Onahole | The Unique Pleasurer

Time to give that hand a rest – Onaholes are your new fap-gap and you might as well embrace them.

We live at a time where sexual impulses can be quenched like deep thirst with a cup of cold water in the summer. Sure, the market is full of sex toys catering to/gratifying/satisfying individual fetishes. Onaholes, however, satiate your erotic needs, unlike any other sex toy.

You have to hand it to the Japanese. First, they gave us Anime, and then came Hentai. As they inflamed our carnal and sensual urges with large-eyed anime girls with short skirts, they give us Onaholes.

What’s not to love? If you’re looking to add an extra layer of enjoyment while masturbating, onsaholes are the sex toys to get you going.


Defining Onaholes

An onahole is a sex toy simulating a female vagina, butt, boobs, or mouth. It’s basically your usual fleshlight or pocket pussy with a twist. They are inspired by and modeled after Japanese Anime and Manga. When it comes to sex toys designed to satisfy the male libido, Onaholes are uncontested. It’s fair to say hot Asian chicks are the unrealized fantasy of pretty much every straight man within a heartbeat – an onahole toys are here to save the day. They are everything sex experimenters dreamed of and more.

Why Use Onaholes?

The real question is why shouldn’t you use them? They’re on sale, you’re horny – it’s a win-win situation.

There are a few general benefits that come from using onaholes or other adult toys of their kind. First, there’s the sexual pleasure they excite in men. They are also a safe and enjoyable way to learn what sex feels like if you’re a virgin but expect to get laid (eventually). Onaholes will also surely enhance your endurance and help you last longer in bed. By now, you probably won’t even be surprised if we told you some manufacturers create onaholes specifically for that purpose.

How Do You Use an Onahole?

There are no strict rules to using portable sex toys. You only have to make sure you don’t get too excited because it could lead to skin soreness if you get too rough and damage the texture of your product.

Also, remember to carefully rinse your toy soon after you’ve had your fun, so it stays clean and in good shape for the next round.

How to Order an Onahole?

If you live in Japan or close by, you’d have no trouble getting your hands on these bad boys, or girls – you get the idea. If you’re located outside the Asian market, getting them might take longer if you order from a Japanese vendor.

Ordering is pretty straightforward. You do what you’d do normally when ordering any online product, only you need to make sure the onahole vendor ships the product to your country. Simply, choose a site that sells them, enter the required information, credit card detail, address, and choose your product.

If you’re a customer based in Europe or the Americas, there are several vendors that will ship these unique masturbation toys to your home address.

We are aware of the delicate nature of these products, and so are the manufacturers, so no need for discretion concerns. Your identity and purchasing records will remain 100% confidential and protected.

Types of Onahole Sex Toys

When it comes to types of onahole masturbators, there’s no shortage of choice. There are many different types of these Anime-inspired, self-pleasing sex gadgets, catering to different desires and needs.

You have disposable, one-time use only toys and reusable onaholes. You can choose from several onahole categories based on their orifice: mouth onaholes (for oral pleasure), butt onaholes for anal intercourse, vaginal onahole, breast onaholes, hip onaholes, heating, vibrating, tighter, ribbed, smooth or rougher texture toys, you name it. One type of onaholes that have exploded in popularity is the kind whose parts are formed based on the actual vagina, butt, or boobs from Japanese/Asian adult film stars.

Onaholes, Fleshlights, and Pocket Pussies: How do They Compare?

The one thing all these products have in common is they are all meant to arouse a specific type of erotic pleasure with artificial female private parts. Pocket pussies, however, are somewhat more limited, in that they only simulate vaginal intercourse and, rarely, anal intercourse.

Fleshlights and onaholes are more multifaceted as they simulate vaginal, oral, anal, and even breast sex. Also, the durability of top-dollar onaholes and fleshlights is more lasting, and the customer does not need to dispose of them after one session. That is unless it is a disposable onahole they use.

But, to underscore, the one thing that makes onaholes more rousing than your run-of-the-mill fleshlight or pocket pussy is their provocative anime-themed design.

What are the Best Onahole Products?

That really depends on your preference. Do you prefer vaginal intercourse or anal sex? Perhaps you want to experiment or try something different, in which case a breast onahole or one simulating oral pleasure would do just nicely.

Also, pay attention to the size of the onahole. They come in different dimensions adjusted for medium or large-sized penises or for single or two-hand use. And, let’s not forget about the fully automated versions that do all the work for you.