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How To Get a Bigger Dick? | 5 Actionable Tips By Sextopedia

You’ve heard it a million times — size isn’t important.

Unfortunately, that’s a complete myth.

Whether it’s down to self-confidence issues, the desire to impress women or the ability to satisfy a sexual partner — size is definitely important.

Being unhappy with the dimensions of your dong can lead to feelings of inadequacy, depression and increased performance anxiety.

But, you don’t have to settle for a small schlong. A few simple tricks and techniques, and you’ll be sporting a mighty manaconda.

Allow me to reveal the secrets of how to get a bigger dick.

How to Get a Bigger Dick — Top Tips

Why Men Want to Be Bigger?

Research explains that ever since your teenage years — you’ve been obsessed with the size of your Johnson. Men appear to have an in-built desire to possess ginormous trouser tackle — as opposed, say, to having massive ears or a voluptuous nose.

Furthermore, over recent years, this desire has increased exponentially.

The growth of the internet, and the ready availability of porn, has allowed men to see other guys wangers on a daily basis. And let’s face it — those porn guys are hugeStudies demonstrate that this has resulted in many men being dissatisfied with their comparably insignificant peenie-weenies.

And when watching these sex-flicks, us guys see the immense orgasmic pleasure these sex behemoths are giving their female partners. Few of us send our women to the heights of ecstasy that these guys can achieve.

Ok, admittedly, most of those climaxes are probably faked — but, the notion sits there subconsciously in your mind.

Most crucially, though — women do prefer a longer dong.

Boffins explain that for women, given a choice, they want a mighty tallywhacker over a baby mushroom.

Hence, it’s natural for men to wonder how to get a bigger dick.

Penis Size — The Facts

Let me ask you something — are you content with the size of your penis?

Current research indicates that around one in four men are unhappy with the dimensions of their dick. I’m not one to question science, but I think in this particular survey, some guys were being less than honest.

I know if I asked four of my buddies the same question — they’d happily have a more substantial schlong.

Give a guy the choice of a million dollars or a gigantic Johnson — and he’ll opt for the latter. Or, he’d take the cash and use a hefty proportion of it to obtain a sizable snake.

But is your todger small in real terms?

The truth is, around the world — penis size differs:

Country Average Erect Penis Length

So, even if you’re an average guy from the Middle East — you’re unlikely to get a job in porn — where most guys are displaying their 7-inches-plus of man meat.

I know what’s going through your mind — you’re thinking about grabbing a tape measure right now!

That isn’t a criticism — do it.

Generally speaking, men underestimate the size of their members — usually considering it smaller than it is in reality. Understanding that you don’t have a weirdly tiny tackle compared to others can improve sexual performance.

So, chances are, you have an average size sausage. And, you now have no interest whatsoever in finding out how to get a bigger dick, right?

Complete trash.

For starters, who wants to be average in life? And secondly, there are distinct advantages to owning a lengthy-love rocket.

Why You Need a Bigger Penis?

Ok, I don’t want to exaggerate.

You don’t need an enormous Johnson — but it helps.

Having a substantial pants-packet has two main benefits — psychological and practical.

Psychological Advantages of a Bigger Penis

Whatever your actual size — if you’re unhappy with the dimensions of your dong — this can have a profound effect on your mental wellbeing.

In day-to-day terms, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem and even depression. In precisely the same way as guys feel down due to their weight or lack of musculature — a tiny trouser tinker can mean negative body-image issues.

This then has a knock-on effect in the bedroom.

Having issues around your penis size can lead to performance anxiety — that is, concerns before sex that you neither possess the equipment, or ability, to satisfy your girl. 

This isn’t just a case of being nervous. Studies show that performance anxiety can result in impotence and premature ejaculation — further amplifying your bedroom worries. It’s a horribly vicious circle.

Knowing how to get a bigger dick and make your penis look larger can put an end to these bedroom woes.

Practical Advantages of a Bigger Penis

The idea that size isn’t important appears to stem from those prolific sexual writers, Masters and Johnson.

In the 1960s, they stated that penile dimensions were irrelevant. Masters and Johnson suggested that the vagina either contracts or expands to accommodate the size of the male member. As such, whether you’re large or small, this has no effect on female pleasure or arousal.

However, 40 years later, research found this to be untrue — and size, especially girth, had a significant impact on female ecstasy.

Since that time, numerous other study papers have confirmed the same — size is crucial — with a colossal cock more likely to invoke the female orgasm.

Perhaps more importantly — women want a large love-lumber.

In 2015, boffins from UCLA discovered that women actively craved impressively sized penises. What’s more, if they were on a one-night-stand — they considered it essential for a satisfying sex session.

Hence, understanding how to get a bigger dick not only makes you more awesome between the sheets — but it also increases your desirability to the fairer sex.

Seven Ways to Get a Big Penis

Down to serious business — how to get a bigger dick!

Here are my top seven methods of penis enlargement — enabling you to boost self-confidence, attractiveness to women and performance when getting down and dirty.

In many cases, you can combine hacks for the ultimate in pecker growth.

1. Penis Extenders

Perhaps the most reliable and effective method of penis enlargement.

These mechanical units strap onto your floppy member and, through traction, pull on your Johnson to stretch it permanently. Typically, they’re worn for many hours per day — although many devices are suitable for use while you’re asleep.

There are numerous models on the market — all of which differ in traction method, construction, price and efficacy.

However, the research behind them is remarkably positive.

Studies from both 2011 and 2015 concluded that these units are an effective method of penis enlargement — both in length and girth.

2. Natural Enhancement Pills

Let me start by saying this — no pill, whatever its claims, will permanently increase the size of your manhood.

They may promise permanent penile enlargement — but they have no basis in science.

However, there are some supplements that can elevate erection quality, and therefore, increase the volume of your Johnson when you’re erect.

Perhaps the most effective of these are nitric oxide boosters. These stimulate the body into creating more of this gas, which in turn dilates blood vessels, increasing flow to your member. 

As such, it engorges with a greater volume of blood — elevating both length and girth.


3. Shave and Lose Weight

If you’re carrying a little excess poundage, and are as hirsute down below as Sasquatch — your member is going to look like a tortoise peeping out of its shell.

Excess pubic hair and substantial pubic fat effectively ‘swallows-up’ your member — making it appear smaller than it is in reality. So, get the razor out and drop some weight!

Furthermore, losing fat increases erection quality — leading to a harder and longer Johnson.

However, bear in mind that this is a purely aesthetic solution. This may make your penis look larger, but it isn’t any more likely to induce an orgasm in your woman.

4. Jelqing

Jelqing (basically massage) — is a method of penis enlargement said to have been developed by the Arabs. And, as you have seen, they have the most enormous dongs in the world.

Here’s the process:

  1. Get yourself semi-erect — about 70 percent hard.
  2. With your non-dominant hand, grasp your balls and pull downwards to reveal the full length of your member.
  3. While holding this position — make a circle with your thumb and index finger of your other hand and slide down your Johnson — as if you’re milking a cow.
  4. Repeat this action for 10 minutes — five times per week.

In theory, this encourages and promotes blood flow to the head of your cock while at the same time stretching the tissues of your member — increasing girth and length.

Surprisingly, there have been no studies evaluating this technique under clinical conditions. However, proponents of jelqing praise its ability to elevate penis size — after around two months.

5. Penis Pumps

This penis enlarger is often touted online as a proven way to increase penis size — the truth is, they’re not always as effective as promised.

Typically, they include a cylinder that slides over your tallywhacker — and then through mechanical or electronic means — they remove the air inside, creating a vacuum. This forces blood into the penis, forcing it to swell.

Studies show that while they will result in a bigger penis — the permanent increase isn’t that significant — typically around 0.12 inches. However, scientists explain that they are a useful tool for those guys suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Ensure you use them with care, as excessive use can result in bruising.

6. Utilize Deep Penetration Methods

Admittedly, not really a true method of how to get a bigger dick — but it will give the impression to your partner that your Johnson is larger than it is.

If my tips so far on how to get a bigger dick haven’t rocked your world — this is something you can try tonight.

Pushing deep into your girl’s vagina enhances pleasure, stimulates her G-spot and elevates sexual sensations.

Here are the ultimate deep penetration positions:

  • Anvil: Your girl lies on her back, her ankles resting upon your shoulders, while you face towards her.
  • Reverse jockey: Lay your woman face down on the bed, you straddle her like a horse, entering from behind.
  • Turtle: Your girl lies face down with her knees pulled up to her stomach — you enter from behind in a kneeling position.
  • Forward-facing cowgirl: You lie on your back while your woman straddles facing towards you. The wider she opens her legs — the deeper inside you’ll go.

7. Surgical Penis Enlargement

If all other methods fail — you can consider obtaining a bigger penis through medical procedures.

However, this is a course that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s only suitable for those guys who are suffering severe mental wellbeing issues — or the size of their member prevents successful intercourse.

Effectively, surgeons use liposuction to remove fat from one area of your body — and then inject it into your Johnson. Research shows that this can increase both length and girth by around an inch.

Yet, there can be some serious downsides.

Not only is this form of penis enlargement an expensive procedure — results are often far from ideal.

In many cases, it can result in penile deformity, infection and loss of sensation. In one unfortunate example, a 30-year-old gentleman died following penis surgery — after a lump of fat traveled into his lungs.

How to Get a Bigger Dick Conclusion

Don’t settle for being an Average Joe with an average Johnson!

Sporting a mighty meatmember will increase your self-esteem, elevate your attractiveness to women and allow you to deliver more satisfaction in the bedroom.

Follow my above tips on how to get a bigger dick — and you’ll soon be sporting a pecker of pornstar proportions!

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