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[April 2020] Nugenix Testosterone Booster Review: My Results

Despite my partner’s demands—I just wasn’t that interested in sex anymore.

It was as if that previously roaring fire had been extinguished. It’s tough to explain—I still found her incredibly attractive, but the desire to engage in intercourse had disappeared.

CoupleI knew that for the sake of our relationship, and my sanity, I needed to find a solution—and swiftly. On the advice of a friend—I delved into the world of testosterone boosters.

It was the best move I’ve ever made

This Nugenix review exposes the facts behind this well-known T-enhancer.

NB! I am going to say right off the bat that Nugenix T-booster is a good supplement, but it isn’t one of the TOP 5 testosterone boosters on the market. If you are after the best T-booster, take my word and go for Testogen (check out my review).

What Is Nugenix?

Before we proceed to the detail in this Nugenix review—let me first give you a quick overview of this supplement.

EnterpriseThe company behind this product is Adaptive Health LLC. Under the Nugenix banner, it retails numerous pills for the male health market—their flagship product being the Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster. That is, the product which I will review in this article.

This supplement, as its name suggests, is a testosterone booster. It’s formulated to work in conjunction with the male body to elevate production and function of the most crucial male hormone of all.

Nugenix is suitable for any male over the age of 18 years—it’s equally aimed at the bodybuilding markets, men of more mature years and those with both a sedentary and active lifestyle.

How Nugenix Works?

I want to stress in this Nugenix review that this supplement takes a wide-spectrum approach to elevating testosterone levels.

Person thinkingBy addressing three crucial physiological processes, it attempts to take your T-count to the max.

Nugenix achieves this by:

  • Encouraging the testes to produce more testosterone.1
  • Negating the power of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin)—proteins which can “imprison” testosterone—leaving it ineffective.2
  • Improving the testosterone/estrogen ratio—ensuring that the male hormone is in control—preventing gynecomastia, water retention, and fat accumulation.3

 Pros of Boosting Testosterone

  • Increases sperm fertility and quality.4
  • Elevates sexual desire.5
  • Boosts serotonin production—improving mood and energy.6
  • Increases bone density.7
  • Enhances erectile quality.8
  • Prevents the accumulation of fat and assists with weight loss.9
  • Promotes musculature, definition and strength (when combined with exercise).10

Cons of Boosting Testosterone

  • HeadacheRequires taking numerous pills daily.
  • Causes some men headaches.
  • May lead to an unquenchable sexual appetite.

Nugenix Ingredients

The first aspect I want to emphasize in this Nugenix review of the ingredients, is that it’s a scaled-back formulation. With just six T-boosting compounds, it’s fewer ingredients that you usually see in many similar products.

However, this isn’t always a bad sign. As long as those ingredients are scientifically-backed by research for their T-elevating powers—it can still be a highly effective product.

Here’s my Nugenix review formulation breakdown:

1) Vitamin B6 2 mg (100% of Daily Value) 

I always welcome this B-vitamin in a testosterone booster.

VitaminAlthough it doesn’t directly elevate T-production, studies show that it improves the function and bioavailability of testosterone. This results in existing stores being used more effectively to boost libido, enhance strength, and raise energy levels.11

2) Vitamin B12 50 mcg (833% of Daily Value)

Similar to B6, vitamin B12 can enhance the power of testosterone.

Additionally, for those guys looking to have kids, science shows that this compound can increase sperm fertility.12

3) Zinc 1 mg (7% of Daily Value)

Another vital ingredient that I’m pleased appears in this Nugenix review.

Numerous clinical studies explain that this mineral has the ability to raise testosterone production.13 Oysters are a excellent source of zink. 

Oysters, ice and lemon on a plate

4) Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex 2103 mg

A blend of T-enhancing ingredients, which includes:

4.1) L-Citrulline Malate

Mortar and pestleA compound which, at least in animal studies, has been shown to heighten testosterone creation.14

Here’s some further good news in this Nugenix review—researchers say that citrulline boosts nitric oxide production, improving blood flow to the penis and creating harder and firmer erections.15

4.2) Fenugreek Extract

Something which I haven’t mentioned so far in this Nugenix review—the male body can convert testosterone to estrogen.

Through a process known as aromatization, testosterone levels drop while estrogen levels rise. This puts the balance in the female hormone’s favor, which can lead to weight gain and feminization. 

Experts have discovered that fenugreek can prevent this metamorphosis—boosting testosterone’s power.16

4.3) Tribulus

A seriously potent ingredient which clinical studies illustrate can heighten sex drive and inhibit SHBG.17

Other ingredients not included above in this Nugenix review: gelatin and magnesium stearate.

Tribulus plant

What Does Nugenix Promise?

This is the section of the Nugenix review where you’d expect me to announce the fantastic hype-filled claims that this supplement makes.

It doesn’t give any.

Respectably, the only promise that this supplement states is that it will increase testosterone.

But, what does that mean for you, the user?

Let me utilize this part of this Nugenix review to illustrate its life-enhancing properties.

1) Increases Sex Drive

VeinsYou probably recall how, as a teenager, your libido was in overdrive. This is because, at this time of your life, testosterone was surging through your veins—reaching the highest level you’ll ever experience.

However, as we become older, these T-stores are in rapid decline—leading to a severe drop in sexual desire. Which was the main problem that led me to T-boosters.18 19

Raising testosterone supercharges libido—meaning elevated bedroom desire.

2) Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Sorry to bring a depressing tone to this Nugenix review—but you need the truth.

As a man, you’re more likely to die from CVD (cardiovascular disease) than any other ailment. And, according to the experts, low testosterone is a contributing factor to this complaint.20 21

HeartRaising your T-count can reduce the risk of developing heart problems—leading to a longer and more active life.

3) Heightens Erection Quality

With the passing of every decade, the chances of suffering from erectile issues increase by ten percent.22

Interestingly, studies show that impotence is directly related to low testosterone levels. Raising your T-count can lead to harder and more impressive erections.23

4) Builds Muscle Mass

Let me ask you a question in this Nugenix review.

As you matured, have you noticed that your definition and muscle tone has begun to diminish?

MuscleResearch shows as our age increases, we begin to lose muscle mass—known as sarcopenia.24 

The excellent news in this Nugenix review is that heightening testosterone levels boosts muscle growth. This is further enhanced if elevated T-counts are combined with resistance training.25

a box and a bottle of nugenix

How Long Before I See Results With Nugenix?

I’ll be honest with you in this Nugenix review—I’m an impatient guy.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to witness the initial results with Nugenix.

While it’s true that our physiologies react at differing speeds—generally, guys using testosterone boosters witness their first remarkable returns within seven days.

CalendarYet, a little perseverance is required. The longer you use Nugenix, the more impressive the gains. However, as every week passes, you’ll be witnessing noticeable improvements—reinforcing your resolve to stick with the supplement.

Here’s an example of the timeline of results:

Weeks 1-2: Most guys are amazed to discover that within just the first week or two, their energy levels rise—improving their home and work life.

Weeks 3-4: Towards the end of the first month, stirrings in the pants department increase—steadily heightening your libido.

Weeks 5-6: Men begin to notice that muscle tone is improving, especially when they’re combining supplementation with physical training. 

Weeks 7-8: Overall definition rises as your fat loss becomes easier—when following a sensible diet.

Running manWeek 9-10: Sexual performance achieves new levels, raised sex drive, improved stamina and possibly firmer erections.

Week 11-12: Your entire life quality is elevated—improvements in the bedroom, energy, mental performance and self-confidence.

Is Nugenix Safe to Use?

If there were any dangers in consuming Nugenix, trust me, I’d make it clear in this Nugenix review.

Happily, as a supplement containing nothing but natural compounds—it’s safe to use.

However, if I was to give you just one piece of vital advice, it’s this—always ensure that you follow the label instructions on dosage.

The company behind the product indicates that you should take three capsules, on an empty stomach, at the same time every day.

ExerciseAdditionally, it suggests that if you are partaking in exercise, it may benefit your training if you consume them 30 to 45 minutes before working out

Furthermore, if you’re looking for the maximum boost, increasing intake by one or two capsules per day will still leave you within a safe tolerance zone.

While consuming alcohol with Nugenix isn’t dangerous—it may impair the efficacy of its compounds.

Nugenix Side Effects

With 100 percent natural ingredients and no lab-created synthetics, it’s unlikely that using this testosterone booster will cause any adverse health effects.

Book with cogwheel signHowever, as mentioned earlier in this Nugenix review, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for intake. Research does show that excessive amounts of the Tribulus ingredient can cause kidney and liver issues.26

If you do witness any unwanted reactions when supplementing with Nugenix, cease use immediately.

Nugenix Reviews & Complaints 

In trying this supplement to prepare for this Nugenix review—I discovered the results were mostly positive, but there were also users who were not happy.

Here’s what the guys are saying:

No battery sign“Nugenix gave me a little more energy, but nothing else.” -Dian

“Haven’t seen that much of a difference.” -Luiz

“I have noticed a big difference… my wife, who is fifteen years younger than me, tries her hardest to keep up—if you know what I mean.” -Rich

“You need to be consistent and take it over time. I realized it was working when I stopped using it.” -Egl

“Increased muscle, better workouts and increased libido are the three things I have definitely experienced.” -George

“It takes a couple of days—but you feel less fatigued, faster and better recovery and the wife gives a thumbs up too.” -Antonio

How Does It Feel?

After the first week, I was feeling revitalized. 

A placebo effect? I considered this at first, but by the end of week two, my increased energy levels were allowing me to achieve more in my home and working life—greater than just a psychological boost would provide.

Man lifting weightsPossibly most importantly, Nugenix restored my sexual vigor. Reigniting my sexual desire—which my partner welcomed too.

This enabled me to feel more masculine, increasing my self-worth and confidence. 

Nugenix Packaging and Pricing

If this Nugenix review has stoked your interest, you’ll want to know the pricing details. 

Personally, I’d recommend one of the larger packages. This means you’ll never be without the product (and lose the T-gains you’ve already made) and prevents the inconvenience of frequent reordering.Box with dollar symbol

  • One month’s supply $69.99
  • Three months’ supply $209.97
  • Six months’ supply $419.94

Where to Buy Nugenix?

You can purchase this testosterone booster from Amazon, Walgreens and of course from manufacturer’s official website.

If buying from manufacturer’s website you can take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee—and ensuring that you’re receiving the original product.

Currently, Nugenix only ships to the USA and Canada, with an estimated delivery time of one to five days.

Nugenix Review: Alternative Products

This Nugenix review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its competitors. Here’s how it stacks up against the other proven testosterone boosters on the market.

Testogen (read my review)

Recipe bookOne of the best testosterone boosters available, with its powerful 11-ingredient formulation. Designed primarily for the bodybuilding and athletics market—it’s targeted at boosting stamina, strength, and muscle gain. I have to say though, it also gave an incredible boost to my libido 🙂



  • Includes proven T-boosters vitamin D3 and d-aspartic acid—not found in Nugenix.
  • More budget-friendly than Nugenix—especially when purchased in bulk.
  • 60-day guarantee.


  • Lacks the powerful vitamin B12 included in Nugenix.
  • You need to take four capsules per day.

Testo Max (read my review)

Like Testogen, this a supplement angled towards guys seeking muscle gain—those who are dedicated to hitting the gym three to four times a week. Box with list

Coming from the respected CrazyBulk house of products—its eleven-ingredient formulation includes eight proven testosterone enhancers.

3 bottles of testomax


  • Facility to stack as part of a cycle with other CrazyBulk products.
  • Includes Bioperine—a proven bioavailability enhancer.
  • Bulk buying options make it lighter on the credit card than Nugenix.


  • Limited 14-day returns policy.
  • Some users find the capsules difficult to swallow.

Test RX (read my review)

Another trimmed back formula, like Nugenix, containing just seven (although highly effective) ingredients.

Substantial discounts are available when buying in larger quantities, making it one of the more cost-effective testosterone boosters.



  • No filler ingredients.
  • Suitable for athletes and bodybuilders and those with a more sedentary lifestyle.
  • All compounds are backed by science for their testosterone raising abilities.


  • I was unable to find any information about the manufacturer.
  • Unsuitable for men following a vegan diet.
  • Few online customer reviews.

Nugenix Review Final Verdict 

Old man with hatLow libido, feeling fatigued and loss of muscle tone are all signs of low testosterone—the unfortunate side effects of aging.

However, as shown in this Nugenix review—using one of the best testosterone supplements can raise T-levels, improving your work, home and bedroom life.

Yet, while many other guys and I have enjoyed immense benefits using this supplement—in my opinion, it’s not the best.

The incredibly potent Testogen beats Nugenix in every department. With more T-boosting compounds per pill, higher concentrations of individual ingredients combined with bulk discount offers—it’s the #1 testosterone booster.

My final advice.

If you want to restore your sexual performance to that of your younger years—head over to the official Testogen website and begin your path to bedroom reinvigoration.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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