Semenax Review | ONLY Clinically Tested Semen Booster On The Market

My orgasms were less of a bang, much more of a whimper.

During my younger years, I could feel the ecstasy of climax reverberating throughout my whole body. More recently, it was just a small tingle at the end of my Johnson, followed by a pathetic cum-dribble.

HammerSex was losing its appeal—hammering away for ages to be rewarded with nothing but a flicker of gratification.

Desperately searching for an answer—I chanced upon Semenax.

Now the big-O is a mind-blowing experience—culminating in a veritable fountain of jizz.

This Semenax review reveals the insane truth behind the product.

What Is Semenax?

The well-respected nutritionists, Leading Edge Health, have formulated Semenax to be the ultimate orgasm-enhancer.

This over-18 only supplement targets the male climax reflex—working to increase sexual satisfaction, improve ejaculatory control and ramp up your semen release volume.

FireworksThink of it as the ultimate firework display at the end of the 4th July celebrations.

Want some good news in this Semenax review?

It’s available over the counter.

Despite packing a potent punch, you don’t have to visit your doctor or sexual health clinic to obtain Semenax. What’s more, it’s packed with scientifically-backed natural ingredients—so few concerns about side effects to your precious package.

man making notes

While suitable for all male adults, it’s particularly useful for guys who:

  • Find their semen delivery is more akin to a teaspoon than a bucket.
  • Want their load to shoot over impressive distances.
  • Don’t enjoy the ecstasy of orgasm they recall from their younger years.
  • Wish to deliver porn-star like facials.

How Semenax Works?

IngredientsAs I’ve already alluded to in this Semenax review—all the ingredients are 100 percent natural.

These compounds work in conjunction with the body to deliver an elevated ejaculatory experience.

It achieves this by:

  • Boosting testosterone—an immense hormone which improves semen quality and volume, while improving libido and increasing erectile firmness.1 2 3
  • Heightening the constituent parts of your cum-load—including seminal fluid, plasma, and prostate and bulbourethral fluid.4
  • Raising fertility—the active compounds increase the health of your little wrigglers—boosting their baby-making properties and accelerating motility.
  • Promoting nitric oxide production—improving blood flow to your member, which enhances erections and increases its apparent size.

I can guess what you’re thinking in this Semenax review—yeah bro, I’ve heard it all before.

Cross fingersWell, in this case—the promises are true.

Scientists put Semenax through clinical testing. Their incredible conclusions were that this supplement:

  • Increased ejaculatory volume by 20 percent.5 6 
  • Elevated sperm count and motility.
  • Boosted orgasm intensity.
  • Heightened self-perceived sexual pleasure and performance.

Pros of Using Semenax

  • Available without prescription.
  • Independently tested and proven to be an effective supplement.
  • Few to no side effects.
  • Boosts libido, sperm volume, orgasm quality and sexual satisfaction.
  • VegetablesQuantified ingredients—no proprietary blends or fillers.
  • Comes from the mighty Leading Edge Health stable.
  • Contains only natural compounds—not lab-created synthetics.

Cons of Using Semenax

  • High number of ingredients may be too intense for some guys.
  • Not suitable for severe erectile dysfunction—see a physician.
  • The immense sperm volume means investing in a serious amount of tissues.

Semenax Ingredients

Let me give you some quick advice in this Semenax review:

Whatever supplement you’re buying—always check the ingredient label.

The three main factors you should look for are:

  1. The ingredients are legal—preventing issues with the authorities and lowering the risk of side effects.
  2. Its compounds are scientifically proven to give the results you desire.
  3. The ingredients are quantified so their efficacy can be measured.

VitaminsI’m pleased to state in this Semenax review that this supplement meets all these criteria.

Here are some of the “big boys” in this products’ 18-compound formula:

1) Zinc 30 mg (40% of Daily Value)

I’ll kick off this Semenax review of the ingredients with a mighty mineral which studies show heightens testosterone production.7

This hormone has proven abilities to raise sex-drive, boost semen volume and strengthen boners.

2) Epimedium Sagittatum 150 mg

Possibly better known by its common name, Horny Goat Weed.

Horny goat weed plant - green leaves and purple flower

This popular aphrodisiac increases libido, counteracts erectile issues and supercharges sperm volume, fertility and health. 8 9

3) Catuaba Bark 200 mg

LeavesScience shows that this natural extract enhances libido and acts as a stimulant—powering both your desire and stamina.10

4) L-Arginine 250 mg

One of the most impressive ingredients in this Semenax review.

Research shows that ingesting this amino acid results in:

  • Elevated semen volume.11
  • Increased sperm production.
  • Lowered semen-damaging oxidative compounds.

In addition to delivering a biblical flood-like ejaculation—it also works on your hard-ons.

Ozone gasArginine boosts nitric oxide production. In turn, this gas opens up the vascular system—heightening the blood supply to your member. This results in you obtaining the mother-of-all boners.12 13

What Does Semenax Promise?

Let’s take a quick break from all the science in this Semenax review and discover what the manufacturer claims.

1) Promotes Longer and More Intense Orgasms

Ok, sex isn’t all about the final destination.

But, if you can end your awesome session with an electric climax—it’s the cum-cherry on your intercourse-cake.

Not only do you get to enjoy an immense sensational flourish—research shows that women experience elevated sexual satisfaction witnessing their partner enjoy an exhilarating ejaculation.14

2) Enables You to Shoot Massive Loads

Human spermResearch shows that sperm volume declines rapidly with advancing years.15

Not only does this affect fertility, but it also means that your ejaculatory goodness can appear insignificant and pitiable.

As illustrated in this Semenax review—this supplement vastly increases semen production. Hence, wherever you finish—face, breasts or inside—you’re rewarded with an almighty gush of love-juice.

3) Boosts Orgasmic Control

You don’t want to be a two-minute-Tony :).

Climaxing too early reduces both you and your partner’s pleasure—and can make you appear like an inexperienced lover.

Semenax claims it improves your ejaculatory reflex—enabling you to pound your princess like a machine—without fear of premature orgasm.

How Long Before I See Results With Semenax?

Let me divulge something important in this Semenax review:

Using this supplement is like sex—the longer you stick at it, the more impressive the returns.


Yet, the good news is you don’t have to wait long to feel the product working. Although our different physiologies can affect how and in what order results are enjoyed—here’s a typical user timescale

Weeks 1-2: Guys often indicate that the first change they notice is that their energy levels are increasing—both in work and play.

Weeks 3-4: After about 21 days—many men feel a surge in libido—even in those guys who considered they already had an immense sex-drive.

Weeks 5-6: This is when the increase in sperm volume is really noticed. Your ejaculatory quantity has been rising gently since week one—but now it’s visibly enhanced.

Your previously disappointing jizz-jazz now appears like a swimming pool—pleasing both you and your girlfriend, wife or friends’ wife.

Weeks 7-8: Orgasms reach a whole new level. It’s explosive and guys report feeling it throughout every inch of their body.

Is Semenax Safe to Use?


Made with ingredients that are all approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for safety—this supplement will not cause any serious adverse health problems.

I suggest in this Semenax review that using this supplement is akin to a workout for your downstairs equipment—enhancing their productivity, power and performance.

Instructions bookHowever, as with any pill—always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid the risk of annoying side effects. Just take four capsules with your main meal—every day.

Remember, don’t skip a dose.

Many of the ingredients work on a cumulative basis—hence missing a day or week of this supplement can push-back your returns.

There’s nothing to stop you using Semenax and enjoying a few beers either—but be sensible, buddy. Excess alcohol consumption could interfere with the product’s efficacy or simply result in you being a sleepy and drunk bedroom disappointment.

Semenax Side Effects

As long as you adhere to the usage guidelines I outlined above in this Semenax review—it’s unlikely you’ll experience any side effects.

HeadacheYet, some of us do have personal intolerances. I, for example, get a headache if I consume caffeine—although it doesn’t stop me drinking my morning Joe.

In rare cases, some guys may experience:

  • Stomach upsets.
  • Headaches.
  • Diarrhea.

If you do encounter any of these symptoms cease use.

Semenax Complaints

To save you the hassle, I scoured numerous forums, reddits and blogs for this Semenax review—searching for customer complaints.

Luckily, they were hard to find.

Confused manThe only issues I managed to uncover were that some guys dislike the pill texture, and one man found his semen volume increased but had no change in libido.

Like me, guys using Semenax have found it delivers serious returns. Here are genuine testimonials from users:

“Sex has definitely improved. I can cum up a storm now—and my girlfriend is very satisfied. My cum volume increased—as did my overall sex-drive.” -George

“Sperm doubled or tripled in five weeks…would recommend to anyone.” -Stephen

“I’ve been using Semenax. As me and my girlfriend were having sex, I lasted longer. When the moment came for orgasm, it was the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt. It lasted longer—and a lot more came out.” -Vincenzo

“I have seen a huge increase in semen release. Great product.” -Paul

Despite the above—I can guess your concern in this Semenax review—what if it doesn’t work?

I’ll put your mind at rest.

If, after two months you witness no changes—Semenax will return your money in full.

Is Semenax Available Without Prescription?


As a natural product—you can order Semenax from the comfort of your home. No time is wasted visiting pharmacies or your doctor’s surgery.

Furthermore, it’s completely confidential. You don’t have to explain your bedroom issues with strangers in order to obtain this product.

How Does It Feel?

SuperheroOne word for you in this Semenax review—superhuman.

For the first two to three weeks of using Semenax, I was enjoying the sexual libido and energy boosts it provided. I thought I had no issues in this area—but obviously, I did!

However, it was after the first month when it took my breath away.

I remember the moment I came on my wife’s breasts. It was like someone had broken a hole in the Hoover dam. She was covered.

But it wasn’t just volume that amazed me.

HoseThe power was awesome. My previous orgasms were like a leaking yard-hose—now it was like a 2000-PSI pressure washer.

What’s more, my whole body went into spasms of ecstasy.

It was mind-blowing. 

I now approach sex with a completely different mindset Semenax has made me feel like a sex guru—overflowing with confidence (and jizz).

Semenax Packaging and Pricing

Down to the technicalities in this Semenax review—the cost.

  • One month’s supply $59.95
  • Three months’ supply $154.95 (save $24.90)
  • Six months’ supply $289.95 (save $69.75)
  • Twelve months’ supply $399.95 (save $319.95)

bottle of semenax

Let me give you a pro-tip in my Semenax review—go for the larger packages. In doing so, you gain some great benefits, including:

  • Making more considerable savings—easier on your bank balance.
  • Preventing annoying reordering.
  • Ensuring you’re never without Semenax—meaning you won’t lose your semen gains.
  • Knowing if it doesn’t work—you can return the product and get your money back.

One final thing—watch out for coupon codes online for additional savings.

Where to Buy Semenax?

Take my advice in this Semenax review—always purchase this product from the official website.

Following these words means that you will:

  • Be guaranteed a 100 percent genuine product—not a replica or possibly dangerous supplement.
  • Enjoy worldwide free shipping (on three-month orders or above).
  • Take advantage of their 67-day return policy.

Alternative Products

Here’s the truth in this Semenax review—few similar supplements online can compete with its scientifically proven results.

However, there is one stand-out product that comes close. This is how it compares.

Volume Pills

Capsule with leavesTaking a slightly different approach to Semenax—the Volume Pills formula is inspired by traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to boost semen delivery.

While containing a high-level of the testosterone-enhancing zinc (24 mg)—the remainder of its 14 ingredients is hidden in a proprietary blend—and unquantified.

Although many users attest to its efficacy—it lacks scientific backing enjoyed by Semenax.


  • High dose of zinc.
  • 100 percent natural.
  • Only two tablets per day.
  • Respected manufacturer.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not clinically tested—unlike Semenax.
  • Ingredients are unquantified—you cannot ascertain the potency.
  • More expensive than Semenax.

Semenax Review Final Verdict

Broken mirrorLackluster orgasms and pitiful ejaculation was destroying my sexual enjoyment, inhibiting my masculinity and wrecking my self-image.

Semenax restored my climaxing pleasure.

Just a few weeks of use and I was relishing off-the-scale orgasms while spurting out some incredible loads.

Buddy, if you want to be like me—treat yourself to Semenax.

Even if you discount my and other users’ personal experiences—remember the science. Clinical testing has proven that this product enhances orgasm, semen volume and satisfaction.

Combine that with the seriously competitive price and you have probably the best booster on the market.

Four pills a day—and soon you’ll be cumming at Olympic standard.


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