“Using a Vibrator is Waaaay More Fun When You Do It Together”


Well, folks, diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend.

Masturbation is a gateway between the body and mind. This healthy habit comes with more than just sexual pleasure, it’s a natural way to release endorphins, aid sleep, and relieve pain. It’s a connection between a woman and her intimacy, on the highest level of vulnerability.

When it comes to the toys you choose to try out, it’s important you get everything you need out of it, no matter what type of satisfaction you get off on.

What curls your toes? What gets you going? -That is what you need to be asking yourself while on the prowl for the crème de la crème of vibrators. Don’t compare yourself to what makes others tick. Intimacy is personal. After all, every woman is different. All of us prefer different stimulations, our bodies follow different sexual vibes. If you haven’t used a lot of sex-stimulating devices before, maybe orient to the things you enjoy with a partner-it might help you discover your pleasure points.

Do you enjoy oral sex? – Maybe try something stimulating to the clitoris. Do you like deep penetration and cervical stimulation? – Maybe try some penetrating gadgets that fully satisfy you. Do you enjoy both at the same time? – Good, we have something for that as well.

But vibrators aren’t for solo play only. They can also be used for dual action with your partner to maximize enjoyment and get the best of both worlds. Two studies conducted in 2009, found out that using vibrators with your partner increases desire, arousal, and overall sexual function. Men, women, and anyone in between can find satisfaction in these feisty, little vibrating devices.

What Kinds of Vibrators are Out There?

There may have been a time where vibrators were associated and limited by clit-play only. But that’s all in the past. Nowadays, women and those who feel as such have a much more versatile “menu” of remote-controlled vibrating buddies to choose from. Women weren’t scared to ask for what they needed to be satisfied, and the adult industry listened very carefully. Vibrations received!

Vaginal Vibrators

  • Clitoral. If you have done your research and made sure that a clitoral stimulator is the one for you, there’s most certainly a vast array of things to choose from. But when it comes to the most beneficial, you can’t go wrong with a magic wand. These microphone-appearing electronic vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation in a way that will launch you to climax. Offering a couple of vibration frequencies, making sure they accommodate your needs, wands are a perfect tool for every clit-loving fiend out there. Get personal and ooh your way to an orgasm!
  • G-spot Vibrator. Let’s say the spot that takes you over the edge is the G-one. The magic of the O is available at various speeds, power options, and modes. This vibrator typically comes with a dildo-like insert that can vary in size, curved at an angle so as to stimulate the right spot. There also are multiple speed options allowing you to pick the pace of the vibration.
  • Rabbit Vibrator. Don’t let the cute name fool you. This is for those that prefer dual stimulation and like their clitoris touched at the same time as penetration is taking place. Bunnies have two parts – one aimed at the clit and one for insertion. Combining them both, using the controller to regulate and maintain speed, these rabbits are designed to make an explosive delivery in no time!
  • Pocket Rocket. A bulky cylinder shape may not be everyone’s preferred gadget appearance. Still, its size and look make it very discreet, almost like a makeup product or a mini flashlight making it perfectly travel-sized. This 2-inch container, with a powerful top and versatile top caps, designed for clitoral arousal, is a very powerful tool whether used on its own or with a partner.
  • Butterfly. If you want hands-free, double stimulation, then getting a butterfly vibrator is what will rock your boat. Designed to be cute and girly, the lil’ butterfly is will float with you all the way to the big O. The insertion is placed and locked in place by the wings, providing you with deep stimulation, while the vibrating wings stimulate the clitoris.

Anal Vibrator

  • P-spot. Let’s not forget that vibrating devices aren’t for women only. Why aim for the G when you can aim for the P? For all the men out there enjoying some reaming, P-spot vibrators are the real deal, whether you’re looking for an enticing prostate massager or just some good ol’ rear-end fun. Besides men, women can also get the most out of this vibrator. If your partner is intrigued by back-door play, or maybe enjoys the essence of multiple penetrations, a P-spot vibrator might just be the ultimate pleasure-giver.
  • Suction-holders. Gadgets used for some a-level, “tasting the forbidden fruit” can be all fun and games until they’re not. While down to business, it’s very easy for things to get sucked up “in there”, as funny as it may sound. So, whatever buttplugs, beads, or corkscrews you chose to use while exploring, make sure there’s a base to keep it in place.

Other Vibrating Sex Toys

Both the vaginal and the anal vibrators are a pretty good choice for regular use, a steady go-to toy. But, if you’re feeling extra frisky, there are other fun toys that might get you to discover a whole new world of pleasures. If you know your vajayjay well and know exactly which spots on your clitoris get you in the mood, then “the egg” is perfect for you. This oblong, egg-shaped, small vibrating device does something no magic wand can do- it targets a specific spot of your choosing.

Feeling a bit naughtier than usual? Then get blasted with a “triple threat! The Triple Bunny will hop into all three pleasure zones. This battery or cord-connected bunny will show you the way to explosive climaxes in no time. Are you in the mood for a more aggressive cervical spurring? Are you craving the sensation of oral sex while your lady garden is also being tended to? Voila! There’s a product much like a rose that will have your flower blossom in a blink of an eye.

Do you prefer ribbed, textured dildos and you are looking for the same thing in a vibrating device? The sex toy industry paid attention to all kinds of pleasures, devising gizmos with external silicone beads. On the mission to skyrocket you to the land of O, textured sex toys will make you lose control, and never want to put your feet back on the ground, again!

Let’s say you like more discreet contentment-bulky and hefty toys just don’t rock your boat. Luckily, there are many different pleasure-giving toys, some small enough in the size of a bullet to the one shaped like a lipstick container- so quiet that no one else but you would know it’s there. If you’re a playful, quirky pleasure-lover, there are these vibrating gadgets fashioned like rubber duckies that add to the whimsical side of things as well as self-indulgence, profusely. Claiming a woman’s sexuality has never been made more approachable!

Cleaning and Maintaining a Sex Toy

Yes! Yes! Yeeees! Sounds familiar? Of course it does-it’s courtesy of your beloved sex toy. The little vibrating thingy gets you as high as a kite, but if you don’t take good care of it, it might just swing you back down on Earth, head first. When discussing any sex toy or vibrator, maintenance should be addressed with the highest attention. Sex gadgets are very easy to use but tricky to keep clean. The toys must be cleaned before and after every use to prevent genital infections or cross-contamination. Also, it’s very important to keep sex utensils in a box or a bag, as to prevent dust and filth from the surroundings contaminate it.

Nonporous materials

Much like the name suggests, these are gadgets made from porous-free materials. In essence, this means there are no tiny holes, making them a lot easier to clean than their porous counterparts. Typically speaking, non-porous materials mean glass, hard plastic, metal, medical-grade silicone, and wood. These matters don’t have tiny pores in them, so no bacteria can be stored and end up contaminating the toy. But beware, that doesn’t mean they’re any less susceptible to being cleaned than the porous one.

More often than not, sex toys are easy to clean, and a good wash under the sink with some dish soap will do the trick. Also, most of them are dishwasher-friendly, so letting your dishwasher do all the work is also a good idea. If you don’t want your “delicates mixing in with the washing” a good old-fashioned submerging in boiling hot water will make them as good as new. If you’re on the run, an antibacterial gel works just as well.

Porous materials

Vibrators made from porous materials are notoriously more difficult to clean, but not impossible either. The problem lies in the fact that they can harbor bacteria a lot easier, due to the tiny punctures that often leave gunk in if not attended to properly. This gunk is full of your normal bacteria, but if left unattended, and the vibrator is reinserted or reused, it can be dangerous. Usually, these are rubber, PVC, or jelly-like sex toys.

With porous materials, you have to be a bit more aggressive when it comes to cleaning. Those little pores that collect discharge and dead skin cells (which is normal!) may be perfect grounds for bacterial growth. The most suitable option for cleaning porous materials is using boiling water and antibacterial soap. If that’s not available at the moment, the antibacterial gel can work. However, the most important thing with bacteria is it cannot survive on dry surfaces, so allowing your toy to dry thoroughly before storing it safely is crucial.

Before submerging your favorite thrill-giver device underwater, make sure that it’s waterproof all over. If it isn’t, then using an antibacterial gel would work just fine. Make sure the tools you use are cleaned before and after using them, to keep your privates clean and prevent infections. Other than that, pick your favorite gadget and enjoy the ride!


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