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“Blow-up your sexual imagination with a blow-up sex doll”

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Sex drive is deeply imprinted in our DNA. Sexual desires and needs are human nature. We all need something to tickle our sexual imagination and make us moan with pleasure. Sadly, not always do we have someone to explore the exciting world of sex with. And then what? No partner, no sex life? Well, that sucks, big time!

I mean we can all survive without it, sure, but what about the long, wild, steaming hot nights of sex? We don’t have to turn our backs on sex just because we don’t have a partner.

Instead of blowing off sex, let’s get close up and personal with blow-up sex dolls!

It’s the perfect sex toy for all your fantasies. Built to look like a real human being, these blow-up dolls are soft to the touch, offering you a real sex experience – the closest it can get to having sex with a real person. The only limit when it comes to having sex with an inflatable sex doll – is your imagination.

Are you ready to stir the waters of blow-up sex dolls?

The best inflatable dolls in 2022

Are you after a nice-looking, tingles-provoking sex toy? You’re in luck, buddy, ’cause here’s a list of the best nine inflatable sex dolls for 2022.

Let’s meet the girls one by one.

Sextopedia’s Pick | THRUST Pro Xtra Brianna Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

Are you after a brown-eyed brunette? Long legs and big breasts? Meet Brianna – the beautiful, big-ass sex doll made to give you the wildest orgasms! Adorned with a velvety vagina, Brianna is made with a real-feel head, carefully detailed limbs, and long brown hair.

Brianna will fulfill your every desire, she’ll be there for you whenever you’re in the mood for some lovin’. Her two openings are specially designed for your pleasure. Brianna’s appearance will make you horny as soon as she has been inflated. She is open to being a practice sex toy for you so that you can unleash your full sexual power with a real partner.

Practice your wildest sex moves and surprise your partner. It is a great inflatable sex doll for stamina training. With Brianna, you will always have a place for your hot rod inside her vajayjay or her rear end.


  • Allergens: Phthalate Free 
  • Material: Soft Plastic

Premium Pick | Horny Quella Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 

Are you ready to meet another bombshell? Sporting a lifelike vagina and tight ass – Horny Quella is all you need for an ultimate sex play with this inflatable sex doll. This 5 feet, 7 inches tall sex-tailored beauty comes with a 3D realistic head, exquisite eyelashes, realistic hands and feet, and real-feel nipples.

Quella is designed to take in 7-inches blood-pumped penises, which should suit most cock sizes out there. Get ready for some steamy action with this brown-haired goddess. If you’re an insatiable sex adventurist, just switch on the multispeed bullet vibrator and experience mind-blowing stimulation. Same as other sex dolls, Horny Quella needs you to lube her up for the most exquisite experience.

Quella prefers water-based lubricant so make sure you give your doll what she needs. Moreover, this bombshell of a doll doesn’t come alone. Horny Quella is equipped with a storage bag, a foot pump, and a puncture repair kit. Would you try your chances with Quella?

 Quella Specifications:

  • Vibration – multiple speed
  • Power Type: Batteries
  • Material: PVC

Budget Pick | Sweet Jasmine Sex Doll

Fancy a blonde? Sweet Jasmine is a perfect balance of realism and fantasy. Jasmine is a great inflatable doll for newbies who want to try out new sex poses and improvise. This blow-up doll comes with supple breasts, prancing her erect and realistic nipples. Jasmine has legs for days, made especially for you to throw up in the air, or cartwheel her, it’s all up to your sexual fantasy.

She is fashioned from soft and durable plastic, withstanding even the roughest and wildest moves you might give her. In case of unwanted accidents, Jasmine comes equipped with a repair kit. One thing to have in mind though, you have to take great care of your new love doll. Jasmine requires water-based lubricant so she can make all your fantasies come true.

Sporting three holes, She offers you endless possibilities to fulfill your desires and have some good, old-fashioned fun. From a blow job and deep gaping experience all the way to great anal sex. It’s your call. Jasmine is ready for you.


  • Material: PVC

Life-size Pick | Fuck Friends Amber

Did somebody say doggy style? Amber’s tight ass and contoured vagina are a game-changer for all sex enthusiasts who want to move a step up the sexual ladder. Amber will come to you in a sitting position – it’s up to you to take her on top of you, or give her a helluva ride, doggy-style.

This life-size, inflatable brunette doll possesses all the features for a remarkable trip to Pleasureland. The two wide openings and soft perky breasts will make your blood boil as soon as you lay your eyes on her.  Amber is fashioned with flexible hands and feet, sporting a realistic coochie, and fine booty. This three-holed vixen offers her love tunnels for you to dip your undercover brother in.

If you want a sexy blow-up doll that you can dominate, then Amber, the hot brunette, is here to take care of you and all your needs.


  • Material: PVC

Vibrating Pick | THRUST Pro Xtra Naomi Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 

Light-colored hair and blue eyes – Naomi is the perfect match for a lot of sex cravers out there. With a high-quality and lifelike design, Naomi is that blow-up doll with the cute face you’ve been searching for.

With 3 orifices to choose from, Naomi is tailored for your pleasure. This blow-up bombshell is perfect for vaginal penetration, a rough blowjob, or even a tight anal experience. Whatever you wish for, Naomi is here to take your order. Her tiny waist is waiting for your hands to grab it roughly during the hot, steamy anal action.

This blow-up sex doll comes with a multiple-speed vibrator, providing ten different vibrating functions, and a foot pump for fast inflation. With Amber, sexual pleasure is only seconds apart-get the pump to inflate this golden-haired vixen and start your sexual escapades.


  • Allergens: Phthalate-free
  • Waterproof
  • Material: Soft Plastic

Realistic Pick | Pipedream Extreme Dollz Lifesize Inflatable Love Doll-Hana Harper

Meet Hana – the epitome of real sex appeal. With perky knockers that you can squeeze and lifelike flesh skin, this blow-up sex doll will give you the sexual experience of a lifetime. Hana comes with 3D-formed head features and real hair. You know what that means, right?-You wouldn’t have to hold back on pulling Hana’s hair! She sure likes it!

Moreover, this wild, light-haired inflatable beauty comes with lifelike, 360-degrees-rotating arms. Imagine that! There are no limits to how you’ll get the best of Hana. Hana’s vag and booty are easily removable for a thorough and deep cleaning, which means that you can only use the detachable parts of Hana if you feel like it.

She packs her own vinyl repair kit, an air pump, and a guide for all related specifications. All you need to do is take good care of Hana and in return, she’ll be there to give you the best blow job, or the unforgettable anal action.


  • Material: Body-vinyl; head, hands, breasts, and feet – silicone
  • Vagina and ass – TRP
  • Hair –polyester

Asian Teen Pick | Realistic inflatable sex doll

Are you into Asians? Then meet this realistic, flexible, inflatable, Asian blow-up doll. She’s ready for your loving! Get 7-inches deep in her love tunnels, it’s just what this Asian beauty is made for. This blow-up doll is flexible enough to play the role of a masturbator aid or give you the best orgasm possible. It is a great blow-up doll for sexual rascals who want to test out new sex positions.

Other than increasing your sexual power, this Asian maven will help you better your stamina. Made from high-quality vinyl and parts of silicone, this blow-up doll is quite easy to clean. Being resistant to punctures, your vinyl bombshell can take a whole lot of you.

This blow-up doll is more than a sex toy, you know. You can fill her boobs with lukewarm water for a better, more realistic feeling. Plus, she’ll moan! Yes, you read right. The jumping egg inside this doll makes realistic sexual moaning noises.

3 tight openings, flexible and stretchable, and real-life moaning noise? –Yes, yes, and yes! This inflatable blow-up doll has everything you need for the wildest sexual experience.


  • Materials: head, hands, vagina, ass, and chest – silicone
  • All other body parts- vinyl
  • Seamless integrated design

Amateur Pornstar Pick | Inflatable Love Doll – Rebekah

Huge breasts and a huge ass? Oh, yes, count me in!

Rebekah would love to take in all of your manhood. She will make sure your craziest sex desires come true. Blond hair and long legs in a lotus position – perfect to take her on top of you, right? This blow-up sex doll comes with 3 tempting holes waiting to be tended to. With a realistic face and large breasts, Rebekah’s erect nipples will give you the supreme sex doll experience.

Rebekah prefers to be used with plenty of water-based lubricants so she can make your toes curl. What sets her aside from other inflatable love dolls is the fact that this hot sex doll doesn’t have a smell of plastic. She’s waiting for you to dress her up in a nice short skirt, and take her roughly. Tell Rebekah who the man is!


  • Material: PVC
  • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
  • Waterproof

Anal Pick | Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 

If you want a sex doll that is closest in look to a real woman, then Camila is the gal for you. This super realistic inflatable sex doll is geared with a multispeed vibrator for the most exquisite sexual endeavor. Her tight behind and 5-inch textured pussy will intensify your stimulation for a notch…or three.

Don’t let her name fool you! Shy Camilla is everything but shy – this hot beauty craves for you to take her right away. Her big jugs, erect nipples, and two wide orifices will make you scream for more. Get deep into Camila’s life-like vagina that’s wide open for business and waiting for you. If you might prefer some back-door action, Camila’s down with that, too. Whatever you wish – Camilla is ready!


  • Material: PVC

What Are Inflatable Sex Dolls?

Inflatable sex dolls are artificial, human-size sex toys, anatomically resembling a real human. Being anatomically correct, blow-up dolls can replace the feeling of having another person exploring the steaming world of sex with you.  Most of the time, and for a lot of people, an inflatable sex doll is a gateway to the world of sex.

These realistic blow-up sex dolls come with moveable body parts, ensuring a full, life-like sex experience for the user. All body parts are easy to remove and clean.

“Blow-up sex dolls are lightweight and easy to store, meaning, you can hide your sex toy doll anywhere. But be careful to keep your sex buddy in a dry place.”

Robert Thomas

Sex toys are made for sex, duh, and these blow-up sex dolls possess a variety of functions. An inflatable sex doll can be a perfect bachelor’s night entertainment gadget or be gifted. A well-stocked sex shop would have all shapes and sizes of sex toys, so making a purchase can be a walk in the park.

Why Should You Use Inflatable Sex Dolls?

Let’s start with – you can have sex whenever you want. Despite being in the mood for sex 24/7, an inflatable sex doll won’t cause you headaches, unlike a real person would.

A blow-up doll won’t give you the attitude and will welcome you with arms (or legs) wide open. If you are a sex enthusiast who wants to have sex around the clock, then around the clock it is, no questions asked! The inflatable sex doll will always be ready to help you explore the wondrous ways of sex.

If you’re an introvert and are struggling with finding yourself a sex partner, then getting one of them sex dolls might be just what you need to rock your boat.

And, my personal favorite reason – not having to spend any money on dates, dinners, clothes, and gifts! Fucking a sex doll means getting all the perks of sex without all the drama.

Robert Thomas

All in all, if you choose a sex doll you’ll end up saving more money, getting a quiet partner, and all-you-can-handle-sex whenever, wherever, and however you want! What more can you possibly wish for?

What Are Inflatable Blow-up Dolls Made from?

Blow-up sex dolls can be made from several types of materials. The most commonly used material is vinyl, then come other materials like latex, TRP, and ABS. Even though parts of the body can be made from silicone, blow-up dolls can’t be made entirely from silicone.

Vinyl and latex sex dolls feel very soft to touch but tend to have a slight smell of plastic. Even though blow-up dolls are made from non-porous materials, they still do need to be cleaned in detail to prevent bacteria growth. You wouldn’t want to end up getting a rash from yourself!

Types of Inflatable Sex Dolls

There is a wide range of inflatable sex dolls on the market today. Blow-up sex dolls come in many shapes and sizes, with different genders, different races, and body types.

Some blow-up dolls are Japanese, some other models are male sex dolls, and there are regular sex dolls, too. To look even more like a real human, blow-up dolls have different hair and eye colors, and different mouth opening. For a sex toy of this type, quality in design is the most important feature.

Let’s have a look-see at the different, fun, inflatable sex dolls.

Entry-level Inflatable Sex Dolls | price range: $30-$50

The entry-level inflatable sex dolls are mainly roughly-shaped realistic sex dolls. Such blow-up sex dolls have all the main parts of the human body, but are lacking in detail, and have sharp edges.

Hands without fingers, feet without toes, or a mouth with no depth-you can expect such features, along with a simple and blatant opening for a vagina are just part of the features that come with an entry-level inflatable sex doll.

However, the lack of design means you can get this sex toy for a cheap price. Because of that, an entry-level inflatable doll is the first pick for many sex toy lovers without strong preferences.

Mid-range Inflatable Sex Dolls | price range: $80-$100

If you want something better than the entry-level blow-up sex dolls that won’t be a hard hit on your pocket, then the mid-range level blow-up sex doll might be the top choice for you.

These mid-range sex dolls come with enhanced features and with more attention to detail on the small body parts. The sex dolls in this category come with a completely formed vagina and overall smooth edges once the sex doll is inflated.

The reason why such inflatable sex dolls are labeled as mid-range is that the details on the smaller body parts are imprinted on the sex toy, rather than being part of the design.

High-end Inflatable Sex Dolls | price range: $150 and up

Priced at $150 and over, these high-end inflatable sex dolls are the most expensive in the plastic-fantastic world of inflatable sex dolls. Blow-up dolls of this make are pretty realistic, very human-like, and of the best quality. Geared with all the necessary parts and features for a memorable sexual experience, high-end blow-up dolls mean good value for your bucks.

High-end inflatable sex dolls usually come with a pre-made head that will remain intact while the sex doll is deflated. Also, the genitals are made with great attention to detail, which makes the whole sexual experience more realistic and enjoyable.

Choosing the Best Inflatable Sex Doll

When it comes to choosing what kind of inflatable sex doll would be the best pick for you, you should always follow your instinct and choose the one of your preference.

Ponder upon the things you like to do in the bedroom and the things your partners like done to them, too. Also, another thing to consider is the reason for buying the doll – what purpose will it serve? Would it be a typical inflatable sex doll or maybe your artificial life partner?

Once you have the answer to these questions, then move on to consider the quality. With so many choices and different brands of sex dolls today, it’s difficult to know which sex doll is of good quality. That’s what reviews are for. Research and go over some reviews to find out other people’s opinions and experiences.

Next, engage your mind in some thinking about shapes and sizes. Choose the sex doll that will please both your eyes and your penis. If you are a naughty rascal and enjoy wild sex positions, then choose a blow-up doll that will be easy to manipulate, and easily maneuvered to different positions.

Also, check out adult shops and choose a reputable store.

How to Clean a Blow-up Doll?

Owning an inflatable sex doll is not all fun and games.

High-quality blow-up dolls come with detachable body parts, making cleaning and maintenance that much easier. However, those sex dolls usually don’t come cheap.

With the low-end sex dolls, you’ll spend less money, but you would have to do all the cleaning on the doll. So, going for the cheap ones might not be worth the hassle.

Enjoying sex with a clean and hygienic sex partner is the real deal, right? Well, it’s the same with an inflatable sex doll- you must keep it clean! Cleaning inflatable sex dolls is everything but easy, though.

But, if you clean your sex doll too often, the material will degrade. You wouldn’t want to end up losing your doll to excessive cleaning. Yet, not cleaning your sex doll enough could cause a possible bacterial outbreak. So, how do you balance it?

It’s recommended that you clean your inflatable sex doll every two weeks. Yet, the openings of the sex doll should be thoroughly washed after every use. There are more ways how to clean your blow-up sex doll, but using antibacterial soap and a gentle sponge should do the trick. Smooth strokes work wonders, both on people and sex dolls. So, be gentle.

For pussy cleaning – well, first you must empty it then wash and dry it. When it comes to the pussy, using a condom will make your life easier because, in the end, you’ll only need to wash off the lubricant.

Once your blow-up doll is all washed up and cleaned, it’s important to properly dry it. Leaving the inflatable sex doll wet can lead to abrasions. For best drying, a non-abrasive towel and gentle moves will do the trick. Most of the time, the doll is completely dried in two hours. After that, you can apply talcum powder for a softer feel.

Remember: Do not dry your inflatable sex doll with a hairdryer because there’s a huge possibility it will melt.

Read more: Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Sex Toys

Wrap up

And there you have it.

The complete guide and the best nine blow-up sex dolls on the market today. Even though some are not super realistic, blow-up sex dolls can make you experience new levels of pleasure.

Inflatable sex dolls can satisfy your wildest and craziest desires– you won’t hear your doll say she has a headache and she’s not in the mood for sex. Whichever sex doll you choose, it will surely open some new doors of never-before-seen (or felt) sexual intrigues.


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