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Sex Toy Categories

Sex toys are objects or equipment designed to facilitate sexual pleasure for people, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. They are designed to look like human genitals and they can be found as vibrating or non-vibrating. 

The sex portfolio counts numerous sex toys and also includes BDSM sex furniture or different apparatus. However, sex toys nowadays can be found at sex shops, pharmacies, pornographic stores, or online. 

Today, sex toys are considered an artistic expression of the sensual realm of sex. 

Let’s get all the deets of the vast array of sexual gadgets.

The History of the Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is expanding and it is very popular these days. But, sex toys have not always been modern-looking devices that run on batteries or use chargers. They were primitive and usually used in rituals that were dedicated to fertility.

The first appearance of a sex toy originates in 29,000 BC and it is connected to the Neanderthals living in a German region named – Swabian Jura. They started to carve rocks with phallic shapes. It has not been proven if they were only used in ritual acts really or just imaginary or maybe the funky Neanderthals carved them out just for fun! But one thing is clear – they started writing the sex toy history!

In 500 BC, the ancient Greeks were practicing whipping up fake dongs with different kinds of materials. These open-minded Greeks started using olive oil in their sexcapades.

As history isn’t innocent to many outcomes, the sexual sphere had also been tackled throughout the many years before. As time went by, the Chinese innovated Ben Wah balls and the cock rings (made of goat eyelids) and double-sided dildos. The situation with the sex toys took a turn for a more interesting twist in the 17th century, when the French sailors brought along sex dolls made of straw on their long sailings. 

When many women were diagnosed with Hysteria in the 19th century, the situation spiraled out of control. To help a woman relax, the doctors were using genital stimulations. So, specialists invented vibrating machines and named them “manipulators”. The first one was designed by George Taylor, an American doctor. Afterward, the first dildo was created in the 1960s for medical reasons, by Ted Marche.

The Magic Wand was a battery massager designed in Japan and women worldwide started using it because of their “strong back pain”. Later, the feminist Betty Dodson demonstrates how the magic wand could be used in her sex shop.

Sex innovations continued to break ground through the years. A businesswoman by the name of Dell Williams opened a sex shop in the United States after an embarrassing experience she had while buying a vibrator. In 1983, Japanese companies took after the trend of vibrators’ use and started producing vibrators, along with other sex toys.

After the appearance of Fleshlight and RealDoll, the sex toy industry climbed to the next level. Nowadays, the expansion of technology and the internet are going in favor of the adult industry. According to research, more than 70% of adults use sex toys regularly. So, the 21 century is like the cherry on top, mainly because we are part of something we can name – the Golden Age of sex toys.  

Different Types of Sex Toys

Living in the 21 century means living ‘la vie en orgasm’  because the expansion of sex toys is drastically increasing. Adult toys are designed for your utmost pleasure, providing you a sneak peek into the vast world of sexual adventures. There are different types of sex toys for everyone’s taste, and below we will explain some of them.

Sex furniture

Also, known as erotic furniture – it is designed to provide comfort, stimulation, and aid with penetration. It is designed in a way to be used in different sexual activities. The erotic furniture features fisting slings, sex swings, devices for flagellations, and spanking. Pillows for enhanced sexual pleasures in different sex positions, and many more interesting designed goods are part of the intriguing world of sex furniture.

Penetrative toys

The collection of penetrative toys is numerous and includes:

Ben Wah balls 

They are metal balls, designed for vaginal insertion. While lingering in the insides of the vagina, the balls contribute to the intensity of the orgasm.


Dildos are non-vibrating devices used for vaginal or anal stimulation. The name was first mentioned in the period of the Italian renaissance. It comes from the word diletto, and means pleasure. Dildos can be made from different materials such as silicone rubber, glass, stainless steel, and aluminum, but not all of them are body-safe. Dildos are usually designed in the form of a penis, but there are some C-shaped or S-shaped dildos for better P-spot or G-spot stimulation. 

The most famous dildo types are the double penetration dildo and the strap-on dildo. The first one is a flexible toy with two endings that allows double penetration (anally and vaginally) or penetration between two people. The second dildo type is used to penetrate someone else and is worn in a harness.

Other famous penetrative toys that are well accepted by the adult population are the horseshoe, the Kegel exerciser, and the sex machine, and all of them are used for penetration and pleasure.

Anal toys

Toys used for anal, as the name suggests, are designed for anal satisfaction and delight. The butt plug, for example, is a toy used for anal insertion. The ones that are the safest come with a flared base that stays outside the body, avoiding the toy from becoming irretrievable. Prostate massagers are toys for prostate stimulation, tending to both pleasure and health.

Glassy adult toys

Their extraordinary look is related to the material they are made of – glass. The material is clear medical borosilicate glass which is safe and secure. There are many glassy toys for both men and women and also, and they can be found as vibrating or non-vibrating.

Vibrators – The Glorious Pleasure-givers

Vibrators are the most famous and sought-after sex toys worldwide. They are used by everyone, no matter their gender or sexual orientation of the person. Vibrators are motor-powered sex toys that are designed to stimulate the body with buzzing sensations and pulsating, awakening the dormant sexual thrills. Vibrators come in different sizes and shapes. The sex market offers numerous types of vibratos such as anal vibrators, bullet vibrators (a significantly smaller version of a regular dildo), P-spot or G-spot vibrators, and rabbit vibrators (popularized by the series Sex and the City), Sybians, Womanizers, and many more.

Penile Toys

Penile toys are very popular among men. The most famous penile toys are the artificial vaginas, known as “pocket pussies” or “strokers” and are used to induce orgasm by stimulating the penis. A cock harness is another sex toy that is designed to be worn around the penis. The cock rings are usually used to prolong the male erection. Also, the sex industry doesn’t seem to stop enriching the thrilling array of sex toys, offering different penile toys like the triple crown, the penis sleeve, and all of them are highly welcomed by sex enthusiasts.

What Are Sex Toys Made of?

The materials the companies use to design sex toys are various. For example, manufacturers are using glass materials, silicone rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, latex, etc. Even though the companies are trying to create safe products, some of them may use chemicals that can cause allergic infections.  

Always choose body-safe materials, always!

Keep Them Clean – Keep Them Safe

Owning a sex toy means taking proper care of it. Maintaining cleanliness is essential to avoid bacterial infections or transferring STDs. Each sex toy will be well cleaned if you use warm water and antibacterial soap. Some sex toys require a higher level of maintenance, meaning using special water-based lubes and such, but all of the upkeep requirements would be mentioned on the label.

Sex Toys of Today

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned sexual enthusiast in the thrilling world of sex toys, resorting to a sex toy might turn out for the best. Not only will you shake off any insecurities about your sexual potencies, but you’ll also spice up your sex life, probably impressing your partner.

No matter how big or small, a sex toy is to be properly used and cleaned. Also, even though there’s a humongous number of companies offering sex toys on the market, always do your research and choose what’s best for you. 

From buttplugs to strap-ons, and from sex swings to Ben Wah balls, options are endless. All you need is a consensual partner, or, even if you’re all about doing a solo performance, make your pick and enjoy the ride.


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