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VigRX Oil Review | Powerful Topical ED Solution

I wanted sex—unfortunately, my member was less than enthusiastic.

It would make a half-hearted attempt to become hard—but it never achieved the rock-solid status I used to enjoy.

This made making love difficult. My semi-soft penis meant I was frequently slipping out of my partner—and she was having trouble even noticing that I was inside her.

I had to do something.

I confessed my issues to a buddy at the squash court—and he suggested VigRX oil.

It turned my sex life around—awakening my sleeping beast—and providing me with an erection you could hang your coat on.

This VigRX Oil review reveals its incredible secrets.

What Is VigRX Oil?

Let’s get this VigRX Oil review started with a brief overview of the product.

Oil bottleVigRX Oil is a topical solution that you apply to your member to increase hardness and rigidity.

This product, made by Leading Edge Health, contains nothing but natural and scientifically proven erection-boosting ingredients. Hence, unlike many other treatments such as pills and injections—it’s unlikely to cause any adverse side effects.

While suitable for all men over the age of 18 years, it’s particularly useful for guys who:

  • Have trouble attaining or maintaining an erection.
  • Wish to display a fuller and larger-appearing member in the bedroom.
  • Find that their erections are lackluster.
  • Want to penetrate deep into their partner to deliver maximum satisfaction.
  • Are facing anxiety before intercourse due to erectile inadequacy.

vigrx oil advertisement

How VigRX Oil Works?

Here’s some quick biology in this VigRX Oil review.

Two balloonsYour penis contains, in simple terms, two erection-powering balloons known as the corpora cavernosa. They extend from the base of your shaft to the glans (head).1

When stimulated, these balloons fill with blood—making your penis grow and become hard.

However, sometimes, this can misfire. Anxiety, hormonal issues, and high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction—an issue which affects one in every two guys by the age of fifty. 2 3 4 5

VigRX Oil aims to alleviate this situation by restoring this blood flow.

When massaged into the penis—its key ingredient elevates the production of nitric oxide. This gas dilates (opens-up) the vascular system—improving blood delivery to your member and promoting mighty boners.6

Yet, that’s not the only working process I can disclose in this VigRX Oil review.

VegetableAdditionally, its combination of botanicals and vitamins act to:

  • Boost sex-drive.
  • Relax the smooth muscles of the penis, promoting stronger hard-ons.
  • Inhibit enzymes that can prevent erection attainment.

VigRX Oil Review: Pros

  • Will not cause side effects.
  • 100 percent natural.
  • Available over-the-counter.
  • Neutral smell—no harsh chemicals.
  • Utilizes compounds that have been used for thousands of years.
  • Water-based formula.
  • Formulated with numerous proven aphrodisiacs.
  • Promotes long-lasting and rigid erections.
  • Increases self-confidence in the bedroom.
  • Direct action on your penis—unlike pills.

VigRX Oil Review: Cons

  • Exhausted manMay not be ideal for guys with severe erectile dysfunction.
  • More conspicuous than taking an erection pill.
  • Your athletic stamina may expire before your boner dissipates.

VigRX Oil Ingredients

Allow me to use this section of this VigRX Oil review to reveal its erection-powering compounds.

1) L-Arginine

One of the most potent hard-on boosters known—hence why I’m mentioning it first in this VigRX Oil review of the ingredients.

L-arginine—an amino acid—elevates the production of nitric oxide which opens up the blood vessels. This floods the penis with erection forming blood—leading to a steel-like boner7

2) Shea Butter

NutA naturally occurring nut-extract which functions as a side effect free emollient.8

Not only does it enhance lubrication and hence penile stimulation—but it also moisturizes the delicate skin of your Johnson.

3) Aloe Vera

Another powerful compound in this VigRX Oil review of the ingredients.

This extract has scientifically proven abilities to:

  • Lower inflammation—a cause of impotence.9 10
  • Boost testosterone and sperm production—the hormone which delivers impressive hard-ons.11 12
  • Raise the bioavailability of the other compounds—heightening absorbency and efficacy.13

4) Epimedium Leaf

Growing weedAlso known as Horny goat weed—this immense ingredient has the clinically studied powers to:

  • Act as a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor—which otherwise can cause erectile dysfunction.14
  • Elevate nitric oxide production.15
  • Raise sex drive by functioning as an aphrodisiac.16

Horny goat weed plant - green leaves and purple flower

5) Korean Red Ginseng

Another powerhouse in this VigRX Oil review of the ingredients.

Studies show that red ginseng elevates levels of the libido and erection-powering hormone testosterone.17

Furthermore, scientists have concluded that this traditional aphrodisiac is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.18

Red ginseng roots in a pile

6) Ginkgo Biloba

GinkgoBoth a powerful aphrodisiac and boner-booster—working by increasing blood flow to promote a firm penis and elevating its sensitivity.19

What Does VigRX Oil Promise?

The VigRX Oil review of the ingredients above illustrates its hard-on elevating powers—but what does the manufacturer claim about this product?

The guys behind this product, Leading Edge Health, say that it will:

1) Provide Rock Solid Erections

A concrete-like towering erection is the ultimate image of masculinity.

Not only does it look incredible and instills you with confidence—it means you can penetrate deep and hard—providing both you and your partner with enhanced pleasure.

2) Thicker and Fuller Looking Penis

EggplantShow me a man who says he’s not bothered about the size of his Johnson and I’ll show you a liar.

As VigRX Oil boosts blood flow to your penis—it swells, not only increasing length but providing substantial girth.

Research shows that women prefer a thicker boner inside them—believing it increases their sexual satisfaction.20

3) Boosts Nitric Oxide Levels on Contact

Instead of waiting days or weeks for erection-enhancing pills to take effect—VigRX Oil powers phenomenal hard-ons immediately.

The manufacturer claims that it will promote an imposing erection in less than a minute after application.

VigRX Oil Results

Before using this oil, you’re embarrassed by your floppy phallus—unable to either satisfy yourself or your partner.

Yet, one quick application of VigRX Oil and you’re launching an interstellar love-rocket—ready to dive deep into your girl’s black hole and land on the elusive planet G-spot 🙂 .

As I explained above in this VigRX Oil review—this effect is almost instantaneous. So, no waiting around for its powers to kick in.

What’s more, this penetrative pillar will last—enabling you to bang away like a porn star.

Is VigRX Oil Safe to Use?

In my VigRX Oil review of the ingredients, you saw that all the active compounds are 100 percent natural—not lab-created synthetics.

As such, it’s highly unlikely to cause any health issues.

However, as with any topical product—always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Body oilJust apply a couple of drops to your member before sex and gently massage into the skin—and you’re ready for action.

It might be worthwhile experimenting on your own first—to see how much product you require for the maximum benefits.

Just a quick tip in this VigRX Oil review.

Using alcohol alongside this product will not cause any adverse effects. Having a couple of cold ones can increase desire and promote relaxation. But, take it easy, buddy.

Too much liquid refreshment and your member loses sensitivity and may not rise to the occasion.

VigRX Oil Side Effects

Users seldom experience side effects when using this product.

AllergiesHowever, personal intolerances or allergies may promote adverse reactions. Hence, if you notice any side effects such as the following, cease use:

  • Burning.
  • Itching.
  • Pain.
  • Changes in the color of the penis skin.
  • Hives.
  • Blistering.

VigRX Oil Complaints

At the beginning of this VigRX Oil review—I explained that this product turned my sex life around.

But do other users have the same positive opinion?

StarsIt appears the answer is—yes.

Customer complaints are rare. Where they do occur, it’s usually regarding the smell or viscosity of the product—not its efficacy.

Here are some typical genuine customer testimonials:

“When I use VigRX Oil—it works instantly. My partner likes it. It makes me have more staying power, control, and desire. I recommend it.” -Trent

“Libido, sexual stamina, girth and length of erection..All of these were gained, leading to more pleasure and a healthy feeling!” -P Ho

“Very satisfied with VigRX Oil…this product was fast-acting and lasted almost an hour.” -Barker

“VigRX Oil is Great! This product worked for me. I’m very satisfied and will be purchasing more in the near future.” -Jack

But, what if this product doesn’t work for you?

The manufacturer is so confident in VigRX Oil’s ability to boost erections—that they offer a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Is VigRX Oil Available Without Prescription?


This product can be ordered legally and safely online without having to visit your pharmacist or physician.

How Does VigRX Oil Feel?

Handsome manAllow me to be unashamedly honest in this VigRX Oil review.

This product made me feel like a real man again.

For too long, I suffered the embarrassment of a limp penis. Making me feel inadequate and emasculated.

Yet VigRX Oil turned my slumbering snake into a voracious concrete serpent. Allowing me to power through long and hard sex sessions—giving me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

No longer am I anxious before intercourse. Instead, I’m actively seeking any opportunity to have sex with my partner—wanting to display my formidable phallus.

VigRX Oil Packaging and Pricing

Down to the cold, hard facts in this VigRX Oil review—the cost:Price tag

  • One tube $49.95
  • Three tubes $109.85 (save $40)
  • Six tubes $209.80 (save $89.9)
  • Twelve tubes $399.95 (save $199.45)

Buddy—follow my example—go for the larger bulk packages.

tube of vigrx oil

Purchasing greater quantities means that you:

  • Make substantial monetary savings.
  • Don’t have to reorder every few weeks.
  • Always have a ready supply of VigRX Oil.

Where to Buy VigRX Oil?

Don’t run the risk of buying a cheap and ineffective copy of this product—always purchase from the official Leading Edge Health website.

I can reveal in this VigRX Oil review that following this advice means you can:

  • Take advantage of bulk savings.
  • Have peace of mind with the 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • Enjoy worldwide shipping—free over $100 (the time for delivery is dependent on destination).

Alternative Products

ProductsIt will come as no surprise to you in this VigRX Oil review when I say the male enhancement market is flooded with similar products.

Some, however, are no better than placebos and don’t contain scientifically proven ingredients.

That said, here’s how VigRX Oil compares to the best erection-elevating competitors.

ProSolution Gel (check it out)

Similar to VigRX Oil, this gel-based product also includes the mighty nitric-oxide elevating l-arginine.Chemical formula

Furthermore, its powerful formula contains the blood-flow boosting menthol and the blood pressure-lowering mango butter.

prosolution gel


  • Scientifically proven ingredients known to elevate penile rigidity.
  • Can be used safely with condoms.
  • Contains compounds to combat urinary tract infections.


  • Harder on the credit card than VigRX Oil.
  • Doesn’t contain the testosterone boosting epimedium.

VigRX Plus (check it out)

Whereas VigRX Oil is targeted purely at improving erectile quality—this pill addresses the complete spectrum of male enhancement. That is, it increases libido, improves sexual stamina and elevates penile rigidity.Ingredients

Its formulation includes only natural ingredients and contains compounds that science shows can heighten testosterone production.

box of vigrx male enhancement pills


  • Respected manufacturer of male enhancement products.
  • Androgen-elevating ingredients.
  • Includes Bioperine to increase the bioavailability of other compounds.


  • Unlike VigRX Oil—it’s not specifically for erectile issues.
  • Means taking a pill every day—not just when having sex.

Male Extra (check it out)

While this male enhancement pill only contains seven ingredients—each one has clinically proven sexual health benefits.Zinc

It includes the nitric oxide boosting arginine, the testosterone-heightening zinc and the sex-drive raising cordyceps.

bottle of male extra


  • No proprietary blends.
  • Over 150k satisfied customers.
  • Ideal for all-around male sexual performance.


  • Shorter money-back guarantee than VigRX Oil.
  • No immediate results—takes a few weeks to witness the benefits.

VigRX Oil Review Final Verdict

My semi-erect penis was causing me distress. The inability to attain a firm boner meant both me and my partner were left unfulfilled. It was getting me down and making me afraid of intercourse.

However, once I delivered a few drops of VigRX Oil onto my penis—it became a mighty and meaty member. It enabled me to stand proud and pound my partner hard and long.

This easy-to-apply product gave me immediate returns—which I’m still enjoying to this day.

Sure, as mentioned above in this VigRX Oil review—there are some impressive competitors. But, taking into account its scientifically proven ingredient formulation—balanced against the cost—it has to be my number one choice.

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