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ProSolution Gel Review | FAST Acting Topical Performance Enhancer

My previously trustworthy member was no longer standing to attention.

Even the usual failsafe of my partner giving me some quality oral action before intercourse was leading to nothing but a semi-floppy Johnson.

It was demasculinizing, damaging my relationship and above all—humiliating.

I’m not a great fan of pills—so the usual solutions were out of the window. Luckily, I came across (not literally) ProSolution Gel.

This simple treatment turned my apathetic penis into a rigid pillar of penetrative power.

Allow me to use this ProSolution Gel review to reveal my insane story.

What Is ProSolution Gel?

Before I get down to the detail in this ProSolution Gel review—I want to share with you the facts.

GuyOn average, one in two guys suffers from the embarrassing condition of erectile dysfunction. However, as we age—the problem exacerbates.

By the age of 40—forty percent of men suffer from erection issues. Every decade, the incidence rises by a further ten percent.1

Scary, yeah?

ProSolution Gel offers a solution to erection problems—without using the side effect inducing drugs, surgery or penile injections.

man smiling

The respected manufacturer, Leading Edge Health, has put together a gel-formula that includes nothing but natural ingredients. Applied directly to the penis shaft—it promotes long-lasting and impressive boners.

Pharmacy counterRequiring no visits to the doctor or pharmacist—this over-the-counter product is ideal for guys over the age of 18 who:

  • Cannot achieve an erection.
  • Want a hard-on that will last—not weaken during extensive lovemaking.
  • Find that their current boners are only half-rigid.
  • Are suffering from anxiety prior to intercourse due to their inadequate erections.

How ProSolution Gel Works?

I wrote this ProSolution Gel review because it yielded such impressive results for me.

Unlike so-called “miracle” pills and creams on the market—this product contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to enhance erectile firmness.

When you apply the gel to your penis—it has a transdermal action—absorbing into the penile tissue and enhancing your natural boner-building ability.

Its secret is to vastly elevate blood delivery to your penis.

And that’s important.

Boy sitting stretching two legsThat valuable member between your legs contains two sponge-like lengths of erectile tissue—the corpora cavernosa. When your Johnson is working effectively, this tissue becomes engorged with blood—providing you with a concrete-like impressive boner.2

However, physiological, chemical or psychological issues can interfere with this process—meaning a flaccid penis.

ProSolution Gel addresses this by boosting the creation of nitric oxide—a gas which promotes dilation of the blood vessels.3

Effectively, this substantially increases blood delivery to your tallywhacker—allowing you to exhibit a Greek-column like boner.

But, that’s not the only working process I can reveal in this ProSolution Gel review.

Additionally, this product boosts sexual performance by:

  • PotionWarming the genitals—further increasing blood flow and promoting longevity.
  • Including compounds that can boost sex drive and desire.
  • Containing proven aphrodisiacs.

Pros of ProSolution Gel

  • Available without prescription—no embarrassing conversations with a physician.
  • Non-toxic—if it ends up on your partner’s lips, it’s safe.
  • No side effect inducing pills or injections.
  • Pleasant fresh smell.
  • Safe to use—even with condoms due to its water (not oil) based formula.
  • Contains lubricants—for enhanced sensitivity and pleasure.
  • Provides long-lasting and powerful erections.
  • Increases bedroom confidence.
  • Delivers erection boosting ingredients directly to where it matters—not your stomach.

Cons of ProSolution Gel

  • Not as inconspicuous as taking an erection pill.
  • May be insufficient for guys with severe erectile dysfunction.
  • It may take a while for your erection to dissipate after intercourse (so you might as well go for round two.)

ProSolution Gel Ingredients

IngredientsTime to get down to the detail in this ProSolution Gel review—the ingredients.

1) L-Arginine

Allow me to start this ProSolution Gel review of the ingredients with an immense compound.

L-arginine is an amino acid which stimulates the production of the vasodilating nitric oxide—swelling your member to become a mighty erection through the increased delivery of blood.4

A 2003 study examined the effects of arginine treatment on 40 men (25-45 years) who suffered from erectile dysfunction. The results illustrated that after use—92.5 percent of these men were able to achieve an astounding erection.5

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe veraWhile a seemingly innocuous succulent plant—I welcome this botanical substance in this ProSolution Gel review of the ingredients.

This extract has scientifically proven abilities to:

  • Increase the bioavailability of the other compounds—elevating absorbency and efficacy.6
  • Reduce inflammation—a cause of erectile dysfunction.7 8
  • Elevate sperm and testosterone production—the hormone behind enormous boners.9 10

3) Bearberry Extract

A compound which experts explain is an effective treatment against urinary tract infections—one of the causes behind a floppy phallus. 11 12

4) Mango Butter

I’m pleased to see this extract in this ProSolution Gel review.

MangoNot only does it act as a powerful lubricant—increasing pleasure and helping to sustain a rock-solid member—but it also works as an aphrodisiac.

It seems it functions by inhibiting enzymes which interfere with blood pressure—a cause of low libido and erectile dysfunction.13 14 15

5) Menthol

Scientists have shown that menthol can have a warming effect on the skin—increasing blood flow and elevating sensitivity.16

The heightening of blood delivery strengthens erections while the raised sensitivity means more stimulation to your Johnson—enabling a longer-lasting boner.

What Does ProSolution Gel Promise?

In the ProSolution Gel review of the ingredients, I have explained the scientifically proven erection-heightening abilities of this product.

CommentYet, what does the manufacturer, Leading Edge Health, say?

This is what it claims:

1) Works Immediately

Let’s face it—if you want sex, you want it now.

So many intercourse sessions are impromptu—not usually planned hours or even weeks ahead. 

Some pills take a few weeks until you witness their improvements—as the erection-boosting compounds build up in your body. Others, such as Viagra, need to be taken 30-45 minutes before sex.

With ProSolution Gel, you simply apply—and you’re ready for action. Meaning as long as you have this product with you—you’re always ready to rise to the occasion.

prosolution gel tube

2) Delivers a Harder and Larger Erection

Bedroom with heartA concrete-like pillar is essential for optimum bedroom action. Not only is a harder penis a more sensitive organ—but it also allows you to pleasure your partner more—penetrating deeper into her and providing her with mind-blowing orgasms.

Furthermore, the more blood that enters your penis, the larger it becomes—it’s simple physics.

This instills you with confidence, increases feelings of masculinity, and will impress your partner—especially on first dates.

3) Provides Awesome Stamina

I don’t have to tell you in this ProSolution Gel review that it’s not just about how hard your Johnson is—but how long it remains that way.

This product can enhance longevity—allowing you to power through marathon-like sex sessions. Making you appear as a complete love-machine and enabling you to enjoy intercourse for longer.

ProSolution Gel Results

As highlighted above in this ProSolution Gel review—it gets to work fast.

Before use, you’re experiencing the embarrassment of missing or lackluster erections.

Hand and creamJust one application and your member is primed for action.

You’re witnessing a penis that stands proud, hard and firm—and will stand up to even the most vigorous and extended lovemaking sessions.

Is ProSolution Gel Safe to Use?


You’ve already discovered in this ProSolution Gel review that it only contains natural ingredients—not synthetics that are likely to cause health issues.

Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When you’re ready for intercourse—apply a few drops of the gel to your penis. Massage it in for enhanced efficacy (or, get your partner to do it for you).

Just a quick word of warning in this ProSolution Gel review—take it easy on the brewskis.

BeerWhile you may feel that it increases desire and elevates relaxation—too much alcohol can result in a floppy and uninterested penis. Plus, a slurring and dribbling guy isn’t going to excite your partner.

ProSolution Gel Side Effects

It’s unlikely that this product will cause any adverse effects. However, the compounds may cause a reaction in some users if they are intolerant or have an allergy to them.

Furthermore, some guys notice that their penis develops sensations of both tingling and warmth when using this gel. 

This is perfectly natural and nothing to be concerned about.

Needless to say, if you feel pain, burning, or witness a skin reaction—cease use and wash your member with water.

ProSolution Gel Complaints

To obtain a balanced view in this ProSolution Gel review—I searched for users who were dissatisfied with this product.

MentholA couple of guys complained that they disliked the fresh menthol smell—while another indicated that it provided an immense erection—yet didn’t increase sensitivity.

Conversely, users giving the gel praise are plentiful. Here are three examples:

“It gave me increases, and I can feel that blood surge in my penis. This helped me do penis exercises, and I feel that the increased blood flow is aiding me to recover quickly.”– Claude

“I’ve been suffering from a flaccid penis for more than two years. I have tried almost every drug out there to change my situation…I started using the ProSolution Gel…it works!-Nano

“I am using ProSolution Gel, and it works for me. Currently, I am experimenting with it to amplify the satisfaction.” -Danny

Happy faceGuys are genuinely happy with this product—but I know what you’re thinking reading this ProSolution Gel review—what if it doesn’t work?

In this unlikely event, be reassured in that Leading Edge Health provides a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Is ProSolution Gel Available Without Prescription?


This product can be purchased safely and legally online without having to visit a physician or pharmacist.

How Does It Feel?

To be honest with you in this ProSolution Gel review—it makes me feel like a love-Titan.

My previously lazy member has now become an absolute powerhouse. No longer am I ashamed to be lying naked in bed with my partner.

MuscleMy phallus is solid and keen for action—making me feel like a new man.

What’s more—I’m sure it’s larger than it ever has been before. Increasing my self-confidence and positivity.

ProSolution Gel Packaging and Pricing

So down to the bottom line in this ProSolution Gel review—the cost.

  • One tube $49.95
  • Two tubes $89.95 (save $9.95)
  • Three tubes $129.95 (save $19.90)
  • Four tubes $169.95 (save $29.85)
  • Six tubes $234.95 (save $64.75)
  • Twelve tubes $399.95 (save $199.45)

Let me give you a pro-tip in this ProSolution Gel review—go for the larger packages.

This provides the benefits of:

  • Larger savings.
  • Never being far away from your gel—keep one in the bedroom, car and office.
  • Not having the disappointment of “running out.”

Occasionally, coupon codes are revealed online, allowing you to save even more money.

Where to Buy ProSolution Gel? 

WebsiteIf this ProSolution Gel review has stoked your interest and you want to get hold of this product—only purchase from the official Leading Edge Health website.

This means you will:

  • Obtain the genuine product—not a clone.
  • Enjoy discounts when buying in bulk.
  • Receive worldwide shipping—free over $100 (delivery times are dependent on destination).
  • Have a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Alternative Products

Finally, in this ProSolution Gel review—let’s see how it fares against the leading competitors.

VigRX Oil

Also including the essential nitric-oxide boosting arginine as ProSolution Gel—this oil will provide enhanced erections.Essential oil

It also contains Cuscuta extract, which may help men suffering from premature ejaculation.


  • More cost-effective than ProSolution Gel in smaller quantities.
  • Claims to provide an erection in less than 60 seconds.
  • Includes the testosterone boosting red ginseng.


  • Lacks aloe vera included in ProSolution Gel.
  • Doesn’t contain menthol for blood flow and sensitivity.

VigRX Plus

An all-around male enhancement pill with designs to increase libido, improve stamina and heighten erection quality.Leaves

Its natural ingredient formulation is side effect free and contains compounds known by science to boost testosterone.


  • Designed as a complete sexual health package.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Includes absorption-enhancing Bioperine.


  • Unlike ProSolution Gel—not specifically designed for erection function.
  • Hard on the wallet.
  • As a pill will take a few weeks for maximum benefits to appear.

Male Extra

A male sexual health pill containing just seven ingredients—possibly attractive for guys with a sensitive constitution.

While a popular choice with customers (over 150k users)—it lacks sufficient erection-boosting ingredients to be a challenger to ProSolution Gel.

ME_EN_BANNERS_302 × 211


  • All ingredients are quantified.
  • Contains proven testosterone boosting compounds.
  • Addresses more areas of male sexual health than ProSolution Gel.


  • Requires pills to be taken every day for a few weeks for the best results.
  • Shorter money-back guarantee than ProSolution Gel.

ProSolution Gel Review Final Verdict

Despite my partner using all the usual sexual tricks to awaken my member—it wasn’t working. Leaving us both unfulfilled and disappointed.

Espresso cupYet, using ProSolution Gel acted like an espresso to my Johnson—kick-starting it into action and powering me through rock hard mammoth sex sessions.

It’s true—there are some solid competitors out there. But for speed of action, scientifically proven ingredients and easy-on-the-wallet pricing—it’s my choice of the best on the market.

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