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brent corrigan fleshjack

One of the wonderful aspects of sex toys is that there’s something for everyone. Fleshlights are no exemption—hence the fleshjack, or gay fleshlight.

This review is about my pick for best fleshjack, the Brent Corrigan Bliss. This sleeve is bound to offer a thrilling sensory and visual experience for gay and bisexual men.

Corrigan was one of the first male adult entertainers to lend his likeness to Fleshjack. 

Despite that, his fleshjack hasn’t lost its luster over the years—you’ll find out why.

Open-minded straight users may want to experiment with the Bliss too. The texture is highly stimulating regardless of your sexual orientation. 

Why Should You Buy Brent Corrigan Bliss?

The best fleshjack costs $79.95—it’s on the pricier end. When you factor in the celebrity influence—the sleeve is part of the Fleshjack Boys collection—it shouldn’t surprise you.

I’ve summed up the top traits of this model below. It’s up to you to determine if this tempting sleeve warrants your investment: 

Enticing Entry for Corrigan Fans

It’s impossible to discuss the Bliss without mentioning the entry. The entry is a true-to-life replica of Brent Corrigan’s famous anus.

This makes the Bliss a tantalizing purchase for users who have watched Corrigan for years. Followers know that the statuesque stunner isn’t your average gay porn star.

He’s starred in and directed a few indie films. Brent founded his own production company at the tender age of 20 to ensure male stars were well-treated during filming. 

All of these accomplishments mean it isn’t hard to develop a crush on him. There’s something uniquely provocative about celebrity sex merchandise. 

In many ways, it’s the closest you can get to your favorite star. Knowing that you’re about to penetrate Corrigan’s anus can serve as a strong aphrodisiac. 

Unlike the real thing, you can plunge into it whenever you get horny. Watch sexy Corrigan get pounded onscreen while you do the same to his signature fleshjack. 

This best fleshjack is also ideal for users who are self-proclaimed Corrigan collectors. If you already own his nearly-9-inch dildo and Squeeze sleeve, add Bliss into the mix.

No Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Varied, multi-textured, multi-chambered sleeves have their disadvantages. Think about it: most fleshjacks (and fleshlights) have a depth of 8.5 inches or more.

If your penis ranks average or below, these sleeves can be disheartening. You won’t be able to reach deeper chambers. 

For some users, this may not disturb them. Others could feel differently. If you’ve spent good money on a sex toy, you should be able to enjoy the whole thing.

If you fall into this category, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the Bliss. Whether your penis is 6 inches or less, you’re not missing a single texture.

There are only two chambers, and the first one is short. You can enjoy your best fleshjack without feeling like you’re being denied anything

Sensations Live Up to the Name

It isn’t uncommon for sex toys to be named after pleasurable terms. After all, the purpose of the product is to get you off. 

An alluring name doesn’t always translate into mind-blowing orgasms. This best fleshjack shouldn’t let you down: expect to feel bliss (or close to it) as you slide into it.

The limited chambers aren’t dull—quite the opposite. The flexible inner nubs mean that this sleeve sustains high intensity no matter how you penetrate it.

Move slowly, thrust fast, or spin the fleshjack around you—there are multiple ways to climax. Tease your head in and out of the first chamber or go all the way: be creative. 

How Does the Brent Corrigan Bliss Feel?

By now, you’re probably titillated enough to want to know more. I’ll lay out how the Bliss will squeeze you in explicit detail below:


The best fleshjack is made of lifelike SuperSkin, a Fleshlight trademark. This supple flesh will grip you tight as you ease the head of your penis past Brent’s tight anus.

This material is credibly realistic—it’ll stretch around you like skin. With some imagination, it isn’t too difficult to get the impression you’re doing Corrigan himself. 

Stimulation only grows more intense as you continue your journey. Warm and lubed up, the Bliss will grasp you tight and provide 360-degree stimulation.

Combined with the genuine feel of the SuperSkin, it truly is blissful. The constriction of this sleeve amplifies sensation further. 


Brent Corrigan’s sleeve is narrow with very little yield. You’ll get strong point-by-point stimulation from both textures from shaft to head.

This tightness, combined with the unchanging texture of the final chamber, is profound. 

Once you get started, you won’t get a break—it performs as vigorously as the Corrigan himself.

You’ll find that the Bliss has a natural suction to it that drags you in. Users who adore powerful constriction can twist the end cap.


The best fleshjack has two primary textures: rings and flexible bumps. Once you pop past Corrigan’s anus, you enter into the ringed chamber.

This introductory phase of the Bliss is about two inches long. As the canal is narrow, you’ll feel each thick ring pushing down on your nerve endings—360 degrees.

The final chamber is what makes Brent Corrigan’s sleeve deliciously orgasmic. There are rows of long bumps pointing downwards towards the entry.

They’ll resist against you as you force your penis further into the Bliss. The point-by-point sensation of these bumps caressing you is enough to bring you to your knees.

Once you start moving, that’s where the magic begins. These bumps are flexible—they’ll slide back and forth with you while still providing exquisite friction. 

How Well Does the Brent Corrigan Bliss Deliver Orgasms?

Corrigan’s fleshjack is as adept at delivering climaxes as he is. It’s designed to be irresistible in both the appearance (the entry) and the interior.

My favorite aspect of this model is how varied it is. You can have yourself quickening within minutes or draw it out by playing with the entry and two chambers. 

What If You Rotate the Brent Corrigan Bliss During Use?

The second chamber is the one that shines the most when you spin it. The ringed entry won’t change much, but all those nubs in the second one will hit you sideways. 

You can profit from the abrupt change in sensation this provokes to spice up your sensual sessions. If you spin the Bliss while pumping into it; it’s a near-guaranteed method to orgasm swiftly and spectacularly.

Using Brent Corrigan Bliss With the Vstroker 

This fleshjack is compatible with the Vstroker, but not in the same way as fleshlights. 

There isn’t encoded content featuring gay adult entertainers—yet.

If you’re willing to involve another person, use the Vstroker with a live cam partner. Your movements into your fleshjack will control your partner’s toy. 

For users looking for a way to share masturbation, this is a great option. Those of you on the shyer side may find the Vstroker isn’t worth pursuing.

Testimonials for Brent Corrigan Bliss

Read through real testimonials for this best fleshjack here. Discover if buyers of Brent Corrigan’s sleeve share my opinion:

Pros and Cons 

In case you need a reminder, I’ve listed the pros of this fleshjack below. You should also know in what aspect this sleeve falls short:


  • Tight and powerfully stimulating.
  • Entry is modeled off Brent Corrigan’s anus.
  • The full sleeve is accessible to men of all sizes.


  • Well-endowed men over 7.25 inches won’t be able to penetrate it fully.

Where Can You Buy Brent Corrigan Bliss?

Buy Brent Corrigan’s Bliss from the official Fleshjack website (part of the Fleshlight empire). 

Order Details

There are a couple of formalities to be aware of before you order. I’ve summed them up here: 

How Long Does Shipping Take?

The best fleshjack will come with a tracking number when you order it. That will tell you how long it will take to reach your specific location.

Is Packaging Discreet?

The package on your doorstep will be indistinguishable from that of a non-sex-themed item. 

Picture this: plain cardboard with nothing but “ILF, LLC” on it. Consider your privacy protected.

Return Policy 

Report a damaged fleshjack to customer service after arrival. You have 90 days to do it, in case the time slips away from you.

Returns aren’t accepted unless the package is fully sealed. In case you change your mind midway through shipping, keep that in mind.

How Does Brent Corrigan Bliss Compare to Other Fleshjacks?

Learn how Brent Corrigan’s Bliss compares to other fleshjacks on the market:

Stamina Training Unit Butt

  • Improves stamina with regular use.
  • Enjoy quickie orgasms when you’re in a rush.
  • Simple but rousingly stimulating texture.

Fleshjack Flight Pilot

  • Similar sensations to anal sex.
  • Portable.
  • Interesting textures mean full penetration isn’t necessary to climax. 

You could also visit our Best Fleshlights Guide to browse our TOP PICKS among other categories.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

My final verdict is that the Brent Corrigan Bliss has earned the title of best fleshjack. The sleeve takes your penis to paradise and back. 

Men who are partial to Corrigan and anal penetration can’t go wrong. You’ll have Brent’s anus at your disposal whenever you please.

As I mentioned at the start, you don’t need to be gay or bisexual to try the Bliss. If you can get over the anal entry being a man’s, there’s much fun to be had. 

The texture is unique to the Bliss—you won’t find it on other sleeves. I recommend this fleshjack to any user who wants a constricting, intense sleeve.


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