Jelqing – The Technique Explained In Detail

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Addressing concerns about penis size is a significant aspect of body image, impacting the confidence, sense of masculinity, and perceived sexual performance for many individuals, as indicated by studies revealing dissatisfaction among at least one in four people.

In response to these concerns, jelqing provides an alternative for those seeking to enhance the size of their genitalia without resorting to surgical interventions, additional devices, or substantial costs. This comprehensive article delves into the correct methodology of jelqing, offering insights into both its girth and length enhancement potential, along with evidence supporting its effectiveness. By exploring this approach, individuals can make informed decisions about their body image and well-being.

This comprehensive jelqing article covers everything from the correct method through to its evidential effectiveness.

What Is Jelqing?

Light bulb and a open bookSometimes referred to as “milking,” jelqing (pronounced as jel-king) is a form of penile massage. It’s a commonly held belief that its name stems from the Arabic word for milking a cow—although evidence for this is scant.2

Jelqing is a penis enlargement technique in which a man both strokes and squeezes his male-member with (usually) two fingers. Theoretically, this promotes and encourages blood flow to the glans (head) while additionally stretching the length of its tissues and boosting girth. It’s this method, akin to squeezing a cow’s udder—which provided its other name.

Why Men Want to Do It?

As indicated earlier—men consider that having a large penis is vital for a positive self-body image.

This starts at a young age. It appears that these concerns are learned—young males, before adolescence, are exposed to the belief that large penises are desirable. As opposed, for example, to having a sizeable nose.3

However, in the last 20 years, this has been exacerbated by the growth of the internet.

ResearchStudies indicate that the wide availability of pornography on demand has led many youths to believe that immense phalli, as witnessed on male porn actors, are the norm and not the exception.4

Furthermore, female-orientated discussions—in forums, socially, and online sexual blogs—often express that it’s preferable for a man to have a large phallus. The theory that the penis size determines the pleasure it can deliver is very prevalent.5

This can possibly lead to feelings of sexual inadequacy in men—even before their first intimate experience. Experts have shown that men who consider their penis to be “above average” are happier with their lovemaking ability than those who believe their member to be “below average”.6

I know what you’re thinking—so, is my own penis above or below the average?

Magnifying glass with an exclamation markThe truth is, it depends where in the world you live as average erect penis size varies quite a bit when you compare countries and regions like Italy 7, United States 8 , China 9 and Middle East 10

One of the most comprehensive reports on penis size comes from the BJUI (British Journal of Urology International). It covers 17 different studies with data from 15,000 men. It concluded that the average flaccid penis was 3.61 inches (9.16 cm) and an erect penis was 4.59 inches (11.65 cm).11

PromotionHence, even if you’re a man with a “normally-sized” penis—you’re unlikely to successfully obtain a job in pornography. Unless it was a particular “average penis” porn category or niche. This supports the fact that online erotica places unrealistic expectations on our penile length.

If you’re not already reaching for the measuring tape—I know that at some point today you will.

And—that’s not a bad thing.

Experts have reported that in general, men underestimate their penis size—imagining it to be smaller than it actually is. Furthermore, clinical research demonstrates that underestimating phallic length leads to psychological sexual dysfunction.

Knowing that you’re average, or above-average can increase sexual performance. 12 13

DoctorHowever, there are some circumstances where medically a penis is considered “too small.” That is, where a penis should be considered for surgical penile lengthening.

According to the Journal of Urology, this is when the male member is less than 1.6 inches (4 cm) flaccid, and 3 inches (7.5 cm) erect.14

The big question—does penis size matter?

Most importantly, if it’s causing you concern and interfering with your sex-life—then it does matter, whatever the actual length of your penis.

However, from a scientific point of view—the opinion is mixed.

Statistics iconMasters and Johnson explained that penile size is unimportant—the vagina stretches and contracts to the volume of the penis—making little difference to female arousal or enjoyment. Yet, more recent research suggests that it does make a difference—but only in girth, not length.15

It appears that a penis that is larger at the base has a more significant stimulatory effect on the clitoris—heightening female pleasure.

Hence, perceived self-image, performance, and pleasure are the main reasons that men look towards jelqing to increase penis size.

How to Jelq?

Here are the complete steps for the jelqing procedure—perform these exercises in full, in the order listed, for the indicated duration to fully benefit from this penis enlargement technique.

1. Warm-Up

Find somewhere private where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. Consider jelqing as your personal workout time.

The critical factor to bear in mind is you, your hands, penis, and lubrication need to be warm. Cold temperatures lead to vasoconstriction—shrinking the penis.16

ShowerI’d suggest taking a warm bath or shower first—it relaxes your muscles, places you in a comfortable mindset, and softens the skin. Hopefully, your hands are already warm. If not gently rub them together for around 30 seconds to increase blood flow.

Additionally, whatever your choice of lubrication—heat this up too. The bottle or tub can be placed in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes to raise its temperature.

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Alternatively, a warm towel or heat pad can be placed on the penis for around 10-20 minutes before commencement.
  • Ensure during your shower or bath you remove all excess soaps and detergents from the penis—they can interfere with the lubrication and cause irritation.
  • You may find using background music a relaxing aid—but nothing with an upbeat tempo that will tempt you to rush your jelqing.

What to Avoid?

  • Ensure the lube is warmed—not cooked. Hot oils or lotions can burn the sensitive skin of the penis.

2. Apply Lubrication Before You Start

Most seasoned jelqers find that lubrication reduces irritation and chafing—and makes the actual “milking” procedure simpler.

lubricant is applied on a hand for jelqing

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Use hypoallergenic lubricants such as Vaseline, Baby Oil, or bespoke sexual enhancing creams.
  • Sit on a towel to prevent any excess lube dripping onto your chair or bed.

What to Avoid?

  • Your penis should be well-lubricated—but not to the point of soaking. Excessive lubrication can make it challenging to perform the “milking” action—reducing grip.

3. Stroke Your Penis Gently Until It Is 70 Percent Erect

BatterySlowly begin to massage your penis—as if you’re about to begin masturbation. Don’t go for a full erection—you’re aiming for 70-percent hard.

That is, it feels substantial within the hands, but you can still gently bend or flex it if required.

70% erect penis is perfect for jelqing

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Slow and steady is the correct method—too fast, and this could result in a full erection which is not conducive to jelqing.
  • Observe your penis—don’t rely on touch alone, constantly monitor your erectile progress visually.

What to Avoid?

  • Massaging the penis is pleasurable. Avoid the temptation of forgetting about jelqing and begin to masturbate. Try to remain in a controlled state of mind.

4. Use the Right Grip

The most commonly used and reportedly successful grip is the “OK” gesture. That is, where the thumb and forefinger form a complete ring.

OK grip

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Use your strongest hand to form the “OK” grip—this allows for more control during jelqing.

What to Avoid?

  • Hopefully, as a man, you have short fingernails. However—check. Long nails can not only prevent forming the perfect grip—but they also run the risk of injuring your penis.

5. Start Your Grip at the Base of the Penis

Position your thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis (so that the underside of the grip touches the top of your scrotum). Move the “OK” grip slowly up your penis towards the tip—maintaining light pressure at all times.

jelqing movement

jelqing movement

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Take it slow—from base to tip the maneuver should take around three seconds.
  • Again, observe—watching the action ensures that the procedure is controlled and deliberate.

What to Avoid?

  • Don’t grip too hard—your grip should induce a feeling of stretching—but not so much that it causes discomfort or pain.

6. Release Your Grip Before You Reach the Tip

As soon as the “OK” grip reaches the base of your glans (head)—release. You can either totally separate thumb and forefinger or just relax slightly, so it passes easily over.

That’s one complete “jelq”.

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Releasing the grip at the head entirely, then flexing the fingers before the next pass, can prevent cramp occurring in the hand.

What to Avoid?

  • Under no circumstances squeeze the head of your penis—this can be painful and is not part of the “jelq”.

7. Repeat

repeatAfter the first jelq—repeat the procedure. Ideally, aim for a ten-minute session—completed four to five times per week.

If your hand becomes tired or suffers from cramp—you can switch to your other.

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Try to set-aside a particular time of day to be your jelqing time—this ensures that you remain dedicated to your routine.
  • If you’re also using a penis pump or extender—conduct jelqing after using this equipment—not before.

What to Avoid?

  • Don’t overdo it—never exercise for more than 15-20 minutes in any one session.
  • Avoid “pushing through” the pain—this isn’t weightlifting—if your penis or hand begins to hurt, then stop.

8. Slowing Down Phase

Slow downDuring your final minute of jelqing, slightly lower the grip intensity and speed. Like working out in the gym—your penis needs a gentle cool-down period.

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Set the alarm on your watch or smartphone for 9 minutes—so you know when to begin your cool-down jelqs.
  • Post-jelqing, you can use a warm towel to relax the penis.

What to Avoid?

  • Never cease your jelqing without some form of cooling period—it’s required to prevent inflammation or irritation.

Types of Jelqing

While the above method is considered the standard procedure for jelqing, there are some variations on this theme.

Wet & Dry

Water dropUsing lubricant is known as “wet” jelqing—however, it can be done without—unsurprisingly, known as “dry.”

Jelqing, without any additional creams or oils, can reduce stimulation. Hence, if you find yourself becoming overexcited—it may be a method to prevent full erections.

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Ensure your hands are thoroughly dry—water or sweat will increase friction and cause discomfort.

What to Avoid?

  • Dry jelqing is only suitable for those who are uncircumcised—lack of a foreskin prevents free movement without lubrication.

Lateral Jelqing

This method attempts to reduce any curvature in the penis.

CurveIt’s completed in the same way as the standard method—but with the additional factor of pushing against the curve of the penis in an attempt to build up blood flow and tissues on the opposite side. Theoretically, making the penis straighter.

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Using a pincer movement (forefinger on the underside, thumb in the upper) instead of the “OK” grip allows for more angled tension.

What to Avoid?

  • Don’t use excessive force—pushing against the natural bend can induce pain and injury.


V signJelqing enthusiasts believe this alternative method works to increase girth rather than length. It’s known as the V-jelq as it uses the two fingers involved in the victory sign.

Grasp the base of your penis with your left hand to provide stability. Make the V-sign (with the fore and middle fingers) and curl. Place them at either side of your penis—your palm will be on the underside of your member, facing you.

Pushing into the penis from the sides—make a slow upward movement towards the head—releasing when you reach it.

v jelqing

v jelqing

How to Tips & Tricks

  • Many jelqing proponents indicate that lubrication is more effective and comfortable than dry in this variation.

What to Avoid?

  • Ensure your hand gripping the base doesn’t begin to slide-up the penis—preventing your V-fingers from starting the jelq completely from the bottom.

What kind of Routine should I Follow?

CalendarFollowing a specific and planned routine—like going to the gym—may improve results. Here are some factors to consider.

Frequency and Intensity

Using this penis enlargement technique once a week is unlikely to deliver any improvements in penis size. Being consistent and following a routine is suggested as the preferred method.

Make a jelqing diary—planning the days on which you’ll be performing the exercise and also on which days you are resting.

The penis will need recovery time—don’t overwork it. Adherents suggest that jelqing 4-5 times a week for around 10 minutes in every session yields the best results.

MuscleProponents of jelqing advise that intensity and frequency need to be increased as your jelqing program continues. Comparing it to a muscle—they indicate that the penis “adapts” to the exercise—meaning maintaining the same procedure provides diminishing returns.

Hence, over the weeks, your level of pressure and time duration of jelqing should increase.

The JP90 Jelqing Routine

One of the most widely followed jelqing routines is the JP90 method—initially conceived by Jon Paul, from the famous Pegym website. Here’s an outline of this plan.

1. Warm-Up

ThermometerFollow the procedures outlined in the warm-up routine for the standard exercise.

2. Basic Stretching

  1. Commence with your penis 30 percent erect. With the penis grasped at the base between thumb and forefinger—swing the penis round in clockwise circles—known as helicopter shakes. Complete 20 times.
  2. Hold the penis in the “OK” grip at the base. Stretch the penis along the left thigh—while holding, complete 25 Kegel maneuvers (described in Pelvic Floor Exercises below).
  3. Do another 20 helicopters—this time anti-clockwise. Repeat step 2 on your right thigh.
  4. Repeat four times on either side.

3. Wet Jelqing

  1. Your penis should be 70 percent erect at this stage.Dumbell icon
  2. Use lubrication as already mentioned.
  3. Complete 50 “OK” grip jelqs as described for the standard method.

4. V-Jelqing

  1. Complete 30 V-jelqs as already discussed.
  2. Perform a further 50 wet jelqs and 30 V-jelqs.
  3. Complete a total of 150 wet jelqs and 90 V-jelqs.

5. Warm-Down

Apply a warm cloth or towel to your penis to relax and prevent injury.

What Are the Signs of Successful Jelqing Session?

Man thinkingKnowing that you’ve performed your jelqing successfully provides satisfaction and encourages you to continue with the program. Signs of a profitable session include:

  • After every jelq—the head feels slightly firmer.
  • Your penis head color is a little darker.
  • The base of the penis near the pelvic bone is lighter in tone.
  • Generally, the penis looks slightly fuller and larger.

These indicators show that increased blood has been pushed up along the length of your penis—the main goal of this exercise.

What Are the Benefits of Jelqing?

According to jelqing enthusiasts—the benefits of this penis enlargement technique include:

  • An ability to attain erections faster.Happy man
  • Elongated erection longevity.
  • Firmer and more impressive erections.
  • Elevated stamina during sexual intercourse.
  • Increased penis length and girth.

Other less common reported results include more satisfying orgasms, increased penile sensation, and a reduction in premature ejaculation.

When to Expect Results?

Depending on which jelqing testimonials you read—the first results appear within weeks three to four—with an average increase of around 0.2 inches.

CalendarMany jelqers witness the most impressive returns after an 8-12 week jelqing program—with proponents boasting around a one-inch increase in length and half-an-inch in girth.

Does Jelqing Really Work?

Jelqing has never been proven under clinical conditions to increase the size of the penis.

A 2017 paper published by TAU (Translational Andrology Urology) stated that there are—no proven physical exercises that can improve erections.17

Statistics iconAlthough, they did qualify this statement by indicating that, to date, researchers have not investigated jelqing as a method of penis enhancement.

While there’s no research on jelqing—some practitioners have examined the efficacy of over-the-counter penis stretchers. A 2011 report illustrated that while they were ineffective at improving girth—they did increase the length by around 0.4 inches (1 cm).18

Additionally, anecdotal evidence in the form of testimonials from men following this penis enlargement technique is, in the main, positive. Here are a few examples:

Man“Flaccid length, I’ve gained maybe five-eighths of an inch…I now feel more comfortable naked with my partner.”


engineer“My erect penis was 5.5 inches in size (3.5 inches flaccid)… Now my erect penis size is pretty much 6 inches while 4.5 inches when flaccid …even my girlfriend noticed a difference.”


manager“I’ve noticed that I now have harder erections—similar to that when I was in my teens (I am now in my 30s).”


Results Timeline

Gains tend to be person-specific. However, here is one man’s experience over ten weeks, in which he reports a nearly one-inch increase in length. 

Can Jelqing Help Me Last Longer During Sex?

Some jelqing enthusiasts report that sexual stamina increases after a jelqing program—whereas other men see no difference at all.

As researchers have not conducted any jelqing-specific studies, there is no clinical evidence indicating it can assist with premature ejaculation.

Is Jelking Safe?

If conducted sensibly and taking the precautions indicated in this article—jelqing should not cause any adverse issues.

Attention signYet, in the short term, over-vigorous jelqing and excessive squeezing can cause irritation, overstretching of the penile tissue, friction burns (when done “dry), and bruising.

As scientists have not conducted any research on jelqing—its long-term dangers are unknown. However, some men have provided testimonial evidence of the adverse effects of sustained jelqing.

It appears that the majority of the side effects are due to damage caused to the chambers in the penis which fill with blood during an erection.

This can induce:

  • Peyronie’s disease—causing a bent or curved member.
  • Pain during ejaculation.
  • Erectile dysfunction—damage to the chambers is so severe they can no longer flood with blood.
  • Painful erections.
  • Scar tissue—promoting a deformed look to both the flaccid and erect penis.
  • Urination pain.

DoctorIf, after following a jelqing program, you suffer pain or any of the above symptoms—cease the exercises and speak with your medical practitioner.

Which Exercises Can Improve Erections?

One of the most effective, and scientifically proven techniques to increase erection quality, is exercising the pelvic floor (also known as Kegel).19

Here’s the method.

  1. First, find your pelvic floor muscles. This is done by urinating and stopping mid-stream—where you feel tension in your pelvic floor.
  2. Stand, sit or lie down.
  3. Squeeze your pelvic muscles and hold for three seconds.
  4. Release—and rest for three seconds.
  5. Repeat the above procedure 10 times.
  6. Ideally, do three sets of these exercises every day.

What Changes Can I Make in My Lifestyle to Improve Erections?

Making two small, but important adjustments to your daily life can help you to avoid erectile dysfunction.


Exercise IconA recent 2018 study explained that conducting 40 minutes of aerobic exercise four times a week decreases erectile dysfunction. It stimulates blood flow and opens up the vascular system.20

As the penis becomes erect through the corpora cavernosa being flooded with blood—any improvements to its delivery elevate erection quality.

However—don’t put too much emphasis on cycling in your exercise regime.

Researchers explain that sitting on the bike seat places stress on the perineum—an area which contains the nerves that provide sensation in the penis.21

The facts is that excessive cycling can even lead to a temporary erectile dysfunction.


CarrotEating healthily, especially when combined with exercise, can increase firmness and erection longevity.

Studies show that those people who are unfit and overweight are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than those who do not have these issues.22

Other Penis Enlargement Methods?

Jelqing may help to increase your penis size. However, it’s not the only method to improve your manhood’s length and girth. Besides the list below, you can also checkout Phalogenics Program for penile growth.

Enhancement Pills

bottle of pillsThese range from being scientifically plausible to completely ineffective. Generally, there are no oral tablets on the market—despite their claims—that will actually increase the size or width of your penis.

However, some supplements can improve erection firmness. Usually, these concentrate on elevating nitric oxide levels—which enhance blood flow.23

By dilating the vessels in your member—blood supply is increased, enhancing erections.

Penis Pumps

These are tubes that fit over your penis, which then either manually or electronically create a vacuum. This results in increased blood flow entering the penis, making it swell. Often, they also include a penis ring—to restrict blood flow from the penis again—extending the duration of your erection.

air pumpWhile suitable for men who suffer from mild erectile dysfunction—research shows it does nothing to increase penis size.24

Penis Extenders

These tools aim to heighten length by stretching penile tissues. In theory, the tension placed on the penis causes cells to duplicate and repair, increasing its size.

The variety available on the market is vast—as is the method of traction, price, and materials.

While efficacy depends on the machine itself—studies show that penis extenders can improve penis size (both length and girth).25 However, use these devices with caution, as damaging your penis during stretching can be very painful.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Three scalpelsThis is the most extreme of all penis enlargement methods. It’s a surgical technique that you should only consider if the size of your manhood is severely affecting your mental wellbeing or is ineffective for intercourse.

This invasive course of action can target girth, length, and the volume of the glans. Most commonly, it involves injecting fat cells into the penis to elevate size.

However, often the results can be short-lived, as it only increases flaccid mass, not erectile. Such condition may lead to a penis deformity, and result in loss of sensation which in turn may induce erectile dysfunction.26

Learn Deep Penetration Sex Positions

If you desire a larger penis for more pleasurable lovemaking for you and your partner—this can often be achieved by utilizing particular deep penetration positions.

Man is readingThese allow even the smallest penis to penetrate extensively into the vagina, stimulating the G-spot, and providing heightened sensations.

Some of the most effective are:

  • Reverse jockey—your partner lays on her belly with you straddling from behind.
  • Turtle—she lies face down, pulling her knees towards her belly, while you penetrate from a kneeling position behind.
  • Anvil—she lies on her back, ankles on your shoulders, as you enter facing her.


Being happy with our penile size is essential for our confidence and mental wellbeing.

While lacking in scientific evidence, many jelqing enthusiasts swear by its effectiveness. Try it—it’s free and if performed correctly, should not cause any adverse problems.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Biswadeep Das in August 2019


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