95 (save $19.95)
    • Three months’ supply $164.95 (save $44.90)
    • Four months’ supply $209.95 (save $69.85)
    • Five months’ supply $254.95 (save $94.80)
    • Six months’ supply $299.95 (save $119.75)
    • One year’s supply $429.95 (save $409.45)


“Are the Best Male Enhancement Pills Safe to Use?”

These supplements are made from natural ingredients and should not cause adverse reactions.

However, if you experience any unwanted side effects—cease use.

“What Dosage of the Best Male Enhancement Pills Should I Take?”

As individual supplements vary in ingredients—and their concentration—follow the directions on the label to ensure you take the correct dosage.

“Can I Use the Best Male Enhancement Supplements With Alcohol?”

No alcoholWhile using these products with alcohol should not cause any health issues—it’s unadvisable.

Alcohol can lower efficacy and act against improving sexual health.

“Can I Use it With Other Medicine?”

The natural ingredients should not interfere with any other medication you’re taking. However, it’s advisable to first consult with your doctor that the ingredients in the male enhancement supplement are safe to use with your current prescription.

“Are the Best Male Enhancement Supplements Available Without Prescription?”


You can purchase all the supplements included in this article over the counter.

Reviews of the Five Best Male Enhancement Pills

Hand holding pillsAt the beginning of this article, I indicated that for me, VigRX Plus was undoubtedly the most effective male enhancement pill.

However, that’s not to say that the other products above are ineffective. Let me quickly guide you through these five solid supplements.

Read My Review: VigRX Plus

The reason why I, and many other satisfied users, consider VigRX the most potent male enhancement pill, is due to its immense formula.

Ten scientifically proven ingredients address all aspects of male health, including raising libido, improving erections, increasing stamina, and protecting the prostate. Furthermore, the 11th ingredient, Bioperine, ensures that you absorb these compounds more readily for maximum returns.

Additionally, each one of these ingredients is quantified and at concentrations that will provide results.

Medical historyFinally, and possibly most impressive of all, VigRX has been tested under clinical conditions. The research proves that this supplement is an effective booster to male sexual health.55


  • 11 powerful ingredients.
  • Respected manufacturer.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • No fillers.
  • Clinically proven.


  • Premium price for a premium product.

Read My Review: Max Performer

Perhaps one of the least widely known male enhancement pills—but this doesn’t detract from its quality.

Broken pillIts 13-ingredient formulation is packed with proven male health boosters—some in very high doses. Horny Goat Weed, cordyceps, maca, and ginseng are supplied in one gram concentrations.

However, while they may boost libido, improve erection firmness, and raise testosterone levels—these doses may be considered overkill by some—being higher than the proven efficacious quantity.


  • Scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Extensive 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • Quantified ingredients.


    • Free shipping to the US and UK only.
    • Doses may be too high for some physiologies.

Read My Review: Male Extra

This could be one of the best male enhancement pills for men whose physiology doesn’t tolerate excessive compounds from their supplements.

FeatherWith just seven ingredients—it’s one of the lightest products in my top five. However, each one of these are powerful male health boosters. Containing effective doses of arginine for firm erections, zinc to boost testosterone, and cordyceps to drive libido—Male Extra addresses all the key areas.

With over nine years of nutritional experienceand in excess of 150,000 customers—this is a male enhancement pill with a proven pedigree.


  • Seven proven sexual health-boosting ingredients.
  • Manufactured by a company with years of nutritional experience.
  • Delivers worldwide.
  • Suitable for men with sensitive intestines.
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Too few compounds to be the #1 product.
  • Three pills per serving may be considered excessive.

ME_EN_BANNERS_311 × 254

Read My Review: Extenze

BowlWith an immense 21-ingredient formulation—this may be one of the best male enhancement pills for those guys who want it all.

Alongside many of the vital sexual-health boosting ingredients listed earlier, this product also contains additional proven compounds. These include the testosterone boosting Tribulus and the inflammation-lowering astragalus. 56

However, there’s one major downside.

The manufacturers have included all but two of its 21 ingredients in a proprietary blend. This means that it’s impossible to ascertain the efficacy of the compounds—as they’re not quantified.


  • Contains more male-enhancing compounds than most other supplements.
  • Includes numerous testosterone boosting ingredients.
  • Only one pill per day.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.


    • Ingredient concentrations are hidden in a proprietary blend.

Read My Review: ProSolution Plus

DoctorFor men who like the peace of mind of professional recommendations—this could be one of the best male enhancement pills. This is because it’s backed by the celebrity health practitioner, Dr. Dave David of CNN.

The theory behind this supplement is to use the wisdom of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine—indicated by its natural herb formula.

While it does include traditional male enhancing compounds such as Asteracantha Longifolia and Asphaltum—said to enhance orgasm control and boost sperm production—the scientific proof is limited.57


  • Celebrity-backed supplement.
  • May appeal to men who like the exoticism of Indian and Chinese medicine.
  • Individually quantified ingredients.


  • Some compounds lack peer-reviewed scientific research.

What Are You Waiting For?

Smiling emoticon with star eyesIn my opinion, VigRX Plus is the most effective male enhancement pill currently available. This supplement genuinely turned my life around—restoring my desire, enjoyment, and performance of sexual intercourse.

And, it’s not just me.

The numerous positive customer testimonials indicate that men around the world are benefitting from this supplement’s potent formula.

VigRX Plus has the advantages of:

  • Containing nothing but scientifically proven male-enhancing ingredients.
  • Concentrations of compounds at efficacious levels.
  • Addressing all aspects of male health—including libido, erections, energy, stamina, ejaculations, and prostate health.
  • Being manufactured by a respected nutritionist.
  • Containing no fillers or proprietary blends.
  • GuaranteeShipping worldwide.
  • Coming with a 67-day guarantee.
  • Peer-reviewed for efficacy.

This supplement can restore your sexual vigor and prowess to your earlier years.

My advice.

Give it a try—once you’ve begun to witness the benefits, you’ll wish you had tried it sooner.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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