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ProSolution Plus Review | Effectiveness and Side Effects

I was orgasming way too soon.

Round wall clockJust a few minutes of intercourse and my member was deciding it was time for ejaculation. I, and especially my partner, had insufficient time to enjoy our lovemaking.

It was screwing with my life. I was beginning to dread sex—knowing I would be a complete disappointment.

Offloading my problems to an old pal—he suggested ProSolution Plus.

It was a godsend.

This supplement turned my trigger-happy penis into a marathon-like member.

Let me explain all in this ProSolution Plus review.

What Is ProSolution Plus?

I understand that you’re keen to hear about my personal experience in this ProSolution Plus review—but unlike premature ejaculation, I’m not going to peak too early 🙂

Company buildingThis supplement, manufactured by Leading Edge Health, is a male enhancement pill. It’s primarily for guys over the age of 18 who climax too quickly. Although, it does address other problem areas, including low libido, poor erection quality and lackluster orgasms.

How ProSolution Plus Works?

Let me make something clear in this ProSolution Plus review.

The guys behind this supplement have gained their inspiration from traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. However, don’t assume that this is some witchcraft based on unsubstantiated folklore.

The manufacturer has selected the ingredients for their scientifically proven ability to yield real results.

Male gymnast flexing arms
Within the male body, this supplement works by:

  • Boosting nitric oxide production—this gas acts by dilating blood vessels, delivering more blood to the penis resulting in stronger, larger and more sensitive erections. 1 2
  • Inhibiting inflammation—which can cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.3 4
  • Increasing testosterone levels—higher concentrations of this hormone raises libido, improves hard-ons and can prevent early climax.5 6 7

There’s something important I need to tell you in this ProSolution Plus review—it works.

This supplement, unlike many of its competitors, has undergone clinical testing. Published in the American Journal of Therapeutics (2011, 18, 162-169)—the research shows that ProSolution Plus:8

  • Monitor with percent signImproved premature ejaculation symptoms by 67 percent.
  • Increased sexual satisfaction by 78 percent.
  • Boosted sexual function by 48 percent.
  • Elevated erectile quality by 67 percent.

Can it all be good news?

Let me take you through the pros and cons of male supplements in this Prosolution Plus review.

Pros of Using a Male Enhancement Pill

  • Made from naturally occurring ingredients.
  • Unlikely to promote adverse health effects you often associate with prescription drugs.
  • One simple capsule to address all problem areas of sexual dysfunction.
  • Contains compounds backed by scientific research.
  • Elevates confidence and masculinity.
  • Doesn’t require a visit to the doctor.

Cons of Using a Male Enhancement Pill

  • Pros and consIt means remembering to take the pills daily.
  • May contribute to an unsatisfiable sexual impetus.
  • Needs three months of use for the ultimate benefits.

What Is the Difference Between ProSolution Plus Pills and Gel?

I need to make a distinction in this ProSolution Plus review between these two products.

The pill version is taken orally and is concerned with improving sexual stamina, libido, and erectile quality.

GelThe ProSolution Plus gel is applied directly to the exterior of the penis purely to enhance hard-on firmness.

You can use these two products in combination for maximum effects.

ProSolution Plus Ingredients

The clinical study mentioned earlier in this ProSolution Plus review investigated the following formula.

Here’s how these compounds function:

1) Withania Somnifera 240 mg

Sometimes known as Indian ginseng—this ingredient stimulates nitric oxide production boosting erectile quality.9

2) Asparagus Adscendens 200 mg

AsparagusIt’s impressive to see this unusual compound in this ProSolution Plus review.

Experts explain that this extract can inhibit proinflammatory cytokines—a cause of limp penises.10 11

3) Asphaltum 150 mg

A wax that is naturally created in Himalayan rocks. Some people believe that this compound has the ability to prevent premature ejaculation.12

4) Curculigo Orchioides Root 100 mg

A mighty, if not unusual, ingredient to see in this ProSolution Plus review.

Studies show that this plant can increase sexual performance, ejaculation control, semen volume and libido.13

5) Tribulus Terrestris 100 mg

PlantPossibly one of the greatest testosterone boosters known—and hence welcome in this Prosolution Plus review.14

As your testosterone count rises—so does your sexual desire, erection quality and climax control.

Tribulus plant

6) Mucuna Pruriens 100 mg

An African plant, also known as Velvet Bean, that scientists indicate boosts fertility, enhances testosterone creation and may prevent premature orgasm.15

7) Asteracantha Longifolia 100 mg

An immense compound to conclude this ProSolution Plus review of the ingredients.

Research from 2009 illustrates that this herbaceous plant can raise sexual attraction and elevate orgasm quality and control.16

What Does ProSolution Plus Promise?

The scientific backing to the ingredients above in this ProSolution Plus review is testament to its power.

CommentBut what do Leading Edge Health, the guys behind this supplement, say about this male enhancement pill?

Here are its claims:

1) Reduces Premature Ejaculation

Climaxing too early is a nightmare. Feeling your member reaching the point of no return before you’re ready means that you:

  • Can’t enjoy long-lasting lovemaking sessions.
  • Leave your partner unsatisfied.
  • Worry every time before having intercourse.
  • Feel less than a man.

The ability of ProSolution Plus to inhibit the occurrence of early ejaculation means more satisfying sex for you and your partner.

2) Elevates Sex Drive

As we age, dropping testosterone levels can cause a reduction in libido.17

Confident personThe T-boosters in ProSolution Plus reignite our sexual desire—improving our confidence, pleasure and relationships.

3) Creates Firmer and Larger Erections

Let me shock you in this Prosolution Plus review—one in every two men suffer from disappointing erections.18

It’s embarrassing, leads to unsatisfying intercourse and can wreck your self-confidence.

Using this supplement to achieve a mammoth member will instill a feeling of masculinity and promote satisfying sex.

4) Recommended By Doctors

In addition to the clinical study I discussed earlier in this ProSolution Plus review—this supplement has the backing of some of the medical community.

DoctorThis includes Dr. Dave David, the MD and surgeon who acts as a medical commentator on CNN.

Listen up, buddy.

If you’re anything like me—you’re impatient. You want results now.

I’m pleased to reveal in this ProSolution Plus review that you can witness the initial benefits within just a few days.

Let me take you through a typical timeline:

Weeks 1-2 In the first two weeks, many guys notice that their energy levels rise—improving both daily life and between-the-sheets action.

CalendarWeeks 3-4 It’s after one month of use that men report a boost to their sexual stamina. Previously swift-ejaculatory responses are improved leading to more pleasurable lovemaking.

Weeks 5-6 Libido skyrockets—leaving you with a relentless desire to get down to sexual athletics.

Weeks 7-8 Erectile quality is heightened—rigid towers of penis power that last throughout your extended passion-sessions.

It’s vital for me to state in this ProSolution Plus review that the results are cumulative.

You must continue to use this supplement to both achieve all the benefits—and to ensure they’re not lost.

ProSolution Plus Side Effects and Complaints

Here’s some good news in this ProSolution Plus review—side effects and complaints are rare.

As a natural supplement—most guys experience no adverse reactions. The small minority that does, report nothing more than an occasional headache or stomach upset.

3 people with 3 stars aboveFurthermore, genuine customer testimonials are full of praise. Here are some examples:

“I’ve seen a notable effect on many areas of my libido and function. Definitely going to buy this again.” -Uskeo

“I only took the pills for two weeks before feeling an improvement in my libido…I get erections every single morning. This is a great improvement, as the erections were stronger. I was also able to last longer in bed. My wife and I are much closer now.” -Jericko

“I trust this product completely and I was happy that it helped me remove the fear of PE. God, it has been months since the last time I lasted for 15 minutes in bed.” -Penn

“It’s good! My wife’s happy, because we can screw every other night!” -Alt

“Lasting like a sex monster. My girlfriend has to ask me to stop because I can keep pounding her all night.” -Sean

How Does It Feel To Use ProSolution Plus?

I had to write this ProSolution Plus review because this supplement made me feel in control again.

For too long, I‘d been a slave to my over-keen member.

Two people in loveUsing Prosolution Plus means I can make love to my partner without continually worrying about an early climax. This has led me to feel more satisfied, confident and proud.

Furthermore, I’ve witnessed improvements in hardness and orgasmic pleasure.

Overall, I’m currently enjoying a reinvigorated sex-life—and one which I don’t want to lose.

ProSolution Plus Packaging and Pricing

I’ve been able to continually enjoy a rejuvenated sex-life—as I ensure I always have a sufficient supply of this pill. I recommend in this ProSolution Plus review that you do the same.

Buying the larger package options means:

  • BoxYou’re never without the supplement—leading to a loss of your gains.
  • You can take advantage of substantial discounts.

Here are the details:

  • One month’s supply $69.95
  • Two months’ supply $119.95
  • Three months’ supply $164.95
  • Four months’ supply $209.95
  • Five months’ supply $254.95 (plus one free erection gel)
  • Six months’ supply $299.95 (plus one free erection gel)

One year’s supply $429.95 (plus one free erection gel and semen enhancer)

Discount voucherFrom time to time discount coupon codes appear online—allowing you to receive even more significant savings.

Where to Buy ProSolution Plus?

My suggestion in this Prosolution Plus review is that you only buy this supplement from the official Leading Edge Health website.

Following this advice means you:

  • Will receive nothing but the 100 percent original product—not a copy.
  • Can enjoy bulk-buying discounts.
  • Are able to take advantage of worldwide shipping (delivery times vary depending on destination).
  • Will be reassured by the 67-day money-back guarantee.

ProSolution Plus Review FAQ

“Is ProSolution Plus Safe to Use?”

With a formulation that contains nothing but natural ingredients that guys have used in traditional medicine for centuries—this supplement should cause no adverse effects.

“How to Take ProSolution Plus?”

Two pillsTake two pills every day with a meal. If you desire, you can consume an extra tablet one hour before sexual intercourse.

“Can I Use ProSolution Plus With Alcohol?”

Although it’s safe to use ProSolution Plus with alcohol—it may lower its sex-boosting efficacy.

“Can I Use ProSolution Plus With Other Medicines?”

Always consult with your medical health practitioner before using this supplement alongside other medicines.

“Is ProSolution Plus Available Without Prescription?”

Yes. This product can be purchased over-the-counter.

Alternative Products

FlyersFor the ultimate test—we need to see in this ProSolution Plus review how this supplement compares against its leading competitors.

Read My Review: VigRX Plus

Ten powerful sex-boosting enhancers plus the inclusion of the absorption enhancer Bioperine—makes this product one of the best on the market.

Like ProSolution Plus, it comes from the nutritional powerhouse Leading Edge Health and has also proven successful in independent clinical studies. 19

The manufacturer has angled this supplement at the everyman—formulated to address all areas of male sexual health.


  • 67-day returns policy.
  • Independently tested for efficacy.
  • Ten proven male enhancement ingredients plus Bioperine.


  • Person sitting and drinkingPunishes the credit card more than ProSolution Plus.
  • Some users find the pills difficult to swallow.
  • Omits the climax-controller Asteracantha found in ProSolution Plus.

Read My Review: Extenze

A supplement that the manufacturer has designed for the man who wants the ultimate combination of sex-enhancing compounds. With 21 ingredients—it’s a hefty formula.

Yet, while every one has scientific backing—their quantities are hidden in proprietary blends. Thus, they may be too weak to have any noticeable effect.


  • One single pill dose.
  • Contains numerous testosterone boosters.
  • Good customer reviews.


  • Hidden quantities of key ingredients.
  • Six month’s supply is tougher on the wallet than ProSolution Plus.
  • Lacks key premature ejaculatory inhibitors found in ProSolution Plus.

Read My Review: Max Performer

Supplement bottle with dumbbellA supplement that may suit guys looking for a heavily concentrated formula—many of the ingredients are in one gram doses.

The 13-ingredient product includes the testosterone-boosting ginseng, erection-improving maca and the libido heightener cordyceps.


  • Mighty doses.
  • Impressive 100-day money-back guarantee.
  • Easier on the bank balance than ProSolution Plus.


  • Doses may not suit those with a sensitive constitution.
  • Not targeted directly at premature ejaculation issues—unlike ProSolution Plus.
  • Few online user reviews.

For more info see our Best Male Enhancement Pills Guide.

ProSolution Plus Final Verdict

Climaxing too quickly was dissatisfying, emasculating and depressing.

If I hadn’t solved this problem—I’m scared to think where my mental health and relationship would be.

Luckily, ProSolution Plus saved my sexual life.

This potent male enhancement supplement allowed me to last longer, enjoy intercourse more and proudly display my mighty member.

If you are suffering from the same issue—don’t just live with it.

Be proactive and get your hands on ProSolution Plus. Its immense clinically proven formula—combined with serious bulk discounts—make it the ultimate solution for sexual stamina issues.

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Information is shared for educational purposes only. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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