Found: 7 Best Sex Toy Stores Online (+ Secret Runner-Ups)

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Whether you’re shopping for the first time or you’re a repeat buyer, it’s important to know some of the best online sex toy shops worth exploring.

But before the countdown begins, I’d like to emphasize that the team at Sextopedia considers the following factors when ranking online sex toy shops:

  • Affordability
  • Products quality
  • Product availability
  • Shipping (Fee, Speed, Discreet)
  • Warranty & Customer Support 

That said, here’s a summary of some highly-rated sex toys worth checking out.

Sextopedia’s top 7 Online Sex Toy Shops

In this online sex toy store review, we’ll cover the following:

  • Who the sex toy shop is for?
  • Who sex toy shop isn’t for?
  • What makes the sex toy shop different?
  • Current best sellers?
  • Product price range?
  • Shipping information?
  • Customer support quality (ranging from Good, Great, to Excellent
  • Any offers and discounts?
  • Why you should shop there?
  • And, finally, a little bit of my experience shopping there…

Also, please note that the discounts and offers mentioned in this article are subject to change without notice.

Now, let the countdown begin!

This article is co-written by Sexologist Robert Thomas.

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Lovehoney | The Best Online Sex Toy Store

Lovehoney is my favorite sex store. They probably have my name on the Hall Of Fame somewhere in their warehouse for the number of toys I’ve purchased from them. Here’s why I love this store.


Best for: Almost everything you’ve always wanted in a sex toy shop. 

Not best for: I can’t seem to find any reason to dislike Lovehoney. Disagree? Please share your experience in the comment section below. 

Wow-factor: Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on over 17,400 reviews on Trustpilot.

Best sellers: Lovehoney X Rom clitoral stimulator, Lovehoney Rose suction stimulator, Magic Wand stimulator, Womanizer X Pro40, and the indulge G-Spot and Clitorial stimulator.

Product price range: Between $20 and $200.

Shipping information: Excellent! Free, tracked shipping for orders over $49. Offers expedited shipping at an additional free and same-day shipping for orders placed before 5 pm ET.

Customer support quality: Excellent! You can reach them 24/7 via phone, email, or even live chat!

Offers and discounts: Save up to 50% on selected toys and 40% on selected costumes! You can also take advantage of their Date Night Bundle to buy any two sex toys, lube, and cleaner for only $75.

Reasons to shop at Lovehoney: Great student discounts, deals and coupons, a huge selection of sex toys and accessories, interesting sex guides, an interactive forum, excellent customer service, and so much more. 

My experience With Lovehoney: I don’t think I’ve visited any online sex toy shop more than Lovehoney. This store truly understands the assignment if you’re looking for great customer service, variety, quality, affordable prices, and anything along those lines. So forgive me for riding their dick too much, but they deserve it. 

Kiiroo | Best Online Sex Toy Shop For Men

Kiiroo sells some of the smartest sex toys you’ll come across in the crowded market. But that’s not the only thing this top-rated brand has to offer.


Best for: High-tech sex toys.

Not best for: Customers looking for excellent customer service. 

Wow factor: Other than being one of the best sex stores for men’s toys, they sell the world’s ‘smartest’ automatic masturbator on the market. 

Best sellers: The Onyx+ interactive masturbator, Pulse Solo masturbator, and the KEON smart masturbator are some of their best sellers.

Product price range: Between $40 to $300.

Shipping information: Free, trackable shipping for orders over $100 and delivered in discreet packaging. They also ship internationally at an additional fee.

Customer support quality: Good. You can contact them directly via the contact form on their website and wait between 2-3 working days. That’s not so impressive, given they’re a top company in the sex toy market. 

Offers and discounts: Get 10% off when you subscribe to their newsletter.

Reasons to shop at Kiiroo: They sell some really high-quality products for men, and the prices are not so bad, given that they also offer interest-free payment options with Sezzle.

My experience with Kiiroo: I bought the KEON masturbator (the smartest interactive masturbator in the world) for my boyfriend. And, true to the word, it arrived in discreet packaging seven days later. It came with one USB charging cable, one feel stroker, and the KIIRO masturbator. Other than their not-so-great customer support options, Kiiro is a top brand when it comes to men’s sex toys. 

Lovense | Best Sex Toy Store For Women

Lovense is where technology and the world of sex toys meet. Here, you’ll find some of the world’s leading interactive sex toys for women. Let’s take a tour of the Singapore-based sex toy giant.


Best for: High-tech sex toys for women. 

Not best for: Shoppers looking for excellent customer service. 

Wow-factor: Offers virtual pleasure through interactive sex games. 

Best sellers: Exomoon lipstick bullet vibrator, Dolce adjustable dual vibrator, Hush plug, and the Lush 3 Bluetooth egg vibrator.

Product price range: Between $13 to $300.

Shipping information: Depends on the country of destination. Shipping information is provided during checkout.

Customer support quality: Good. The contact form on their website is the best way to reach them.

Offers and discounts: None at the moment. 

Reasons to shop at Lovense: They sell high-tech toys for long-distance play, including group chat, and are recommended by more than 5 million customers worldwide. 

My experience with Lovense: Sometimes, I’m tempted to believe that the Lush 3 remote control vibrator saved my relationship with my boyfriend when we needed something to spice up our sex life. I’d let him control the vibrations remotely from his phone, leading to explosive orgasms. I’m forever grateful to Lovense! That said, they should consider providing better customer service and deals for their products.

Pink Cherry | Best Online Sex Toy Shop For Beginners

First of all, I love the pink theme on their website, although pink is not my favorite color. Pink Cherry sells toys for men, women, couples, and beginners.

Pink Cherry

Best for: I love the concept of selling beginner-friendly toys. I haven’t seen that in any of the stores I’ve reviewed so far.

Not best for: If you’re an undecided shopper, you’ll likely have a rough time choosing the perfect toy for you in their collection of over a million options. 

Wow factor: Other than the beginner-friendly factor, they claim to have a collection of over one million sex toys!

Best sellers: Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse stimulator, Bodywand midnight massager, stainless steel G-spotting wand, and the fantasy clitoral vibe. 

Product price range: $20 to $400.

Shipping information: Ships for free for orders over $59. Also offers fast and fastest shipping options for an additional fee.

Customer support quality: Good. You can contact them via phone at 1-888-801-8697 (TOYS) or the contact form on their website.

Offers and discounts: Pink Cherry has some of the most generous offers I’ve seen. You can get up to 80% off selected products. They also offer 30% off sitewide when you use the code BLACK at checkout.

Reasons to shop at Pink Cherry: They have one of the widest selections of sex toys in any online adult toy shop I’ve visited. 

My experience with Pink Cherry: Pink Cherry almost seems like the AliExpress of sex toys. I was impressed by their massive collection of toys. The fact that they offer generous discounts is also a huge plus. So it’s not surprising that they won the 2022 Online Retailer of the Year at the XBiz Awards.

Dame Products | Best Sex Toy Shop For Couples

Dame Products is an adult sex toy shop that sells sex toys for individuals and couples. Here’s a quick tour of the store.


Best for: Sex toys for couples. They even have dietary supplements for couples to increase their sexual desire. And that’s not the only unique product you’ll find in this store; their ‘fucked by the government’ dildo adds to the list of some of the unique toys you’ll find in this store. 

Not best for: Dame doesn’t seem to have a huge collection of toys. For instance, I couldn’t find a lot of dildos in their store, but that’s understandable. Also, I respect that they primarily focus on unique toys, which also makes them stand out. 

Wow factor: I love the uniqueness. They have the kind of toys you won’t just find anywhere else. They also have a Find Your Vibe tool that helps you choose the perfect toy for you if you’re unsure where to start. 

Best sellers: Check out the Aer suction toy and the Pom flexible vibrator.

Product price range: Between $4 and $200 (tax included). 

Shipping information: Dame ships discreetly both within the United States and internationally. Keep in mind that the website only ships products to buyers aged 18 and over. 

Customer support quality: Good. You can contact them via email at [email protected] and expect a response within 24 hours on business days. 

Offers and discounts: You’ll get 15% off your next purchase of over $50 when you refer a friend to the store. You can also take advantage of the 10% discount when you use the code DAME10. 

Reasons to shop: If you’re looking for sex toy products and accessories, you’ll find lots of them here. From toys, dildo storage bags, and supplements to wipes, this store offers many different options to choose from. 

My experience: I actually had quite a decent experience ordering from them. I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I placed a test order for the Zee bullet vibrator. I received the product four days later, packaged discreetly and in excellent condition. Also, I noticed they have a 60-day return policy, which is great to know, even though I’ve never had to return any of their products.

The Stockroom | Best For BDSM Toys Lovers

Looking for BDSM products? The Stockroom got the stock for you! And the Los Angeles-based store has quite the collection! Once you start shopping for BDSM products on their website, there is no freeing yourself.

The Stockroom

Best for: BDSM toys, gears, and accessories.

Not best for: Anyone looking for standard toys. 

Wow factor: Their vast collection of BDSM toys is quite impressive!

Best sellers: Premium garment leather collar, wrist cuffs, KinkLab neon wand, and the silicone breathable ball gag. 

Product price range: Between $12 and $2000.

Shipping information: Offers free shipping on domestic orders worth $119 or over. Shipping takes between 2 to 7 days. 

Customer support quality: Excellent! You can reach them via live chat, email at [email protected], or phone at 213-484-3882.

Offers and discounts: Offers up to 20% off on select gear.

Reasons to shop at Stockroom: Features a wide selection of BDSM products at reasonable prices. 

My experience with the Stockroom: I purchased the breathable silicone gag to test just how fast they ship their products and whether they do so discreetly. I was impressed with the results — I received the order six days later in discreet packaging. The bottom line: they’re worth the hype.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys | Best For Fantasy Sex Toys Lovers

If you love fantasy and realistic dildos, Mr. Hankey’s Toys is one of the best places to shop. This popular dildo manufacturer offers some of the best customizable and handcrafted sex toys you’ll come across online.

Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys

Best for: Fantasy and realistic dildo enthusiasts. 

Not best for: Anyone looking for other sex toys, such as vibrators. 

Wow factor: They claim to make the world’s finest uber-realistic penis designs crafted from an actual person.

Best sellers: The can opener, Diana’s grip, long John, and handyman butt plug. 

Product price range: Between $30 and $200.

Shipping information: Manufacturing the product takes around 2 to 4 days, while shipping takes around five days. They ship via FedEx and USPS in the US and internationally. International shipping takes around 10 days if there are no delays, but the company requests buyers to allow up to 8 weeks on all international orders.

Customer support quality: Good. You can reach them via [email protected] or the contact form on their website. In addition, the popular sex toy manufacturer also has numerous retail locations throughout the United States and Europe.

Offers and discounts: Get 25% off any order you place within seven days before or after your birthday. 

Reasons to shop: This award-winning sex toy company manufactures some of the industry’s best realistic and fantasy dildos. All their toys derive from platinum-cured silicone and are tested for impurities and hazardous chemicals. 

My experience: I’ve tried different dildos from Mr. Hankey’s and enjoyed every inch. I also love their realistic silicone dongs. These people could clone your boyfriend if you asked them to!

Runner-Up Online Sex Stores

Adam & Eve

The Adam & Eve brand has been around for over 50 years. That’s more than half a century of selling dildos, vibrators, lube, lingerie, and more!

Best for: This store accommodates almost every sex toy lover. It has products for men, women, and couples (both gay and straight). You’ll even find lingerie and bath & body products here.

Not best for: You might find this store a little bit too overwhelming, especially if you’re an indecisive shopper. That’s because of their vast collection of products. 

Wow factor: One of the most incredible things about Adam & Eve is the vast collection of products. Other than sex toys, they sell beauty and body care products, toy cleaners, bath and shower accessories, and much more! 

Bestsellers: Their top-selling products include vibrators, dildos, masturbators, and anal toys. 

Product price range: Between $20 and $200. 

Shipping information: Adam & Eve offers discreet shipping both locally (in the US) and internationally. Currently, the available shipping options are: 

  • Standard shipping (5-8 business days)
  • Expedited shipping (3-5 business days)
  • UPS 2-Day shipping (2 business days)
  • UPS overnight, which ships within 1 business day in the US or US territories 

You may be able to track the order if you choose their express delivery option, such as the UPS 2-day delivery. 

Customer support quality: Great. They even have a page dedicated to customer service, fully equipped with helpful information, including phone numbers local and international customers can use to contact them.

Offers and discounts: Adam & Eve is offering 35% off 1 item with the code 35PERK.

Reasons to shop: More than just a sex toy shop — it has everything from self-care and lingerie to bath and body products. 

My experience: Adam & Eve never disappoints. I’ve been buying sex toys on this website for over five years now, and I can’t complain about the quality of their products. I particularly like that they have different shipping options and that they actually value their client’s privacy during shipping.


Babeland mostly features sex toys for women. They sell vibrators, harnesses, BDSM toys, dildos, anal toys, and more. 

Best for: Sex toys and accessories for women.

Not best for: There are not so many sex toys for men on their online store. So if that’s what you’re looking for, your options might be limited. 

Wow factor: I love that you can send someone a Babeland gift card directly from their website. All you’ll need to do is choose an amount, enter the recipient’s name and email address, type a short message, and click Add to Cart.

Best sellers: The Tiger Vibe G5, Womanizer Premium 2 Clitoral Stimulator, SpareParts Joque Harness, and the Mystique Wand are some of their best sellers.

Product price range: You can actually find products for as low as $5 on their website (shipping not included) to as high as $200.

Shipping information: Here’s a summary of their shipping info:

  • Offers discreet shipping (free for orders worth $69 and above) 
  • Has a 1 to 2-day order-fulfillment time
  • Ships via USPS, DHL, UPS, and FedEx
  • Ships to over 250 countries worldwide via Global AirMail shipping and International FedEx

Customer support quality: Excellent! Babeland has impressive customer service, available every day of the week. You can contact them via email, live chat, or phone call. 

Offers and discounts: You’ll get a 20% discount on lingerie when you use the code TAKEITOFF. You can also use the code HEYBABE to get 10% off one item. 

Reasons to shop: Other than their massive collection of sex toys for women, Babeland goes the extra mile to donate $2 from every sale of the uterus clutch to the National Network of Abortion Funds. 

My experience: The first toy I got from Babeland was their famous Mystic Wand. My boyfriend got it for my birthday (via the gift card option on their website). I received it four days later, which is quite impressive given they have a 1 to 2 days order fulfillment time.

Betty’s Toy Box

As their slogan suggests, Betty’s Toy Box has quality sex toys for EVERYbody. I love their website’s clean and retro vibe, including the diverse collection of toys and accessories for men and women. 

Best for: All shoppers, whether male, female, gay, or straight.

Not best for: People looking for anything sex toy or accessories under $20 (couldn’t seem to find any).

Wow factor: I love that they also sell sex games, furniture, kegel exercisers, lingeries, and so much more! 

Best sellers: Betty’s Blaster Vibrating dildo, Lust Dual Remote Control Humping Vibrator, the Magic Wand Mini Cordless, and the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure Double-Ended Tongue (my favorite from them), are some of their best sellers. 

Product price range: Expect to spend anywhere between $20 and $200. 

Shipping information: They offer free USA shipping on all orders over $69.

Customer support quality: Great. You can contact them via phone, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. You can also use the live chat feature to chat with a live agent.

Offers and discounts: New customers get 10% off their purchases. In addition, some of their products have discounts of up to 70% off. If you join their VIP club, you’ll get a 15% discount, a free gift on every order, and much more.

Reasons to shop: Betty’s Toy Box is more than just a sex toy shop – you’ll find gifts, sex games, furniture, machines, and more in their store. 

My experience: I ordered one of their popular wearable vibrators, which arrived in discreet packaging five days later. No complaints so far.


If you’re into anal play, B-Vibe is the one-stop shop for your anal adventures. The store features award-winning anal sex toys guaranteed to reach the A-spot. 

Best for: Anyone who loves butt play and sex toys will appreciate shopping at B-Vibe. 

Not best for: Because the store primarily focuses on anal toys, you might not enjoy shopping here if you’re looking for more than anal products. Although they have other products, such as penis pumps and masturbators, their anal play inventory is bigger and more diverse than other categories. 

Wow factor: I love that this store is specifically dedicated to anal toys. That’s a unique concept, not forgetting their vast collection of butt-friendly toys.

Best sellers: Some of their best sellers include the B-Vibe glass anal dilators set, the B-Vibe vibrating jewel plug, and my favorite from this store, the B-vibe rimming plug petite. 

Product price range: Their products range from $20 to $2000. 

Shipping information: B-Vibe ship their products only within the United States. However, they have physical stores in Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and many other European countries. 

Customer support quality: Great. You can contact B-Vibe directly through the contact form on their website or via their customer support email; [email protected]. However, the anal sex toy store does not provide customer service via phone at the moment, which is quite disappointing, especially if you’d like to get a hold of a real person. Keep in mind that the store operates Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Offers and discounts: For Halloween 2022, the store sells all B-Vibe vibrating anal beads for just $99 with the coupon code BOO.

Reasons to shop: Great for anal love play lovers, suits both genders and features great anal play tutorials in their anal academy. 

My experience: I love everything about this store, from its clean, unique design down to its wide collection of anal toys. I ordered the vibrating jewel plug, one of their best sellers, and it was shipped to me — discreetly — for free! I also love that the order arrived in discreet packaging, which is perfect if you don’t live alone.


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