How To Cum More | Best Tips To Increase Semen Volume

You’re going for that almighty facial — about to drench your partner in an absolute torrent of cum — and……drip.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Sometimes our ejaculation is more like baby tears than a Vegas fountain. It makes us feel emasculated. We’ve seen the porn stars cumming like a freakin’ fireman’s hose — why can’t we deliver that amount of love juice?

Thankfully, there are some seriously simple ways to shoot your load like a pro.

Sit back, grab your Johnson, and I’ll explain how to cum more.

Top Eight Cum-Boosting Hacks

  • Drink more water.
  • Keep your testicles cool.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Refrain from masturbation.
  • Kick-start testosterone production.
  • Lose weight.
  • Exercise.

The Facts Behind Jizz Volume

Out of all the male enhancement categories — semen volume is undoubtedly the least discussed. Every Tom, Harry and dick wants to be bigger or last longer — but everyone seems to forget the end result — the cumming.

A mighty load is a visual symbol of your masculinity, it shouts — yeah, look at the power of my cock and balls. It’s like the touchdown in the final minute of the game or the fireworks at the end of a party.

But, are you producing too little man milk — or has that Pornhub addiction given you a false sense of reality to what is normal?

The typical level of semen production is between 1.5-4.5 milliliters — so that’s about a teaspoon. Any less than that and you have hypospermia — and should probably see a doctor.

Not much is it when you’ve seen enough jizz coming from a porn-pros member to drown a small kitten? So, even if you’re disappointed with your cum — there’s most likely nothing wrong with you.

But, to be like the pornstars — there are techniques, foods, and supplements that can take your ball-juice to the max.

Why Increase Semen Production?

So, you shoot about a teaspoon, you’re normal — why do you need to know how to cum more?

Because you want to become a damn alpha male.

Like a bodybuilder who aims to be better than the average Joe — increasing your semen volume turns you into a veritable Ron Jeremy.

Here’s why you want bigger loads:

  • Self-esteem — finishing off your bedroom antics with a gigantic gush of goo boosts bedroom confidence.
  • Prevents sexual issues — low semen volume can lead to performance anxiety, which in turn leads to impotence and also premature ejaculation.
  • Age — as you become older, semen volume reduces — hence increasing your jizz volume takes you back to your teenage ejaculation fests.
  • Fertility — more semen can mean more sperm — also useful if you’re trying for a baby.
  • Research shows that a satisfying and voluminous ejaculation pleases women — increasing the likelihood and intensity of their own orgasm.

How to Cum More — The Seven Secrets to Substantial Semen

Down to business!

Below are my top seven hacks to boost your semen production to swimming pool quantities. Some, such as taking supplements, are rather passive — while others require a little effort on your part.

The beauty is — the more you choose to do — the greater the amount of semen you’re going to flood over your partner.

1. Drink More Water

Undoubtedly the easiest way to produce more cum.

Semen consists mostly of water — a useful fact to tell your partner if they’re reluctant to swallow.

Hence, the more fluids you can drink — the greater volume of baby gravy that will shoot from your mighty member. That said, try and hold back on the alcohol — which acts as a diuretic and will dehydrate you.

2. Keep Cool Bro

The male reproductive system is highly sensitive to temperature.

You may think you have balls of steel and a rod of iron — but actually, your tackle is as delicate as a little flower. Too much warmth and it’ll wilt — impairing the amount of semen your love nuts produce.

This is why God (or whatever deity you wish) decided to put your balls outside of your body — to keep them at a lower temperature. In addition to boosting semen quantity, research also shows that keeping your mini-mes cool elevates sperm count.

Hence, try to:

  • Wear loose clothing around your crown jewels.
  • Cut back on the saunas and hot baths.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods.
  • Wherever is possible (and legal) expose them to the open air.

3. Stop Smoking!

Want to know how to cum more? Pack in the nicotine!

Research recently published in Frontiers in Physiology explains that sucking on the weed increases oxidative stress — lowering semen volume, reducing sperm count and increasing infertility.

4. Give Your Balls a Rest

Your testicles are damn hard workers — but they’re not superhuman!

Too much self-gratification or one-on-one action (or one-on-two-or-three if you’re that way inclined) will decrease semen volume.

So take a break for a day or two.

Research shows that a little bit of abstinence makes you produce more cum and elevates sperm count.

So, if you’re planning a night out and think you might strike it lucky — give your balls a 48-hour rest beforehand so that your performance ends with a voluminous flood.

And remember, this is complete cold-turkey, even one jacking session per day is too much.

5. Boost Your Testosterone Levels

The ultimate way to produce more cum.

Remember when you were in your teens, and you’d squirt like an unstoppable faucet?

Happy days.

The problem is, since your late teenage years — your creation of the male hormone testosterone has been dropping rapidly. And, this affects your semen volume.

In short, how to cum more? Boost your T-levels.

While you can’t give your balls a quick squeeze to eke out more of this crucial hormone — there are simple steps that will turn your danglers into a highly-efficient testosterone factory:

Take Supplements

I’m not talking about some hoodoo-voodoo snake oil — you need the real deal — pills that have genuine scientific backing.

Checkout Volume Pills or Semenax, or keep reading to learn how to elevate your T-count and produce more cum:

Zinc Supplements

Perhaps the most important compound.

Not only does consuming zinc skyrocket testosterone and deliver more love juice — but it also has the added benefit of raising libido and improving erection quality.

Vitamin D Supplements

This vitamin is a proven testosterone raiser and, therefore, a spooge booster.

Getting plenty of sunshine helps to elevate your levels — but many of us live in areas where we lack sufficient exposure. Hence knocking back vitamin D supplements every day is the most straightforward solution.

D-Aspartic Acid Supplements

How to cum more? Give your balls a little encouragement! And that’s exactly what these supplements do.

D-aspartic acid stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone — basically a messenger to your love-nuts that says — hey! Make more testosterone!

Hence, increasing your daily intake of this amino acid will elevate T-levels and increase semen volume.

Testosterone Supplements

You could take all the above supplements individually — but that can be an immense hassle and be seriously hard on your wallet.

The simple answer to how to cum more? Use one of the best testosterone supplements.

The ultimate cum-raisers will include the above proven T-boosting compounds of zinc, vitamin D and D-aspartic acid.

But, be careful, bro.

There’s some absolute trash on the market too — supplements that claim to take testosterone to the max but in reality work no better than placebos.

Hence, always make sure they include the above ingredients and that they’re quantified — not in a mysterious proprietary blend.

Eat Testosterone Enhancing Foods

To produce more cum — eat well.

The more nutrient-rich the food that goes in your mouth, the more impressive the jizzing display that comes out of your Johnson.

The key is to aim for foods that include the proven testosterone-boosting minerals of zinc and vitamin D.

Zinc Foods
  • Lean beef.
  • Ginger.
  • Pomegranates.
  • Shellfish.
  • Egg yolks.
  • Oysters.


Vitamin D Foods
  • Shrimp.
  • Sardines.
  • Tuna.
  • Salmon.

6. Watch the Weight!

If you want to know how to cum more and look damn awesome at the same time — make sure you drop the excess pounds.

Experts explain that those guys who carry too much poundage have lower testosterone levels than those with a healthy weight.

Consider it a form of overall male enhancement — you’ll look more attractive to prospective partners and be able to produce more semen.

7. Exercise

Not only will exercise help you to lose weight — but it also acts as a potent T-booster — making you produce more semen.

Research proves that fitness training, especially weightlifting, dramatically increases your production of the all-important cum-heightening male hormone.

How to Cum More FAQs

How Many Times Should a Man Release Sperm in a Week?

According to one study — ejaculating at least 21 times per month boosts the male reproductive system and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

But also, remember that if you cum too often, this will reduce your semen volume.

How Long Does It Take for a Man to Refill Sperm?

Surprising to many people, a full sperm regeneration cycle takes 64 days.

Does Drinking Water Increase Seminal Fluid?

One of the first factors in addressing how to cum more is to drink more fluids. As semen is mainly H2O — increasing your intake can elevate jizz volume. Also, try to steer clear of diuretics such as alcohol and coffee that will negatively impact your cum.

How to Cum More Conclusion

Pathetic dribbles of cum are emasculating, wreck your self-confidence, and can disappoint your partner.

While shooting just a teaspoon of jizz is perfectly normal — you don’t have to settle for being an average Joe!

Just drink a little more water, exercise, and watch the weight — and you’ll soon notice a difference in your baby batter.

But, for rapid results and to produce enough man-milk to fill an Olympic swimming pool — consider cum-boosting supplements.

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