Editorial Guidelines

Last updated on July 2022. 

Sextopedia is a professional sex toy information website. Our experts provide unique and trustworthy insight into sex toys that millions of people across the globe are using daily to improve their sex life.

We deliver high-quality and independent reviews that are backed by a rigorous testing process, so you can make more informed and above all, better buying decisions. Our content has always been and will be impartial, accurate, clearly communicated, backed by research, and vetted by industry professionals. See our General Review Guidelines for more information. 

Our content creators seek excellence in every step of the testing and writing process. Each and every article we are going to publish and have published is original and adheres to our in-house values:

  • Impartial
  • Trust
  • Perfection 

To find more information on how we test products, visit a product category page (accessible via header and footer menu) and click on the “How We Tested…” article. 

Rules We Follow When Testing Products and Creating Content

  • All the opinions expressed on this website are our personal ones. 
  • We strive to create impartial, accurate, researched, tested, actionable, and clearly communicated editorial content. 
  • Our authors & editors cannot accept any kind of compensation from partners we work with. 
  • We vet all our partners before mentioning them in our content. We work with companies that follow the best business practices and have similar values as we do. 
  • We always disclose our relationship with partners we work with at the beginning of the review content. 
  • We update our content frequently to make sure no critical element is left out.
  • We take immediate action when a potential issue is disclosed to us by our readers.  
  • We don’t produce paid content and there are no paid reviews on our website.
  • We strictly follow the product/service evaluation criteria during the testing and review process to ensure that similar products/services are fully comparable throughout our reviews. 
  • We only recommend products/services based on our evidence-based in-house testing, research, and expert interviews.
  • We constantly improve our testing methods to ensure even better editorial content quality in the future. 


  • Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas is a sexologist, researcher, and writer who loves to explore and investigate everything that is related to bedroom action. He strives to improve couples' sex life by challenging the advice given in research papers, books, magazines, and on the internet in general. Robert loves to write about sex, BDSM, as well as tips & tricks on how couples can introduce new sex toys to their relationship. He has been proudly featured in Healthline, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Self, AskMen, MelMagazine, Kinkly, Jack&Jill Adult, and in many other publications. Learn more. LinkedIn