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Promescent Delay Spray Review | Effectiveness & Results

Brushing my teeth was taking longer than making love to my partner. I knew something had to change.

For some reason, my previously reliable member was now much too eager—reducing my sexual sessions to less than five minutes.

Not only was this destroying my sexual pleasure—but I was also becoming apprehensive of intercourse—knowing that I would be a complete disappointment.

Then I found Promescent.

This discreet and straightforward product restored my performance, enjoyment and most importantly—my confidence.

This Promescent Delay Spray review reveals the climax-suspending truth.

Promescent Delay Spary Background

I’ll start with the basics.

Promescent is the brand-name of a number of ejaculation-delay products marketed by Absorption Pharmaceuticals LLC.

SprayThis Promescent review concentrates on just one of these items—their highly popular delay spray.

It’s designed for guys over the age of 18 who find that their lovemaking is cut short by early orgasm—a condition which one in every three of us guys experience. 1

Furthermore, it’s equally useful for those men who just wish to increase the duration of their intercourse. 

You apply it directly to the penis—where it acts by desensitizing certain areas of this love-tower—extending your beneath the sheets timeframe.

How Promescent Delay Spray Works?

I’m pleased to say in this Promescent review that the working process is remarkably simple.

You administer the spray to the underside of your Johnson—where it’s absorbed into the skin. This enables you to increase your ejaculation control by inhibiting the feelings which trigger climax—while only providing a small reduction in penis-sensation.2

TextbookAnd this is novel.

Penis desensitizers have been around for years in gels and condoms. However, the manufacturer has developed its own TargetZone proprietary technology.

Traditional creams and lotions often numb the exterior of the whole penis—delaying ejaculation but also wrecking any chance of you enjoying your bedroom antics. Furthermore, during intercourse, they can be transferred onto the female genitalia—ruining their chances of feeling anything either.

I want to stress in this Promescent Delay Spray review that this doesn’t occur with this product.

SkinInstead, it’s absorbed directly into the epidermis of your phallus—affecting only the areas associated with climaxing. Thus meaning little reduction in gratification for you—or your partner.

Does Promescent Delay Spray Really Work?


Not only can I state in this Promescent Spray review it’s effective for me—but it’s also backed by science.3

Published clinical data from 2016 declares that Promescent:

  • Increases the amount of time to ejaculatory climax.
  • Improves the user’s orgasmic pleasure.
  • Person confidentAlso enhances female orgasm.
  • Heightens the quality of sexual performance.
  • Elevates confidence.

Pros of Using Promescent

  • Requires no pills or injections.
  • Proven by science to be effective.
  • Doesn’t reduce sensation like many topical ejaculatory treatments.
  • Heightens performance, sex duration and orgasmic pleasure.
  • Simple to apply.
  • Little-to-no side effects.
  • Available without prescription.
  • Recommended by many urologists and health care professionals.

Cons of Using Promescent

  • Unsuitable for men allergic to lidocaine—the anesthetic ingredient.
  • Doesn’t prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • May turn you into an unstoppable sex-machine.

Promescent Delay Spray Ingredients

OnionAlthough I’ve briefly mentioned the key ingredient in this Promescent review—lidocaine—that isn’t the whole story.

Let me take you through some of the most important compounds.

1) Lidocaine

The main player in this delay spray.

Scientists discovered this anesthetic back in 1946. By blocking the activity of sensory neurons in cells by local application to the body—it allows these areas to become numb.4 5 

Within Promescent—it inhibits the signals associated with ejaculation—allowing you to last longer.

2) Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil

Macadamia nutsA 100 percent natural product made from an Australian evergreen tree.6

It’s an ingredient I need to mention in this Promescent Delay Spray review—since it’s what makes this product so novel.

In its base form, the anesthetic lidocaine is crystalline—meaning it’s not readily absorbed into the skin—it remains on the exterior. The introduction of macadamia ternifolia turns it into an oil-aqueous solution that seeps into the epidermis of the penis.

Hence, the outside of your male member remains relatively unaffected, while the cum-causing internal sensations are reduced.

3) Dimethicone

Think of this ingredient as a beauty treatment for your manhood.

Skin creamAlso known as polydimethylsiloxane and often used in skin creams, it smoothes, moisturizes, lubricates and protects your penis. Leaving it feeling and looking awesome.7

4) Panthenol

Like Dimethicone mentioned above in this Promescent spray review—Panthenol acts as a moisturizer and lubricant for your penis.8

But, there’s more.

As this compound is a derivative of vitamin B5, it’s oxidized back into this vitamin by the outer dermis—delivering improved skin, liver and eye health.9 10

5) Fragrance

Unlike many male topical products on the market—Promescent doesn’t smell clinical.

PerfumeA discreet but pleasant aroma means that your passion isn’t killed by something resembling a toilet cleaner.

6) Soy Lecithin

Another natural ingredient in this Promescent review—with a double-pronged approach.

Firstly, it increases the absorbency and moisturizing ability of the spray. Secondly, it can act as an antioxidant.11

7) Citric Acid 

Allow me to finish this Promescent review of the ingredients with some more manhood care.

LemonAs you know, the skin on the lower side of your shaft is very delicate and thin. Citric acid, as a β-Hydroxy acid, works to nourish your epidermis and protect it from damage.12

Which, with all that friction occurring through your newly found marathon sex sessions, may prove important.

What Does Promescent Delay Spray Promise?

While I can vouch in this Promescent Delay Spray Review for its efficacy—what are the guys behind the product saying?

They claim it:

1) Targets Climax Sensitivity

There’s little point lasting for hours if you have no sensation in your penis.

Two people in bedBy addressing only ejaculatory sensitivity, and not your entire member, your lovemaking is extended and remains pleasurable.

2) Has Scientific Backing

In opposition to many premature ejaculation treatments—Promescent isn’t a product based on hearsay and best intentions.

Scientists have illustrated under clinical conditions that it works.

man making notes

3) Lasts for an Hour

I want to stress something in this Promescent spray review—not only does this product begin to work quickly, but the effects also last.60 minutes

The anesthetic ability of Promescent remains effective for over an hour—sufficient time for foreplay and intercourse.

4) Comes With High Recommendations

Over 2200 sex therapists, urologists and health care professionals have backed Promescent.

This Promescent review illustrates that you can use this spray with confidence—safe in the knowledge that the guys and girls in-the-know recommend it.

How Long Before I See Results With Promescent?

The best news of all in this Promescent Delay Spray Review is that you’re not going to be hanging fire for returns.

Chemical compoundThere’s no waiting for compounds to “build-up” in your body to deliver results—you’re going to receive them almost immediately.

The spray gets to work within five to ten minutes—enough time for you to get yourself and your partner undressed, get comfy and deliver a few kisses. Then, you’re ready for action.

Whereas before you’ve been worrying with every thrust if you’re going to reach the point of no return—you can now pound away with confidence.

You and your partner are ready to enjoy fulfilling lovemaking that isn’t curtailed by early climax—strengthening both your impressive sessions and your relationship.

Is Promescent Delay Spray Safe to Use?

Yes—but ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, outlined below.

Water spraySpray onto the underside of your glans (head of the penis) and also the underneath of your shaft. It’s advisable to initially administer three or more sprays—but don’t do more than 10. Ideally, do this while erect for maximum efficacy—although it’s not essential.

Some guys require more sprays than others—so, experiment. There’s nothing stopping you “going solo” before using it with your partner to identify the ideal dose. 

Wait ten minutes—and you’re ready for business.

If there’s going to be some oral sex action—wipe your penis after the ten minutes have elapsed. This will not affect its climax-preventing efficacy—but will stop your partner from experiencing an unpleasant taste.

You may be wondering in this Promescent spray review—can I use it after drinking alcohol?

The answer is yes—but be sensible.

Studies indicate that alcohol elevates libido—however, drinking to excess can lead to sexual dysfunction. 13 14

Promescent Review: Side Effects

As long as you follow the directions above in this Promescent review—you should witness no adverse health issues.

However, this spray can cause side effects in guys:

  • Allergy on handWith an allergy to lidocaine or any of the other ingredients.
  • Suffering from liver or kidney disease.

Furthermore, over-spraying (more than ten deliveries) could lead to:

  • Loss of erection.
  • Numbness.
  • Skin irritation or burning.

If you have any concerns or are using other medications, consult with your doctor prior to using Promescent.

Promescent Review: Complaints

One of your primary concerns in this Promescent Delay Spray review may be—what if it doesn’t work?

Let me put your mind at rest.

FlasksFirstly, this product is backed by science for its efficacy—it works. If you’re still climaxing too early after using this product—gradually increase the number of sprays before sex.

Secondly, it’s not just researchers and me that say it’s a potent solution—other users are declaring the same.

Here are a few genuine customer testimonials:

“It kept things under control without making anything too numb or affecting my partner at all.”


“The results are noticeable and extremely satisfying (for both me and my wife).” -Big Daddy

“Definitely helped me to slow things down without feeling any numbness. My girlfriend and me love using it when no one else is around, and we got nothing but time for fun. Not only do I enjoy it, but it also means that she is completely satisfied as well.” -Subie

“We used it and lasted ten times longer than normal! Doesn’t take away feeling completely but helps you not finish too fast!” -Shill

How Does It Feel?

Buddy—it makes you feel like a machine.

I was apprehensive about my first use—but 15 minutes into intercourse and I was wishing I’d discovered this product before.

I could still feel every-single pleasurable thrust into my partner—but that previously eager climax stayed away. Lasting for over thirty minutes and she’d delighted in three mind-blowing orgasms.

Running out of physical stamina—I concentrated hard on ejaculating—and it happened.

Bro, I felt in control again—boosting my self-confidence and enabling me to look forward to sex—not dread it.

Promescent Delay Spray Packaging and Pricing

Dollar balanceI can read your mind in this Promescent spray review—ok it works, but it’s going to wreck my bank balance, right?

The answer is no—let me show you:

  • Trial Size 10 sprays $19.95
  • Standard 60 sprays $59.95
  • The Threesome 180 sprays $159.95

Take my advice—go for the larger package (180 sprays—three bottles).

Not only are you going to make massive savings, but it also means you’re never going to be without Promescent.

BottleWith three bottles, keep one in the bedroom, one in the car and the third wherever you think you might need it—in the office, gym or at your lover’s house.

Where to Buy Promescent Delay Spray?

Don’t run the risk of obtaining a fake version of this product. If this Promescent review has tempted you to take the plunge—always buy from the official website.

This means you can enjoy worldwide shipping (free in the USA), a 60-day return policy, and short delivery times (three days in the States, other countries a little longer).

Alternative Products

This Promescent Delay Spray review has illustrated its incredible power. But, what about its main competitor—how does it rate against that?

Let me show you:


One of the oldest delay sprays on the market—introduced by the manufacturers in 1972. 

Test tubeFirst impressions indicate that it should be as effective as Promescent—as it has the same concentration of the active ingredient lidocaine (10 mg).

However, Stud100 lacks the oil-aqueous solution I mentioned earlier in this Promescent review. This means it will be less well absorbed and may numb the whole male member.


  • Contains lidocaine.
  • Established product.
  • Cheaper than Promescent.


  • Fewer ingredients than Promescent.
  • Researchers say there are insufficient studies to show that it’s effective.15
  • May desensitize the whole penis.

Promescent Review Final Verdict

Premature ejaculation was ruining my sexual enjoyment, masculinity and confidence.

Head with keyPromescent solved my problem with just a few short sprays.

This incredible, discreet and fast-acting product turned my trigger-happy penis into an engine-like piston. Enabling me to power through mammoth lovemaking sessions with no worries about cumming too early.

It’s true, there are similar products out there.

But bro, why go for products which rely on just hearsay and marketing hype—when you can get one backed by scientific research—and at a price less than a coffee per orgasm.

Head over to the official Promescent website—and become the guy others want to be.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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