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cheap fleshlight flight aviator

We’ve all been low on cash at some point in our lives. That doesn’t mean our libidos disappear—on the contrary, masturbation can help relieve stress. 

Perhaps your budget is stable, but you’re wary of spending too much on a fleshlight. Whatever your reasons, I’d like to introduce you to the Flight Aviator.

My best affordable fleshlight review will tell you why this model could work for you. A lower price doesn’t always translate into cheap quality. 

Why Should You Buy the Flight Aviator?

At $49.95, the Flight Aviator is a good deal. I’m not only talking about the price—there are several facets of this cheap fleshlight sleeve that make it stand out:

Intensely Stimulating

Don’t let the smaller size of this model fool you. The Flight Aviator will take you on memorably explosive journeys.

The canal is no-nonsense; there are no fantastical textures or multi-faceted chambers. If you’ve never owned a fleshlight, you may find yourself unimpressed by the ringed sleeve.

Experienced fleshlight owners will be familiar with the power simpler sleeves can have.

This affordable fleshlight sleeve will provide non-stop sensation from the moment you slip in.

There’s no relief from the pleasure whether you push forward or start to pump in and out. The fact that this sleeve is narrow with little yield will amplify the thrilling feel of it. 

This feature makes the Flight Aviator ideal for men who are less sensitive. If other fleshlights or toys have grown routine, you may want to try this affordable sleeve. 

The vigorous sensory experience should suffice for users who want to lose control. Similarly, it should appeal to users looking for a sleeve to offer quick and fierce climaxes.  

This model isn’t only physically exciting. The clear sleeve and case accommodate voyeuristic users. You or a partner will be able to see your penis move inside the sleeve. 

Portable and Discreet

Frequent flyers know the struggle of leaving their fleshlight collection behind on trips. You don’t want to be that guy that has a fleshlight taken out of his bag by airport security.

A standard-sized case is far from subtle. To add to that, it can take up luggage room that you may not have. 

The compact build of the Flight Aviator will tempt users who travel often. The case is 8 inches long and unmarked. 

It isn’t emblazoned with the Fleshlight name to give it away. Unlike full-sized cases, it isn’t cumbersome—it has a sleek shape, like an on-the-go cup.

Only a fellow Flight Aviator owner would recognize this affordable fleshlight for what it is. From afar, it looks like a reusable bottle or a futuristic razor. 

Easy to Handle 

There’s another benefit to portability that you don’t have to be a traveler to appreciate. The Flight Aviator isn’t challenging to maneuver. 

Most users will find standard fleshlights require two hands to hold onto. The majority of men should be able to grasp this affordable fleshlight one-handed.Fleshlight Aviator side photo

This aspect should entice those of you who enjoy playing with their balls or touching themselves elsewhere. That free hand can be put to good use to enhance your sensual playtime.

How Does the Flight Aviator Feel?

Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. I wasn’t kidding about the profound stimulation, as you’re about to find out. Strap in and prepare to fly to orgasmic heights with this budget friendly fleshlight sleeve:


The tightness of the sleeve combined with the ceaseless pressure is sensational.

It makes up for the shallower, 6-inch depth of the Flight Aviator.

You won’t be focusing on the part of your shaft that isn’t inside it. The deliciously firm contractions around you will give you plenty to pay attention to.

The uniform texture is non-varied—comparable to muscle contractions. If I had to compare this affordable fleshlight to an orifice, I’d say it feels similar to anal.

Pushing your head through the rings is already exquisite. Once you begin to speed up your thrusts, you might succumb to this sleeve faster than you expect. 


The smaller case and sleeve necessitates tinier dimensions—in all respects.

The Flight Aviator is ultra-tight, which is one of the reasons why it’s so stimulating. 

It will stretch around you to let you in—but won’t give much more than that.

Without playing with the end cap, the suction is already fierce. The squeeze of this cheap fleshlight sleeve is enough to bring you close to orgasm.

Now, this may not suit all users. If your penis is thicker, the tightness could feel painful rather than pleasurable. 

Users who have never used a fleshlight may also be overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on in terms of stimulation: it may be too much if you’re on the sensitive side.


This sleeve consists of 14 evenly-spaced thick rings. The narrow canal means you’ll feel each and every notch press against your most sensitive areas.

fleshlight aviator sleeve

There are 360-degrees of steady constriction from entry to end. You can try to resist, but even when you stop moving, you’re still being squeezed. 

You can’t escape them whether you’re pushing in or pulling out. The Flight Aviator is built to milk your penis as you thrust in and out of it. 

How Well Does Flight Aviator Deliver Orgasms?

In a word, the Flight Aviator will bring you to climax swiftly. That’s why it’s perfect for users who may have grown desensitized to other textures and sleeves.

This affordable sleeve is also convenient for time-limited sessions. If you want a fast release before heading out or going to work, it should deliver. The sleeve isn’t too demanding to clean when you’re done. 

What If You Rotate Flight Aviator During Use?

Thrusting in and out is already mind-blowing. When you rotate the Flight Aviator around you, it will intensify the strong grip of the rings. 

It’s not hard to explode into this affordable fleshlight with just the tip of your penis inside it. Spin it around to tease yourself, rotate and pump simultaneously for a knock-out climax.

Fleshlight Aviator orifice entrance image

Using the Flight Aviator With the Vstroker 

Are you determined to get the most out of masturbation with a fleshlight? The Vstroker could be right for you.

It’s an attachment that hooks you (and your fleshlight) up to compatible encoded content. To simplify it for the less-tech savvy readers, this translates into virtual sex.

You pick the adult entertainer of your desires available on the Vstroker website. You can choose different scenes—oral, anal, vaginal—depending on the video. 

Then, as you move in the Flight Aviator, your onscreen partner will respond. You control how sensitive she is to your motions. 

The Flight series of fleshlights require adapters to fit with the Vstroker. It’s sold as the Shower Mount on the official Fleshlight website.

Virtual reality combined with the Flight Aviator is bound to keep you interested. You’ll be adding realistic online interactions to the extreme sensations of this affordable fleshlight.

Testimonials for the Flight Aviator

What do customers have to say about the Flight Aviator? Read real-life testimonials about this affordable fleshlight here:

Pros and Cons 

The Flight Aviator is distinct in both its size, build, and the sensations it offers. Still, there are disadvantages that may make it unsuitable for certain users:


  • Inconspicuous, convenient clear case.
  • Highly stimulating.
  • Good value for the price.


  • May be too much for sensitive men or users with thicker penises.
  • Shallow depth may disappoint men who like to go balls-deep.

Where Can You Buy the Flight Aviator?

You can order the Flight Aviator for yourself from the official Fleshlight website.

Order Details 

Readers with money concerns may want to learn about the return policy. I’ll also reveal what your package will look like and shipping time:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

I can’t give you a shipping estimate for your affordable fleshlight. How long you’ll be waiting for your Flight Aviator will be based on your location.

Is Packaging Discreet?

The packaging is as discreet as the Flight Aviator itself. Your sex toy will come in a plain, unremarkable cardboard box.

Return Policy 

Get your money’s worth by reporting damage or defects to Fleshlight within 90 days. You can also send the unopened package back if you change your mind.

Barring these two circumstances, returns are not accepted.

How Does the Flight Aviator Compare to Other Fleshlights?

There are two other affordable and convenient fleshlights I’ll share with you. Discover how the Flight Pilot and Quickshoot Boost compare:

Flight Pilot

  • Varying pressure and textures to keep you on your toes.
  • Portable and easy to conceal.
  • Targets all your most sensitive spots.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot image

Quickshot Vantage

  • Use it during blowjobs or handjobs with a partner.
  • Effortless clean-up and maintenance.
  • Pocket-sized portability.  

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Image
You could also visit our Best Fleshlight Guide here to browse our TOP PICKS among other categories.

Final Verdict

I recommend the Flight Aviator to any user who craves unrelenting sensation. This affordable model is an excellent addition to established collections. 

Men who are trying to save money can also test out the Flight Aviator. Note that if it’s your first fleshlight, you may need time to adjust—and not finish so fast.

Travelers will also admire the inconspicuous look of this fleshlight. You no longer have to dread lackluster masturbation when you travel.

I don’t suggest this fleshlight for thick men or those who get overstimulated easily. As the sleeve is quite narrow, users with fat penises might feel unpleasantly compressed. 


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