Sex Machines

When we talk about sex machines, we often think about those sophisticated mechanical things which will take our sexual experience to a whole new level.

Given the complex purpose behind it, a sex machine is something you either want to play with or don’t. To help you better understand how they tend to your pleasure, let’s elaborate on the different sex-machine types and prices, where to buy them, and how to put them to good use.


Best Sex Machine

Sex Machines: Categories and Prices

The foremost distinction of sex machines is on penetrative and extractive. But since we all know what this distinction means, we’re going jump up immediately to their most common types.

  • Saddles – Vibrating toys you can ride at an off-limit speed to our pleasure heights. (Price Range: $50-100)
  • Monkey rockers – In short, Monkey rockers are rocking chairs with an attached dildo to them. You can slide back and forth while the dildo is going up and down. (Price Range: $50-150)
  • Fuck rods – Sex machines used for doggy-style penetration. They are easy-to-use toys that switch between speeds and intensity levels, according to your likes. (Price Range: $20-70)
  • Thrusters – Unlike the vibrating sex toys, these machines provide backward and forward motion and come in different sizes. (Price Range: $30-50)
  • Strokers – These sex toys are all aimed at male pleasure. They provide a world-shattering sensation by using a hollow channel full of textured material designed to stroke the penis. (Price Range: $20-50)
  • Gliders – Contrary to saddles, gliders are fucking machines powered by your own body. You are the masters of the toy and in control of the speed and depth of the penetration. (Price Range: $50-150)

Where and Which Sex Machine to Buy

According to the customers’ reviews, the best online sites to get your favorite sex machine toys include Amazon, LoveHoney, Adam & Eve, AdamMale, Eva’s Toy, or Wet for Her. These are the most commonly visited pages by sex enthusiasts and are highly rated as well.

Adam & Eve

This is the most famous Greek retail website where you can buy any kind of sex machine at a reasonable price. The company provides the best high-quality products on the internet.


This shopping venue is also among the best sites for men searching for something exceptional and exotic in terms of sex toys and especially sex machines. AdamMale is the male-only section of Adam & Eve, and there, you can find myriads of available fucking machines at favorable prices.


We all know what and who Amazon is, but apart from its regular offering, it also sells downright extraordinary sex devices. On Amazon, you can get gilders, thrusters, saddles, or fuck rods, which are often packaged alongside dildos and vibrators in all sizes, lengths, and shapes. Amazon offers sublime price deals for their most eager sex toy fanatics as well.


Lovehoney is one of the pages where we are free to choose from products such as vibrators, Rabbit vibrators, Sex Machine for Couples, and dildos. On their page, you can read the full display of the content of their products and find suitable settings and guidance on how to use them. Though Lovehoney only ships in the US and UK, it offers various price options to fit every lover’s budget.

How to choose the right one

First of all, before searching an internet shopping site, make sure that you find a good review in order to get a clear picture of what you really want.

Secondly, there are two sides when it comes to buying the best fucking machines, your personal preferences and the characteristics of machines. Before all else, let your search across the internet be based on the years you have, your abilities, and your body type.

Furthermore, take into consideration the following characteristics of the machines:

  • Onwards – Upwards: Find the machine which offers you the most pleasurable penetration method.
  • Removable Attachments – Different attachments are reserved for different people. Before buying, assure yourself of the length, material, or change options.
  • Speed – Depending on your experience with sex machines, you should choose the one with a controlled starting speed and the option to gradually increase it.
  • Thrusting – You don’t want to be impaled by a fucking machine. That’s why being careful with the depth and intensity is crucial.

Best-selling Sex Machine Toys across the Internet

  • Handheld Thrusting Dildos
  • Mini thrusting machines
  • Anal machines
  • The ride-on sex machine

These are the best toys according to customer’s satisfaction and experience. Almost any sex machine from the list is available for viewing and shopping at the sites we already mentioned.

Tips and Tricks When Using a Sex Machine

By using sex machines properly, you can easily achieve orgasmic experiences much like actual adult stars. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for using a sex machine:

  • Please wash the toys before and after use
  • Apply mild soaps when washing them
  • To save money, get rechargeable batteries
  • If you want quality, get the machine with the longest warranty period
  • Bigger isn’t always better
  • Find a stable surface and keep calm


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