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Penis Extender Buying Guide + Reviews Of The Top 5 Stretchers

My ultimate penis extender guide contains all the need-to-know facts on these enhancement devices. I’ve also saved you the frustration of shopping for your own with my reviews of the best penis extenders.

Metrics graphI hate to say it, but statistics back up the need for high quality penis extenders. Women do tend to favor well-endowed men—the lucky males who are larger than average.1

Not only that, but our penile perceptions can affect how we carry ourselves. It’s common for many men to attach their attractiveness and self-worth to their penis size.2

I was one of those men who hated the way my penis performed and looked. Anxiety about coming up short in the eyes of my partner led to poorer, weaker erections.

I don’t need to share all the gory details about how badly that affected me. I’ll sum it up: I was depressed, disappointed, and my sexual confidence all but vanished. 

The next step was clear, so I set out to test various penis extenders on myself. One of the products won the distinction of best-of-them-all: the Phallosan Forte. 

PuzzleThe first thing that attracted me is the simplicity. The Phallosan Forte is easy to set up and assemble.

It can be worn long-term for swift growth, which was important to me. If you get a hard-on at any point (which I know I do at night), the inner sleeve gives you room to expand.

This penis extender can do more than augment your manhood. It’s appropriate for men suffering from post-operative length loss, curvy penises, and ED.

My episodes of ED started to diminish—and then disappeared entirely. The improved blood flow to my member plus the confidence boost did the trick. 

There’s plenty of support from Phallosan in all respects. The website educates you on everything the Phallosan Forte can do for you, and there’s a handy mobile app too. 

Best Penis Extenders 


LighthouseWhich Penis Extender To Choose?

Penis extenders can be bewildering if you’re not familiar with them. My ultimate penis stretcher guide will clarify things for you.

Before I delve into the types, it’s time for a crash course in penis extenders. The construction of the product looks and feels distinct based on the brand and materials. 

Some have ingenious parts for greater effectiveness. One good example is the suction bell of the Phallosan Forte and the PeniMaster Pro.

All of that means it’s tricky to quantify penis extenders. One facet all such penis enlargement devices share is the fastener.

measuring tape

This is the bit that keeps your manhood in place. Without it, the extender would slip around and be useless. 

RobotIt’s important to select a model with well-built support. If you can’t fasten the noose or strap securely, the whole thing will be frustratingly unstable.

The fastener can either be classed as a noose or a strap. Hence, you’ll find these instruments referred to as noose extenders or strap extenders. 

Noose Extender

Nooses are usually made of skin-safe silicone. They’re usually slim tubes that fit around your penis and are secured into the support of the extender to hold it in place.

Once they’re fastened in place, the tube is unlikely to slip or move around. Usually, you’ll receive something to put between the noose or nooses and your penis. 

NooseThe downside is that noose fasteners don’t have much give. After hours of penis stretching, it may start to feel uncomfortably tight. 

Strap Extender

Strap fasteners are typically wide pieces of either cloth or rubber. As with noose extenders, you belt the straps into the support base of the extender.

The advantage of strap penis extenders is that they’re more likely to yield. A wide strap of soft material is more likely to stretch around you as opposed to a silicone tube. 

That does come with an obvious disadvantage—slippage. Straps can be more prone to shifting about, which is inconvenient and can hinder your progress.

Is a Penis Stretcher Right for You?

KeyThis is a key part of my ultimate penis extender guide. You’re about to discover what one of these products could do for you.

1) Augment Length and Penis Girth 

In the era of body positivity, hearing that penis size doesn’t matter is uplifting. Despite this, coming to accept that you’re not as well-endowed as you would like isn’t clear-cut.

Your self-esteem impacts your ability to perform sexually.3 Panicking about your sexual partner judging you isn’t a great way to stay horny. 

Penis enlargement devices are great for users who can’t remember being proud of their penis sizes. They’re far more accessible than cosmetic surgery and more affordable to boot.

2) Correct Curves

Curved arrowA curved penis can hit your vanity hard at any stage in your life. Not to mention that the bend can make penetration painful rather than pleasurable. 

As with penis size enhancement, surgery for Peyronie’s can be an intimidating, expensive option. Penis stretching can straighten you out without surgical intervention

They’re also preferable by many men who are wary of other treatments, most of which require direct injections.4 I’d take this penis enlargement tool over a penis injection any day of the week.

3) Improve Penile Shrinkage or Micropenises 

Penile shrinkage can occur with age, or due to trauma to the area such as a prostatectomy. 5 Diabetic men may also notice a loss in penis sizes.6

If you’re dealing with this, penis stretching can draw your manhood back out again. They can also work for users who have micropenises. 

4) Strengthen Erections

Battery with bolt symbolAre you getting the impression that your hard-ons aren’t quite so hard anymore? Penis stretchers can eventually power up your erections.

5) Preserve Length Before and After Surgeries 

Surgery on your manhood—for any reason—is traumatic physically and mentally. That includes voluntary procedures, such as a penile implant. 

A terrifying side effect of certain procedures is penile shrinkage. Radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer is one such example.7

two yellow pens

Using a penis extender before and after the main event can help you keep your manhood in shape.

Who Shouldn’t Use a Penis Stretcher?

SofaThere aren’t too many contraindications for penis extenders. Most users can enjoy the benefits these devices bring safely and comfortably.

It’s always wise to check with a physician if you do have a condition. Certain disorders—e.g., hemophilia—could raise the risk of pressure-related injuries.8

History of surgeries will also necessitate an official clearance by your doctor. Every man is unique, and you don’t want to make things worse for yourself inadvertently. 

Men with incontinence shouldn’t use a penis extender, particularly the types with suction bells. You don’t want a nasty infection, and it isn’t hygienic. 

Do Such Penis Enlargement Devices Work?

By now, you know what penis extenders can do. Understandably, listing off benefits won’t suffice to convince you as to whether or not penis extenders actually work.

ScoopIn this section of my ultimate penis extender guide, you’ll get the scoop on these instruments from impartial, professional observers. 

If you’re skeptical or need further reassurance, find out how these penis enlargement devices hold up under medical scrutiny:

1) Peyronie’s Disease

Combined with non-surgical treatments like intralesional plaque therapy, penis extenders are successful in increasing length and reducing curves.9

Men with acute Peyronie’s underwent penile traction therapy for 6 months. In simple terms, they used penile extenders. 

hand grabbing a scalpel

Penile curvature went down 33 percent on average. Participants also demonstrated thicker erections and improved sexual function—that’s what I call a win-win.10

2) Erectile Dysfunction 

Person with diseaseED in itself is usually a symptom of an underlying condition. There are many causes that can be psychological, physical or a combination of the two.

Penile extenders can diminish episodes of ED provoked by Peyronie’s disease. If a penis size-related lack of confidence prompts your ED, the measurement increase could help.

3) Penile Retraction or Micropenis 

Penis extenders are the ideal complement for testosterone supplementation in men with micropenises. One study showed that this approach amplified penile length by 58 percent.11

You can salvage length after penile prosthesis implantation as a result of radical prostatectomy. A trial investigating the matter revealed increases in both flaccid and erect penis length after 6 months.12

4) Size Enhancement

PrescriptionPenis extenders don’t require a prescription or a medical problem to use. It’s better for you if you don’t have any specific issues.

If you can’t complain in the health department, but you’re desperate for a bigger penis, you can use a penis enlargement device. Click here to read more about how safe male enhancement is.

A study monitored patients wearing penis extenders daily over 6 months. The participants benefited from an average of nearly 0.5 inches of extra length.

The circumference of the glans (head) widened out too with an average 0.3-inch increase in size.13

Another investigation over the same period demonstrated similar results. Men committing to their penis stretching daily boosted flaccid penis length by 32 percent. Their erectile function increased by up to 36 percent.14

Person with questionsAre you curious to know how this miracle occurs?

The consistent penis stretching of your penile tissues results in cell division at a microcellular level. The cell division—when two cells produce another cell—is known as cytokinesis.15

In turn, cytokinesis leads to eventual tissue growth. That expansion is what you’re working towards by wearing your penis extender as directed. 

Testimonials for Best Penis Extenders

The testimonials in my ultimate penis stretcher guide are all from genuine customers. Read onwards to learn how penis extenders worked out for these men: 

Phallosan Forte review:

Quick Extender Pro reviews:

Routines to Practice: Frequency and Length

There are three critical aspects contributing to the success (or failure) of your penis extender. 

The first is the high quality of the penis enlargement device. I go into that further in the buyer’s guide portion of my ultimate penis extender guide later on. 

The second two factors relate exclusively to you. Optimal results are achieved through consistency and commitment.

These penis enlargement devices have to be worn for long periods of time. On average, you’ll need to have your device on you for at least three hours per day.

CalendarYes, you read that right—per day. Penis stretchers aren’t a once-a-week deal—most of you will have to work around wearing your device outside the home. 

Thankfully, many models are discreet enough so as to be invisible. Unless someone knocks against your crotch, nobody will know what’s underneath your pants.

man smiling

Once you intensify your training, you might be wearing it for as long as six hours or more. Certain manufacturers may suggest taking a break once or twice to let your penis rest throughout the day. 

Always adhere to the product-specific guidelines when it comes to frequency. Don’t go past the maximum usage time or you could hurt yourself. 

Should You Wear a Penis Stretcher While Sleeping?

You have to read the manual of the penis extender you buy to know the answer. Some models aren’t made to be worn for more than a certain number of hours. 

Person sleepingAnother factor to keep in mind is your sleeping habits. If you’re the type to roll every which way as you sleep – penis stretching may not be feasible for you during the night. 

You don’t want to wake up to excruciating pain if you crush your penis extender (and penis) underneath you. 

How to Choose the Right Traction Level?

When you start shopping for penis extenders, you’ll notice many boasts about the strength of the traction device: e.g., 4.4 pounds.

Traction translates into the penis stretching power of the device. The higher the figure you see, the stronger it is. 

The strength of the penis traction device can range from a few hundred grams to several pounds. Some might have over 15 pounds of traction but these aren’t supposed to be used long-term. 

ToolYour penis extender may have either adjustable or set traction. The majority of high quality penis enlargement tools allow you to adjust the traction device for the best results. If you choose one in the latter category, you must be sure that the level is appropriate for you.

Beginners Versus Experts

Men who are new to penis extenders will want to begin gently. Wearing a model that’s extremely powerful can be physically overwhelming to start with.

You need to ease yourself into the sensation. Always begin on the lower end of the scale to see how you handle it—start at 1 pound or less. Better still, choose the minimum penis traction level your device is rated for.

man is thinking

Progress is bound to come with time. You can either buy a penis enlargement device with greater traction or adjust your device as needed when you feel ready. 

Person pulling upA good tip to judge if you’ve chosen the right traction is to monitor how you feel. Pain is an indication you’ve gone too far. You shouldn’t feel your penis extender pulling you to the point of distraction. 

How to Combat Slippage?

Constantly having to drop your pants and fiddle with your penis extender is aggravating. If you have to wear something for hours on end, you expect it to stay on.

Choosing a reputable penis extender is the best strategy for combating slippage. Cheap, poor quality models have fasteners that are more likely to break or slip.

You also have to ensure that you’re following set-up instructions explicitly. You don’t need to constrict your manhood to death with the fastener, but it should feel secure.

Rushing timeDon’t rush while you’re inserting your member into the penis extender. Take the time to make sure it’s set to an appropriate traction level, and all components are connected properly. 

When Can You Expect Results?

Penis extenders can have you achieving milestones in your personal enhancement journey. The answer you’re likely dying to know by now is: how fast?

The timeline I’ve laid out for you is based on ideal usage. That means wearing your penis extender daily for the manufacturer’s suggested number of hours.

If you discard your penis enlargement device after less than an hour and wear it infrequently, don’t expect to follow my timeline. Remember: dedication to wearing it is the key to success. 


I’ll be honest with you. On a day-to-day basis, you won’t be wowed by change when you’re starting out. 

HourglassYou may notice some expansion after you take off the penis extender, but it won’t be permanent. The good stuff comes with more time. 


Do you recall the old turn of phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” 

Well, enormous penises aren’t made overnight—feel free to quote me :). Peyronie’s isn’t cured after a few weeks.

You’ll start to appreciate your penis extender more and more as time passes. Month by month, you’ll see visible (and measurable) progress. 

Gains will start to become permanent rather than temporary. Your glans will stay fatter, and your penis will remain longer both flaccid and erect. Some users may also see enhanced penis girth overall. 

Right drawn arrowPeyronie’s sufferers will see a gradual reduction in curvature. Other symptoms like trouble staying erect should diminish at the same steady pace. 

Are Results Permanent?

Yes, your results should become permanent after a certain point, usually 6 months. That applies to both measurement gains and curve reduction. 

Do Both Erect and Flaccid Penis Size Change?

Absolutely—if you’ve read studies on penile traction therapy, you’ll notice many describe flaccid and stretched length.

The stretched length refers to how long your penis is when it’s pulled. It almost always increases alongside flaccid length after long-term penis extender use

Square with two arrowsIn turn, the stretched length is what will correspond to a larger erection. You see, flaccid penis length doesn’t mean much where it concerns getting hard.

We’ve all heard the phrase “grower, not a shower.” Hence, stretched penile length is a better indicator (clinically speaking) of your erect length.16

Are There Any Side Effects of Using These Kind Of Penis Enlargement Devices?

Penis extenders aren’t foolproof. Now, I’m not calling you a fool—but you do need to exercise your common sense when you use them.

I know what it’s like to be desperate to be demoralized and downcast over your penis. I understand it can seem tempting to try to speed up changes in any way you can.

Person in painIf there’s anything you take away from the ultimate penis extender guide, let it be this. Putting traction that you can’t handle on your penis will accomplish nothing but injury

Watch out for these symptoms:

  • Pain or extreme sensitivity.
  • Bruising.
  • Numb or cold flesh.
  • Skin irritation (may indicate an allergy to one or more materials).

These are indicators of possible misuse. Either you’ve been wearing your penis  extender for too long, or strapping yourself in too tight.

ConsultationIf you’ve been using the penis stretcher as directed, you’re due for a doctor’s visit. You’ll have to be examined to check that you and your penis are in good health.

What to Consider Before Buying a Penis Extender?

There are lots to consider when shopping for the best penis extenders besides effectiveness. This is a penis enlargement device you’ll be wearing for hours on end, after all.

It takes months to see appreciable results. If you don’t like the unit you purchase you’re much less likely to stick with it. 

You should approach buying a penis enlargement device with a good idea of what you want in mind:

1) Type

Two filesWhat sounds better to you, noose or strap extenders? If you’re not sure, read my section above comparing the two.

Nooses tend to slip less but can also cause constriction. Straps are usually more comfort-oriented but could be more prone to slipping and sliding. 

You can also pick a penis stretcher with both options. This way, you have the opportunity to choose what works for you without returning the device.

2) Tension Force and Adaptability 

How much tension is your penis extender rated for? If it’s set at a high limit, will you be able to handle that as a beginner?

two pair of hands are pulling rope

Can the tension be adjusted to compensate for your progress over time? You will adapt eventually, and staying at the same traction indefinitely won’t bring you the gains you crave.

3) Effectiveness

Cross fingersWhat does the manufacturer of your penis stretcher promise you? How many millimeters or inches can you gain? If you have Peyronie’s, is the penis extender labelled as the real medical device and thus safe for you?

4) Materials

Check what materials the penis stretcher you’re considering is made of. Are the fasteners skin-safe and anti-allergenic? 

What about the support rods, what are they made of? Is it stainless steel, or an inferior plastic or metal that will break or rust easily?

5) Durability

Durability relies on the materials. The higher the quality of the construction, the longer your penis extender will last.

Person making puzzleYou don’t want your device to fall to pieces around your manhood. That would be inconvenient and possibly painful if any sharp edges catch you. 

6) User-Friendliness 

Penis extenders come with a lot of separate pieces. If the instruction manual is vague or the parts are poorly made, the assembly can be unbearably tedious.

Certain models require that you take them off in the middle of your training for a break. If you’re at work, you want this process to be quick and quiet.

Can you picture yourself spending 20 minutes in the bathroom struggling to remove your penis extender? 

Take care to check that the device doesn’t require an engineering degree to take apart and put back together.

7) Safety

Safety helmet and glassThere’s no question that the penis extender you choose has to be safe. By that, I mean that it has mechanisms in place to prevent injury.

Components shouldn’t be sharp, rough, or pinch you. If set up as directed, there shouldn’t be any risk of you doing harm to your manhood.

8) Scientific Research

Has the manufacturer run any clinical trials on their product? Is there any scientific research supporting the penis extender you want to buy?

Research is a reassuring gauge of effectiveness and safety. You’ll see how results were achieved in a controlled setting, and replicate them at home.

man making notes

9) Cost and Budget

Penis extenders can be exorbitantly priced or cheap. Price shouldn’t be your sole concern, but you need to be realistic about your budget.

MoneySet a limit for how much you can spend on a penis extender. A higher cost doesn’t always indicate high quality. You have to look at each extender individually.

10) Customer Service 

How can you contact customer support for your penis extender? Based on customer reviews, are they prompt to reply and helpful?

You need to know that the company will be there for you if you have an issue. Penis extenders can be expensive—if you have a problem with your device, you’ll want it fixed. 

11) Warranty

How long is your penis extender guaranteed for by the manufacturer? A total lack of a warranty is suspicious, particularly for higher-priced devices. 

12) Delivery Time and Shipping Regions

ContinentDoes the penis extender you want ship to your country? If yes, how long will it take to arrive?

I can sympathize if you want to begin the enhancement process straight away. Users with surgery scheduled may be pressed for time. 

Which Works Better: Penis Pumps or Penis Extenders?

I’ll start by saying there’s evidence to support both penis pumps and penis extenders. I’ll break it down into sections for clarity. 

Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence 

Penis pumps, officially known as vacuum therapy, work on a multitude of issues. That includes every man’s dread: ED and impotence.17

Man sitting on the bed and looking into distance

Penis stretchers can tackle ED too, especially if it’s caused by Peyronie’s. However, there are considerably more trials on vacuum therapy for this particular problem. 

Air pumpThe vacuum of the penis pump can provide an instant erection—whereas penile extenders can’t.

Peyronie’s Disease 

Vacuum therapy shows promise against the unwanted curves of Peyronie’s disease.18 

Penis extenders have been proven effective at correcting Peyronie’s. They’re widely considered the standard for non-invasive treatment of curves. In animal trials, penis extenders trumped penis pumps when it came to curve reduction.19

Penile Rehabilitation 

Pumping can assist with penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy.20

Function and penis size can be impaired by the procedure. Penis pumps can minimize these unpleasant side effects.

Person rehabilitatingPenis stretchers demonstrated similar capabilities for rehabilitation. It’s wise to consult with your doctor if you want a penis extender for this purpose.

Size Gains 

As for your penis size, both gadgets can add to your dimensions. Admittedly, there isn’t much research on penis pumps exclusively for that purpose.

One investigation revealed minimal gains after 6 months of penis pumping.21 Still, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of bringing you results. 

measurement tape wrapped around corn

A lack of research doesn’t translate into ineffectiveness. Read my ultimate penis pump guide if you don’t believe me. 

Two outward arrowsPenis extenders have been proven to increase the size of the penis, time and time again. They’re recommended as a non-invasive treatment for men who are severely unhappy with their dimensions.22

Which Works Better?

The point I’m making is to assess your own goals and needs first. 

Penis extenders are worn long-term, whereas penis pumps are generally used in short bursts. 

Which is more convenient for you? Those of you with hectic lives might not have time to pump your penis every day. On the other hand, some users could find penis stretchers oppressive to wear. 

If you do have a condition, it won’t hurt to get medical guidance. You want to have the best chance of improving your penile health. 

What Other Methods Exist to Increase The Size of Penis?

Map routeI’ll tell you what other routes you can pursue to be satisfied with your penis size. I’m going to leave out cosmetic procedures.

I know I spent my fair share of time researching these surgeries. Although enhancement procedures have a stellar patient satisfaction rate, they don’t come cheap.23

So far, there isn’t a miracle supplement or cream that can add inches to your manhood. If there was, the manufacturer would be a renowned billionaire by now. 

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are another non-invasive measure that can alter how your penis works and looks. As I’ve touched on, there’s lots of research to support these devices for treating or ameliorating various conditions.

Water pumpLike penis extenders, penis pumps can also work to cure penis size dissatisfaction. That isn’t a medical term, but you get what I mean. 

You can choose to buy air-based, water-based, or electric (automatic) penis pumps. All of them accomplish the same end with different means. 

To achieve your goals, you need dedication. As with penis extenders, you need to commit to your penis pump to see real change.

air based penis pump

That means pumping on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes. Depending on the model, your sessions may be longer, shorter, or spaced out in increments. 


Foot massageJelqing is a special type of massage to stimulate the penis. It supposedly promotes growth with time, although studies on this technique are limited.24

The method isn’t complicated—you probably do something similar every time you masturbate. You position your thumb and forefinger into the classic “OK” gesture.

jelqing movement

Then, you milk your penis repeatedly from base to tip. Try to keep yourself somewhere at a partial erection and don’t pull or stretch too hard. 

There are multiple ways to implement this simple gesture. As with penis pumps and penis extenders, you need to jelq daily if you expect any results. 


Penis pumps and jelqing are often combined for a total penile workout. The two strategies complement each other well.

They’re not invasive, and both can be safely practiced by the majority of men. As always, I recommend users with a history (e.g., urinary blockages) speak with a doctor first.Exclamation inside circle

A word of warning: don’t over-tax your penis. If you start to feel sore or develop irritated skin, you’re pushing yourself too far. 

Should You Consider Homemade Penis Stretchers?

Before I answer this, I must ask you something. Have you yet to see a modern-day penis extender? 

Do me a favor and skip down to the review section and click on any one of my top picks. Or, perform a quick search online.

HouseNow, do you see why it would be hard to replicate one of these instruments safely at home? The DIY route is fine for something like a fleshlight, but not for a penis extender.

You can risk squeezing, pinching, or constricting your manhood with a homemade contraption.

Best Penis Extenders (TOP 5)

Hand selecting starsThis section of the best penis extenders buying guide covers product reviews. If you’re ready to buy one of your own, you can browse through these overviews at your leisure.

Let me tell you; there are lots of penis extenders out there. It wasn’t as easy as you may think to select the top five—the competition was intense.

The Best Penis Extender: Phallosan Forte

I’ll begin with the best penis extender, the Phallosan Forte. This device is rated to treat penile woes ranging from Peyronie’s to penile retraction due to obesity or paraplegia. 

This unit comes with the credentials to back up these abilities. The Phallosan Forte has been clinically tested for both safety and effectiveness.

The trial, along with other pertinent product information, is readily available on the website. Phallosan is transparent about every facet of the gadget, from how their penis extender works to potential side effects. 

Smartphone with handAll of the materials that will come into contact with your sensitive organ are allergen-free. You can download the mobile application for training routines, offers from Phallosan, and accessible customer support (Click here to read my Phallosan Forte review).

phallosan forte penis extender


  • Innovative mobile app.
  • Proven effective through clinical research.
  • Adjustable traction.
  • Less moving parts and pieces than other extenders.


  • Expensive. 
  • Relatively short money back guarantee period

Runner-up: SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics offers you plenty of choices to purchase a penis extender kit to meet your specific needs. 

There are four packages: Value Edition, Comfort System Package, Peyronie’s and Curvature Edition, and Ultimate System.

SunglassesOne of the most attractive features of SizeGenetics is the accessories. Unlike other devices on the market, you’re not obliged to buy a new package if you outgrow the old one. 

You can buy the extras you want or need separately. You won’t feel pressured to go over-budget to ensure you have everything you need long-term.

With SizeGenetics, you also get high quality assurance from medical professionals. Cosmetic surgeons Dr. Jorn Ege Siana and Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen both recommend the penis extender (Click for SizeGenetics review).

sizegenetics penis extender ultimate system edition


  • Four packages available.
  • Certain accessories available separately. 
  • Four-month money back guarantee.
  • Appropriate medical device for Peyronie’s and micropenis syndrome.


  • Using a lower traction may not lead to impressive results.

Third Best Penis Extender: PeniMaster Pro

Person with shape optionsThe PeniMaster Pro is another penis extender that spoils you for choice. You can buy the basic comfort system, the belt expander system, or the rod expander system.

There’s also the basic comfort system with weights included, and two choices of upgrade kit (I and II). Finally, a complete set is available for men who want it all. 

If you buy one of these kits and decide you want more, accessories are available separately. You can purchase the weights, belt, or rod to add to your collection.

Many customers praise how comfortable these penis extenders are to wear. They’re German-made, and the tension is adjustable on all models (Click for Penimaster Pro review).

penimaster pro penis extender


  • Versatile packages and variety in types of extender.
  • DumbbellAdjustable tension on all systems.
  • Packages for all levels, including weights for advanced users.
  • Accessories available separately for purchase.


  • Some users report difficulty learning how to use the devices.
  • Relatively shorter money back guarantee period.

4th Place: Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro uses two fasteners to eliminate slippage. The nooses will hold your penis extender in place throughout the day for maximum effects.

It also advertises that you can gain up to one inch of length per month by using Quick Extender Pro. This should entice users who are keen to enhance their penis sizes as quickly as possible. The company, who manufactures quick extender pro, states you’ll see a visual change in as little as two to three weeks.

Quick Extender offers four packages for men of all needs and budgets. There’s the Quick Extender Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition, Value Edition, Deluxe Standard Edition, and Deluxe Limited Edition.

Ribbon with check markA major advantage of these penis extenders is the guarantee. You receive a lifetime warranty with purchase no matter which Quick Extender kit you buy (Read my Penimaster Pro review).

quick extender pro delux edition


  • Quick results.
  • Various kits available, including for Peyronie’s.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Double-strap system for minimal slippage.


  • Some men may find the system complicated to set up.

5th Place: Jes Extender

The Jes Extender will get you extreme results if you commit to using the device. Six months could see you with a 28 percent longer, 19 percent thicker penis.

All of the ongoing accessories you need are readily available on the website, such as 3M plasters. You can also tailor your penis stretcher with extras like rubber straps or silicone nooses. 

Treasure chestMen who love luxurious items will likely be enticed by the Jes Extender. The rods of this penis extender can be purchased coated in silver, gold, or platinum.

These are the bank-breaking options (Jes Extender Platinum is $1,000). It’s nice to know that if you want a fancy penis extender, you can own one (Read my Jes Extender review).

jes extender


  • Two-year warranty.
  • Gold, silver, and platinum extenders available.
  • Full money back guarantee.
  • Treats abnormal curves, including chordee.


  • Jes Extender Light has a penis size limit of 6.7 inches.


If you feel like you were literally short-changed genetically, you know what to consider. The same goes for men with Peyronie’s disease.

Penis extenders are worth trying whatever the source of your displeasure. They’re a non-invasive tactic for enhancing penis sizes, straightening curves, and improving erectile function.

The Phallosan Forte is always my first choice as a recommendation. I’m not only saying that because it worked for me. 

This penis extender ticks off all the positives you want in one of these devices. It’s excellent value for money, well-designed, and user-friendly. The mobile app is great for guiding you towards a penis you can be proud to look down upon. 

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