Sex Dolls

If you’re tired of using the same toys to pleasure yourself, or you’re simply in need of a partner, the sex doll might just be your thing.

Often called love dolls and blow-up dolls, sex dolls are lifelike, anthropomorphic dolls, which are usually used for sex. Most often they come in the form of a full-body, while in other cases, they come as parts, such as the head, vagina, anus, or any other body part.

Sex dolls are arguably one of the most popular sex toys on today’s market, bringing a new level of satisfaction and experience to many men’s and women’s bedrooms.

Sex Doll Categories

What are Sex Dolls?

As mentioned, sex dolls are known to be one of the most popular sex toys out there. They’re created with high-quality materials like silicone and are made to look as realistic as possible. They come in different sizes, body types, and even ethnicities. Because of their size, and depending on the quality of the material and the replica of the human form, they can be bought online for upwards of a thousand dollars. Not surprisingly, the high-end luxury ones can cost upwards of 5 thousand dollars.

Sex doll factories have really upped the ante in recent years, so sex dolls are becoming even more real-like. The detail on the breasts, hair, and other parts of the body are made for the ultimate pleasure for anyone craving the warmth of human touch. Sex dolls are made for hot, free sex yet can be an excellent companion to fight everyday loneliness.

Types of Sex Dolls

In practice, there are four types of sex dolls that can be found all over the world. The main difference between the dolls is the brand in question, the shapes, and the varieties.

Realistic Sex Dolls

As the name explains everything, the realistic sex doll comes with real-life-looking skin that’s covering the doll. The lifelike sex doll is often praised in customer reviews because of its realistic appearance and customization options. These dolls can often look like anime characters or anything the customers imagine in life-size.

Blow-Up Sex Dolls

The blow-up sex doll is created with high-quality vinyl, rubber, and TRP, which makes it more flexible. These types of dolls are cheap; however, they are not very durable as they can easily deflate. These sex dolls are far less realistic, but they’re ideal for people who want to try the concept before splurging thousands of dollars.

Silicone Sex Doll

The silicone love doll is for all people who love having a high-quality sex doll in their collection, which will look realistic and beautiful. These dolls are better resistant to water and strain than any other model of a sex doll. Silicone is a non-porous material, meaning no bacteria can get trapped inside the material. Keep in mind that you should always use water-based lubes with all silicone toys to prevent staining and tears and extend their use.

TPE Sex Doll

The TPE love dolls are made out of thermoplastic rubber, which is soft and feels like real skin upon contact. This type of doll is very elastic and flexible, meaning it can hold on under pressure. Even the material used in the dolls is durable, therefore extending the life of the sex doll.

Who Can Use Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls can be used by every person that loves to experiences something new in their sexual life and improves their sex doll collections. Like any other sex toy on the market, the love doll is affordable and can be used by male and female persons, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Pros & Cons of Sex Dolls

Like most of the sex toys on the market, sex dolls have more advantages than disadvantages. The only disadvantage of owning a sex doll is the size and weight. Unlike some smaller toys, sex dolls are difficult to move around. If you prefer to play around with something more lightweight, purchase a small-sized doll that is more practical for moving.

One of the biggest advantages of using a sex doll is that it is the closest to the real thing than any other sex toy. These lifelike sex dolls have been best-selling adult toys for years and for a good reason too, as they provide sexual comfort and companionship to people all over the world.

Pricing and Ratings

One of the best sex dolls that people can find online is available at the Lovehoney brand, as most of their products are with a 5-star rating. One of the most prominent products is the THRUST Pro Elite Lifesize doll that costs $1,999, and it holds a 4.5-star rating.

The other popular product from the store is the Lifelike Lover Realistic torso, which is available for just $374, and it holds a 5-star rating from customers.

Sex Dolls Maintenance

The love doll might look big, but its maintenance is practical. If the sex doll is made out of silicone, the perfect way to clean it is with mild soap and warm water or a dedicated toy cleaner. When the doll is made out of plastic or rubber, the way to clean is the same as the silicone one.


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