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Feel like a quickie but your girl isn’t up for it?

Or, perhaps you want to partner for a night of extra kinky excitements? Heck, maybe you’re single and fed up with masturbating the old-fashioned way? Either way, a fleshlight is the price to pay for a full-blown experience! It is a self-play toy that sounds ordinary, looks salacious, and feels just right – with the right amount of lube applied.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on fleshlights and how it can save your hand the trouble of finding your next orgasm.


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Fleshlight Sex Toys | What The Hell Are These?

Years ago, fleshlights were actually a brand name, but the company’s name has become synonymous with most male sex toys. It is an original masturbation device intended to stimulate the penis in various ways. They are relatively small, flashlight-shaped devices with an opening usually replicating a vagina, a butt, or both. The toy’s canals are made out of a soft, squishy material, original and uncannily similar to the real thing.

A fleshlight’s primary goal is to pose as a stroker and stimulate erotic pleasure in men, but they are multifaceted as well. They build stamina in men and can help them control their pleasure in bed. Not to mention, sex sleeves make one hell of a practice toy if you’ve gotten rusty and have a hot date coming up.

Using and Maintaining Your Fleshlight

Using fleshlights, or any other adult toy for that matter, is pretty straightforward, right? Right.

But you still need to mind a few things to ensure you squeeze out (pun intended) its maximum potential. To use it, apply the entry point of the tender prop to the tip of the penis and you’re ready for blast-off! Try not to get too carried away and rough so as not to damage the sensitive inner texture or yourself.

Though using a designated toy is simple, logical, and fun enough, maintaining it requires more diligence. Cleaning your toy after using it is a must, and the best way to do it is to run it through some lukewarm water – both the shell and canal. Careful not to use extremely hot water as, depending on the material softness, it could damage the prop and reduce its lifespan. You should know that even with regular maintenance, the toy’s condition can still worsen with time. This is only natural so, when the time comes, you should start thinking about purchasing a related device.

Fleshlights Types

It should be noted that there aren’t one-size-fits-all fleshlights. There are dozens of different types with different textures that can be smooth and silky, a tad rougher, or bosting tighter channels for extra stimulation. It all depends on the orifice the device imitates: vagina, ass, boobs, mouth – you get the picture.

In the early years of the adult toys’ industry, people could only choose from a handful of products. Now, there are dozens, if not hundreds of adult props specifically designed and manufactured to deliver unique sexual pleasures. And manufacturers, for all it’s worth, have gotten quite inventive.

The Pink Lady is the original and most basic product type and is among the first adult props the market launched. There is also the so-called masturbation sleeve, a simpler fleshlight that can be – though not necessarily – without an end cap. The units are designed to increase stamina; translucent assets so you can see all the action and even automated props with built-on straps. This way, you don’t have to do all the stroking yourself. Some types can even be adjusted to skip the accumulated air vacuum and aim for the right amount of suction with no unwanted downsides.

Oh, and, have you heard about Fleshlight Girls? If you come across this term for the first time then you’re in for a treat. These sexy gadgets appear like artificial vaginas and butts and are molded from the actual vaginas of famous porn stars. Though don’t go rushing to buy a Mia Malkova molded butt – they’re all sold out.

Choosing the Best Fleshlight Sex Toy

Yes, we know – you think you’re ‘gifted’ down there. But let’s be realistic this time around so you can choose the best fleshlight for you.

There’s no shame in it and not all fleshlights are built for large penises. The toy’s length and built are adjusted to accommodate men with small, medium, and large-sized penises alike. After all, a fleshy masturbator may not have the same effect as a dick pump or other dong enlargement gadgets but can add to your size over time. The material of your plaything can be just as important as its dimensions. Some want to last longer, while others want a quick session. Some prefer traditional vaginal penetration, while oral does it for others.

If you’re just starting, we’d recommend buying something simple to use, easy to clean, and not as overly-stimulating, like tighter orifice props and rugged sleeves. Again, take into consideration the size of your appendage before purchasing. Because, using a tighter, smaller-sized prop might cause skin soreness whereas using a larger product with nothing to show for could hurt your pride.


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