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[April 2020] Penomet Review | Results and Effectiveness

This Penomet Penis Pump review will give you the lowdown on this size-boosting device. I’ll reveal how it works and why Penomet’s water-powered pump could be worth your money.

Before I start the review, I want to take a moment to explain how I came upon this penis pump. To be frank with you, I struggled to come to terms with my size—or lack of it.

The way my penis looked was getting me down—literally. I turned from a voracious sexual athlete into a man who could barely manage a weak erection.

Emoticon with star eyesAfter a few months with the Penomet Penis Pump, I saw enough improvement to perform with my usual aplomb. Best of all, my manhood went from disappointingly floppy to rigidly fierce.

Penomet Penis Pump Background

With a starter price of $127 for the basic kit, this model uses water to create a vacuum around your penis. You can also opt to use it as an air pump, which is convenient. 

If you want to be formal about it, you can say it’s powered by hydraulic technology. If that sounds good, learn the fundamentals on the Penomet Penis Pump here:

Why Penomet?

Man thinking a crownThe Penomet Penis Pump can help you attain the penis of your dreams. You can accumulate inches all around, get harder, and reach your maximum potential in bed. 

Unlike other models, this device has the benefit of interchangeable gaiters. 

Men with generous budgets can purchase Extra or Premium packages. You’ll get extra gaiters of varying intensity to alter between. 

The different pressures will keep your pumping routine fresh and enhance your gains. Or, you can start with the Standard and buy additional gaiters whenever you can afford them.

Advantages of Water-Based Pumps

As I mentioned, you can operate the Penomet Penis Pump with air. Penomet recommends using water for the best results.

Water from pipeFor one, water acts as support around your penis. It provides a cushion of sorts between your sensitive organ and the tube itself. 

It’s hard to over pump: once all the water is out, you know you’ve hit the limit. With an air-based unit, you may be tempted to keep pumping, which can cause injury. 

Another plus is the stimulation. I’ll choose warm water combined with suction over plain lube and a tube any day. 

Who Is This Penis Pump For?

Most penis-related woes can be solved, or at least improved, with the Penomet Penis Pump. Firstly, it can both thicken and lengthen your manhood.

That alone should attract most readers out there. Statistics show that most men feel insecure about their measurements.1

Curved arrowThose of you suffering from mild Peyronie’s have a chance to straighten out your unwanted curves.

Finally, vacuum therapy (the medical term for penis pumping) is highly effective against erectile dysfunction (ED).2

All of these spoils come without doctors, prescriptions, or anyone coming near you with a scalpel. The Penomet Penis Pump isn’t an ongoing cost either—it’s only a one time fee.

penomet penis pump

Can Anyone Use It?

The majority of men can reap the rewards of the Penomet Penis Pump. Now, you’ll notice I didn’t say all men—there are a few exceptions.

Don’t invest in this product if any of these criteria apply to you:

  • Caution signYou have a micropenis.
  • You’ve undergone surgery on your penis or around your pelvic area.
  • You take blood-thinners. 
  • Your penis is curved at an angle exceeding 20 degrees.
  • You’re over 8 inches in length. 

If you have any of the below issues, consult with a doctor before you make a purchase:

  • You have a health condition (e.g., heart disease, urinary disorders, etc.).
  • You’ve had a stroke.
  • You suffer from uncontrolled diabetes.

Is the Penomet Penis Pump Effective?

This wouldn’t be much of a Penomet Penis Pump review without investigating how well it works. Let’s talk about customer satisfaction and science. 

User Success Rate

You already know the Penomet Penis Pump satisfied me—but I’m only one man. How do others feel about this versatile model?

User reviewThere are lengthy testimonials attesting to the capabilities of this product on the official website. Penomet is willing to bet you’ll be happy: there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

No questions asked—you can send it back if you don’t want it. There’s not much risk to you (or your wallet) if you want to attempt a trial period. 

Scientific Research

There haven’t been any studies on the Penomet Penis Pump specifically. Don’t be disheartened—plenty of trials have proven that vacuum therapy works.

Ninety percent of men using vacuum therapy for impotence and erectile dysfunction achieved good results. This encompasses both chronic and acute ED provoked by various underlying causes.3

Curve-correction is another established perk penis pump users can anticipate.4 This kind of therapy is excellent for penile rehabilitation after serious procedures like a prostatectomy too.5

man making notes

How Does the Penomet Penis Pump Work?

WeightlifterPenis pump logic is pretty straightforward. Since your penis isn’t a muscle, it can’t be “exercised” the way we can pump up our biceps or work out or core.6

It’s an organ that consists of two spongy cylinders known as the corpus cavernosum. These contain blood vessels (sinusoids) that fill up with blood.

Through gentle, steady suction, gadgets like the Penomet Penis Pump force blood into the sinusoids. As a consequence, your penis gets bigger and harder.

I can already hear you asking me—but what about permanent gains?

CellThere isn’t much research investigating this effect of vacuum therapy. The theory is that repeated suction encourages cytokinesis. Basically, cells divide and result in tissue growth over time.7

That’s why you have to commit to your Penomet Penis Pump. Cytokinesis happens at a cellular level: it isn’t something you can force overnight. 

Penomet Results: What to Expect?

My Penomet Penis Pump review wouldn’t be complete without sharing a timeline. Before I start, I want to offer you some advice.

Don’t be surprised if your timeline isn’t identical to the one I’ve described below. None of us are exactly alike: some of you might progress slower or faster than others.

I strongly advise you to persevere for a minimum of a few months. As I said, you won’t get long-term results without putting in the time. Don’t expect to pump for a month and suddenly wake up with a 9-inch penis. 

First Use

Test tubeYour first session with the Penomet Penis Pump will be game-changing. Your manhood will emerge from the tube swollen, rigid, and bigger than you’ve ever seen it. 

If you live with a partner, your ultra-engorged member will have them in shock. After several hours or less, you’ll be back to normal—until the next session.

One Week

Not much will have changed in your size, but you’ll notice a change in the quality of your erections. Your penis will feel fuller and harder—ready to amaze between the sheets. 

One Month

You’ll feel sexually invigorated—sexual partners will be praising your abilities to the skies. By this stage, erection troubles will be noticeably less frequent.

Four outward arrowsThat isn’t the only change you’ll see—your manhood will have begun to expand. You’ll see that you’ve started to thicken out and gained some length. 

I’m talking about a few millimeters at the most. Still, you’ll likely feel the Penomet Penis Pump is living up to the hype. 

Second Month: Penomet Gains are becoming visible

The money-back-guarantee period is crafty if you think about it. At two months of continuous use, there’s no way you’ll want to return your Penomet Penis Pump. 

Size gains will be most apparent in your length—up to half-an-inch or more. You’ll be able to look down at yourself with a new sense of pride.

Penomet Penis Pump 

Three Months

Complications in the bedroom will be a thing of the past. Your new reality is a penis that lives up to your expectations—and your partner’s too. 

Watering plantsAside from consistently strong erections, you’ll see slow and steady growth. Every millimeter you add with regular pumping will pile up—just be patient.

Six Months

Six months will have almost all users celebrating up tp a full inch of expansion in their length. Your total girth growth will be less than that (thickening out goes slower), but it won’t be nonexistent. 

One Year: Penomet Gains are here to stay

After one year, your commitment will have paid off. Your enhancements should be permanent by now—those extra inches are here to stay. 

The regular stimulation will have banished impotence from your life. Your total growth will tally up to 3 inches—more if you’re luckier. Girth will have increased by up to 30 percent

What Do You Get When You Buy the Penomet Penis Pump?

Three boxesYou can opt for one of three Penomet kits: Standard, Extra, and Premium. The number of accessories—as well as the price—goes up as you scale the ladder:

Penomet Standard

  • Penomet penis pump (version 3.0). 
  • Force 70 gaiter.
  • Instructional booklet (printed).
  • Digital exercise guide handbook.

penomet standard

Penomet Extra

  • Everything the Standard kits come with as well as Force 65 and 75 gaiters.

penomet extra

Penomet Premium 

  • Everything the Standard and Extra kits come with as well as the Force 60 and Extreme Force 80 gaiters and a shower strap for hands-free pumping. 

penomet premium

How to Use the Penomet Penis Pump?

My Penomet Penis Pump review isn’t only about why it works. In this section, you’ll learn how to use it as both an air and a water-based pump.

Guidelines: Water 

  1. Sit in your bath or stand under your shower for at least five minutes to prepare. Ideally, you should be erect before you begin.
  2. Fill the Penomet Penis Pump with water—make sure it isn’t too hot. Place one finger over the release valve if the water is draining out of it. 
  3. Insert your penis into the tube at a downward angle. Don’t exaggerate it; a slight tilt forward will suffice.
  4. Start pumping, slowly and gently.
  5. Once there’s enough suction, pump at intervals of two to five minutes.
  6. If you need a quick release or you’re finished pumping, hit the safety release pin.

Guidelines: Air

  1. Wet a towel with warm water and place it around your penis. Let it sit for five minutes, warming it up as needed if it gets cold.
  2. Insert lube into the base of the Penomet Penis Pump. Use a non-silicone based brand.
  3. Air pumpOnce you’re erect, insert your penis into the tube. As with the above instructions, tilt it downwards slightly first.
  4. If you’re not getting a seal between groin and gaiter, rub Vaseline on yourself. It’s best if you trim or shave your pubic hair beforehand. 
  5. Pump until a vacuum is formed. Be careful as there isn’t any water to act as a cushion between your penis and the walls of the tube.
  6. Every two to five minutes, pump again.
  7. When you’re done, use the safety release pin to free the beast.

Frequency of Use

The exercise booklet that comes with your purchase will give you more details on routines. If you buy more than one gaiter, you can vary between them for maximum results. 

In general, Penomet recommends the following schedule:

  • Ten minutes daily at two to five-minute intervals for the first week.
  • Fifteen minutes daily for the second and third weeks.
  • Twenty minutes daily from the fourth week onwards.

ClockPump at two to five-minute intervals until you’ve hit the maximum pressure. Either water will be completely drained from the pump, or you’ll start to feel uncomfortable (using air only).

Pros and Cons

This segment of my Penomet Penis Pump review will sum up the good and the bad. Learn the pros and cons here:

Penomet Review: Pros

  • Different kits to choose from.
  • Works with both air and water.
  • Exercise booklet included to guide you.
  • Switch gaiters to level up your pumping.

Penomet Review: Cons

  • No measurements on the tube.

What Does the Penomet Penis Pump Promise?

BinocularsThe Penomet Penis Pump is all about packing on the inches. Find out what else it can do for you here:

1) Thicker and Longer Penis 

Penomet assures users that they should expect between 1 and 3 inches more of length. 

When it comes to girth, the company claims an estimated 30 percent increase for regular users.

With Penomet’s varied-gaiter workout, using all five models is supposed to up your gains by up to 80 percent compared to using it with a single gaiter.

Penomet Penis Pump 

2) Straighten You Out

Peyronie’s disease can be a confidence-killer to live with. Penises with a mild curve can be straightened out with the Penomet Penis Pump. 

3) Reduce or Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

As a form of vacuum therapy, you can anticipate improved performance. Remember, this type of treatment has near-guaranteed effectiveness against ED.

Testimonials for the Penomet Penis Pump

Are you thinking back to those customer reviews I mentioned earlier? Read Penomet Penis Pump testimonials for yourself:

penomet testimonial

penomet testimonials

What Does the Penomet Penis Pump Feel Like?

Personally, I prefer the Penomet Penis Pump as a hydro-model. Warm water plus suction—I think the description is enough to give you an idea of what it will feel like.

Realistically, it isn’t always possible to time your sessions to a shower or bath. The silicone walls of the tube are gentle against your skin: just don’t overdo it. 

Plant on tubeIf you initially find the sensation of being vacuumed bizarre, don’t give up. The sight of your enormous manhood popping out of the tube will motivate you to acclimatize.

Penomet Penis Pump Side Effects and Complaints 

Penis pumps aren’t wholly risk-free. If they’re misused, there’s a risk of side effects. A condition you may not know about could cause you to react poorly to pumping. 

Don’t panic—the signs are easy to recognize. If you start experiencing these symptoms after using the Penomet Penis Pump, check in with your doctor:

  • Pain or bruising after pumping.
  • Red dots (petechiae).
  • Blue-tinged flesh.
  • Feeling numb or cold.

Pain emoticonYou might hate to do it, but you’ll have to stop your daily practice, at least temporarily. A couple of inches aren’t worth injury or permanent damage. 

Purchase Information 

Are you sold on the Penomet Penis Pump? This section will provide you with the final details you need to know before you commit to purchase:

Where Can You Buy the Penomet Penis Pump?

You can buy all three kits from the official Penomet website.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

If you’re in the United States, the Penomet Penis Pump should be at your doorstep in three to seven business days

Users outside of the US can expect to wait two to three weeks. Your order shouldn’t take more than a maximum of one month to arrive. 

Shipping Countries 

North America (Canada and the US) and Europe are all in Penomet’s shipping scope. If you live outside of these regions, you’ll have to double-check.

Either attempt to proceed with a purchase or contact Penomet support directly. 


What Is the Refund and Return Policy?

Penomet offers a generous 60-day money-back policy. If you’re not happy with your penis pump within this period, you can ship it back for a full refund. 

Is There a Warranty?

WarrantyAll Penomet Penis Pumps come with a three-year warranty. That’s enough coverage for several inches worth of growth (with consistent pumping).

The gaiters have a lifetime warranty. That is unless you use a cleaning solution that isn’t water-based—then you’ll void it. 

Is Packaging Discreet?

Shut down nightmares of coming home to a box emblazoned with “penis pump” by your door. Packaging is a sealed, unbranded cardboard box

Are There Coupon Codes?

As of the date that this Penomet Penis Pump review was written, prices have been slashed for all packages on the website. The figures I’ve listed for costs reflect that.

Penomet Review FAQ

Perhaps you have a few lingering questions. I’ve included a FAQ section in my Penomet Penis Pump review just in case.

Is It Safe to Use?

HelmetThe Penomet Penis Pump is safe if used as intended. Follow Penomet’s usage instructions—don’t ignore troubling symptoms (e.g., bruising) and you have nothing to fear.

Can It Straighten Your Penis?

Yes, Penomet states bent penises can be corrected. The caveat is that the angle can’t be greater than 20 degrees—if it is, you’ll have to find an alternative.

Do You Need to Change Gaiters?

It isn’t obligatory to try all of the five gaiters Penomet has to offer. Bear in mind that alternating gaiters could help you speed up your gains, though.

Penomet Vs Bathmate & Other Alternatives

I tried to stay objective while writing up my Penomet Penis Pump review. I understand that this model might not be right for all users. These are four alternatives for you to look at: (NB! we also have penis pump buying guide published). 

Bathmate Hydromax7

Hydraulic breakerBathmate pioneered hydraulic-powered penis pumps. The Hydromax7 is rated for users with penis lengths from 5 to 7 inches.

An advantage of the Hydromax collection is that it’s all-inclusive. If the Hydromax 7 doesn’t fit you, there are four other penis pumps for smaller, larger, or thicker men.

This pump is user-friendly and has excellent feedback from customers. Aside from benefiting your measurements, it can also combat impotence and low stamina.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee from Bathmate.
  • Fits the majority of users.
  • User-friendly. 


  • Can be messy if used outside the bathroom. 

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

Remote controlThe HydroXtreme7 is akin to the Hydromax7 with one notable upgrade. You have a pump attachment to squeeze manually for added control.

You attain maximum pressure around your penis swiftly—and hold it there. Impatient users will appreciate this option, as it will enable you to get the most out of each session. 

The HydroXtreme7 also comes with plenty of accessories. You’ll have everything you need for maintenance and more—including a shower strap. 


  • Free accessories. 
  • Built with safety in mind to avoid over-pumping.
  • Ideal for users determined to accumulate inches fast.


  • Novices may find the hand-pump feature too sensational.


CrownThe FleshPump might entice Fleshlight enthusiasts and collectors. It’s manufactured by the same company, meaning you can be reassured as to the quality

This automated penis pump will appeal to users who’d rather avoid pumping themselves. It’s simple: you switch it on and it will begin vacuuming your penis.

There’s always a safety concern with air-powered models. You can relax—the Fleshpump has a manual safety catch in the event that you feel too squeezed (Read My Review).



  • Affordable.
  • Automated.
  • Quick-release safety catch. 


  • Can’t be used anywhere near water. 


Lab coatIf the whole concept of penis pumps has you feeling uncomfortable, the Androvacuum might work for you. This device is produced by urology laboratory Andromedical.

The company produces various gadgets to assist men with penile issues of all sorts. Androvacuum is an air-pump that’s powered by electricity.

It’s recommended for boosting your size and penile rehabilitation. If you’ve undergone surgery on your penis or been through prostate cancer, it’s a good choice (Read my review). 

androvacuum electric penis pump


  • Manufactured by a medical company.
  • Suitable for penile rehabilitation.
  • Optimal for users who have legitimate medical concerns.


  • Expensive.

Penomet Review Final Verdict 

GavelMy final verdict is in favor of the Penomet Penis Pump. It can be used with air alone or with water—unless you want an electric model, you’re set for your preferred method.

You can build your gaiter collection with time or all at once. It all depends on your financial situation—the basic Standard package is good value at $127. 

The inclusion of a digital exercise book is a major advantage. I felt supported in my journey to improve my dimensions—not like I was on my own. 

There’s no deficiency of quality with the Penomet Penis Pump. Everything from the tube to the gaiters is constructed with comfort and safety in mind. 

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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