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Male Enhancement Pictures | Before And After

Have you ever sent a potential hookup a picture of your penis only to hear, “Where is it?”

It’s an embarrassment that’s hard to get over.

Look, everyone wants a bigger penis, right? For bragging rights, for the perfect picture and for all the women who say yes, size does matter. But there are benefits outside of these superficial ones that can’t go ignored.

Male enhancement comes in many forms, from swallowable pills to surgery. If effective, it can lengthen and widen your penis and give you stronger erections. Plus, you can send your male enhancement pictures without fear of getting laughed at.

Why male enhancement is useful:

  • Boosts your ego.
  • Improves your game.
  • Upgrades your sexual experiences.

How Big Is the Average Penis?

How do you know if you’re undersized and in need of a tuneup? It’s harder to figure out, and you might be misinformed, due to one common misconception: the average penis length (erect) is 6 inches.

This is actually wrong! It’s far closer to 5 inches erect and 3.61 flaccid. The study that determined this was conducted on over 15,000 men.

So, you might not be as small as you thought!

Benefits of a Bigger Penis

Despite 5 inches being the average, many men are still sized inadequately. But the importance of having a large penis is gravely under-reported!

My dick before and after male enhancement pills

It’s not that it actually makes it work better or gives you more stamina, nor does a bigger penis give you less than average. But having a larger penis is a must for the following reasons:

It Boosts Your Ego

Nobody likes an egotistical maniac, but a little-large ego never hurt anyone.

Having a big penis ego can boost your confidence and let you believe in yourself better.

Believing in yourself lets you take chances you never would before — like going after that girl way out of your league or taking a new job in a new country.

Furthermore, more confident people are more likely to perform and achieve their goals more efficiently than people lacking confidence.

It Boosts Your Game

Have you ever had a hookup turn into something more? Maybe you liked the way she laughed. Maybe she liked your smile. But whatever it was — you ended up seeking each other out and staying together.

With a bigger penis, you have a ton of opportunities for something like that to happen.

Dating apps these days get to the dirty talk fast. Pictures exchanged, and if desired, hookup plans made. How many hookups do you think the well-endowed get? Probably more than a few.

male penis before and after male enhancement journey

It’s a fact that most girls would prefer to see male enhancement pictures over small dick pics. So whether it’s a hookup or an opportunity for love, you get more than the average Johnson.

It Boosts Your Sexual Experiences

This time it’s not about hookups, but the act of sex itself. Smaller men may slip out during penetration if trying out strange, new sex positions. A larger endowed man will be able to stay inside through all the twists, turns, lumps and bumps.

So think about that before you resign yourself to a life of missionary in the name of smaller genitals.

Benefits of Male Enhancement

Now we move away from the natural benefits of a bigger penis, into the benefits of a penis that’s had some work done.

There are several types of male enhancement. To name a few:

Here are some of the things they promise:

  • Lengthening.
  • Widening.
  • Better stamina.
  • Stronger erections.
  • Longer-lasting erections.

Which begs the question … how effective is male enhancement?

Effectiveness of Male Enhancement

There are some who swear by male enhancement and others who’ll call it a scam. But if it’s a scam, why does it work for other people?

What people don’t realize is that all bodies are different — so all penises are different, too. How one person’s grows and works won’t be the same as the other, even when taking or using the same enhancement product.

Let’s look at the various methods and see how effective they are.

Roger penis before and after using penis extender

Penis Pumps and Extenders

Nobody said male enhancement had to be permanent. For some men, bigger only for the evening on occasion is fine.

Penis pumps work by encasing your penis, then as you pump, the suction draws in more blood. That makes the penis bigger, then you clamp it and trap it there.

This won’t be permanent, but who knows. Some men have reported permanent growth. Others? All they can report is some impressive male enhancement pictures followed by an equally impressive night with a woman.

If there was any more stamina involved, it wasn’t from the pump, because that only draws and holds blood. But remember how a bigger penis boosts your ego, improving your performance as you reach your goals? That counts in sex too!

Penis extenders are traction devices that have been proven to stretch your member to make it longer.

Pills and Creams

Pills and creams to boost strength and stamina work. Well, possibly the pills more than the creams. What’s a cream going to do? Tingle you until you grow?

But pills get inside your body and change things. They might encourage your body to make more sperm. They might help with blood flow, giving you bigger and longer lasting erections. It’s not an exact science and it won’t work for every man, but the reviews of various male enhancement products don’t lie.

Think of male enhancement pills as ED pills. ED pills work and give you your erections back. And when taken by men without erectile dysfunction, they can give you more powerful sex and harder erections, improving your erectile function. What’s to say certain male enhancement pills don’t do the same?

This is my penis before and after male enhancement pills


Surgery can be effective.

For lengthening, the surgeons take some of the shaft from inside your body, making you look bigger than you were.

For widening, it’s almost like face fillers for your penis. Silicone, grafts and fat may all be used to widen a twig-like penis.

If the surgeries didn’t help people, they wouldn’t be performed legally. So it’s safe to state that this method of male enhancement certainly has its working benefits.

The Final Thrust

Male enhancement is a somewhat controversial topic in the medical world, but there’s no denying it works for some men. And the benefits you get are inarguable if you’re one of those men.

The mental and circumstantial benefits of a bigger penis make everything worth it, don’t you think? From finding your healthily inflated ego, to finding love with male enhancement pictures. Or at least finding a few more hookups than the average man.

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