Penis Milking Machine

Who said that women are the only ones to enjoy the countless benefits of the ever-alluring sex toys?

Guys – the male sex toy industry is booming nowadays, bringing the rise of various masturbators designed to satisfy every man’s deepest desires. One such masturbator is the cock milker, constantly popping out in various shapes and forms on the Internet. And today we’re gonna talk all about it!


What Is A Penis Milking Machine?

Cock milking machines are male masturbation toys designed to stimulate earth-shattering orgasms, ultimately leaving your balls dry of semen. In fact, their intense strokes can stimulate a powerful ejaculation that can surpass the potency of manual masturbation up to four times. It is really just as simple as that.

The crème de la crème penis milking machines are automatic, allowing you to relax and enjoy a hands-free sexual experience. But what makes them desirable is not their user-friendliness, but rather the power of suction that can make you cum within minutes or even seconds – even if it’s usually taking you ages.

A Wide Range of Diverse Cock-Draining Devices

Automatic, waterproof, interactive, skin-safe, silent, or noisy – these are just a few adjectives that describe the diversity of the most sophisticated male masturbators nowadays – the cock milkers.

As the adult toys’ competition grows, so do the innovations that companies launch to stay ahead. But how to discover the best penis milking machines in an oversaturated market? Let us help you.

Adult Toy Companies & Their Products Features

What happens when two heavy-hitters in the adult toys’ industry join forces to create an exquisite dick milker?

In the case of Fleshlight and Kiiroo’s collaboration, the genesis of Fleshlight Launch began – a toy that revolutionized the whole adult market. It is a fully automated, hands-free cock milking machine that features the latest technology to give ultimate pleasure.

It took many scientists years of research to put the strokes from porn videos in sync, allowing users to enjoy either a 4D virtual reality experience or add sparkle to their long-distance relationships. Its length is 12 inches, and it is a rather intense toy, giving you goosebumps with 180 strokes per minute.

Its more sophisticated upgrade, Quickshot Launch, offers you easier control as there are buttons instead of requiring you to change the stroking speed by touch constantly. Its length goes close to 14 inches, allowing you to enjoy realistic penis stimulation while laying back.

Another masturbator you have probably heard of is Onyx from Kiiroo. But did you know that it offers a vast palette of pre-programmed vibration modes to surprise you constantly? The fact that Kiiroo Onyx is not making noise allows the device to spread its feathers like a proud peacock as there is nothing more you could possibly ask for.

If you want to experience up to ten diverse vibrations simultaneously, however, auto blow is the best choice for you. Its system is based on artificial intelligence, hence the sophisticated technology it uses.

Male Masturbator Milking Machine: Usage & Maintenance

The first and foremost thing to know about the sex toy’s usage is to fully charge the battery before commencing the long-lasting session.

Always choose water-based lube over silicone as the likeliness for them to damage the sleeve of your sex toy is close to zero. But make sure to use a sufficient amount before you slide the tip of the penis inside the soft part of the machine.

Depending on the device you are using, you will have the opportunity to choose a variety of speed settings or lengths to control the stroke moves. In the best-case scenario – the machine will boast both functions.

Once having finished using this device, take off the sleeve and use a gentle soap to run it through lukewarm water. And yes, its material is that easy to clean, and you only need to let it dry afterward!

Creative Ways to Use A Dick-Draining Toy

Depending on whether you want to enjoy these machines with a partner or alone, there are a plethora of ways to do so.

Of course, you can let everything to your imagination, but most dick-draining devices let you enter a world of virtual reality where everything will be just a click away on your remote control. Another important aspect to mind is not watching a porn video but having cybersex that emulates a real-life session.

If you are just beginning to swim in the sex waters, we advise you to begin with less vigorous milkers as you don’t want to lose control over them. To boost the intensity levels, however, you can use dick milker while stimulating the prostate.

How to Properly Store A Cock-Draining Device?

As cock-draining machines come in diverse shapes and forms, we can’t offer you one storage solution. What you should know, though is that they usually come with storage containers that make the process easier. If not, there is always a chance to buy a storage box from the product manufacturers.

But be careful not to put the box within a place where it is either cold or hot and humid.