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The sex toy world is greatly bolstered by the Japanese community, especially with the creation of the onahole.

An onahole is more than just a penis pump, offering an excellent tactile experience in the form of a soft, fleshy vagina, ass, or mouth.

Sounds good, right?

Top 11 best onahole’s:

  1. Top Pick | Meiki XZY
  2. Best Onahole Runner Up | Julia+
  3. Oral PurePlay | La Bocca Della Verita Soft Edition
  4. Premium Torso Pick | Puni Ana SPDX
  5. Best Hip Onahole | NPG Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation
  6. Hip Onahole Runner Up | Meiki Pure Hip
  7. Tight Pick | Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo
  8. Virgin Pick | Virgin Age Admission
  9. Affordable Pick | Sujiman Kupa Lolinco
  10. Anime Pick | ToysHeart Fairy
  11. Out of The Box Pick | ToysHeart Seventeen Japanese Masturbator Onahole

Onahole A101

Onaholes are masturbatory aids that hail from Japan. These specialist male sex toys come with realistic vaginal and anal cavities to help you to maximize your masturbation experience. Some of the most popular designs have busts and are modeled on adult film stars.

Onahole Buyer’s Guide

As there are numerous types of onaholes, look out for these pointers while picking the best onahole for your needs:

Inspiration for the Design

What sets the best onaholes apart from mere fleshlights and other sex toys is that the body structure and internal cavities are often modeled after famous adult stars.

Uh-huh, that’s right!

You can experience the sensations of being with your desired model by picking a product that’s created after an adult star.

This includes the model’s size dimensions and textures. A great example of this is the Meiki XZY modeled on China’s most famous porn star—Zhang Xiao Yu.

Number of Cavities

If you’re seeking an ultra-realistic experience from your sex toys, the best onaholes have dual cavities to double your experience and pleasure.

This type provides diversity for your sexual escapades with the model, and each cavity’s sizing is different to match the sensations from the real world.

The cavities are also lined with different stimulants, such as ridges, to enrich your experience. A great example of this is in the Puni Ana SPDX.

Puni Ana is not full size but still heavy enough to give you a work out. The bone structure is the main selling point here. It really adds to the realism when you can feel the pressure of the bone in certain positions. This is probably the closet to real sex I felt in an onahole. I will update if there are durability issues but so far so good.

Bruticus56 (July 2022)

Onahole Materials

While most ona hole manufacturers don’t disclose the exact type of materials in their products, the result is what you should look for when picking a model.

The finish can be different, and it comes down to what you’re seeking from your onahole sex toys.

Read More | List of Safe Sex Toy Materials

Realism matters when it comes to external materials. However, the material choice determines how bouncy a product can be, or even its overall stability and heft.

For example, the NPG Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation is a high-quality product that uses bouncy materials to gain a springing action as you penetrate the onahole.

Onahole Models and Structure

Onaholes come in all sorts of shapes and models, and it’s up to you to pick the right one for your needs. If you’re looking for an onahole that looks like a head for deepthroating, opt for the La Bocca Della Verita Soft Edition.

On the other hand, if you want a full-body along with the bust and hip, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo is the onahole that offers the full experience. 

Reviews of the Best Onaholes

The Best Onahole | Meiki XZY

This is a fifth-generation product belonging to the Meiki No Syoumei line of onaholes and is one of the best onaholes around (TOP selling in Japan). It’s modeled on arguably the most famous Chinese adult model, Zhang Xiao Yu

Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu

Its entrance has received an upgrade and now has a double-lip structure to heighten your pleasure. Thanks to this design change, you can use the outer and new inner lip as fresh stimulation points.

If you’re well-endowed, the soft materials should stretch to accommodate your girth. If you’re a bit smaller, you still shouldn’t have any issues getting some hot pleasure.

The manufacturer has used a realistic texture for every area of the G-spot and portio path, thereby offering a realistic feeling, while the soft external material increases sensation. 

Meiki is 100% waterproof, so you can use it underwater for extra intense pleasure. It also makes cleaning this male sex toy easy.

However, something to be aware of is that the inner lining may have a short lifespan, which customers are naturally disappointed about.


  • Modeled after China’s most famous adult star.
  • Uses realistic materials across the onahole.


  • The inner lining has a short lifespan.

Runner Up Onahole | Julia+

Fans of Japan’s famous adult star, Julia, will love that this onahole is modeled on her.


This is one of the best onaholes around, and it comes with a miniature torso, along with a curvy body and shapely breasts. Such a form should easily arouse you, while the onahole’s canal is excellently designed for orgasms.

The use of premium materials on the exterior creates a sensual feeling while also making it durable.

Additionally, a complimentary lubricant is included to help heighten pleasure, setting this one above the competition in this sense.

Cleaning this product can take a while, though, which is something to consider before making the purchase.


  • Realistic onahole that resembles Japanese adult star, Julia.
  • Dual-layer structure for great sensations.
  • Complimentary lubricant.


  • Cleaning this onahole takes time.

Oral PurePlay | La Bocca Della Verita Soft Edition

This is a unique onahole that includes a mouth-based design along with a set of inviting lips. When you open the mouth, you’ll see a set of rubber teeth and a supple tongue to offer a realistic experience.

La Bocca Della Verita Soft Edition

Upon insertion, the ridges on the upper palate will stimulate your tip and head. This combines well with the tongue, which pleasures you underneath.

In addition, this sex toy’s narrow throat creates a realistic deep throat experience. In fact, this structure can stimulate your penis even better than the real deal. 

A closed-off rear end to this onahole creates suction once you penetrate the front end, with this increase in vacuum also increasing your pleasure.

However, the inner layer is quite sensitive and can rip if you aren’t careful while cleaning the onahole. With this in mind, you’d need to take some care when thrusting into the mouth, too!


  • Realistic onahole for deep throating.
  • Easy to clean
  • Narrow throat structure offers excellent pleasure.
  • Suction from the onahole helps boost orgasms.


  • Delicate inner layers are at risk of damage.
  • Not so cheap onahole

Premium Torso Pick | Puni Ana SPDX

The Puni Ana SPDX onahole is a premium sex toy that’s heavier, bigger and more realistic than its predecessors.

Puni Ana SPDX Onahole

It features a torso with a vaginal and anal cavity for a realistic experience. The same U-shape tunnel connects both cavities to make cleaning the product extremely easy.

The exterior has a soft finish and uses a skin-like structure to increase your feeling. In addition, squeezing the doll’s rib cage makes it move accordingly, mirroring a female partner’s bodily movements. This also creates a greater vacuum inside the doll, thereby increasing the quality of your orgasms.

Note that a memory material is used inside the vaginal section to adapt and change based on the size and shape of your penis, which is excellent for repeated visits.

On the negative side, this onahole has a strong smell that can be off-putting.

Onahole Pros:

  • Most realistic onahole version of the Puni Ana series yet.
  • Includes anal and vaginal cavity.
  • Memory material takes the shape of your penis.
  • Easy to clean

Onahole Cons:

  • Materials give off a strong offputting odor.
  • Not very cheap onahole

Best Pleasure Hip | NPG Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

This is a third-generation model from the extreme pleasure hip series— an onahole that’s focused on creating shapely booties for your pleasure.

Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

Adult star Asahi Mizuno is the inspiration for this replica sex toy, weighing 6kg and having a soft and subtle material. The material gives you an added bouncy sensation as you take on this toy by the hip.

You can also combine this product with a USB warmer to further heighten your sensations. 

On top of this, two entry cavities are present, mirroring the vagina and anus, both lined with ridges for greater stimulation. A change of position triggers different sensations, encouraging you to experiment with your angles. 

The only downside is that you don’t have access to a bust, thereby making the product seem less life-like.


  • Third-generation model designed for wide-hip lovers.
  • Material offers greater bouncy sensations.
  • Twin cavities for double the pleasure.


  • Lack of a bust.
  • Not so easy to clean

Pleasure Hip Runner Up | Meiki Pure Hip

The Meiki line of onaholes has become extremely popular now, and this is the first of its products to feature a hip with a realistic interior and a through-hole system for easy cleaning.

Meiki Pure Hip

It weighs 5kg, and the internal sections have curves with realistic textures to increase your stimulation. Much like the extreme pleasure hip model, this one comes with two cavities to vary your experience with the onahole.

For those who don’t prefer bouncy onaholes, this one has a firmer and harder material than the extreme pleasure hip model. 

It has also received a color upgrade to make its appearance look even more realistic. 

In addition, cleaning this onahole is extremely easy—simply use water to flush everything out.

The one downside is that non-water based lubes can be damaging for this onahole, so ensure you check your lube is appropriate. Perhaps the company will include compatible lube in future releases, who knows!


  • Realistic textures for heightened pleasure.
  • Firmer and harder than the extreme pleasure hip model.
  • Color upgrade for increased realism.


  • Non-water-based lubes can damage this onahole.

Tightest Pick | Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo

This is the larger Lolinco Virgo model’s sister product and is an upgrade of the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. It’s bigger and better than before, featuring a fine-tuned design with a modest bust and an adorable belly button. 

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo

The designers have used what’s known as an “eternal virgin” design on the inner hole. This helps retain the shape and grip of the onahole, even after extended use.

The entrance is a spiral design, which offers extreme maximum pleasure. All you need to do is insert your penis and allow the tight grip to work its magic.

However, this product doesn’t work very well for smaller members and is more aligned for well-endowed cocks.


  • Brilliant external design.
  • Spiral feature for maximum pleasure.
  • Provides an excellent grip on your member.


  • Only ideal for well-endowed penis owners.

Virgin Pick | Virgin Age Admission

This onahole uses a single material and has thick walls, making it easy to handle. Also, a 16mm ultra-realistic opening makes it easy to penetrate while keeping a tight grip around your shaft as you enter.

Virgin Age Admission

Once inside, you get a roomy chamber that makes way for a narrow tunnel that’s only 10mm wide. This section features stimulating ribs to help get you going.

Further penetration opens up to a narrower tunnel that’s only 7mm wide, tapering off into a 2mm section that includes ridges to massage your tip.

Such varied sizes create different levels of sensations for different areas of your penis, offering excellent pleasure.

Even so, this sex toy’s texture could be better.


  • Excellent comprehensive design.
  • Thick walls for easy handling.


  • Texturing on the material can be better.

Affordable Pick | Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

This is the precursor to the Sujumi Kupa Lolinco virgin doll we’ve already featured. Much like its follow-up, this toy is meant to stimulate sex with a virgin, meaning the cavity is narrow and has a tight grip.

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

The exterior is very soft, while the inside features a much firmer material. Also, weighing only 452 grams, this is one of the lightest models on offer and is quite easy to carry and store.

A downside of this onahole is that its opening is quite small for some, not being ideal for well-endowed men.


  • Tight cavity with excellent grip.
  • Easy to carry and store.


  • Not suitable for well-endowed men.

Anime Pick | ToysHeart Fairy

This figure-shaped onahole features an anime character design, making it ideal for those with an anime fetish.

ToysHeart Fairy Onahole

It has safe, skin-realistic textures and a super tight passage to heighten your pleasuring experience while also having two breast buds, nascent nipples and a well-designed ribbed vaginal passage.

For sizing, though, it’s only suitable for men with an average-sized penis or smaller.


  • Best onahole modeled after anime characters.
  • Large body with bust, nipples and a vaginal cavity.


  • Only suitable for small to mid-sized members.

Out of The Box Pick | ToysHeart Seventeen Japanese Masturbator Onahole

This is a dual-layered onahole, meaning varying materials are used both internally and externally to vary your tactile sensations. This is the soft variant of this model, making it squishy and fun to use.

Seventeen Bordeaux

It’s an impressive 17cm (6.69in), making it ideal for most cock lengths, although the larger guys out there won’t be able to go balls deep. Even so, there should be no issue with width due to the soft material.

The durability can be lacking, so if you’re set on this onahole, go easy on it!


  • Soft material for fun use.
  • Accommodates wide cocks.
  • One of the best dual-layered onaholes.


  • Poor durability.
  • Not suitable for all penis lengths.

Other Sex Toy Alternatives

Check out these articles:

Onahole | The Unique Pleasurer

Time to give that hand a rest – Onaholes are your new fap-gap and you might as well embrace them.

We live at a time where sexual impulses can be quenched like deep thirst with a cup of cold water in the summer. Sure, the market is full of sex toys catering to/gratifying/satisfying individual fetishes. Onaholes, however, satiate your erotic needs, unlike any other sex toy.

You have to hand it to the Japanese. First, they gave us Anime and then came Hentai. As they inflamed our carnal and sensual urges with large-eyed anime girls with short skirts, they give us Onaholes.

What’s not to love? If you’re looking to add an extra layer of enjoyment while masturbating, onaholes are the sex toys to get you going.

Defining Onaholes

An onahole is a sex toy simulating a female vagina, butt, boobs, or mouth. It’s basically your usual fleshlight or pocket pussy with a twist. They are inspired by and modeled after Japanese Anime and Manga.

When it comes to sex toys designed to satisfy the male libido, Onaholes are uncontested. It’s fair to say hot Asian chicks are the unrealized fantasy of pretty much every straight man within a heartbeat – an onahole toys are here to save the day. They are everything sex experimenters dreamed of and more.

Why Use Onaholes?

The real question is why shouldn’t you use them? They’re on sale, you’re horny – it’s a win-win situation.

There are a few general benefits that come from using onaholes or other adult toys of their kind. First, there’s the sexual pleasure they excite in men.

They are also a safe and enjoyable way to learn what sex feels like if you’re a virgin but expect to get laid (eventually). Onaholes will also surely enhance your endurance and help you last longer in bed.

By now, you probably won’t even be surprised if we told you some manufacturers create onaholes specifically for that purpose.

How Do You Use An Onahole?

To use an onahole, simply insert your member into the cavities. Barely any preparation is needed, but the cavities are designed to pleasure you with variable sizes and ribbed walls for ultimate stimulation.

There are no strict rules to using portable sex toys. You only have to make sure you don’t get too excited because it could lead to skin soreness if you get too rough and damage the texture of your product.

Also, remember to carefully rinse your toy soon after you’ve had your fun, so it stays clean and in good shape for the next round.

How To Order An Onahole?

If you live in Japan or close by, you’d have no trouble getting your hands on these bad boys, or girls – you get the idea. If you’re located outside the Asian market, getting them might take longer if you order from a Japanese vendor.

Ordering is pretty straightforward. You do what you’d do normally when ordering any online product, only you need to make sure the onahole vendor ships the product to your country.

Simply, choose a site that sells them, enter the required information, credit card detail, and address, and choose your product.

If you’re a customer based in Europe or the Americas, there are several vendors that will ship these unique masturbation toys to your home address.

We are aware of the delicate nature of these products, and so are the manufacturers, so no need for discretion concerns. Your identity and purchasing records will remain 100% confidential and protected.

How to Clean An Onahole?

To clean an onahole, you mostly just need warm water to rinse it out after use. If you want to use a cleaning product, keep in mind that your penis may come in contact with it if you don’t rinse it out properly.

Read more: Sex Toys Cleaning Guide

Types Of Onahole Sex Toys

When it comes to types of onahole masturbators, there’s no shortage of choice. There are many different types of these Anime-inspired, self-pleasing sex gadgets, catering to different desires and needs.

You have disposable, one-time use only toys and reusable onaholes. You can choose from several onahole categories based on their orifice:

  • Mouth onaholes (for oral pleasure),
  • Butt onaholes for anal intercourse,
  • Vaginal onaholes,
  • Breast onaholes,
  • Hip onaholes,
  • Heating, vibrating, tighter, ribbed, smooth, or rougher texture toys, you name it.

One type of onaholes that have exploded in popularity is the kind whose parts are formed based on the actual vagina, butt, or boobs from Japanese/Asian adult film stars.

Onaholes, Fleshlights, And Pocket Pussies: How Do They Compare?

The one thing all these products have in common is they are all meant to arouse a specific type of erotic pleasure with artificial female private parts.

Pocket pussies, however, are somewhat more limited, in that they only simulate vaginal intercourse and, rarely, anal intercourse.

Read More | Pocket Pussy Vs. Real Pussy

Fleshlights and onaholes are more multifaceted as they simulate vaginal, oral, anal, and even breast sex. Also, the durability of top-dollar onaholes and fleshlights is more lasting, and the customer does not need to dispose of them after one session. That is unless it is a disposable onahole they use.

But, to underscore, the one thing that makes onaholes more rousing than your run-of-the-mill fleshlight or pocket pussy is their provocative anime-themed design.

What Are The Best Onahole Products?

That really depends on your preference. Do you prefer vaginal intercourse or anal sex? Perhaps you want to experiment or try something different, in which case a breast onahole or one simulating oral pleasure would do just nicely.

Also, pay attention to the size of the onahole. They come in different dimensions adjusted for medium or large-sized penises or for single or two-hand use. And, let’s not forget about the fully automated versions that do all the work for you.

One Hole to Rule Them All

If you’re a fan of sex toys and seeking a product that offers more than your average fleshlight, ona holes won’t disappoint you.

These wonderfully designed models are often modeled after popular Asian adult stars, offering a more realistic sensation than regular vagina-replacement toys.

The 11 onaholes from our list are the best onaholes in the market right now, each of them offering something distinct for you. From tighter inserts to shapely bodies, you can choose the right stimulant for your needs.


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