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My FleshPump review reveals if this penis pump lives up to the reputation of its esteemed manufacturer. We’re all familiar with fleshlights—some of you may be avid collectors. 

Unlike fleshlights, my reason for choosing the FleshPump wasn’t motivated by pleasure. I had a problem that needed fixing and fast. 

Like many men out there, I felt like my manhood wasn’t up to standard in terms of size.1 That feeling of smallness started affecting my confidence in bed. 

The FleshPump pumped me up in every respect. Not only did I see a swift change for the better in my sexual performance, but my measurements also began to grow. 

FleshPump Background

The FleshPump is an electronic penis pump priced at $99.95 (at the time of the review). That’s the fixed price: there are no upgraded packages to tempt you (or force you) into spending more.

As I’ve mentioned, the manufacturer of this automatic model is Fleshlight. I think I can safely say that when we’re talking about this company, quality is practically guaranteed

The parent organization ILF, LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. If you haven’t enjoyed one of their supple realistic sleeves, I suggest you try one :).

Having said all that, let’s get back to the FleshPump. I’ll lay out what it can do, the advantages of electronic pumps, and who can use it. 

What FleshPump Can Deliver?

The FleshPump is advertised at men seeking one thing: penile improvement. It’s advertised to take your stamina to the next level.

You’ll also profit from stiffer, longer-lasting erections. Vacuum therapy—which is the medical term for penis pumps—is an established treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).2

man smiling

The regular stimulation of your penis promotes blood flow, which is vital to function. The more engorged your manhood is with blood, the firmer it will be: simple

Remember, less circulation translates to weaker erections.3 Aside from being a self-esteem killer, your partner won’t be pleased playing with a penis stuck at half-mast. 

Plus, the suction of the pump will provoke a hard-on no matter what. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety or nerve damage, you’ll get erect.4

The FleshPump will also boost penis size with regular use. You can prepare to grow both ways: girth and length. 

Advantages Of Electric Pumps 

Have you been seeking out a penis pump for a while? If so, you’ve probably read or heard of at least a few warnings against air-powered pumps.

That’s why electric models are a safer alternative to manual ones. Most, like the FleshPump, have a single setting. 

Next, there’s little to no effort needed on your behalf. You slip yourself into the tube, and at the touch of a button, your penis is being pumped. 

Extra security measures for wary users include safety release valves. If you feel at any point like the sensations are overwhelming, you can free yourself instantly. 

Who Is This Penis Pump For?

Boy with a questionAre you one of the rarities who is perfectly happy with your penis?

Are you struggling to find a single thing about it that could be improved?

In this case, the FleshPump isn’t for you—and congratulations. Everyone else can probably find at least one way this penis pump could benefit them.

Stronger erections can make all the difference in how you perform. You aren’t the only one who will notice the quality difference: your partner will appreciate it too. 

couple having fun on the bed

If you have difficulty getting ready for action, the FleshPump can support you. Using it will get you an instant erection—sustaining it afterward is up to you. There are always cock rings you can buy if you need assistance.

Regular, committed pumping is bound to take your measurements up, slowly but surely. The FleshPump is a single-time investment that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

Why did I bring that up? Other solutions to these problems require prescriptions, or if you want penis enlargement, surgical intervention. 

Can Anyone Use It?

Although the FleshPump is 13.3 inches long when fully assembled, only 8 inches are viable for insertion. If you’re well-endowed, you may not fit. 

Pre-existing blood disorders (e.g., hemophilia) will make penis pumping unsuitable for you. Men with Peyronie’s disease will want to consult a physician first. 

It’s better to be cautious if you have a chronic illness, such as a urinary tract issue. 

Make the call to your medical professional of choice. Talking about penis pumps may be awkward, but it could save you trouble later.

Have you had surgeries on your penis or surrounding areas (groin and testicles)? Clear the FleshPump with your doctor before you invest in it.

Is The FleshPump Effective?

I need to address effectiveness in my FleshPump review. That’s the critical facet of any penis pump—features and usability mean nothing if it doesn’t work.

User Success Rate

Testimonials on the Fleshlight website are positive. Customers have reported size gains as well as improved sexual abilities. 

Scientific Research

ResearchThere aren’t studies on the FleshPump…

But plenty of research has been done on vacuum therapy. According to men who have used them, penis pumps are 90 percent effective at banishing episodes of erectile dysfunction (ED).5

Those are great odds for a treatment that doesn’t require a prescription. These gadgets also assist with penile rehabilitation after trauma.

For instance, men can suffer from a loss in length after radical prostatectomy.6 Vacuum therapy can both preserve and restore what you’ve lost. If you’re fortunate enough to be healthy but unsatisfied with your dimensions, the same applies.

Unsurprisingly, there are few studies on vacuum therapy exclusively for enhancement. Size woes aren’t serious enough to investigate in depth. 

One study showed a small amount of growth after six months of penis pumping.7 That doesn’t mean that penis pumps are ineffective for growth. 

Plenty of men have accomplished more with devices like the FleshPump—they just haven’t been officially documented.

How Does The FleshPump Work?

Newcomers to the world of penis pumps may be curious or confused. How do devices like the FleshPump work to upgrade your manhood?

Penis pumps rely on the same single and simple operating principle. A vacuum is formed in the tube you insert yourself into. 

Now, you know what happens when you squeeze your penis—it starts to get hard. That isn’t only from the stimulation; it’s because you’re encouraging blood to circulate.

If you have ED, getting handsy likely won’t suffice to bring blood into the entire penis. The vacuum provides steady, even pressure to promote blood circulation forcibly

A side effect of the suctioning is a size increase. Firstly, your penis will be heavily engorged with blood.

That may sound disconcerting, but you’ll notice that steely-hard quality you may have been lacking. 

vegetables and measuring tape

It’ll only get better with time, especially if your penis has gotten used to weak or minimal blood flow (hence, inadequate hard-ons). 

Repeated vacuum therapy leads to permanent growth in the tissues of your penis. The cells inside these tissues divide to generate new ones.8

Known as cytokinesis, this process eventually results in real change. Those new cells lead to tissue growth—millimeters and inches you can see, feel, and measure.

What To Expect: Timeline Of Results

If you’re like me, you’re desperate for change. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t anticipate instantaneous, miraculous results.

Let’s say you’re a long-time sufferer of erectile dysfunction. You probably won’t be casting aside your FleshPump the next day, completely cured.

Your manhood won’t grow overnight, either. Organic growth takes time—be patient and consistent. 

First Use

Are you typically underwhelmed when you look at your own erections? The first time you use the FleshPump will mark the start of an exhilarating change.

All that forced blood circulation will have your penis hugely engorged. Remember, this is only a preview of things to come: the swelling will subside fully within an hour or two.

One Week

Your erections are beginning to pick up in quality. There’s a pleasant sensation of fullness when you’re hard—long-term partners may start to give you positive feedback.

Although there aren’t any measurement gains yet, you’re starting to feel better about sex slowly. It’s a huge self-esteem boost to go in pumped and ready instead of struggling. 

One Month

Washing handsThe FleshPump doesn’t mess around.

If you’ve been using it regularly, you’ll see up to a few millimeters of length that weren’t there before. 

Your girth will have widened out proportionately too. Again, the growth is minor—but it’s happening, slowly and surely. 

By now, there’s a marked improvement in your staying power. You’re lasting longer, and your erections are stronger than ever before. 

Two Months

Two months will have some of you hitting up to 0.5 inches extra on your length. The width of your manhood has packed on a few millimeters. 

If that isn’t enough, your sexual fitness continues to reach new peaks. Episodes of unpleasantness in the bedroom—like lost erections—are infrequent

Your stamina is keeping up the pace with your rigid erections. You’re developing pride in your sexual abilities, and confidence in the appearance of your manhood. 

Three Months 

By three months, you’re practically a new man between the sheets. You can honestly say that you’re happy with how your penis works—and it’s still getting better.

Those of you with significant others will be shocked at how the FleshPump has enhanced you. Your penis is at least 0.5 inches longer, an impressive feat.

It’s thicker than it used to be by several more millimeters. When you hold your penis in your hand, it feels weightier than it used to—and the ruler will support that.

Six Months

At six months the evolution down-below is dramatic. Your erections are steely and stay that way for long

You rarely let yourself—or your partner—down during sex. Your measurements have expanded by at least one inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth. 

Men susceptible to the magic of penis pumps may have grown more than that. Your self-esteem is through the roof, which also contributes to skilled performances in bed.

a man looking confident

One Year 

Compare your measurements or photos to when you began using the FleshPump. You’ll think you’ve had a whole new penis transplanted onto you.

Picture at least 1.5 inches of length on top of what you’ve already gained. Your member has widened out too by close to an inch. 

Your manhood is ready for action whenever you are. Firm, resilient erections that last as long as you want them to are normal for you. 

What Do You Get When You Buy The FleshPump?

Open box Opening up the box is the most exciting part of any purchase, second to receive it. 

Here’s what you’ll find in the package when you purchase this model:

  • The FleshPump (with Quick Release Safety Valve).
  • Donut sleeve.
  • USB charging cable.
  • FleshPump lubricant (2 ounces).
  • Instruction manual.

How To Use The FleshPump?

If you’re certain the FleshPump is right for you, learn what to anticipate when you use it. Assembly is effortless: all you have to do is connect the motor to the tube with the donut ring in place.


  1. Lube your flaccid penis up generously. Apply lubricant to your groin too so that you won’t feel pinched or pulled. I strongly advise you trim or shave your pubic hair first.
  2. Place your penis (still in off-duty mode) into the entrance, through the donut ring.
  3. Press the button to turn the vacuum on. As your penis is sucked into the tube, it will form a secure seal against your groin. 
  4. Hold the pump in place as you continue to press the vacuum button, releasing it periodically. Don’t drift off—monitor your manhood visually and pay attention to the sensations.
  5. Press the vacuum release valve to free your pumped-up penis. Don’t try to force yourself out of the tube without hitting the valve first.

Frequency Of Use 

The FleshPump should be used no longer than five minutes at once. The minimum session duration is three minutes.

Ideally, you should vacuum your penis for five to 10 seconds at a time. Then, release it and repeat it for three to five minutes.

You need to wait at least one hour between pumping sessions. It’s up to you to see how your penis is responding. If it starts to feel sore or painful, stop for the day.

Pros And Cons

Are you pressed for time or looking for the fundamentals of the FleshPump? This section summarizes the good and the not-so-good about this penis pump:


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • User-friendly.
  • The quick-release feature is reassuring.
  • Well-known, reputable manufacturer.
  • Affordable.


  • Not water-compatible.

What Does The FleshPump Promise?

This electric penis pump is all about general enhancement. I reveal what this model claims in this section of my FleshPump review.

1) Harder Erections 

Your penis isn’t the sole influencing factor of good sex, but it’s a focal point. The harder your manhood is, the more enjoyable erotic play will be for everyone involved.

2) Greater Stamina

If you long to be one of those men that can have your partner beg for mercy, you can be. The FleshPump will have you up and thrusting for longer.

man and woman in bed

3) Bigger & Wider Penis

Don’t tell me you couldn’t stand an extra inch or two on your penis. Go into every encounter eager to show yourself off instead of being timid and anxious. 

FleshPump Side Effects And Complaints 

My FleshPump review showcases the good and the bad. These are the potential complications that can arise:

  • Red dots (petechiae) or blood blisters.
  • Pain, bruising, or soreness.
  • Numb, cold skin.
  • Blue-tinged skin. 

The FleshPump can cause side effects in one of two scenarios.

The first is that you aren’t using it correctly. Are you following FleshPump instructions? Are you using it at the recommended frequency, or have you decided to go off the rails?

If you can’t see a problem there, it’s time to look at your health. Do you take blood thinners, or have severe Peyronies? 

The first step to take if you notice any side effects is to stop using the penis pump. Afterward, you need to find the time for an appointment with your doctor. 

Testimonials For The FleshPump

My FleshPump review includes more input than my own. This is what real buyers of this automatic penis pump have to say about it:

fleshpump testimonials

What Does The FleshPump Feel Like?

Penis pumps provide distinct stimulation. The vacuum suctioning can take a little getting used to—or you might fall in love with the sensation immediately.

The sensitivity of your penis will determine how long it takes you to acclimatize. Those of you who use penis pumps frequently may find the suction of the FleshPump gentle.

For others, you may have to ease into your sessions. I find the feel of being vacuumed to be oddly pleasurable, but not in a way that will bring me to climax. 

Purchase Information 

Are you ready to invest in the FleshPump? Let’s talk business—find out where you can go to buy it, and other technical details to know before you check out. 

Where Can You Buy FleshPump?

The FleshPump can be purchased from the official Fleshlight website

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery will depend on your location and what shipping option you pick (e.g., priority or next-day). All orders get shipped by way of the United Postal Service (UPS). 

Does It Ship To My Country?

The FleshPump currently ships to North America (the US and Canada), Europe, and Australia. 

Are you not located in one of these regions? There’s a full list of countries that Fleshlight does not ship to on the website.

What Is The Refund And Return Policy?

Unopened boxes can be returned to Fleshlight (at your cost) for a refund. Otherwise, the item is yours—barring defects or damage from shipping.

Is There A Warranty?

You will receive a 90-day warranty with purchase. 

Is Packaging Discreet?

Yes, nobody in your home or living around it will know you’ve ordered a penis pump. The FleshPump comes in an unmarked cardboard box with a shipping label reading “ILF, LLC.” 

Are There Coupon Codes?

As of when this FleshPump review was written, there are no coupon codes.

FleshPump Review FAQ

This won’t take long—I only answer two frequently asked questions here. Discover if the FleshPump is safe to use and if it can straighten you out:

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, the FleshPump shouldn’t hurt your most sensitive organ unless you deliberately misuse it. That means you should follow instructions. 

Don’t overdo it and don’t persist in pumping if you have symptoms like the ones I mentioned above. If you’re contraindicated for penis pumping, look at other methods such as jelqing. 

Can It Straighten Your Penis?

The guidelines that come with the FleshPump warn you that using it may aggravate Peyronie’s disease. If I were you, I’d clear it with my doctor first.

FleshPump Review: Alternatives

If you aren’t keen on the FleshPump, I have alternatives for you. Read up on how to make a DIY Penis Pump.

Bathmate Hydromax7

If you can’t shake your bad feelings about air-based pumps, why not try a hydraulic one? The Bathmate Hydromax7 uses only water to form a vacuum.

It’s great for men who have trouble committing to doing anything on a daily basis. There’s a guaranteed time slot in your busy day to schedule penile improvement.

Although pricier than the FleshPump at $159, it boasts that 92 percent of customers are satisfied. The Bathmate Hydromax7 is an ideal starter pump for beginners due to its simplicity.


  • Pump in the bath or shower.
  • High buyer satisfaction rate.
  • Easy to use.


  • More expensive than the FleshPump. 

Penomet Penis Pump

The Penomet is another hydraulic penis pump, but with a twist. You can use this model with air only if you prefer—although the manufacturer recommends sticking with water.

Penomet aims to take your enhancement journey to the next level with switchable gaiters. If you get the Extra or Premium packages, you’ll receive additional gaiters of different pressures to experiment with. 

Think of it as changing up your exercise routine. The same motions on a daily basis will help you progress, but varying your workout will accomplish more.

penomet penis pump


  • Interchangeable gaiters are available.
  • Six different colored tubes.
  • Exercise booklet included with all packages. 


  • No additional gaiters are included with the standard package.

Bathmate HydroXtreme7

The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is the third water-based pump on the list. It’s convenient to use as almost all of us bathe on a daily basis. 

You can’t skip out on your penile workout unless you miss your shower or bath. Next, it’s optimal for men who can’t wait to see a change.

As you may have guessed, this penis pump is built for swift—extreme—results. It comes with a handball attachment for you to take the vacuum to the maximum safe limit.


  • Lots of practical accessories included.
  • Optimal for fast results.
  • Powerful without being unsafe to use. 


  • Beginners may not be able to take full advantage. 


The Androvacuum is similar to the FleshPump in that it’s automatic and air-based. An electric motor forms a vacuum to a set pressure limit around your manhood.

Other than that, this penis pump is unique. The Androvacuum is intended to be a medical-aid device for penile rehabilitation. 

It comes with constriction rings to combat erectile dysfunction. It can be used to improve your overall penile health, or combat a specific issue (e.g., length-loss after cancer treatment).

androvacuum electric penis pump


  • Medical penis pump.
  • Targeted at men with performance issues.
  • Comes with cock rings to help you sustain erections.


  • Won’t suit users wary of electric penis pumps.

FleshPump Review Final Verdict 

I recommend the FleshPump to any man looking to augment his penis. I don’t only mean size, although that is a delightful effect of the FleshPump.

You can think of the FleshPump as a trainer for your manhood’s health. Boosting blood flow leads to stronger hard-ons that stand proud for duty whenever you need them.

Men with performance troubles can kiss them goodbye.

Using a vacuum therapy device like the FleshPump is a tried-and-true method against erectile dysfunction.

All of this comes at a low cost of $99.95 (at the time of the review). If that sounds expensive, check online for the cost of penile enhancement surgery and get back to me. 


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