The Ultimate Phalogenics Review | Is It Worth Your Money?

Every man is naturally endowed with his own unique set of genitals, and he’s destined to live out his life based on nature playing roulette with his size and girth, right?

Well, it used to be this way; that is before science decided to sink its teeth into the topic and create a multitude of ways for men to work on their size.

From penis pumps to extenders to exercise programs, you now have various options to consider if you’re thinking about improving the size of your member or if you want to work on erectile dysfunction issues.

Phalogenics penile micro-trauma therapy is one of the latest methods to be developed by the scientific community to aid your quest for stronger and fuller erections and penis enlargement.

In this Phalogenics review, we will look into the exact details of the phalogenic method, examine how and why this works, and even consider some pros and cons of the process.

By the end of this article, our intention is for you to know everything to make an informed decision if this method is right for you.

What is Phalogenics?

The Phalogenics penis enlargement program is designed to help men who are interested in increasing their penis length and girth.

The very derivative of the term “phalogenics” is taken from the Greek word “phalo,” referring to the phallic-shaped penis.

It’s widely considered one of the most popular penile micro-trauma therapy of its kind worldwide, which is because it’s supposed to help increase a man’s penis size by nearly 4 inches.

A penile micro-trauma therapy results in an enlarged penis as it causes forced, cell division. 

While most sizing issues have been solved with the help of artificial devices, such as penis pumps and penis extenders, phalogenics examines a natural way of increasing one’s overall dimensions without them.

The process relies on understanding human physiology better to build muscles naturally and efficiently.

In this program, you’ll be guided with the help of videos and tutorials to learn and master specific penis exercises. 

These penis exercises will help you increase the length and thickness of your penis, and they’re designed to be used by just about anyone.

Let’s take a look at what makes phalogenics so effective.

Principles Behind Phalogenics Method

The major principle driving the phalogenic method is the knowledge that the human body responds in a fixed and particular way to certain types of exercises.

As we know, the human body consists of connective tissues that are bound together cohesively to help us move.

Groups of these tissues are known as muscles, and every muscle in the human body is capable of responding to external stimuli we call exercise. Work those muscles, and they start to change, develop and strengthen in miraculous ways. 

The tissues in these muscles are capable of adapting to the stress caused by exercise to match our needs.

Applying Tissue Biology to the Penis

The human penis has a unique biological makeup that needs to be understood to apply the principles of phalogenics techniques.

To achieve movement of any kind, the penis is connected to the bone at the base of the pelvis via ligaments. Since the penis consists of spongy tissue (corpora cavernosa), it means that it’s also capable of achieving growth under certain circumstances.

Another important fact to consider is that the penis is made of smooth muscles, which is in comparison to the skeletal system that forms the vast majority of the human muscular system.

During an erection, this spongy tissue absorbs the blood from the surrounding region and swells up. Once the purpose of the erection is served, the blood automatically drains out from the corpora cavernosa.

The entire purpose of phalogenic penis exercise program is to focus on this spongy tissue of the penis. It’s a musculature tissue area that’s designed by nature to contract and relax, thereby offering you the potential to influence growth.

John dick pic

Think of a sponge.

When a sponge is stretched beyond its natural limit, it manages to sustain and retain its new position. The tissues around the penis work the same way, and the purpose of phalogenics techniques is to gently expand the tissues to stretch beyond their natural range and retain their new positions.

Phalogenic Exercises and Penis Size

All the penis exercises promoted by the Phalogenics penis enlargement program are designed to expand the penis’ tissue. This is done so that more blood flows to the penis during an erection, thereby causing it to expand further than it normally would.

However, there’s a popular misconception that phalogenics grows new cells around the penis.

This is simply not possible! 

All this program does is focus on existing connective tissues and uses focused penis exercises to morph the tissues. The result is a more aesthetic and physically appealing penis.

How to Use the Phalogenics Exercise Program

To get started, you need to buy the Phalogenics program. You then gain access to a 12-week schedule that features all the exercises to be performed in the correct intervals.

Just like your average gym workout, it has days of exercise and days of rest. The rest days allow for recovery and for the tissues to repair, enhancing the penis size.

All the information is presented in online videos, DVD, and PDF format to allow you to complete the course at your own time and pace.

The phalogenics digital package includes the Platinum Phalogenics Video Series, The Magic Beanstalk, Porn Star Activation System, and Release the Beast instructional books.

Note that following the new routine requires a near-daily commitment to the exercises. These exercises, also known as phalogenics penile traction exercises, will need a fair bit of commitment from your end. You’ll need to set aside a specific amount of time each day—which we’ll cover soon—to maintain the routine and, thereby, give yourself the best chances to get the desired results.

Program Details

Your program begins once you’ve successfully logged into the members’ area of the Phalogenics website.

Once you do so, you’re greeted with a five-minute introductory video. This provides basic information, and it introduces you to your first exercise technique, known as “jelqing.”

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a manual penis enlargement exercise that doesn’t require you to use any machines or devices. Instead, it only relies on your hands to stimulate the penis correctly to accommodate penile growth.

The idea is that it creates small tears in the muscle, which then heal to create a more engorged appearance.

This is one of the most basic techniques used to naturally enlarge your penis, and it forms the basis of your first exercise in the Phalogenics penile enhancement program.

The Jelqing Video

In this video, you’re taught the correct method of jelqing, which requires you to use two fingers to gently squeeze the base of the penis, and then stroke away from the base. 

Jelqing has often been described as a similar process to milking a cow, which should give you an idea of the type of movement and flow that’s required.

jelqing movement

Once you’re comfortable with this technique, you can move onto the next method, known as the “hot wrap.”

The Hot Wrap Process

In this method, you’re taught the correct way of wrapping your penis with a warm cloth to circulate greater blood flow in the region.

It’s a great way to prepare your penis for future exercises used in this program.

Once you’re done with the introductory video, you get access to three distinct sections that cover the entire 12-week program:

  • Beginners.
  • Intermediate.
  • Advanced.

Beginners Section

Here, you receive all the information needed to get you through the first four weeks of the Phalogenics program.

Week I

In the first week of training, your objective is to learn warm-up exercises, perfect the jelq technique and learn cool down methods.

These phalogenic traction exercises take a total of 10 minutes each day.

Week II and III

For the second week, your focus is on a routine known as the “side to side.” Perfecting this routine will help you add gains to your jelqing. 

A new combination of routines is introduced in the third week, which involves practicing and perfecting everything you’ve learned from the program so far.

Executing on these methods will take a maximum of 13 minutes each day.

Week IV

You’ll start to see noticeable changes in your size and girth by the time you enter your fourth week of the program.

To accelerate your growth further, you’ll learn some Kegel exercises. These movements will help strengthen the three main muscles found in the pelvic floor.

Intermediate Section

This section runs from week five to eight and will involve taking your training regime to the next level.

Week V

This week involves following similar patterns from the fourth week, except that the routines are increased by 20%.

During this week, you’re encouraged to take one or two days off to recuperate. This is solely based on your energy levels.

Performing the exercises from this week will take nearly 20 minutes each day.

Week VI and VII

In the sixth week, you’ll continue to follow the format prescribed in the fifth week, but with a new exercise known as the “erect stretch.”

A detailed video tutorial is provided to help you get a real hold—no pun intended—on this method.

Your seventh week will involve perfecting the erect stretch and applying it with precision to your existing routine.

The overall duration of your regime now lasts around 22 minutes.


For the last week of the intermediate section, you’ll see Kegels reappear in your routine with greater vigor.

By this point, you’ll start to see substantial changes in your overall size and performance.

Highly Advanced Techniques Section

In this final section of the Phalogenics program, you’re taught the most advanced sex techniques known to science to naturally grow your penis. This section involves weeks nine through twelve.

man smiling

Week IX

Week nine continues with exercises learned in weeks seven and eight, with the addition of a brand new method known as the JAI stretch—Johan’s active isolated stretch.

For this, you need to form an “okay” symbol with your fingers and gently grip your penis. 

While holding the penis, you’ll stretch it out at a 90-degree angle and maintain that grip for two seconds.

As this involves penis stretching and bending, you need to understand the exact dimensions and force needed for this exercise by carefully following the proper form and instructional videos. 

Executing the exercise of this week will take you 23 minutes each day.

Week X

Your tenth week will be fairly similar to the ninth, except that you’ll perform six additional repetitions of the Jai stretch.

This should allow you to achieve some serious penile enlargement this week.

This is my penis before and after male enhancement pills

Week XI and XII

For the last two weeks, you’ll be introduced to a brand new exercise in addition to the routines of week ten.

This new method is known as the “compressor exercise.”

To successfully execute the compressor exercise, you’ll need to only erect your penis up to 80 or 90% of its maximum capacity.

Once you’re stiff enough, you form the okay symbol again with your fingers from the right hand and grip your base with your palm facing upwards.

Next, you perform a similar action with your left hand and grip the head of your penis with your palm facing downwards.

Once you manage to get into the right position, you slowly start moving your hands toward one another while using your left finger to stimulate the penis.

All of this constitutes one correct motion in the compressor exercise. You’ll be instructed to perform this movement a fixed number of times during your last two weeks for maximum gains.

It takes 24 minutes to complete the techniques of this week.

Phalogenics Benefits 

Out of all the seemingly “sure-fire” ways a man can increase his penis size, phalogenics is marketed as one of the safest methods available. This is primarily due to it being a natural process free from artificial drugs or equipment.

male penis before and after male enhancement journey

According to the program’s website, it can help you gain anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, based on the following factors:

  • Your size before the program.
  • Your thickness before the program.
  • The regularity with which you practice the phalogenics exercises.

The program claims to also improve other dimensions of your sex life, including:

  • Harder erections than before.
  • Longer erections.
  • Increasing staying power, thereby allowing you greater control over your ejaculations (minimizes premature ejaculation issues)
  • May help to correct curved penis. 
  • Increase overall sexual performance and vigor.
  • Increased semen production. 

These results are achieved because your penis will be able to gather and store more blood than before, allowing you to gain greater solidity in your genitals.

To gain your full trust in the process, the Phalogenics program is backed by a 60-day guarantee. This allows you to ask for a full refund if you’re unhappy with the results after completing the program.

When you purchase the program, you also receive access to three additional sites. 

These sites offer additional materials to help you improve your growth and overall performance in the short and long term. You also receive a free 14-day trial membership to a site that helps you enhance your sexual performance.

While the benefits can apply to both yourself and your partner, you should not feel railroaded into the program or feel that your current penis size is inadequate.

First and foremost, invest in the program for your mental wellbeing.

Drawbacks of Phalogenics

There aren’t too many drawbacks to using the Phalogenics program. This is because it’s a set of natural exercises designed to stimulate and strengthen the tissues and muscles around your penis. 

The only major drawbacks of this process are that it takes time to achieve results and it can be a fair amount of work. As we’ve seen in our breakdown of the program, it takes up to 12 weeks to complete, and you need to spend anywhere between 10 to 25 minutes each day on the exercises.

If you don’t mind taking the time to see genuine results, and you aren’t wary of the effort it takes to execute the exercises correctly, then there are no severe cons to this program.

Following the program may also cause physical discomfort.

Alternatives to Phalogenics

There are a handful of alternatives to consider if you aren’t interested in taking part in the Phalogenics program. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Penis extenders: Several studies claim that you may be able to increase your penis length, girth, and size with these devices. 
  • Penis pumps: These are medical devices that can be used to increase the size of a man’s penis. Using a pump is quite a safe option and has limited side effects, such as petechiae and numbness. Besides, several studies suggest that pumps can cause noticeable changes in length and girth over several weeks.
  • Penis rings: Using a ring around the base of your penis and, sometimes, around the testicles, helps restrict the flow of blood out of the penis once an erection is achieved. It’s a relatively safe short-term option (barring a few shortcomings) for those who want to improve the quality of their erections.
  • Surgery: Penile surgeries are considered as safe as breast implant surgery, but they still come with a fair share of risk, as it’s an invasive procedure. You should probably shelf this idea as a last resort, in case you don’t see results from any of the other options.

Phalogenics FAQs

What Are Phalogenics Exercises?

Phalogenics exercises are based on techniques designed to ensure penis growth. They involve strengthening important muscles and tissues around the penis and pelvic base to help you acquire greater blood flow in your penis.

Can I speed up the process?

Using a good penis extender may help you to speed up the process. 

What Does Phalogenics Mean?

The term phalogenics is derived from the Greek word “phalo,” which refers to the phallic-shaped human penis. The term, “genics,” refers to a process. Thus, phalogenics is the process of working on a penis to lead to penis enlargement.

How Do You Perform Phalogenic Traction?

If you want to learn how to perform the phalogenic traction exercise correctly and safely, you’ll need to purchase a Phalogenics membership and receive the video tutorials from its official website.

Penile traction therapy (PTT) is a non-surgical way of exercising the penis to either increase its length and girth, fix Peyronie’s disease or improve sexual performance.

PTT can be performed either with the help of phalogenic traction exercises or by using a device such as a penis pump.

Does Phalogenics Traction Work?

The website claims that its users experience 2 to 4 inches of gains based on their starting points. Although there are no official studies to back up these claims, the program currently has millions of subscribers. This, combined with the 60-day guarantee, should give you peace of mind.

Roger penis before and after using penis extender

Is Phalogenics Safe to Use?

Phalogenics is nothing more than a series of exercises designed to help your penis grow naturally and effectively.

It doesn’t require the use of any pills, instruments, torture-like devices, magical powers, or special formulae. 

They’re exercises that need to be performed and repeated in regular intervals over a few months. Thus, it comes as no surprise that phalogenics is completely safe.

Phalogenics Review Final Thoughts

There are many ways to go about creating penis enlargement, but one of the safest methods around is certainly the Phalogenics exercise program.

With the help of phalogenic traction exercises, you can effectively increase the size of your penis by 2 to 4 inches in a matter of 12 weeks.

It’s a one-time payment system that offers you a lifetime worth of knowledge that can be applied toward penis enlargement and sexual health at any point you please. This system does require you to invest some time into the process, as the best results are seen several weeks down the road. 

Your partner will certainly thank you for your time and dedication, and may even sponsor this program themselves! 🙂

Take Phalogenics Exercise Program To a Test Drive – I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

Your bedroom confidence will skyrocket  – that’s a promise!


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