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Bathmate Hydromax Review | Is It Worth Your Money?

This Bathmate Hydromax7 review will tell you all you want to know about this penis pump.

CactusAs a man on the smaller side, I’m all too familiar with the line about women preferring well-endowed men. 

Unfortunately, statistics back it up—the ladies tend to like bigger penises.1

I was tired of my low self-esteem impacting my performance in bed. It got to the point where I kept losing my erection because I couldn’t stop thinking about my size. 

The Bathmate Hydromax7 rescued me from despair. With dedicated use, I gained inches in length as well as girth. It gave me the confidence to please my partner—and myself—again.

What Is the Bathmate Hydromax7?

Let’s begin my Bathmate Hydromax7 review with some history. Priced at $159, this water-powered penis pump belongs to the Hydromax collection by Bathmate.

This company earns the prestige of being the first to produce pumps that work using hydro-vacuum technology. Up until the first model hit the market in 2006, air-based pumps were the standard. 

What Does It Do?

Information logoThe first penis pump by this brand was intended to combat erectile dysfunction (ED). The Bathmate Hydromax7 can do that and more (see our ultimate Bathmate review to learn about all the devices they have developed).

Aside from enjoying a stiffer and more reliable hard-on, you can look forward to enlarging your manhood with time.

All of these benefits come without the hassle of pills, prescriptions, or procedures. The Bathmate Hydromax7 is a one-off purchase that won’t set you back too far financially. 

Advantages of Water-Based Pumps 

Bathmate’s creator, John Edwin Oakes, saw the need for an alternative to existing air-based vacuum systems.

Person holding flag on topHis goal was to create a penis pump that was both safer and stronger. The water acts as a cushioning agent and makes it difficult to over-pump. 

That means that hydro-vacuums tend to be more stimulating. The warm water combined with the sensation of being sucked in is uniquely pleasurable.

Who Is This Penis Pump For?

The Bathmate Hydromax7 is an enticing investment for a wide variety of men. Address your apprehensions about your size, curvature, and erection quality simultaneously. 

Plenty of men wish they had bigger penises—no matter what our measurements are.2 Other tactics for boosting size (e.g., surgery) may not appeal to everyone. 

With the Bathmate Hydromax7, you know exactly what you’re getting. If you suspect you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), this product can help. 

Vacuum therapy has a high success rate for treating ED. Around 90 percent of men using penis pumps reported significant improvement, even those with chronic impotence.3

Right bend signAre you unhappy with your bent penis? Regular pumping can correct curvatures due to Peyronie’s disease.4

Can Anybody Use It?

Yes, the Bathmate Hydromax7 is suitable for almost any man between 5 and 7 inches in length. 

There are a couple of exceptions. Users with bleeding disorders must check with a doctor before buying this penis pump. 

If you have severe Peyronie’s disease or sustained a serious injury in the past, do the same. It’s better to clear the device with your physician just in case.

What Is the Difference between the Bathmate Hydromax7 and Other Hydromax Models?

Three peopleThe Hydromax line is accessible to men of all sizes. If you don’t fit in the 5 to 7-inch range, don’t worry. There are four other options:

  • Hydromax3 (for men up to 3 inches in length).
  • Hydromax5 (for men up to 5 inches in length).
  • Hydromax7 Wide (for men 5 to 7 inches in length with a girth of up to 6.5 inches).
  • Hydromax9 (for men 7 to 9 inches in length).

I counsel you to pick the model that corresponds to your size. A smaller tube won’t get you better results. All that will happen is that a portion of your penis will be left out.

Buying a model that’s much larger than your penis to have room to grow isn’t ideal either. Stick with your appropriate model—you won’t outgrow it for at least a few months.

Is the Bathmate Hydromax7 Effective?

I can say that the Bathmate Hydromax7 was worth every penny for me. Of course, you’ll likely want more evidence than that—and I don’t blame you.

User Success Rate

Hand selecting starsBathmate boasts a 92 percent satisfaction rate from customers using the Hydromax7. 

Are you still reluctant to spend money on one of these gadgets?

Consider this: if you aren’t happy after 60 days, you can profit from their money-back guarantee. That should give you enough time to see if the Bathmate Hydromax7 is doing what you want it to. 

Scientific Research

Penis pumps can work magic on a range of penile problems: there’s lots of research to support them. They’re recommended for ED, Peyronie’s disease, and rehabilitation after prostate removal.5

What about Bathmate penis pumps specifically? 

DoctorDr. Hanz Larsson of the Swedish Institute of Urology set out to investigate. The results of a trial consisting of 22 men over a period of six months were impressive.

Firstly, participants used the Bathmate Hydromax for 15 minutes per day. That’s less time than you probably spend on one set of repetitions at the gym.

Next, the increase in both average penis width and length for all the participants was substantial. Girth enlargement was 0.83 inches, and the length was improved by 1.77 inches.

How Does the Bathmate Hydromax7 Work?

The Bathmate Hydromax7 offers the same perks as vacuum therapy with the distinction of a hydro-powered delivery. 

The sucking action penis pumps provide encourage blood circulation. The sinusoids (blood vessels in your penis) enlarge. 

Blood vesselThe more engorged with blood they are, the harder your penis will be. This is a proven effect of these innovative enhancement devices.6

The second theory is that the repeated suction encourages cell division or cytokinesis. This division then results in tissue growth—gradually.7

However, there aren’t any studies exploring the mechanisms of how vacuum therapy causes growth. For now, cytokinesis is as good an explanation as any.

What to Expect: Timeline of Results

This is the part of my Bathmate Hydromax7 review where I get serious. One of the most vital features of any penis pump is how quickly it works.

Pumping daily can grow tedious if you don’t see any progress. Bathmate penis pumps are renowned for their swift effects.

That being said, you will have to keep a handle on your expectations. It sounds like a cliché, but we’re all individuals—meaning we respond differently to treatments like this.

ClosetEither way, you should make consistency your watchword. The Bathmate Hydromax7 won’t be efficient if it’s sitting in your closet all the time.

First Use 

The first time you use the Bathmate Hydromax7, you’ll likely marvel over your penis. It will appear larger than you’ve ever seen it. 

It will shrink back to normal within an hour or two of pumping, though. Don’t lose faith: good things take time. 

One Week

When you get a hard-on, you might notice that your penis feels more rigid. Likewise, your sexual performance will start to get better. 

One Month

EggplantAt the one-month mark, your penis will feel rejuvenated. The erections you have will be visibly stronger thanks to the regular boost of blood flow from pumping.

Men with ED will start to look forward to sex again. You’ll start to regain your prowess in the bedroom as incidences of weak or lost erections decrease.

Your gains will be limited—perhaps a millimeter or two of girth and length if you’re lucky. 

Two Months

This is the point where most users will see as well feel the effects of the Bathmate Hydromax7. Anticipate both girth and length measurements that are up to 0.5 inches larger. 

The change may be more visible when you’re flaccid or erect, depending on your penis. Either way, you’re probably not going to claim the 60-day money-back refund.

Three Months

RulerYou have nowhere to go but up from here onwards. By the third month of pumping, you’ll pack another few millimeters or so to your already-expanding manhood. 

These gains will be apparent in both thickness and length. Your partner will be in awe of your miraculous turnaround in the bedroom. 

Six Months

Most of you will have hit at least an inch of all-around growth by now. Incidences of erectile dysfunction will have decreased dramatically if not disappeared entirely.

Your penis will look and feel significantly different from when you began. You won’t be the only one who sees it—the proof will be in the measurements.

One Year

Keeping the Bathmate Hydromax7 as your daily bathing companion will pay off big-time after a year. You’ll be thriving during sex with greater stamina and harder erections.

Impotence will be nothing more than a bad memory for you. You’ll find your penis is anywhere from 1.5 to 3 inches thicker and longer than it was when you started. 

What Do You Get When You Buy the Bathmate Hydromax7?

You’ll receive the penis pump itself and nothing else. If you want accessories, you’ll need to buy them separately.

How to Use the Bathmate Hydromax7 

One of the great aspects of this penis pump is how user-friendly it is. Learn step-by-step instructions for using it here:


  1. Warm up your shower or prepare a bath. Grab your Bathmate Hydromax7 and settle in. Don’t get hard just yet: stay relaxed.
  2. InstructionsRemove the comfort insert.
  3. Close the black pip. Fill the pump with warm water while pushing in the pressure valve. Place one finger over the valve as you fill it.
  4. Replace the comfort insert.
  5. Insert your flaccid penis into the tube, pressing it tightly against your groin to form a seal. You may want to be clean-shaven as pubic hair can get in the way.
  6. Open the black pip and begin pumping—water will be ejected from the valve as you do so.
  7. Once the bellows are depressed, you’ve reached optimal pressure.
  8. Compress the primary valve when you’re finished. This will release the pressure so that you can remove your engorged member from the tube.

Frequency of Use 

How fast do you want to impress your partner (or future partners) with your penis? If you can hardly wait, I suggest using the Bathmate Hydromax7 every day.

ClockBathmate suggests 15-minute sessions, split into two or three intervals of five minutes apiece. Hit the maximum, go down to the lowest pressure, and then start again.

Pros and Cons

The Bathmate Hydromax7 review wouldn’t be complete without a pros and cons summary. Consult it as needed:


  • Simple to use.
  • Capable of granting you legitimate size gains.
  • Pleasantly stimulating.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Can be messy if used outside of the bath or shower.

What Does the Bathmate Hydromax7 Promise?

Person with graph behindThis penis pump claims to be capable of benefiting multiple facets of your sexual health. Here’s what Bathmate promises you:

Combat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Ameliorate or cure your erectile issues with vacuum therapy, courtesy of the Bathmate Hydromax7. 

Augment Penis Size

Stop obsessing over your penis size and do something about it. A mass of satisfied men bragging about their gains online can’t be wrong. 

Provide Stronger Erections

You don’t need a PhD to know that better blood flow means powerful erections. You’ll soon be appreciating sex at maximum hardness.

Enhance Stamina 

All the extra blood will have you staying erect for longer. The days of hair-trigger orgasms will be in the past.

Bathmate Hydromax7 Side Effects and Complaints

Misusing any penis pump can provoke side effects. Other than that, you may have an underlying condition (e.g., a bleeding disorder) that can cause:

  • Person having painNumbness, coldness, or blue-tinged flesh.
  • Red pinpricks (petechiae).
  • Bruising.
  • Pain.

In the event that any of these symptoms occur, head to a doctor for a check-up. You want to figure out if you made a mistake or if there’s something wrong with you.

Testimonials for the Bathmate Hydromax7

I’m not the only one with positive things to say about the Bathmate Hydromax7. Read owner testimonials for this penis pump:

What Does the Bathmate Hydromax7 Feel Like?

Physically, the Bathmate Hydromax7 is delightful to use. The sensations are much like that of a more intense blowjob—warm, wet sucking.

HeartThe excitement of watching your penis grow is incomparable. That never gets old to me—the exhilaration of seeing my thicker, longer member after each session. 

Eventually, your elation will intensify when your gains become permanent. As in, you won’t need to pump first to measure your hard-on and see the difference.

Purchase Information 

Learn where you can buy the Bathmate Hydromax7 and other technical details here. 

Where Can You Buy the Bathmate Hydromax7?

This penis pump is sold by various distributors, from Amazon to Lovense. I advise you to order from the official Bathmate website to get it directly from the manufacturer.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

TruckOnce you order, your Bathmate Hydromax7 is shipped within 24 hours. You can opt for standard shipping (three to five days) or expedite it. 

If you choose the latter, you should receive your penis pump within 48 hours. Users in remote regions may experience delays.

Does It Ship to My Country?

Wherever you’re located, you can own a Bathmate Hydromax7: Bathmate ships worldwide.

Is There a Warranty?

Bathmate covers defects and malfunctions for two years after you purchase it. Don’t forget to register your penis pump to be able to take advantage of it. 

Is Packaging Discreet?

BoxYour Bathmate Hydromax7 is sent out in a plain cardboard box labeled as from “DX Products,” the parent company.

Are There Coupon Codes?

If you sign up to the official Bathmate website, you may get exclusive deals and offers. Coupons may be available on other distributors that you’re registered to—e.g., Amazon 

or Lovense. 

What Is the Refund and Return Policy?

There’s a 60-day money-back policy, no questions asked. If you’re not pleased with your Bathmate Hydromax7 for whatever reason, you can send it back for a full refund.

This policy only applies to the official website. If you buy your penis pump elsewhere, you won’t be able to get a refund if you’re dissatisfied. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are two questions I come across often in my penis pump research. I’ve answered both in the FAQ part of my Bathmate Hydromax7 review:

Is It Safe to Use?

HelmetYes, this penis pump is safe as long as it’s handled correctly. By that, I mean you shouldn’t deviate from the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Can It Straighten Your Penis?

The curves or bends of Peyronie’s disease can be straightened out with vacuum therapy. As I said earlier, always check with your doctor beforehand if the curve is pronounced.

Alternatives to the Bathmate Hydromax7 

The Bathmate Hydromax7 may not appeal to all men. If you’re curious to learn how other top-rated penis pumps compare, check out these alternatives or see our detailed penis pump buying guide

Penomet Penis Pump

Similar to the Bathmate Hydromax7, Penomet is also water-powered. This model will suit both novice users seeking support and expert penis pumpers. 

There are three levels of Penomet packages for all users. The Standard package is cheaper than the Bathmate Hydromax7 at $127.

Guide bookAll packages come with a digital exercise guide. This is practical if you’re unsure of how to develop a routine.


  • Choice of packages for men of all levels.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Exercise guide included with purchase.


  • Extra and Premium are expensive.
  • Different gaiter options may overwhelm new users.

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

If you’re already partial to the Bathmate brand, you may want to consider the HydroXtreme7. Like all pumps by this company, it’s water-based.

With this model, you get more control over pumping through a handball pump. You can go straight to the maximum safe pressure and stay there. 

EyeglassesIn turn, you can amplify your size and performance faster. It also comes with multiple accessories, from a shower strap to a ruler.


  • Lots of freebies included.
  • Maximize your pumping sessions.
  • Water-powered for comfort and safety.


  • Pricey.


Long-time patrons of male sex toy giant Fleshlight will like this model. It’s automatic and electric-powered to take the pressure of operations off you.

There’s a comfortable donut support ring between the tube and your groin. Measurements marked on the tube are large and easy to read without having to squint.

Air pumpAs an air-pump, you might be concerned about the risks of injury. The FleshPump is equipped with a quick release safety valve, just in case.


  • Less than $100.
  • Hassle-free usage.
  • Handy security feature.


  • Doesn’t come with any accessories.


The Androvacuum is the second electric-powered penis pump on my list. It’s made by urology laboratory Andromedical as an aid for penile rehabilitation.

It’s advertised principally as a treatment for impotence. You can achieve superficial goals with the Androvacuum—it’s rated to increase size as well.

SupplementsThe kit comes with accessories, including men’s health supplements. You feel like you’re getting a legitimate medical device for your money. 


  • Lots of accessories.
  • Produced by a medical organization.
  • Targeted specifically at ED-sufferers.
  • Includes men’s health medical supplements.


  • Costly compared to the FleshPump (nearly $100 more).

Final Verdict 

I can’t describe how stressed out I used to be about lacking in the size department. I felt my anxiety ease away after each session with the Bathmate Hydromax7. 

You don’t have to tolerate constantly feeling downcast about your penis. Give yourself the chance to shine again sexually by literally pumping yourself up. 

I recommend any man shopping for a penis pump to choose this model. It’s premium quality without an accompanying expensive price tag. You won’t be disappointed with the value-for-money of this gadget.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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