Curved Penis Pictures | Is My Penis Straight or Not?

curved penis pic

Sending images of your mighty manhood to your girl should increase her desire — not turn her off.

A photo of your Johnson curving weirdly like a deformed GMO Costa Rican banana isn’t exactly conducive to promoting hot bedroom action.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to parabolic peckers.

Sit back and relax while I explain how to put an end to curved penis pictures.

How to Avoid Curved Penis Pictures

  • Grasp your penis to make it appear straight.
  • Shoot from the opposite side to the bend.
  • Straighten with Photoshop.
  • Use a traction device for long-term results.

Does My Bent Penis Mean I’m Weird?

Firstly, let me put your mind at rest, bro — you’re not alone.

In fact, few guys have perfectly straight penises — they tend to have a natural curve — whether that’s towards or away from the body, or slightly to the left or right. It’s as commonplace as having somewhat misshapen toes.

curved penis pic from aside

So, if your tallywhacker isn’t as vertical as the Washington Monument — don’t worry.

However, when it goes past a little genetic bend — and your curved penis pictures give the impression you can have sex around corners — it’s time to take it seriously.

Why Is My Penis Bent?

Excessive curvature of your love rocket is known as Peyronie’s disease (also called Induratio penis Plastica or IPP).

Typically it occurs after an injury to your Johnson — including over-exertive love-making. However, it can also manifest for no reason whatsoever. So, even if you currently consider your ram-rod the epitome of linear perfection — keep an eye on it, it could change.

bent penis picture

First described in 1743 by François Gigot de La Peyronie (a French surgeon with an obsession for Johnsons) — this disease is remarkably common. Current research suggests that around 13 percent of guys have the issue. Although the chances are, the prevalence is much higher. I mean, how many of your buddies would admit to having a coat-hook cock?

In essence, scar tissue and inflammation occur on one side of the penis. When you get an erection, the erectile cells cannot expand normally — forcing your pocket-rocket to bend to one side.

In cases where there’s no attributable cause such as an accident to the penis — it’s most frequently witnessed in guys between the ages of 45–60. So if you’re younger than that — it could still happen, buddy.

downward curved dick picture

Downsides of a Concave Cock

The disadvantages of having a banana-boner are more than just curved penis pictures.

Sporting an angular-dangler means:

sideways curved penis

How Can I Prevent Curved Penis Pictures?

If your cock is curvier than a country road — it’s time to address it.

In the short term — for those vital penis pics — you can:

  • Pull an image off the internet and send that instead.
  • Grasp your member in your hand to make it appear straight.
  • Choose your angle wisely to hide the bodacious bend.
  • Use an image editor to make it appear straight.
  • Choose not to send a photo of your bowing boner.

However, should your manipulated photos get your girl’s juices flowing — she may want some real-life action. Meaning, once you hit the bedroom, she’s going to witness your curling cock.

upward bent penis pic

Luckily, there’s a solution.

There are some seriously effective products that can turn your meandering meat-member into a perpendicular pecker.

Perhaps the most effective of which is Phallosan Forte.

This device actively straightens your member — providing a long term solution to a bent penis.

You put on an unobtrusive belt (which you can wear beneath clothing) and fit a small vacuum device over the head of your todger. This then, through the use of a hook mechanism — pulls and extends your tallywhacker to either the left or right side of your body. 

Wearing this apparatus daily can help to correct curving cocks and allow your member to stand firm, erect, and most importantly, straight.

Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2009, vol.6, issue 2) — demonstrated that these traction penile extenders are effective at reducing curvature in male members. And, you have the additional bonus of increasing the size of your sausage.

Curved Penis Pictures Conclusion

Photos of your phallus should display a desirable dong — not an off-putting pecker.

crooked penis pic

While my image tips will improve the appearance of your penis — they’re only a short-term solution. 

Instead, check out Phallson Forte — and you’ll soon have a concrete column worthy of a Greek temple. Sex toy store, Lovehoney, also offer penis extenders.  

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