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Extenze Review | Effectiveness And Side Effects

It was becoming too much for me.

It began with my lovemaking sessions being short-lived—the previous machine-like stamina I’d enjoyed had disappeared. It was now a case of being over-and-done-with in just a few minutes.

Greek ionic columnFurthermore, my male member was less a mighty Greek column and more a deflated balloon.

It was wrecking my sexual enjoyment, confidence and my relationship—I had to do something, fast.

An idle chat in a bar with a buddy led me to Extenze—and life (and my penis) was suddenly on the up again.

This supplement restored my vitality, erection firmness and desire.

Let me reveal the whole shocking story in this Extenze review.

What Is Extenze?

I’ll kick off this Extenze review with a brief overview.
Box of Extenze
Extenze is a male enhancement supplement, made in the USA by NPE Inc. (under the Biotab Nutraceuticals banner). The manufacturers claim that its product is the #1-selling male enhancement pill currently on the market.

3 supplementsTaken once a day, this supplement aims to address common areas of male sexual dysfunction—including low libido, reduced stamina and unsatisfying lovemaking.

The manufacturer states that it’s suitable for men of any age looking to improve their sexual function—although personally, I would only recommend it for guys over the age of 18 years.

How Extenze Works?

I believe it’s important to stress in this Extenze review that all the compounds in its formulation are entirely natural.

As such, these ingredients work on numerous areas of male physiology to improve sexual performance.

Specifically, the key compounds provide the following benefits:

    • Increasing testosterone production—which can elevate libido, erectile quality and sperm volume and fertility.1 2 3
    • MoleculeBoosting nitric oxide production—it acts as a vasodilator, improving cardio stamina and encouraging blood-gorged hard erections.4 5
    • Inhibiting SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin)—a compound which “ties-up” existing testosterone—by restricting its power, free T-levels are raised.6
    • Disabling PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5)—blocking the enzymes that can prevent erectile firmness.7

Is it all good, though?


Here’s a quick rundown of the Pros and Cons in this Extenze Review:

Pros of Using Extenze

  • PharmacistFormulated with 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • Available over the counter without a prescription.
  • Contains scientifically proven male enhancers—detailed later in this Extenze review.
  • May induce fewer side effects than prescription drugs.
  • One pill that can improve numerous areas of male health.
  • Heightened sexual prowess increases self-confidence and wellbeing.

Cons of Using Extenze

  • You’re required to take a pill every day.
  • May create a sexual desire which you cannot quench (:

Extenze Ingredients

Two supplement bottlesWhile we have already discovered in this Extenze review how this supplement functions, what are the compounds that facilitate these sexual boosts?

The formula is extensive—21 ingredients in just one pill. This is one of the most compound-heavy male enhancement products on the market.

To keep this Extenze review reasonably short, I’ve concentrated on just a few of the key players:

1) L-Arginine Hydrochloride

Studies show that arginine boosts nitric oxide levels—improving blood flow. This can lead to more impressive erections and elevated stamina.8

2) Pregnenolone

Scientists class this compound as a pre-steroid. That is, it’s a precursor to the creation of naturally occurring steroids within the body—including testosterone.9

It’s thought that ingesting this ingredient may raise T-levels—providing the benefits of increased libido, erection quality and sperm volume.

3) Tribulus Terrestris

Lavender plantOne of my favorite male enhancement ingredients—hence I’m pleased to include it in this Extenze review.

This flowering plant has the ability to raise testosterone levels, elevate sex drive and inhibit SHBG.10

Tribulus plant

4) Zinc 25 mg (167% of Daily Value)

Many clinical research papers indicate that zinc is one of the most effective mineral-based testosterone boosters.11

5) Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

As the name suggests, this plant extract is a powerful libido enhancer. Furthermore, this Extenze review can reveal it has the abilities to:12

  • Improve erection firmness—by restricting PDE5.13
  • Lower blood pressure—boosting cardiovascular health and increasing endurance.14
  • Elevate energy levels.15

Horny goat weed plant - green leaves and purple flower

6) Maca

GinsengA plant, known colloquially as “Peruvian Viagra,” which research shows can reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.16 17

Stinging Nettle Extract

While it may initially appear a strange ingredient in this Extenze review—studies reveal that it’s a potent male enhancer.

Scientists explain that this compound binds to SHBG—preventing the imprisonment of testosterone—which would otherwise render it ineffective.18

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

This steroid hormone, produced naturally within the body, has the scientifically proven powers to: 19

  • Calm faceIncrease mood and sex drive.20
  • Encourage rigid erections.21
  • Heighten sexual performance.22

What Does Extenze Promise?

Let me give you the facts in this Extenze review—the claims made by the company behind the product are very reserved.
Despite the manufacturers creating a formulation with numerous proven sex-enhancing compounds, Extenze states that it merely:

1) Encourages Blood Flow to the Penis

In simple terms, your penis contains two long balloons—the corpora cavernosa.23

When they fill with blood, your male member becomes hard and firm. By elevating blood flow to your genitalia—erectile quality is improved, leading to more robust and longer-lasting erections.

2) Boosts Energy and Vitality

Man waking upMore energy means an increased likelihood to get down to some serious bedroom action. Additionally, elevated vitality can mean boosts to your sexual stamina—allowing you and your partner to enjoy extensive lovemaking sessions.

3) Enhances Pleasure and Performance

The improvements that Extenze can provide, including heightened libido, harder erections and elevated stamina means your sexual antics reach incredible levels.

Furthermore, as you enjoy your intercourse more, your confidence and sense of wellbeing escalate.

Listen up.
Some guys are concerned that if they use male enhancement pills, the results will take too long to appear—or they will never experience them at all.

CalendarThe manufacturers behind Extenze explain for the ultimate in male sexual enhancement returns, you should consume these pills for at least eight weeks.

However, let me give you an example in this Extenze review of a typical timescale:

Weeks 1-2: During the first couple of weeks, guys often witness an elevation in their energy levels—revitalizing their lust for life—both at home, work and bedroom play.

Weeks 3-4: Towards the end of the initial month, most men experience a significant elevation in their sex-drive. Admittedly, this is possibly increasing since day one of use, although it’s around this time, it becomes most noticeable.

Weeks 5-6: The guys who have been suffering from erectile issues and reduced stamina frequently notice enhanced male-member strength and longevity.

BedWeeks 7-8: Usually, after two months’ of use—men testify that they’re enjoying more intense climaxes.

The longer you use this supplement, the more impressive the returns. However, remember, if you cease use—you could lose the welcome improvements you’ve been experiencing.

Extenze Side Effects and Complaints

I know that even though I can supply you with all the scientific facts in this Extenze review—it’s the results that ultimately matter.

The questions are—what returns are average guys experiencing and are there any downsides?

Hand holding a smiling faceIt appears that positive customer experiences are high—with few side effects. That said, even though Extenze is a natural supplement, individual intolerances may cause minor unwanted reactions. If that’s the case—cease use.

Anyway, here are what users of Extenze report:

“It definitely gives you energy…and helps with erections.” -Dustin

“I’m 60 years old and sometimes need a little help in the bedroom. This product does the trick for me every time.” -Larry

“It gives me a lot of stamina and energy during sex with my girlfriend…and the sex we have is incredible.” -Tarik

“Increases my stamina and the blood flow to my penis. Makes sex feel way better and I have an increased boost in sexual energy.” -Donte

“I felt a difference after about five days…it helped to increase my blood flow and I get hard randomly at the drop of a hat.” -Christopher

How Does It Feel To Use Extenze?

The customer testimonials above in this Extenze review are very similar to my own experiences.

In simple terms—this product restored my manhood.

After just a few weeks of use, I was experiencing longer lovemaking marathons, concrete-like erections, and orgasms that were so intense.

This filled me with an immeasurable level of self-confidence—both in and out of the bedroom. I have the air of a cocky teenager again—willing to play hard and try out new and exciting sexual options.

Overall, I feel enormously satisfied and exhilarated—enjoying every minute of my life and relishing in the joy I’ve brought to my partner.

Extenze Packaging and Pricing

This wouldn’t be a complete Extenze review if I didn’t give you the pricing details:

  • Price tagOne month’s supply $54.99
  • Three months’ supply $164.97
  • Six months’ supply $329.94
  • Ten months’ supply $549.90

Additional shipping charges apply depending on order volume.

Personally, I’d go for medium to larger packaging options. This prevents the inconvenience of frequent reordering and ensures you always have an adequate supply of Extenze.

Currently, it appears there are no special offers or coupon codes to obtain a discount.

Where to Buy Extenze?

InternetThe prices listed above in this Extenze review are those which appear on the official Extenze website. And, that’s where I would suggest you purchase it from.

Buying direct from the manufacturer ensures that:

  • You can take advantage of the 45-day return policy.
  • The product you receive will be 100 percent original.
  • You receive the option of worldwide shipping.

Delivery times will vary on the destination country.

Extenze Review FAQ

“Is Extenze Safe to Use?”

Yes. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, it’s unlikely that this supplement will cause any serious side effects.

“How to Take Extenze?”

The best advice I can give you in this Extenze review is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pill inside glassIn this case, it recommends one pill taken daily in the mornings with eight ounces of water.

“Can I Use Extenze with Alcohol?”

Using Extenze with alcohol shouldn’t cause any adverse effects—although it may reduce its potency.

“Can I Use Extenze with Other Medicine?”

If you’re taking prescription medication—always consult with your doctor first to ensure it’s safe to use Extenze.

“Is Extenze Available Without Prescription?”

Yes. As mentioned earlier in this Extenze review—you can purchase this supplement over-the-counter.

Alternative Male Enhancement Products

This Extenze review has illustrated that it’s an efficacious supplement packed with proven sexual performance heightening ingredients.Workers

However, how does it measure up against the other serious players in the male enhancement market?

Read My Review: VigRX Plus

One of the few male enhancers that scientists have tested for efficacy. The research indicates it’s proven to increase libido, improve climaxes and facilitate harder erections.24

This is due to its impressive formula of ten proven sex-boosting ingredients—including the powerful testosterone booster Tribulus.
VigRX Plus


  • Shown in clinical studies to be effective.
  • 67-day return policy.
  • Includes 10 proven male-enhancing ingredients.
  • Suitable for every male over 18.


  • Hits the bank account harder than Extenze.
  • Some users find the capsules have a strange taste.
  • Lacks zinc—an essential ingredient in male enhancers.

Read My Review: Max Performer

Dropper with pillA male supplement designed for guys who want the most concentrated doses possible.

The formula, which includes 13 ingredients, is loaded with effective male sexual health boosters—many in high doses. The potent libido and erectile heighteners of cordyceps, Horny Goat Weed, ginseng and maca are supplied in hefty one-gram concentrations.


  • 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • All ingredients are quantified.
  • Substantial discounts when purchased in bulk.


  • May be too intense for some physiologies.
  • Fewer online testimonials than Extenze.
  • Some users found the pills difficult to swallow.

Read My Review: Male Extra

A supplement that would suit men who struggle with heavily laden supplements—this trimmed back male enhancer includes just seven ingredients.

Chemical compoundsYet, each of these compounds is seriously effective—including the testosterone-boosting zinc, brain-libido simulating cordyceps, and the erection-powering arginine.

A man bottle of male extra on his hand


  • Over 150,000 users worldwide.
  • Global delivery.
  • Ideal for men with low-supplement tolerance.


  • One month’s supply is harder on the wallet than Extenze.
  • Seven ingredients compared to 21 in Extenze.
  • Requires taking three tablets per day.

For more info see our Best Male Enhancement Pills Guide.

Extenze Review Final Verdict

I shared with you at the beginning of this Extenze review my previous sexual issues.

My lack of stamina and less than impressive erections were wrecking my sex life, relationship and self-image.

Extenze managed to turn this around—it can do the same for you.

Its immense formulation of 21 ingredients—many of which are scientifically proven to enhance male performance—makes it one of the most potent on the market.

When this awesome quality is combined with its competitive price—it’s my choice of the #1 male enhancer available.

My last words:

Don’t accept low libido, unimpressive erections, or decreased stamina—get hold of this incredible male enhancement supplement and reawaken your sexual beast within.

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