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VigRX Plus Review | Effectiveness And Side Effects

My below-belt equipment appeared to have given up.

The previous machine-like sex drive eluded me, erections were disappointing—and even when I managed to get down to business—I could only last a few minutes.

It was driving my partner and me to despair. I understood if this issue wasn’t resolved—I had to accept a sex-free future—and a life of singlehood. An opportune bar chat led me to VigRX Plus—and my mojo returned.

After a few short weeks, VigRX Plus restored my libido, boosted my member’s firmness and increased my stamina.

Allow me to explain in this VigRx Plus review.

What Is VigRX Plus?

Before we delve into the details in this VigRX Plus review—I’ll give you a brief outline of this supplement.

PillsThis product is a male enhancement pill. It’s designed for guys over the age of 18 who find their bedroom performance lacking—whether this is through low sex drive, unimpressive erections or lack of sexual endurance. This is achieved through the ingestion of just two tablets daily.

The manufacturers, Leading Edge Health, claim that it’s the world’s leading male enhancement product.

How VigRX Plus Works?

One of the most important aspects which I want to stress in this VigRX Plus review—is that it addresses numerous physiological factors to elevate sexual health.

This is in opposition to many sub-standard male enhancement products—that target just one or two areas.

The formulation in this VigRX Plus review works to:

  • SpermImprove testosterone production—heightening erectile quality, boosting sperm volume and fertility—and raising libido.1 2 3
  • Elevate nitric oxide production—working as a vasodilator, it increases blood flow—skyrocketing athletic stamina, promoting firm erections and raising penile sensitivity.4 5
  • Improve the testosterone to estrogen ratio—too much of the female hormone can cause fat gain, impotence and gynecomastia (male breasts).6
  • Lower cholesterol—a cause of male impotence.7
  • Prevent enlargement of the prostate—which can promote erectile dysfunction.8

There’s something I want to emphasize in this VigRX Plus review.

Unlike many products on the market, this supplement has undergone peer-reviewed clinical testing. And the results show—it works.9

ScientistIn 2012, numerous scientists studied the efficacy of VigRX Plus—the research revealed that this supplement:

  • Enabled 63 percent of men to increase the duration of their erections.
  • Raised orgasm frequency and quality by 22 percent.
  • Improved sexual satisfaction by 71 percent.
  • Boosted libido by 47 percent.

Furthermore, and as a testament to its power, 90 percent of the male participants wanted to take VigRX Plus once the study had ceased.

Pros of Male Enhancement Pills

  • Obtainable without a prescription.Pros and cons
  • Include only naturally-occurring ingredients.
  • Often induce fewer side effects than prescribed medication.
  • Formulated with scientifically studied male enhancers.
  • Just one capsule addresses all areas of male sexual wellbeing.
  • Boosting sexual performance increases self-confidence.

Cons of Male Enhancement Pills

  • May not adequately address severe erectile dysfunction.
  • Supplement research is required—some lesser products are no better than placebos.
  • It could promote an insatiable appetite for sexual intercourse.

VigRX Plus Ingredients

Already, we’ve seen in this VigRX Plus review how the supplement functions on a physiological basis—but what are the compounds which power this product?

VigRX Plus contains 11 natural ingredients—not lab-designed synthetics. Furthermore, they’re all quantified and delivered in sufficient doses to provide scientifically-backed results.

1) Asia Red Ginseng 200mg

Let’s start this VigRX Plus review of the ingredients with a real powerhouse.

GinsengMade from a plant root—men have recognized ginseng for centuries as a potent aphrodisiac.

Experts explain that red ginseng can boost free testosterone levels, negate the power of estrogen, heighten fertility and raise libido.10

Red ginseng roots in a pile

2) Epimedium Leaf Extract 30mg

Its alternative name, Horny Goat Weed, is an indicator of this plant’s ability to heighten sex drive.

Clinical tests indicate that it has proven abilities to

  • Boost sexual desire.
  • Increase erectile firmness.11
  • Reduce blood pressure—elevating athletic stamina.12
  • Heighten energy levels.13

Horny goat weed plant - green leaves and purple flower

3) Muira Puama 100Mg

PlantAn Amazonian rainforest plant—which scientists believe elevates sexual arousal and pleasure. Hence, an essential component in this VigRX Plus review of the ingredients.

Research indicates it may function by increasing the sensitivity in nerve endings—heightening your reaction to stimulation.14

4) Hawthorn Berry 200Mg

While apparently innocuous, this potent berry can:

  • Prevent heart disease—the leading cause of male mortality.15
  • Reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol—elevated triglycerides can cause impotence.16 
  • Help to offset baldness.17

5) Saw Palmetto 200 mg

It always gives me pleasure to see saw palmetto in a male enhancement product—hence I’m proud to state in this VigRX Plus review it’s included.

ResearchResearch shows that this plant is an effective treatment for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)—that is, an enlarged prostate.18

6) Ginkgo Biloba 200Mg

An effective aphrodisiac and erection booster—functioning by elevating blood flow which promotes a firm penis and increasing its sensitivity.19

7) Damiana 200Mg

VeinsA shrub from Texas which research shows can increase desire and reduce recovery time between ejaculatory sessions. Thus allowing you to engage in multiple bouts of intercourse.20

8) Tribulus Terrestris 150Mg

If there’s one proven testosterone booster I always want to see in a male enhancement supplement—it’s Tribulus. So, I’m pleased to announce in this VigRX Plus review it’s included.

Furthermore, it heightens nitric oxide production—improving blood flow and enhancing erections.21

Tribulus plant

9) Catuaba 100Mg

Known as a traditional aphrodisiac, experts illustrate that it can reduce depressive symptoms—a cause of inhibited libido and erectile issues.22 23

10) Cuscuta 50Mg

A plant parasite that can improve erections and lower the incidence of premature ejaculation.24

11) Bioperine 10Mg

Broken PillsI’ll finish this VigRX Plus review of the ingredients with a vital component in any male enhancement pill that wants to be taken seriously.

Bioperine increases the bioavailability of the other compounds in the formulation—boosting their efficacy.25

What Does VigRX Plus Promise?

We’ve explored the power of the ingredients in this VigRX Plus review—but what do the manufacturers claim this supplement can do?

Here are their promises:

1) Provides Harder and Longer Erections

An impressively long-lasting and firm penis means more satisfaction in lovemaking, increased pleasure for your partner and extended sex sessions.

2) Delivers Results in Seven Days

Bed with heartRapid improvements to your sex life mean you can reap the benefits sooner. The quicker your bedroom activities improve, the greater the boost to your confidence and relationship.

3) Is the World’s Leading Male Enhancement Pill

Some over-the-counter supplements are packed with ineffective ingredients—or in quantities that yield no returns.

By selecting a well-respected and widely-used supplement, you’re assured of quality—protecting your hard-earned dollars.

4) Improves Satisfaction

Sex should always be a pleasure—never a chore.

Elevating satisfaction strengthens relationships and leaves you hungry for more.

Listen up.

Number sevenAs seen in this VigRX Plus review, this supplement claims the users experience the first results within seven days.

I know you’re hungry to discover the truth, so here’s a typical timeline of the returns guys see with VigRX Plus.

Weeks 1-2 In the initial 7-14 days, guys notice that their energy is increasing—boosting their vigor in everyday and bedroom activities.

Weeks 3-4 After four weeks of use have elapsed—men enjoy a remarkable heightening of their libido—powering them to increase their lovemaking frequency.

Weeks 5-6 It’s around this period that guys usually report a significant improvement in erectile quality. While this has been increasing since the first week, this is when the most noticeable results become apparent.

RunnerWeeks 7-8 After two months—men are surprised by their phenomenal stamina. Marathon-like sex-sessions aren’t uncommon, delivering pleasure to both them and their partners.

Let me give you some advice in this VigRX Plus review.

As seen above, patience is key. While improvements are noticed quickly, for the ultimate in sexual performance enhancement, it’s vital that you consume the pills for a minimum of two to three months.

What’s the Difference Between VigRX and VigRX Plus?

I need to explain in this VigRX Plus review that there’s a similar-named product known as just VigRX.

While still made by Leading Edge Health, this is a slightly weaker formulation, which doesn’t include the following ingredients found in the Plus version:

  • Damiana.
  • Tribulus.
  • Cuscuta.
  • Bioperine.

VigRX Plus Side Effects and Complaints

This VigRX Plus review has shown that it possesses a potent and scientifically proven formulation. Yet, are the guys using this supplement witnessing real results?

It appears the answer is yes.

Thumbs up with stars belowFurthermore, it seems that there are little-to-no side effects, and users are reporting serious sexual improvements.

Here are some genuine testimonials:

“It definitely boosted my energy and stamina just after 6 days of using it.” -Hans

“Increase in length and girth—this product works! I have even recommended it to friends.” -Patrick

“My girth has increased along with my climax capacity. I guess old things get boring…this brings excitement!” -Carl

“On the second week, I obtained stronger and harder erections—normally it takes a little while to attain an erection—but with this supplement, it was quick and strong.” -Emeks

“I noticed I’ve been getting thicker even when flaccid—length is improving as well.” -David

How Does It Feel to Use VigRX Plus?

At the beginning of this VigRX Plus review—I admitted my sexual performance was inadequate.

This product turned it around.

Just a few days in and I was feeling revitalized—with a keenness to face the challenges the day presented.

Then, as the weeks passed, everything fell into place. My erections were firmer, orgasms more pleasurable and sexual desire was off the scale. I was powering through for much longer.

Overall—I feel happier, more content, and a real man again.

VigRX Plus Packaging and Pricing

If this VigRX Plus review has whetted your appetite—you’ll be keen to know the prices:

  • One month’s supply $69.99
  • Price tagTwo months’ supply $134.99
  • Three months’ supply $199.99
  • Four months’ supply $267.99
  • Five months’ supply $329.99
  • Six months’ supply $384.99
  • One year’s supply $589.99

CouponMy personal opinion in this VigRX Plus review is that you should opt for the larger packages. This ensures you always have product available, prevents the inconvenience of frequent reordering and allows you to take advantage of discounted pricing.

Where to Buy VigRX Plus?

Personally, I’d recommend buying VigRX Plus from the official Leading Edge Health website. This enables you to receive a 100 percent genuine product, enjoy a 67-day guarantee and obtain free worldwide shipping on orders over $100.

VigRX Plus FAQ

“Is VigRX Plus Safe?”

Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, this supplement is unlikely to cause any adverse health issues.

“How to Take VigRX Plus?”

Take two tablets daily with your main meal.

“Can I Use VigRX Plus With Alcohol?”

Wine glassWhile it’s not dangerous to use this supplement with alcohol—it may lower its efficacy.

“Can I Use VigRX Plus With Other Medicine?”

Always consult with your health practitioner before using VigRX Plus alongside other medication.

“Is VigRX Available Without Prescription?”

You can purchase VigRX Plus over the counter without visiting your doctor.

Alternative Products

This VigRX Plus review has concentrated on just one male enhancement pill—but how does it rate amongst the leading competitors?

Here are the comparisons (For more info see our Best Male Enhancement Pills Guide):

Read My Review: Max Performer

Medicine bottleA powerful male sexual health supplement that includes 13 scientifically-proven male sexual health boosters.

Many of these are heavily dosed—including one gram each of the libido-boosting cordyceps, testosterone-raising ginseng and the erection-enhancing maca.


  • Formulated for men wanting the most concentrated doses possible.
  • Massive 100-day returns policy.
  • Multi-purchase discounts offer better bargains than VigRX Plus.


  • Some ingredient quantities could be considered overkill.
  • Large pills mean some guys experience difficulty swallowing them.
  • Lacks the testosterone enhancing Tribulus found in VigRX Plus.

Read My Review: Extenze

HarvestA supplement that includes a phenomenal 21 ingredients.

In addition to the sex-enhancing compounds found in VigRX Plus, it also contains the anti-inflammatory astragalus and the testosterone-raising Tribulus. 26 27

Unfortunately, 19 of these compounds are unquantified, meaning it’s impossible to measure this supplement’s efficacy.


  • A formulation for the guy who wants the most ingredient-heavy formula possible.
  • Just one pill per day.
  • Lighter on the wallet than VigRX Plus.


  • The manufacturers have hidden the ingredient doses.
  • Lacks damiana and Catuaba found in VigRX plus.
  • Some guys dislike the capsule taste.

Read My Review: Male Extra

StomachA lighter supplement (just seven ingredients) which could benefit those with sensitive digestion.

However, including the testosterone-raising zinc and libido-boosting cordyceps—it’s still an effective male enhancement pill.

ME_EN_BANNERS_350 × 241


  • 150,000 users worldwide.
  • Quantified ingredients.
  • Easier on the credit card than VigRX Plus.


  • Lacks sufficient ingredients to be the best male enhancement pill.
  • Some guys may consider three pills in every serving excessive.
  • Misses out some of the best sex-boosters found in VigRX Plus—such as saw palmetto, hawthorn and ginseng.

VigRX Plus Review Final Verdict

My lackluster erections, elusive sex-drive, and low stamina were ruining my confidence and my love life.

VigRX Plus has given me the boost I needed.

After just a few weeks it reignited my lust for sex, impressive hard-ons and turned me into a lovemaking powerhouse.

As seen in this VigRX Plus Review, there are some solid competitors on the market.

However, when it comes to the number and dose of scientifically proven ingredients, combined with its peer-reviewed clinical study—and all at a genuinely competitive price—no other supplement comes close.

If you want to be the ultimate sex-machine—get your hands on VigRX. Trust me, your partner will thank you.

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