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Male Extra Review | Effectiveness And Side Effects

My penis was on strike.

Despite my best intentions to get busy in the bedroom—my usually reliable member wasn’t getting hard anymore. Even when I did manage a semi-rigid erection, I was having to race through lovemaking—scared that at any moment it would become limp.

DepressedI felt demasculinized—and was becoming depressed. My partner was worried I didn’t find her attractive anymore—I had to do something.

Luckily, a chance recommendation led me to Male Extra—giving me back my rock-solid hard-ons and boosting my stamina.

Let me expose the shocking power I discovered in this Male Extra review.

What Is Male Extra?

I know you’re eager to discover the results I achieved in this Male Extra review. But before that, let me give you some background info, so you could make up your own mind about the product.

A man bottle of male extra on his hand

Manufactured by Vobue Ltd, this supplement is a male enhancement pill—specifically angled at boosting all areas of sexual health—including stamina, libido and erection quality.

BananaWhile it’s suitable for any guy over the age of 18 looking to boost their sexual performance—the manufacturers have created a formula angled towards those men lacking in the penile strength department.

How Male Extra Works?

As mentioned earlier in this Male Extra review—primarily, this supplement aims to boost erectile function and strength—however, there’s more to this pill that just mighty boners.

Let me explain how the product works on male physiology:

  • Improves blood flow to the penis—Male Extra heightens nitric oxide production, a gas that opens up the vascular system allowing more of the erection forming blood to enter your member.1 2
  • Boosts testosterone production—high levels of this naturally occurring steroid increase libido, improve erectile quality and increase semen volume and fertility.3 4 5
  • BrainReduces inflammation—a cause of erectile issues.6
  • Elevates neurological libido—activating the desire sensors within the brain.7
  • Enhances penis size—the more blood that enters your member—the harder and larger it becomes.

Pros of Male Enhancement Supplements

  • Heightens testosterone—inducing not only sexual enhancement benefits but also improving bone health, vitality and muscle growth.8 9
  • Can be purchased without a prescription.
  • Contains naturally occurring ingredients—not synthetics.
  • The best supplements only include scientifically proven sex enhancers.
  • Usually cause fewer side effects than prescription drugs. 
  • One supplement to address all areas of male sexual performance.
  • Heightens self-confidence.

man smiling

Cons of Male Enhancement Supplements

  • Selection of the correct supplement is essential—some are scams.
  • May induce unquenchable sexual desire.
  • Requires patience for it to work.

Male Extra Ingredients

Capsule ingredientsAny supplement is only as good as its formulation. It can make all the promises it wants—but inferior ingredients mean an ineffective product.

I’ll use this part of this Male Extra review to take you through its male-boosting compounds:

1) Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500 mg

This popular fruit contains the phenol ellagic acid—a proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.10

A recent study explored its effects on patients suffering from myocardial ischemia (reduced blood supply to the heart). Remarkably, the scientists discovered that consuming ellagic acid daily boosts blood supply—the reason penises become erect.11

Furthermore, separate research illustrates that pomegranate juice has a positive effect on guys suffering from erectile dysfunction and also has the ability to elevate stamina.12 13

Male extra banner

2) L-Arginine 600 mg

Amino acidsPossibly the ultimate penis-enhancing ingredient—hence, I’m pleased to say in this Male Extra review that the manufacturers have included it.

Scientists investigated the ability of arginine to enhance hard-ons in guys who have erectile dysfunction. In 81 percent of the subjects—they found this potent nitric oxide booster improved erection quality.14

3) MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 100 mg

This naturally-occurring plant compound lowers inflammation—a leading cause of male impotence.15

Experts also believe that this ingredient can improve erectile quality by boosting new cell growth in the penis—allowing for an increase in blood engorgement.16

4) L-Methionine 100 mg

Here’s an alarming fact in this Male Extra review—one in three men suffer from premature ejaculation.17

ProteinStudies show that l-methionine, an amino acid, inhibits histamine creation—a hormone which can cause early climax.18

5) Zinc 14 mg (140% of Daily Value)

I need to make clear in this Male Extra review that whichever male enhancement pill you choose—always ensure it contains a testosterone booster.

Numerous clinical research papers indicate that zinc is a potent heightener of the most important androgen.19

6) Cordyceps 25 mg

A fungus, mainly found in China that elevates libido by stimulating the area of the brain responsible for desire.20

7) Niacin 18 mg (113% of Daily Value)

Vitamins bottleLet me finish this Male Extra review of the ingredients with yet another hard-on booster.

Also known as vitamin B3, this compound improves blood flow, which results in more solid erections and enhanced stamina.21

Male extra banner

What Does Male Extra Promise?

I’m pleased to clarify in this Male Extra review that science backs this supplement’s claims.

The guys behind this product explain that it will:

1) Have Bigger and Harder Erections for Longer

A rock-solid erection that’s going to last means your lovemaking pleasure, for both you and your partner, elevates. A mighty member means deep penetration driving you and your chosen other to ecstasy.

Furthermore, seeing your tackle taking on hefty proportions instills you with self-confidence and a feeling of serious masculinity.Maximize

The manufacturer’s claim that users typically experience gains of 0.8 to 2.6 inches over a three to six-month period.


2) Boost Orgasmic Pleasure

A mindblowing climax coupled with a voluminous ejaculation means enhanced satisfaction—and a desire to come back for more.

3) Heighten Stamina

The longer your bedroom activities last—the more fun you experience—enabling you to go through a whole gamut of sexual positions.

Furthermore, as women take longer to orgasm than us guys, you’re more likely to induce sexual rapture in your partner.

4) Skyrocket Libido

RocketMale Extra increases your desire—reigniting the flames of passion that sometimes turn into a flicker in later years.

Let me make an assumption in this Male Extra review. 

You like the sound of this product, but you’re wondering—how quickly will my love life improve?

Buddy, it isn’t going to take long. 

Men usually witness the initial results within the first week. Here’s my Male Extra review returns timeline.

ME_EN_BANNERS_360 × 302

Weeks 1-2 In the first one to two weeks—many guys using Male Extra feel their loins stimulated—elevating their will to get active between the sheets. This increase in libido accumulates week on week.

Man waking upWeeks 3-4 On top of enhanced sex-drive—men feel their overall energy levels rising, allowing them to perform for longer and harder in the bedroom.

Weeks 5-6 After around a month and a half—guys witness one of the most significant returns—penile improvement. Their members become firm, hard, and long-lasting, with many reporting an increase in both girth and length.

Weeks 7-8 After two months and beyond—reports of increased orgasmic pleasure, delayed orgasm and gushing ejaculations aren’t uncommon.

There’s something I need to stress in this Male Extra review.

For the most significant gains in sexual ability—consistency is crucial. The longer you use Male Extra, the more remarkable the returns.

Male Extra Side Effects and Complaints

This wouldn’t be a complete Male Extra review if I didn’t explore the downsides of using this supplement.

Happily, it seems that there are few adverse health issues associated with using Male Extra. However, we all react differently—even to natural compounds—so side effects can occur.

Yet, guys are only reporting these in a minority of cases and included nothing more sinister than headaches or upset stomachs.

Generally, user opinions are overwhelmingly positive—with the manufacturers stating they have over 150,000 satisfied customers. Here are a few genuine testimonials that I wanted to include in my Male Extra review:

ME_EN_BANNER_369 × 244

“I found myself firm and ready to satisfy. A pleasurable feeling with more girth and length. Also, my orgasms feel longer and more intense.” -Chuck

“The intimacy with my wife has improved—just like magic. She is now satisfied and I am just a little bit proud.” -Samuel

“It can make your penis grow…I gained a centimetre in both length and girth in one month.” -Dan

“My drive has just gone through the roof…because I’m feeling more confident I’ve been getting more phone numbers from girls and have gotten laid three times in the last two weeks.” -Robert

How Does It Feel To Use Male Extra?

I’ll be honest with you in this Male Extra review.

I’ve always been distinctly average in the downstairs department—but at least for many years, it worked.

However, once my member stopped playing ball—it was a freaking disaster.

Male Extra fuelled my return to masculinity. Empowering me with solid erections, which enabled me to pump away like a damn machine.

Furthermore, the once flaccid balloon is now like a magnificent Roman column—I haven’t measured my penis before and after, but my partner swears it’s larger when erect.

I can now stand naked with confidence—at times, feeling like a professional porn star.

Male Extra Packaging and Pricing

Perhaps not the most exciting part of this Male Extra review—but it’s important. After all, there are a lot of competitors in the market—so here are the pricing options.Price tag

  • One month’s supply $64.95.
  • Four months’ supply $197.95 (includes free erection gel).
  • Six months’ supply $249.90 (includes two free erection gels).

Male extra

Want some advice in this Male Extra review? Go for the larger packages, bro.

Doing so gives the advantages of:

  • Never being without Male Extra—avoiding the risk of losing your sex gains.
  • Prevents the inconvenience of ordering every four weeks.
  • Receiving hefty discounts—and free gifts.
  • Enjoying a 20 percent discount if you use the coupon code SALE20.

Where to Buy Male Extra?

Computer monitor with cartAs I’ve explained in this Male Extra review—both customers and I have found this supplement effective. If you’re tempted to purchase this male enhancer—go to the official Male Extra website.

This furnishes you with the benefits of:

  • Knowing you’re receiving the original product—not a cheap and ineffective copy.
  • Fast delivery—1 day in the UK, 3-7 days in the USA, 3-10 days in Europe and 10-15 for the rest of the world.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Male Extra Review FAQ

“Is Male Extra Safe to Use?”

As shown in the Male Extra review of the ingredients—its formulation is 100 percent natural and therefore unlikely to cause any side effects.

“How to Take Male Extra?”

Consume three pills every day with breakfast.

“Can I Use Male Extra With Alcohol?”

Using alcohol with Male Extra may reduce its potency—although it will not cause any health issues.

men drinking beer

“Can I Use Male Extra With Other Medication?”

Always check with your doctor before using Male Extra alongside other pills or medicines.

“Is Male Extra Available Without Prescription?”

Yes, this product doesn’t require a visit to your clinical practitioner.

Alternative Products

The proven formulation and impressive customer testimonials in this Male Extra review are indicative of its awesome power.

However, how does it perform when compared to other leading male enhancers?

Here’s a brief guide:

Read My Review: VigRX Plus

A supplement that’s suitable for any guy over 18 years looking to boost all areas of sexual performance.

Its 11-ingredient formulation includes saw palmetto—a compound known for its ability to prevent prostate enlargement—hence it may appeal to those of more mature years.22


  • All ingredients are quantified.
  • 67-day returns policy.
  • Worldwide shipping.


  • One of the more premium-priced supplements on the market.
  • Some users state the pills have a strange taste.

Read My Review: Extenze

SupplementsA supplement that may suit guys who want the most heavily formulated enhancer on the market—including over 20 ingredients.

While the manufacturers have packed this product with proven male boosters—such as the testosterone-heightening Tribulus and the erection-enhancing astragalus—none are quantified.23 24

This means I cannot evaluate its power.


  • Filled with scientifically proven sex-boosting compounds.
  • Requires just one pill to be taken per day.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • The manufacturers do not disclose ingredient doses.
  • Some users find the pill difficult to swallow.

Read My Review: Max Performer

Protein bottleA male enhancement pill that may suit guys looking for heavily-dosed ingredients. Compounds such as the sexual all-rounder horny goat weed and the libido-boosting cordyceps are included at one gram concentrations.

While undoubtedly effective, this may be in amounts which cause unwanted side effects—such as heart issues, nausea and diarrhea.25 26


  • 100-day returns policy.
  • Substantial discounts when purchased in bulk.
  • All ingredients are quantified.


  • Hefty dosing may cause side effects.
  • Missing niacin, pomegranate and l-methionine included in Male Extra.
  • Free shipping only available in the USA and UK.

For more info see our Best Male Enhancement Pills Guide.

Male Extra Review Final Verdict

I explained at the beginning of this Male Extra review, my erections were elusive—and it was wrecking my confidence and relationship.

The potent and proven formula behind Male Extra reactivated my sleeping member. Delivering a rock-like pillar of penis power—and even appearing larger than ever before.

I know there are other supplements available—and reliable ones too. Yet when it comes to the incredible discounts when buying in bulk—and the convincing customer testimonials—Male Extra is a no-brainer.

The bottom line.

If, like me, your below-belt beast is lacking its previous savagery—give Male Extra a try. Within just a few weeks you’ll be sporting a formidable fornication phallus.

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