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All male masturbation toys are tested by Sextopedia’s team members whose bios you can find below.

Robert Bio

Robert Thomas is a sexologist, researcher, sex toy enthusiast, and writer who loves to explore and study everything that is related to bedroom action. He strives to improve couples’ sex lives by challenging the advice given in research papers, books, magazines, and on the internet in general. Robert loves to write about sex life and BDSM, as well as different tips and tricks on how couples can introduce sex toys to their relationship. Robert has been proudly featured in Healthline, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Self, AskMen, MelMagazine, Outwittrade, Kinkly, JackandJillAdult, and in many other publications.

Robert Areas of Expertise 

  • Sexuality
  • BDSM
  • Sex coaching
  • Sex tips
  • Sex toys

Contact: [email protected]

Oliver Bio

Sex dolls, male masturbation toys (fleshlights, pocket pussies, onaholes, blowjob machines, penis milking machines), etc… epic sex toys to put your dick in. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Hi/hello, I am Oliver and you can think of me as a seasoned sex toy tester. Why? Been part of Sextopedia’s team for 2 years now – tested over 100 dick stimulators, so I know what I am talking about. I am not a conservative thinker and I am not afraid to speak my mind. My reviews will always be right to the point and voice my personal experience.

Oliver Areas of Expertise

  • Pocket pussies, fleshlights & onaholes
  • Blowjob & penis milking machines
  • Dildos
  • Prostate toys

Contact: [email protected]

How We Pick Male Masturbation Toys What We Test

  • Note: by male masturbation toys (both automatic and “manual”), we refer to fleshlights, pocket pussies, onaholes, blowjob machines, and penis milking machines.

Our experts test male masturbation toys (fleshlights, pocket pussies, onaholes, penis milking machines, and blowjob machines) that you’ll see in retailers, both online and offline. 

The male masturbation toys (both automatic and “manual”) we test mostly come from major sex toy brands and resellers like:

  • Fleshlight, 
  • Adam & Eve, 
  • Lovehoney, 
  • LELO, 
  • Fun Factory, 
  • Tenga, 
  • BMS Factory, 
  • Je Joue, 
  • JimmyJane, 
  • Crystal Delights, 
  • KanojoToys, 
  • MotsuToys, 
  • OtonaJP, 
  • Toydemon, etc. 

This is not an exhaustive list and will be continuously updated. 

All the male masturbation toy brands that we mention in our content are vetted at the beginning of our relationship and once a year after one year of cooperation or whenever we receive a complaint about the brand.

How We Come Up With A List Of The Best Fleshlights, Pocket Pussies, Onaholes, Blowjob and Penis Milking Machines

To come up with the initial list of male masturbation toys to review, we do in-depth market research by gathering information from various media channels including but not limited to:

  • Search engines (organic search),
  • Paid advertising,
  • Social media,
  • Forums.

Once we’ve compiled our initial list of male masturbation toys to review, we analyze market sales information of these male sex toys over time. We then analyze customers’ feedback, experience, and sentiment via cross-platform comments (forums and social news websites) on these sex toys.

We also reach out to male masturbation toys manufacturers and resellers to collect more information about the best-selling products. 

Then, we contact sex toy experts, who are external to our organization, to get 3rd party opinions on the male masturbation toys on our list. 

  • Please note, that we are not able to get external sex toy experts’ feedback on all sex toys that we review. 

After these steps and likely changes in the initial male masturbation toys list, we purchase the products, either online or in-store. 

We purchase these sex toys the same way as the consumer would in order to avoid conflicts of interest with product manufacturers and resellers. 

How We Test Male Masturbation Toys

We make sure that the male masturbation toy brands and/or products we recommend are considered safe and not harmful in any way. Sex toys are not regulated by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor the Consumer Protection Service Commission (CPSC). 

Sextopedia goes above and beyond to make sure that despite the lack of regulation, Sextopedia’s readers are only recommended products that won’t cause any harm during use. You can read more about Safe Sex Toy Materials here

Our sex toy reviewers test and compare male masturbation toys’ functionalities through various methods and metrics listed below. 

Based on Sextopedia’s proprietary in-house due diligence, external research, and interviews with sex toy experts – We consider the following as the key criteria to assess whether a male masturbation toy is “oh-so-pleasurable” or it lacks in performance promised by the manufacturer. 

  • Please note that we only use the TOP 4 criteria from the list below in our male masturbation toys scoring. You can find more information about the product scoring in the “Test Criteria, Explained” section below. We decided to limit the male masturbation toys scoring to 4 components as it removes unnecessary subjectivity, making our in-house scoring significantly more valuable to the end-user (easier to consume information). In case we do add or remove any elements from the scoring model, we will make the necessary announcement and adjust product scores retrospectively. 

Ability To Induce Orgasms | 40% Weight In The Final Product Scoring

Sextopedia sex toy testers measure and map how different male masturbation toys compare to each other in terms of

  • Sleeve texture,
  • Sleeve stimulation,
  • Sleeve intensity,
  • Sleeve tightness,
  • Sleeve realism,
  • Suction effect,
  • Automatic functions (if exist). 

We explore a number of different stimulation preferences including but not limited to 

  • Gentle and deep thrusting, 
  • Turning and twisting,
  • Suction cap configuration (if it exists),
  • Hot & cold play,
  • Combination of the above.

Our male masturbation sex toy testers play around with sex positions & techniques, motions & movements, and pressure settings to find out how well the sex toy actually delivers an orgasm.

Build Quality & Durability | 30% Weight In The Final Product Scoring

Our masturbation toy experts verify packaging requirements and check for quality defects. In case of a defect, we record this information and order a new (same make and model) male masturbation toy to understand whether this defect was just unique to this specific product or if the potential issue is widespread.

We also measure and map the normal wear and tear of the male masturbation toys. We aim to understand whether a specific male masturbation toy can withstand longer-term use without breaking down soon after purchasing.

Affordability | 20% Weight In The Final Product Scoring

Male masturbation toys can cost anywhere between $15 to several hundred dollars, depending on the brand and functionalities it includes. More expensive male masturbation toys do offer better quality, but the high price tag isn’t always justified. 

Sextopedia’s sex toy experts test pocket pussies, onaholes, blowjob and penis milking machines, and fleshlights in different price pockets and recommend the most affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality & safety. 

Easy-To-Clean | 10% Weight In The Final Product Scoring

Taking good care of your male masturbation toy IS A MUST if you want to avoid any kind of bacterial infection and/or STI transmission in case you are sharing your masturbation sleeve with someone and do not use proper protection, like a condom. 

  • Note: If you choose to use a condom with your male masturbation toy, make sure that the condom is covered with water-based lube and NOT silicone-based.

We like male masturbation toys that can be cleaned in multiple ways, so you don’t necessarily need to get a “sex toy cleaning kit”. 

Our sex toy reviewers clean male masturbation toys using soap and water, a damp washcloth, and/or special sex toy cleaning kits. Sextopedia makes sure that male masturbation toys retain their safe usability if properly cleaned multiple times. 

Extensive Warranty

Having an extensive warranty states that the product manufacturer or reseller is confident in the quality of the products it sells. We at Sextopedia, alongside with majority of consumers, appreciate that a lot as it makes the manufacturer of the product more trustworthy. 

Our male masturbation toy testers reach out to the customer support of a manufacturer and/or reseller to understand how easy it would be to return or swap the product if it breaks during the warranty period.


We disregard all male masturbation toys that may cause tissue damage, itching, burning, rashes, and/or any other negative bodily reactions. 

Sextopedia doesn’t recommend ANY sex toys that contain materials like phthalates, cadmium, carbon disulfide, phenol, toluene, and timethytin chloride.

We don’t like porous materials and sex toys made from jelly, rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic rubber, and/or PVC/vinyl but admit that using proper protection, like condoms, makes the use of these toys safe. 

We recommend body-safe male masturbation toy materials that are non-porous and hypoallergenic. Our experienced sex toy testers ensure that male masturbation toy sleeves are made from body-safe materials and report on any kind of bodily reactions after use. 

In case both body-safe and non-body-safe materials have been used in the making of a specific male masturbation toy sleeve then this will be discussed in-depth and reflected in the final product rating.


An ergonomic male masturbation toy isn’t probably what comes to your mind when doing your pre-buy research. However, if you use your masturbation toy regularly over an extended period of time, then you most certainly want a toy that is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Our male masturbation toy experts test product ergonomics, including weight and convenience to use to make sure that the sex toy fully serves its purpose, that’s pleasuring not injuring you. 


Our sex toy testers also measure, map, and test male masturbation toys against criteria like:

  1. How well you can use the specific masturbation toy with a partner,
  2. How easy (logical) is it to use the masturbation toy,
  3. How it looks (shape & color),
  4. Is it waterproof?

Male Masturbation Toys Testing Shortcomings

We are all different in many ways, like how quickly one could achieve an orgasm or what might induce an orgasm, to begin with. Orgasm is a complex biological and psychological experience, which means that different preconditions are required for different people.

“From a point of view of experiencing pleasure, an orgasm is the culmination of a sexual response that is achieved as a result of the stimulation of erogenous zones.”

by Waguih William IsHak; Springer International Publishing, 2017
from The Textbook of Clinical Sexual Medicine

With that in mind, we cannot assure you with 100% confidence that a specific recommended male masturbation toy helps you achieve a similar orgasm (s) as described in the article. 

Our articles only reflect Sextopedia’s authors’ own experience with a sex toy, and that can materially differ from the experience other product owners may have. 

Nevertheless, we do our best to give you as accurate information as possible based on multiple testing scenarios. 

Male Masturbation Toys Testing Criteria, Explained 

We rate all male masturbation toys based on the following criteria and weights: 

  • Ability to induce orgasms (40% Weight)
  • Build Quality and durability (30% Weight)
  • Affordability (20% Weight)
  • Easy-to-clean (10% Weight)

We use a rating scale of 1-5 with the following interpretation:

  • 1 – Poor
  • 2 – Needs Improvement
  • 3 – Meets Expectations
  • 4 – Exceeds Expectations
  • 5 – Exceptional

Once we’ve reviewed the product, we assign a criterion-weighted score between 1 to 5. After reviewing all the products, we can compare them to each other based on the criteria-weighted scores. 

Product Is Recommended 

Male masturbation toys having a combined (criterion-weighted) score of at least 4 out of 5 (80%) and above are recommended. 

Product Is Not Recommended

We don’t recommend male masturbation toys that have a combined (criterion-weighted) score of less than 4 out of 5 (below 80%). 

Male Masturbation Toys Scoring Example

Let’s assume that we are evaluating a male masturbation toy named “Masturbator XXX” that scores as follows in our in-house test.

  • Ability to induce an orgasm – 4.8 | (40% Weight)
  • Build quality & Durability – 4.6 | (30% Weight)
  • Affordable – 3.7 | (20% Weight)
  • Easy-to-clean – 4.2 | (10% Weight)

The combined (criterion-weighted) score for this product will be calculated as “specific criteria rating * its weight”, and then summed up. 

So in our example, the rating would be 4.8*40% + 4.6*30% + 3.7*20% + 4.2*10% = 4.5. Since the combined score is 4.5 out of 5 (maximum score) or 90% out of 100% (4.5 / 5 = 0.9) then we think that this male masturbation toy can be considered a good deal and thus suitable for end consumers. 

We strictly follow the framework of product testing outlined in this document. Our in-house Editors team checks the content before publishing it to make sure that each and every sentence meets our General Review Guidelines and Editorial Standards.

Our content has always been and will be impartial, accurate, clearly communicated, backed by research, and vetted by industry professionals. 


  • Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas is a sexologist, researcher, and writer who loves to explore and investigate everything that is related to bedroom action. He strives to improve couples' sex life by challenging the advice given in research papers, books, magazines, and on the internet in general. Robert loves to write about sex, BDSM, as well as tips & tricks on how couples can introduce new sex toys to their relationship. He has been proudly featured in Healthline, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Self, AskMen, MelMagazine, Kinkly, Jack&Jill Adult, and in many other publications. Learn more. LinkedIn