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I am sure each and everyone out there has experienced a situation of being restlessly in the mood for some good, ol’ lovin’ at some point in their lives? Some more frequently than others. If your partner is around– that calls for a wild night in the bedroom. But what happens in solo situations? 

Thanks to a wide range of sex toys on the market today, sex can be quite an enjoyable solo ride. Charge your vibrator and dive into a pleasurable journey. However, not all of us have sex toys at reach all the time. Probably a lot of people have never set foot in a sex shop. Imagine being all riled up and aroused, but alone, without a single-sex toy in sight. What happens then? Worry not! The solution is just around the corner. 

Have you ever heard about DIY sex toys? Yes, you read well. If you look around your house, I’m sure you can find plenty of items and objects that you can use as your sex toys in times of need. Let’s dig deeper and find out what kind of items you can use for a sexual and pleasurable night.

Paper Clips and Clothespins

Are you one of those nipple-loving people, fans of nipple clamps? Are you in the mood for some nipple clamping, but don’t have nipple clamps at home? How about using paper clips? Just reach out to your desk drawer. Paper clips can deliver the same sensation and feel as nipple clamps. They are the perfect DIY Sex toy for nipple novices.

But how do you do it? It is simple – just clip them onto your nipples and prepare to feel the sensual thrill. If you’re enjoying your partner’s company, get them to join in on the fun. A good, old-fashioned nipple-licking, while paperclips are attached to your nipples, will skyrocket your pleasure, for sure. The same goes for the clothespins.

I’m sure everyone has clothespins lying around the house. Instead of using them for hanging clothes, put on your thinking cap and use the clothespins on your delicate nipples. Yes, you’ve just made yourself a DIY nipple clamp. You’re welcome! 

Wooden Spoon

Are you in the mood for some spanking? 

Why buy a spanking toy when you probably already own the perfect DIY sex toy that can be used in the bedroom? A wooden spoon will give you the exact same feeling as a store-bought spanking sex toy would. Plus, it allows you to control the intensity of the spanking. Depending on your partner’s preferences, you can turn the spanking up a notch and whoosh yourselves into pleasurable moments.

Fresh Produce

Probably all of us have our fridges packed with fruit and vegetables. And yes, fresh produce can be used for some wild sex stimulation. From carrots to cucumbers, grapes, bananas, corn, and zucchini – the list is endless. 

Do you have carrots in your fridge? Perfect – use them and experience the exquisite pleasure they’ll provide. Just make sure to play softly and gently, for the risk of the carrot snapping is always there if you use it harshly.

Next are the bananas: Bananas grow in a naturally curved shape, which makes this fruit the perfect candidate for a DIY sex toy. Stimulating the G-spot or the P-spot using a sturdy banana properly will surely take you to the stars.

Zucchini and cucumbers are also a nice fit for a makeshift sex toy. They come in various sizes, so why not use them as DIY dildos when the real thing is out of reach. Before you engage in some self-loving, make sure to pick out a sturdy candidate, whether it’s zucchini or cucumber. 

A medium-sized round fruit can also serve as a DIY sex toy. Enter: tomatoes! Yes, you can use tomatoes for some sex fun! Grab a nice, firm tomato and roll it in a circular motion over your clitoris and let yourself go with the flow.  

However, it is important to have in mind that you can’t use just any fruit or vegetable you have at home. Stay away from products that contain capsaicin, like hot peppers. Why am I saying this? Because if it leaks on your clit, it can cause severe pain and discomfort in your sensitive region.


Besides brushing hair, hairbrushes can come in handy when the real sex toy is nowhere to be found. Sounds awkward? What if I told you you could use a hairbrush as a spanking toy? 

Let your imagination run wild and give the hairbrush a go. Any hairbrush would do- as long as it’s two-sided. The smooth side can be used for some gentle booty spanking, while the prickly side of the brush comes into play when you’re done with the spanking. Just turn the brush over and use the prickly side to gently press and move it on the spanked area- oh, the sensation you’ll get! 

Removable Showerhead

Feeling frisky in the shower? The solution is right in front of you! See the showerhead? Good, now point it to your vajayjay and let the nozzles do their magic! You’re in for a treat! The water stream coming from the showerhead nozzles will gently yet profoundly caress the clit, and the best of it is that you are in control of how you want to feel. Your whole body will shiver with an amazing tantalizing feeling from the warm water spraying on your clit. 

If you’re feeling bold, set your showerhead on stream or spray mode, and spread your pretty legs. Let the lukewarm water overflow you with tangling emotions. 

Let your hair down and enjoy the ride!


I’m pretty sure every woman owns a pair of pantyhose. So, instead of throwing them on the floor when getting naked in the bedroom, why don’t you use them for some erotic fun? Pantyhose can be the perfect blindfold to spice up the night. When blindfolded, all of our senses are heightened, which adds up nicely to the overall sexual experience. 

Another way of using pantyhose as a DIY sex toy is to tie up your partner with them. Tie their wrists or ankles and just have fun. We all want to be in control occasionally, right? 

Rules for DIY Sex Toys

Using home items and products for sex is tempting and fun to try. However, you must remember that everything comes with limitations. There are always safety precautions you need to follow for the whole experience to be body-safe and pleasurable, at the same time. When it comes down to DIY sex toys, there are two ground rules to follow:


The number one precaution you need to take is to not put anything that’s not covered on your bare skin or inside your vagina. Even though homemade sex toys are cost-effective, cheap, and easily accessible, there is always the risk of bacterial infection happening. DIY sex toys are fun, but not all of them are always safe to use. 

Making sure you experience the pleasure you’re after, when using DIY sex toys, always use a condom!

Safety First!

Take it from an experienced person in DIY sex toys – you want safety over fun!

The rule is the same for any homemade sex toy you pick – make sure it’s safe for you and your partner. In the end, you want some heightened pleasure, not pain. If you use a hairbrush, check for any cracks or any visible breakage on the outside. 

If your choice is an object that you can use for stretching your anus or vagina, it is important to consider the base of the object. Always pick objects with a flared base – because as much as it can be pleasurable if the object you chose doesn’t have a flared base, there is always a risk of you slipping it inside and having it medically removed.

The list of DIY sex toys, as I said, is endless. You may pick anything you like and use them wisely in the heat of the moment. 

As long as you remember to play it safe, DIY sex toys will be your best companions in those frisky hours of sexual mischief.


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