10+2 Ways To Store Your Sex Toys To Make Them Last Longer

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You’ve had several toe-curling orgasms, and it’s time to draw the curtains and probably turn the lights back on. But then, there’s a problem…how do you store the sex toy?

Do you place them on top of the dresser or inside your wardrobe? Remember, your sex toys are for you and your partner’s eyes only.

You don’t want your guests accidentally grabbing a dildo in your bathroom cabinet while looking for shampoo during a sleepover.

As a mother, you don’t want your kids playing with things they shouldn’t even have access to in the first place. 

To avoid all these, it’s important that you know how to store sex toys properly. But even before we discuss that, let’s talk about cleanliness.

Key Takeaways

  • Clean, dry & sort your toys before storing them.
  • Professional sex toy storage solutions: bags / containers / boxes / chests.
  • Home storage ideas: drawer / closet / under the bed / bathroom / bins / suticase / pouches / bags in which sex toys were pruchased / on display.

Cleaning Your Toys Before Storing and Why It Matters

By now, you probably know that even though sex toys can give you powerful orgasms, they can also ruin your sexual hygiene if you don’t clean them properly.

Not cleaning sex toys properly increases your risk of contracting viral and bacterial infections. 

If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a detailed guide on cleaning sex toys

Should I Sort My Sex Toys Before Storing Them?

Sorting your sex toys is actually a good idea. It not only makes them look well-organized but also gives you better access to the toys you need.

For example, you can sort your dildos by:

  • Size,
  • Color,
  • Materials.

Another benefit of sorting your sex toys before storage is that you don’t want them to mix up with each other.

Of course, they won’t fuck each other in the drawer in your absence (LOL), but you also don’t want lube leaking all over the place. 

That said, here are some quick organizing tips for sex toys: 

  • Keep them clean and dry after use. If possible, wrap each individual toy inside a clean, dry cloth before storage,
  • Use a tea towel or cloth napkin to prevent lint,
  • Store the toys in a cool, dry place (this is especially important if you have toys made from silicone),
  • Create a special area for games (such as erotic card games) and miscellaneous items.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

The amount of storage space you need depends on your sex toy collection.

As a general rule, you should opt for a spacious storage box but not one that’s too large.

If the storage box is too large, your sex toys will likely mix up with each other when you move the box, which beats the whole point of organizing them in the first place. 

I personally love the b-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch because it keeps my toys clean even during storage. But if you want something more old-school, you may want to consider the Lockable Toy Chest Storage from Good Vibes

Etsy also has a decent collection of sex toy storage worth checking out. 

The right storage for you depends on the kind of sex toys you own, your budget, and your personal preferences.

Is There a Difference in How to Store My Glass, Silicone, ABS, and Metal Sex Toys?

Yes, there is a difference. To put things into perspective, you wouldn’t store your glass utensils next to the metal ones, right? This doesn’t necessarily mean that glass, metal, or any other material can’t sit side by side.

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However, when storing sex toys, you want to ensure each toy is stored in the safest environment possible. That said, what’s safe for one toy may not be as safe for another. For this reason, it’s important to ensure you know what environment best suits your adult toy. 

Here are some quick tips on storing sex toys based on their materials:

Glass Sex Toys

Wrap your glass sex toys in a clean, lint-free towel. This is especially important if you intend to travel with the toy. The towel creates a safe barrier between the sex toy and other materials, preventing chipping. 

Silicone Sex Toys

Here’s one thing you need to know about silicone sex toys: they shouldn’t touch.

If they do, and for an extended period, they’ll likely begin to melt.

Most silicone sex toys come with zippy bags for maximum safety. Therefore, keep each toy inside its individual storage bag, even if you intend to carry everything in a larger bag, preferably a tote bag. 

Stainless Steel Sex Toys

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel sex toys are also prone to chipping. To keep them in good condition, wrap them in a clean, dry lint-free towel. 

The towel acts like a ‘shock absorber.’ Most importantly, the dry towels help wick moisture from the dildo, keeping it dry and free from rust.

ABS Sex Toys

If you own an ABS sex toy, it’s important to remember that it is a thermoplastic material. For this reason, ensure the adult plaything stays away from extreme heat to prevent expansion and possible melting. The same applies to toys made from TPR, TVC, rubber, jelly, and latex. 

That said, you should always follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Since each toy has unique characteristics, the manufacturer knows how best to store it.

Sex Toy Storage Solutions

Sex toy storage solutions (like everything else) come in different sizes, designs, and materials. Here are some great options to choose from:

1. Sex Toy Bags

These are not your ordinary bags, even though you may not notice anything extraordinary about them at first glance. But trust me, sex toy bags are specifically designed to provide the perfect home for your little naughty secrets.

For example, this Blush Safe sex toy bag releases silver ions at a controlled rate whenever it detects conditions for bacterial growth. This feature protects your pussy or asshole from bacterial infections.

You can also add some sense of fashion by investing in a toiletry bag like this one from Etsy. I personally love its unique, erotic patterns. This bag can easily pass as any designer bag until you take a closer look at its design.

And if you want to go full slutty, the Slut Sack tote bag from Etsy or the Bag of Dicks (yes, you read that right) are great options. Of course, you’ll get a few stares and giggles here and there, but the most important thing is that your sex toys will be safe. 

2. Sex Toy Storage Chest/Boxes/Containers

If you’re looking for something to slide under your bed or other secret spaces, a lockable adult sex toy storage box is a great option.

I recommend the OpenMity Lockable Adult Toy Storage Box because it comes with a code lock, a tiny hole on the side for discreet charging of your adult gadgets, and numerous partitions to fit toys of different shapes and sizes. 

You can also surprise your man with something more masculine to store his toys, such as this carved wooden box I saw on Etsy. And it seems like it’s also quite popular, judging from the reviews. 

The pictures do no justice to how good quality and clean this sex toy box truly is. I had asked for a inside color change and was immediately accommodated. Olena (seller) communicated constistently, which was comforting and only left me more excited for the order to arrive! A 10/10 purchase and a wonderful gift for that special other!”

by Kia S, Etsy customer

So if you’re looking for a special gift for that special person in your life, it’s time to think outside the box, literally! 

What’s The Best Sex Toy Storage Box?

As mentioned earlier, sex toy storage solutions come in different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. Therefore, the best storage will depend on its features and also your personal preferences.

For example, I love storing my toys in a discreet bag when I’m traveling by plane. 

Cleanliness is also very important to me. I love my sex toys properly cleaned and sanitized. For this reason, the Giddi UV Sterilizer Bag from Allness Brands takes my vote for the best sex toy storage.

This bag is not only discreet but also comes with a UV sterilizer. It uses UV lights to sanitize the toys and kill 99.9 percent of germs within three minutes!

And did I mention that it is TSA-approved? So if you want to get naughty in an airplane toilet, this is the bag to bring on board. 

Where to Hide Your Sex Toy Storage?

Let’s face it – not everyone who owns a sex toy also owns a sex toy storage. In addition, having sex toy storage means you’ll also need to find space for it somewhere in your house. 

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Privacy is the first thing you need to consider when looking for the best place to store your sex toy storage. Think of that one place in your house, preferably your bedroom, with minimal human traffic.

For example, if you have a storage box, consider storing it under the bed. 

But what if you don’t have a storage box in the first place? In that case, you still have options, as discussed below. 

Where to Store Sex Toys if You Don’t Have a Sex Toy Bag or box?

If you don’t have a sex toy bag or box, you can still keep your precious tools safe from germs and lustful (or judgmental) eyes.

“Use caution, though, when planning the location of vibrators or other sex toys.”

by Karen Rauch Carter; Simon & Schuster, 2000
from Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness

Below are some quick tips to guide you: 

1. Drawers

Between October 2021 and July 2022, Sextopedia conducted the biggest dildo survey on the internet. The study, which involved 2468 participants, revealed that drawers were the most popular options for storing sex toys. 

Precisely, about 40 percent of the participants stored their dildos in drawers. 

This is probably because drawers are easily accessible and safe, especially those with locks.

On the downside, though, some are not so private — anyone can access them when looking for clothes, jewelry, and other common items stored in these units.

2. Under the Bed

Keeping adult toy storage under the bed is also a great idea. Unlike drawers, this option is more private. But then there’s always a risk of damage, especially if you store many other household items in this area. 

Secondly, pets can easily access stuff stored under the bed and probably have ‘accidents.’ So if you flush out your dildo and it begins to smell like (worst case) dog shit or cat pee, the culprit likely lives with you. 

3. Closet Shelves

At least 35 percent of the participants of the study revealed that they stored their dildos on closet shelves. This option is quite popular because it’s easily accessible, especially if you love to give yourself some quick fuck before dressing up. But the biggest disadvantage is that it’s not so private.

4. Bedside Table

Speaking of accessibility, the bedside table is the best option. You’ll have access to your favorite toy with one stretch of your hand. This option works best if the bedside table has a lock.

5. Plastic Bins

Plastic bins provide better accessibility but not the privacy you need to keep your sex toys away from prying eyes. This isn’t the best option if you have kids or other people who can’t just mind their own business

6. Soft Pouches

Soft pouches will give you the privacy you need. The best part is that you can choose a pouch that expresses your style. Rather than just shopping for a basic pouch, why not add some style to it?

It’s worth noting that some pouches, such as the Giddi UV Sterilizer Bag I mentioned earlier (my favorite), come with built-in sterilizers to keep your dildo safe even in storage. 

7. Suitcase

You can also safely store your dildo in a suitcase. But if you choose this option, just ensure you don’t forget about it. Remember that viral video of the TSA agent who bumped into a dildo while inspecting a suitcase? Gotta be careful with your goodies out there! 

8. Bathroom

If you fancy a quick fuck before taking a shower, the bathroom is one of the best places to store your dildo. In fact, the survey showed that at least 12 percent of the participants stored their dildos in the bathroom. 

But this option can also be embarrassing – you don’t want your friends or family members bumping into a 12-inch fantasy dildo like the Dragon Dildo by Mr. Hankey Toys while searching for shampoo in the bathroom. 

9. The Bags or Boxes They Came in

This is basically the easiest way to store a sex toy, but you’ll also need to store the boxes/bags somewhere safe.

Some sex toy storage, such as this carved wooden box I found on Etsy, do not need to stay hidden in your room. 

This is because they don’t seem so obvious. Unless you’re a sex toy pro, you can’t easily tell them apart from ordinary storage bags or boxes. 

10. On Display

Now, if you want to turn your whole bedroom into sex heaven and have nothing to hide, consider going for a full display. For best results, you may convert your walk-in closet into a haven of sex toys

Add some romantic lighting if you can, and feel free to throw in some OCD by arranging them by size, features, functions, materials, or whatever works for you.


What’s the Best Way to Store a Sex Toy?

There’s no ‘best’ way to store a sex toy — it all depends on the type of sex toy, its design, materials, features, etc. However, remember to keep it in a cool and dry place regardless of what it is made of or how it’s shaped. 


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