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Volume Pills Review | Unbelievably Effective Semen Booster

Ironically, my climaxes were anti-climactic.

Sure, I was still orgasming—but it was nothing more than a small split-second sensation accompanied by, at best, a drip of cum.

It was embarrassing, emasculating and highly unsatisfying.

Searching the internet for a solution—I found Volume Pills.

Now, my ejaculations fill my entire body with pleasure—with an explosion of semen so powerful it could take someone’s eye out.

This Volume Pills review lifts the lid on this insane product.

Volume Pills Background

FlareThe supplement powerhouse, Leading Edge Health, has created a supplement to improve the male orgasmic experience—by elevating gratification and increasing semen volume.

The good news in this Volume Pills review is that this product is completely natural. Meaning—no risk of side effects or embarrassing conversations with your physician. Furthermore, as daily tablets, they don’t require any surgery or penile injections.

This supplement is suitable for all guys over the age of 18—being particularly useful for those men who:

  • Want to deliver face-smothering ejaculations.
  • Notice their current semen levels aren’t as thick or voluminous as they desire.
  • Demand an orgasm that can shoot semen over impressive distances.
  • Find their climactic pleasure is unfulfilling.
  • Are looking for a boost to their sex drive.
  • Long for harder and bigger erections.

How Volume Pills Works?

Hand holding a plantThe all-natural compounds within Volume Pills enhance your orgasmic fulfillment by:

  • Elevating testosterone levels—this potent hormone raises semen volume and quality, heightens libido and improves erection strength and firmness.1 2 3
  • Improving dopamine production—which increases the sensation of pleasure—enhancing ejaculatory thrills.4
  • Boosting nitric oxide creation—which opens the blood vessels to deliver harder and stronger erections to propel your cum.5

man showing his penis to a woman

  • Elevating libido—increasing your sexual desire which can enhance performance and gratification.
  • Working as an anti-inflammatory—one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and unsatisfying orgasms is inflammation.6
  • Increasing the apparent size of your member—improved blood flow engorges the penis making it as large as possible.

Volume Pills Review: Pros

  • Available over-the-counter.
  • Pros and consUnlikely to cause side effects.
  • Elevates semen volume, libido, orgasmic pleasure and penile firmness.
  • 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • Manufactured by the respected Leading Edge Health.
  • Inconspicuous—no need to tell your partner or your friends.
  • Easy-to-swallow daily pills.


Volume Pills Review: Cons

  • High number of compounds may be too potent for some guys.
  • Unsuitable for severe erectile dysfunction—see your doctor.
  • May lead to a soaked bed due to the increase in ejaculatory juice :).

Volume Pills Ingredients

Chemical compoundsTime for the important detail in this Volume Pills review—the ingredients.

In total, this supplement includes 14 powerful cum-boosting compounds. Allow me to take you through the main players.

1) Zinc 24 mg (160% of Daily Value)

I want to start this Volume Pills review of the ingredients with an immense sex-enhancing ingredient.

Numerous studies indicate that this mineral skyrockets your testosterone production—the all-important male sex hormone.7

Testosterone boosts libido, increases cum volume and delivers rock-like boners.

2) Emblica Officinalis

Also known as Indian gooseberry, this plant extract contains an immense amount of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Books stack of threeStudies illustrate that it reduces both inflammation and high blood pressure—causes of erectile issues.8 9

The more mighty your member—the higher your ejaculatory power.

3) Ling Zhi

A mushroom which research suggests can lower inflammation and provide antioxidant properties—encouraging harder boners and more potent semen.10

4) Hong Hua Fen

Another powerful compound in this Volume Pills review of the ingredients.

Experts explain that Hong Hua Fen can improve blood circulation—which should allow you to push through mammoth sex sessions, boost penile strength and enhance orgasmic velocity.11

hong hua fen

5) Xian Mao

LeafThis herb, with a traditional background in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, can increase sperm volume, sexual desire and erection frequency.12

6) Ku Gua

I welcome this ingredient in this Volume Pills review of the ingredients.

ku gua

Known as bitter melon in Indonesian cuisine, this compound boosts your sexual performance by:

  • Having anti-inflammatory properties—improving erections.13
  • Elevating mood—increasing sexual desire.
  • Working to lower obesity—a cause of sexual dysfunction.14

7) Fucus Vesiculosus

SeaweedExperts explain that the high iodine content of this seaweed improves thyroid health—enhancing penis performance—including orgasm quality.15 16

What Does Volume Pills Promise?

We’ve seen the science behind the product in this Volume Pills review—yet what do the manufacturers claim it can do?

This is what they state:

1) Provides a Bigger and Thicker Erection

Nothing instills you with more sexual confidence than an engorged and immense member.

Volume Pills takes the size of your penis to the max—allowing you to stand proud and penetrate deep into your partner.

2) Delivers Huge Loads

Your orgasms will not only be more intense—they’ll finish with an enormous flood of cum inside or outside your partner.

girl in a white bikini on the beach and volume pills on the right bottom corner

The manufacturer indicates that you will ejaculate with serious power, expelling your load across the room.

3) Extend Your Orgasms

No longer will your climaxes be over in a second.

Volume Pills encourages your sexual muscles to contract longer and faster—increasing your ejaculatory pleasure. The manufacturer states that most guys enjoy an orgasm that is at least twice as long as normal.

4) Increase Virility

BarrellThere’s little point being able to ejaculate barrels of semen if you have no interest in intercourse.

Volume Pills will elevate your sexual desire—giving you the opportunity to utilize your sperm reserves.

What’s more, if you already have a high sex drive, this supplement will take your libido to the limit. Making you demand a second and third round of bedroom action.

box of volume pills

How Long Before I See Results With Volume Pills?

I’m going to give you a pro-tip in this Volume Pills review:

The longer you use this supplement—the more incredible your climax gratification.

Calendar with check markHowever, don’t think that you’re going to be waiting for months to feel any difference. One of the key features of Volume Pills is that you will begin to notice changes within the first week.

To put your mind at rest—here’s a typical timeframe:

    • Weeks 1-2: Most often, within the first two weeks, users experience their vitality increasing—providing a boost to their lust-for-life both in and out of the bedroom.
    • Weeks 3-4: Between 21-28 days, guys notice that their sexual desire is taking massive leaps. Making them insatiable sexual animals, only satisfied by intercourse.

  • Weeks 5-6: While your semen volume has been increasing week on week, it’s around 30 days when you really notice the difference. That previous cum-dribble is now a veritable flood of sperm—spurting like a pressure hose over your girl.
  • Weeks 7-8: Orgasms go stratospheric. It’s akin to an electrical surge throughout your whole body. You feel each and every powerful contraction—lasting longer and cumming more than you’ve ever experienced before.

Is Volume Pills Safe to Use?

If I were to give you just one piece of advice in this Volume Pills review, it would be this—always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

This means that using this supplement will be completely safe, and you will not experience any adverse health effects.

Calendar page emptyAs such, you should take two tablets every day with eight ounces of water. Under no circumstances exceed six pills in any 24-hour period. Sounds simple, right?

Furthermore, the manufacturer stresses that the product works gradually over time—so it’s important not to miss a dose.

For the ultimate semen-boosting returns, it recommends that you abstain from intercourse and masturbation for at least seven days when starting use.

One question which you may be asking is—can I use Volume Pills with alcohol?

You can, but don’t overdo it. While a few cold ones can act as an aphrodisiac, too many and you’re going to be a slurring, dribbling and limp mess. Hardly the precursor to incredible intercourse.

Side Effects

If you’re sensible and follow the usage guidelines above in this Volume Pills review—you’re unlikely to experience any unpleasant side effects.

Chest painAlthough, we can all react differently, even to natural products. In a few rare cases, users have reported experiencing:

  • Nausea.
  • Headaches.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Stomach cramps.

If you find that after consuming these pills, you have these symptoms, cease use.


For complete balance in this Volume Pills review—I searched user forums, blogs and reddits to see if guys were disappointed with this supplement.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Meh faceI discovered one guy who felt that his penis didn’t get any larger (although he admitted he was producing more sperm). Another explained that while an effective product, he found that remembering to take the pills every day was a hassle.

That was it.box of volume pills

On the whole, users of Volume Pills praised its cum-elevating prowess. Here are a few examples:

“Every time I ejaculate it lasts for seemingly forever. My girl can’t believe how long I can orgasm for…I was told that I shot like an elephant. Plus, I am producing this load literally every day.” -Michael

“Not only did it increase my sex drive and hardness, but I also noticed the sperm, it looks and feels healthier than before.” -Anthony

“My orgasms have been incredible! Never have I experienced such a rush of explosions when I climax. My wife has also experienced multiple orgasms for the first time!” -Mike

These guy’s experiences mirror my own results. However, you may have some reservations reading this Volume Pills review, thinking—what if it doesn’t work?

If that’s the case—don’t worry.Cash back

The manufacturer offers a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Is Volume Pills Available Without Prescription?


As I detailed earlier in this Volume Pills review—all the ingredients are natural.

This means you can order legally online without having to visit your physician or pharmacist.

How Does It Feel?

I’ll be frank with you in this Volume Pills review—it feels freakin’ incredible.

Surprised faceI was initially just happy with the elevation in sex-drive and harder erections. But nothing prepared me for mind-blowing ejaculations.

It was the intensity of climaxing that improved first. Every inch of my body shuddered with pleasure as I came—I could feel my member throbbing. If a man could have multiple orgasms—then I guess this is what it’s like.

And then the flood came. It was almost biblical.

I could not believe my balls could hold this much cum-juice. It made me feel like an absolute sex-god—showering my subjects with my divine semen love.

Volume Pills Packaging and Pricing

Down to the basic nuts and bolts in this Volume Pills review—the pricing.

  • One month’s supply $65.00
  • Two months’ supply $110.00 (save $20)
  • Three months’ supply $160.00 (save $35)

Take my advice, buddy, go for the largest packagePiggy bank

This means that you will save money, never miss a dose and prevent reordering every month. For even greater monetary savings—keep an eye out for coupon codes that often appear online.

Where to Buy Volume Pills?

If this Volume Pills review has made you consider using this product, take my advice—only purchase it from the official Leading Edge Health website.

This means that you will:

  • Obtain the original product—not an ineffective clone.
  • Enjoy worldwide shipping (free on orders over $100).
  • Have peace of mind in its 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • Get the product fast—although delivery times vary between countries.

Alternative Products

This Volume Pills review has illustrated it’s an incredible product for turning your orgasms into electrifying explosions of immense cum.

CompetitorHowever, there’s a serious competitor on the market—Semenax. This is how they compare.


Like Volume Pills, Semenax is a pill to enhance orgasmic pleasure and semen volume. Its formulation contains some proven natural ingredients. These include zinc to boost testosterone, arginine to heighten semen production and Catuaba to elevate libido.17 18

However, with 18 different compounds, a few of which have little scientific backing for raising sexual performance—some people may consider it ingredient overkill.

bottle of semenax


  • Includes a few potent sperm-heightening ingredients.
  • Easier on the wallet than Volume Pills.
  • 67-day returns policy.


  • Requires taking four pills every day.
  • Less favorable reviews than Volume Pills.
  • Contains some “filler” ingredients with little effect on orgasms.

Volume Pills Review Final Verdict

Pathetic semen dribbles and low orgasmic sensations were destroying my sex life and masculinity.

Volume Pills restored my manhood and ejaculatory ecstasy—while also enabling me to fill a swimming pool with my Johnson-juice.

In my opinion, this is the most potent orgasm-enhancing product available. With its competitive pricing weighed against its scientifically proven ingredients—it’s a no brainer.

Bro, if you want to be like me and shoot loads that could lead to drowning—buy Volume Pills.

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