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Let’s face it: a lot of men have that usual practice of sending BIG DICK PICS to women through WhatsApp, Snapchat, FB Messenger, and text messaging, among others.

It’s a way of showing them who wield the power scepter, and how big it is…

And here is the best part, most of these big dick pictures are well received — if they are not, it’s because you didn’t get the consent to send them, so you’re a bad guy doing it.

On the other hand, statistics don’t lie: according to many online dating websites, there is a huge increase in the percentage of women that solicit big cock pics to men.

big cock

I have been doing it for some time and this how it has worked for me.

Chapter 1: Solid preparation is needed for awesome big cock pics

This isn’t rocket science, but it requires that you follow some steps to get the best results. So, one very important factor I always consider is the good quality of my big dick pic.

But note here: it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the biggest dick in the world. I have not. I mean, I’m just a little above the average size, but that’s enough for most women — and with some tricks, you can show it off in a much more massive fashion than it really is!

Speaking about photographs, it’s important to have a good cam. Please, don’t use a webcam or VGA quality cam.

You must have good lighting in your room, or at least in the area where you are going to take the pics.

Try to use the best possible angle. Huge dick pics really have two purposes: to show your size and to excite a woman or a guy on the other side of the screen. The angle depends on the type of penis you have — curved or straight.

huge cock

For example, if you have a penis that is curved up, don’t take the pic from the upside because the angle will make it looks smaller than it really is, got it?

And of course, it’s very important to be careful about the details like cleanliness and pubic hair, you know.

These are some guidelines I’ve learned with experience and some research, and it has worked pretty well for me.

Chapter 2: Taking Big Dick Pics Needs Practise

I didn’t try this for the first time without thinking carefully about it. Nowadays, we live in a hypocritical society, and someone could use anything to ruin your life just for pleasure.

Always remember, only send your hard cock pics to any woman or a guy that has requested it from you, even in a subtle way. And save the proof in a secure place!

The first girl I tested my method with, was a workmate. Samantha is a cool-looking Latina with a really nice big rounded butt.

large penis

After some tries, I managed to get her phone number and we started to chat via WhatsApp. When we started talking on chat for the first time, she gave me some signals that I immediately grabbed.

After (give or take) one month of frequent chatting, I started to use some words hinting at sex, but nothing too explicit.

My intention was just to see how she would react. I’ve to confess that the first weeks after this attempt, I didn’t get really too many positive results.

I think it was mainly cause she didn’t feel too secure about me — well, obviously I wasn’t the only one chasing her…

But I insisted, and one night of our usual chatting, I just started to appear a bit dramatic, trying to make her feel really important for me and how happy I’d be just for having her “closer”…

The chatting was getting really hot, speaking about some erotic topics, our tastes, and what each one liked about sex.

When I feel it was the right moment, I just said: “I’m just imagining you right here with me, and you can’t guess how that makes me. Do you want to see?”

I was really surprised when she just said: “Yeah, show me! I want to see…”

So, I sent a couple of good hard cock pics that I’d already prepared for the occasion, according to my guidelines.

big dick

Her first reaction was a subtle laugh — that was a bit confusing for me, and after that, she just said with a sweet and soft tone: “Wow, I’m really causing a big effect on you! It’s really nice of you.”

Oh man, after that, you can’t stop bombing on them because they could get cold again. When a woman says words like these, it’s the moment. You must give her the final lunge.

After that night, that nice Latina-ass was mine for a good time…

Chapter 3: Improve & Take Better Large Cock Pics

I’ve learned a couple more things after my first tries, and definitively my technique has improved a lot — and IT HAS INCREASED MY CHANCES OF HAVING WOMEN IN BED.

Not all women will respond the same way of course; it depends on what each woman is looking for. Bear in mind that women might want to see #huge cock pics# for different reasons:

  • To see your size — and to get hot,
  • To see the quality of your erection — and to get hot,
  • To check your personal hygiene.

Man, I have been applying this same technique every time I have the opportunity, and the results have impressed me. I’m not sure how many women I got on the bed since my first try, but the numbers are really good.

Bear in mind that it’s really important to make this practice with consent from the other part and that the cock pics will be just for private use.

I always try to go easy on my words until I feel they are responding positively to my flirting. Then, when it’s the right time, I start bombing them with dirty words and BIG DICK PICS. And it works!

And that’s how I started to do this buddy. If it worked for me, it can also work for you. Only apply the tips I’ve given you here, and have good luck!


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