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Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and settings. While a good buzz is just a part of the basic anatomy of a vibrator, some can do a whole lot more than that.

Think dual stimulation vibrators, clitoral stimulation vibrators, a vibrator with customized back and forth vibration patterns, G-spot laser-precise vibrators, and – the focus of this article – thrusting vibrators.

Since vibrators have become the quintessential sex toy for both men and women, it’s important to widen your horizons and look into getting one – or expanding your existing collection. After all, they are some of the most inexpensive, versatile, and travel-friendly toys out there.

However, before we get down to the best on the market, let’s look into the basics of a thrusting vibrator.

Well… What Exactly is a Thrusting Vibrator?

There’s no definition for thrusting vibrators anywhere, but the basic premise is that it’s a penetrative toy like any other sex toy out there – one that uses a type of motor (powered by batteries, remote control, or otherwise) to move in and out of a vagina, anus, or any other preferred orifice.

It differs from any other vibrators available thanks to the thrusting motion that allows for a hands-free experience, or partner-less penetration, depending on the type of play you’re into.

Because of the amount of differing thrusting vibrators, there are also specific toys that target specific pleasure points.

For example, while a classic thruster is typically a thrusting rabbit vibrator, there are clitoral stimulator thrusters, G-spot thrusters, or even waterproof rabbits. This makes choosing one incredibly easy since it’s down to whatever rocks your socks off.

Another excellent feature of the thrusting vibrators is that they can be used by people with limited mobility or conditions, rendering them difficult to experience solo stimulation.

Best of all, any thrusting vibrator is easy to clean, simple to store, and can deliver a powerful orgasm at an affordable price.

The 10 Best Thrusting Vibrator Options

While every person is different when it comes to the type of pleasure, settings, and even colors they look for in a sex toy, this list compiles a wide variety of toys for everyone’s amusement. Bear in mind that while preference is personal, you need to look out for build and power to best satisfy your craving for a buzzing orgasm.

The Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Rechargeable Silicone Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

With an orchid-purple color that’s eye-popping by appearance alone, this rechargeable, silicone, thrusting rabbit is created to bring a lot of clitoral pleasure and penetration at the same time. Aside from being a pretty easy-on-the-eyes toy, it’s designed as a 10-inch vibrator, in total. Lovehoney’s bunny is USB rechargeable, made from silicone, and offers 3-speed thrusts, 7 patterns, as well as an additional thruster booster for penetration.

Pro Tip: Combine the highest speed with 4th pattern and you’ll learn to say O much faster.

It’s designed with dancing in mind, which means the vibrations are varied enough to bring different buzzing stimulation from each pattern setting. An extra plus is that this toy is fully waterproof, meaning you can get it wet in more than one way. Just remember to avoid any silicone-based lube so as not to damage the toy in the long run. We also like that it’s more budget-friendly than some other thrusting vibrators included in the article.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Why watch Fifty Shades of Grey when you can live your very own adaptation? This thrusting bunny looks as silky and luxurious as Christian Grey’s playroom – and it’s just as dedicated to giving you thrusting orgasms in no time. In fact, it’s designed for intense G-spot stimulation, with an added vibrating sensation for your clitoris as a bonus.

The whopping 36 vibration combinations alone are worth the purchase. The modes gradually progress from a gentle climb to a strong buildup, only to end in a crescendo of orgasmic sensations. For those that prefer a quiet toy, this bunny is discreet in both appearance and sound.

What could be better? The fact that it’s also waterproof!

Jack Rabbit Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

If you’re missing the touch of a glamorous, sparkly toy on your skin, then look no further than this bedazzled bunny! It’s supercharged with two rows of beads that act in unison with the other three rows of thrusting beads to make for an intense experience – and enough motion to make you lose control from the pleasures of vibrating!

Aside from the beads, this thrusting vibrator also features 10 vibration modes and 4 vibration speeds made for powerful thrusting. It’s a blend of external and internal pleasures that’s sure to bring some seriously sexy times to your bedroom. On top of that, this toy can be used in water – so you’re equipped for some aquatic arousal.

Fun Factory Stronic Real Rechargeable Realistic Thrusting Vibrator

With a blend of simple realism and a bunch of power, this rechargeable stronic thrusting vibrator from Fun Factory is definitely going the extra mile. Designed for extra pulsing, vibrating, and pleasuring per minute, this dildo will make a worthy ally in your sexual escapades.

In the realm of thrusting vibrators, often forgotten are the dildos that can deliver a balance of thrust, buzz, and stimulation. Luckily, Fun Factory delivered! With potency and realism being a powerful duo, this is an excellent upgrade for those looking to have fun with more than a dildo.

Made from super-soft silicone, this vibrator is 8-inches long and features 7 vibration speeds, 3 vibration patterns, and an extra ‘pulse’ on the tapered head of the toy. One more thing to love about this Fun Factory’s dildo is that it’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable, meaning you can safely take it on your travels for some shameless buzzing fun. We like it a lot but have to admit that it’s definitely on the expensive side of the price spectrum.

Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

What do you get when you combine a powerful motor, extra thrusters, a long shaft, and enough length to please the G-spot and the clit? The answer is Happy Rabbit, coming in at 9-inches, with two motors, 15 different vibration modes (12 in the ears and 3 in the shaft), and a thrusting head that can deliver body-shaking orgasms for every woman out there.

This toy is made of extra-soft silicone, making for a very luxurious-feeling product. It’s also entirely waterproof so you can try some extra slip ‘n slide in the shower. Be sure to use a liberal dollop of water-based lube to bring the full wrath of the pleasure thrusters right onto your clit.

Fun Factory Stronic G Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator

Imagine the most powerful message that can deliver relaxation, intensity, and pleasure all in one. Now imagine serving yourself some shameless pleasure using Fun Factory’s sonic G-Spot thrusting vibrator! With a beautiful turquoise color coating the sex toy, this dildo features a flat end that targets the main nub of all clitoris owners. This magnetic-charging, travel buzz-buddy will make an excellent weapon in your arsenal of sex toys.

Packing 10 vibration speeds and patterns each, the shaft is insertable up to 6 inches, with a total length of 8.5 inches, which can cover all genital grounds with one thruster. This thrusting vibrator is also packed with solenoid technology and uses magnets for silent vibrations and charging.

On top of that, it’s also waterproof – which we like a lot, so you can use it for some brazen solo (or partner) erotica in the water!

Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Butt Plug

Pleasing doesn’t have to stop at a dildo or a vibrator. For those seeking anal satisfaction, there’s a thrusting vibrator in the form of a butt plug ready to penetrate the forbidden fruit with some powerful thrusters. Because of its material and length, it’s also an incredibly easy-to-clean toy.

All the sensitive nerve endings (especially his) can be tapped into with the 7 vibration speeds and 3 thrusting speeds. It also features a remote control, which could add some intense, versatile play if used with a partner. Plus, it has a suction cup base, meaning you can go hands-free!

In our opinion, anal has never been done simpler!

Happy Rabbit Curve Thrusting Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

A classic is a classic for a reason, and if you’re in need of a good beginner’s thrusting vibrator then just opt for a classic rabbit vibrator – with some extra thrusters on the side. Not only does the toy have a very sleek feel, but it also sports a pretty pink color for a cute aesthetic look. Plus, this thrusting rabbit comes in at 8.5 inches, tailored for a sizeable pleasure. When it comes to the power, it features 15 functions, all aimed at ensuring both external and internal pleasure.

For a clitoral extravaganza, you can choose between 12 different vibration settings. We liked the 3rd setting the most, so you might want to check this out first! As for penetrative fun, it goes up to 3 different motion speeds that will thrust to your heart’s content. Material-wise, it’s made from firm silicone, a great choice if you’re looking for a thruster that feels as good as it looks.

A good dab of water-based lube will go a long way – and extend your thrusting vibrator’s shelf life.

Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more than just a simple thrusting vibrator (and maybe a little extra length and girth) then look no further than this sensation-packed stronic thrusting shaft. Fun Factory has brought a triple threat to the rabbit vibrator game – one that not only targets the G-spot with its shaped dildo, but also throws in a dual clit-thruster with a focus on thrust motion, speed, pulsations, and thruster strength.

Based on our experience, this vibrator offers a combination of sensations that you wouldn’t believe are possible.

Fun Factory presents its customers with the thrusting vibrator that includes 6 vibration strengths that build up to a body-shaking orgasm, along with 8 pulsation modes for the ultimate satisfaction. Just mix the 4th pulsation mode with the strongest vibration… you can thank us later! The insertable length is 4.5 inches, making it perfect for any orifice that can take some girth – and it’s perfect for some anal fun, too.

Fun Factory Sundaze Rechargeable Thrusting Vibrator

When it comes to thrusting vibrators, this one retains all the classic elements: it’s rechargeable, can be used hands-free, and includes multiple kinds of vibration settings. The way this sex toy is built makes it notably quiet, offering discreet enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong though, despite Sundanze being quiet, there is nothing silent about the way this love toy can take you from a 0 to 100. We also loved the 4.5 inches insertable length that makes it orifice-friendly, leaving behind the discomfort.

Features-wise, Fun Factory has ensured that this one differs from other thrusting vibrators on the market by adding some upgrades to the design. Instead of a simple buzz or some pulsing sensations, this thruster offers a wide range of sensations, ranging from stroking, thrusting, fluttering, buzzing, pulsating, tapping, and more. It’s this feature that makes it a very versatile possession– a thrusting vibrator that can be experienced solo or with a partner.

When it comes to the settings, it offers 15 modes to choose from and use at your own pace. There is really nothing bad to say about this sex toy. However, if you want to complain, then the price might be something that makes you wonder. Yet again, epic sensations do require a larger investment, right?

Things to Look Out For

While there is a myriad of thrusting vibrators out there, promising to fit your every need, make sure you’re being an informed customer. Before throwing your money at the most convenient sex toy, research your best fit, size, features, and price, among other options.


The most important thing with a thrusting vibrator is the type of settings it has. Does it use batteries? Is it USB-rechargeable? Does it have a wire? Are the modes interchangeable? How many patterns are too many patterns? What’s a good length for me?

If you’re someone who isn’t knowledgeable about thrusting vibrators, always go for simplicity over fancy words and promises written on a sex toy box.

All you need is a good amount of speeds and patterns, maybe a clit-tickler if you have a vagina, and knowing how many inches you can take before things get too uncomfortable.

Otherwise, if you have a very specific idea about what you want your thrusting vibrator to look like – there are options aplenty and at a good price.


While less important (unless you have allergies to certain materials), using the wrong kind of material can really break your immersion and ruin your sexy time. Most vibrators come in silicone as their build needs to be sturdy. The sex toys market offers some vibrators that can be made out of PVC, hard plastic, or even metal.

The thing to remember is mostly related to lube – that is, to keep in mind the rule of pairs and specifically to never use silicone lube on silicone toys, as it can severely damage them. Most of the time, using water-based lube will solve most lubrication-related damage issues.

Thrusting Vibrator Buzz Factor

A vibrator will inevitably be loud. If you have thin walls, or nosy neighbors to worry about, then going for a sex toy that can be heard three blocks away isn’t the most ideal option. This is where pricing matters and most cheaper vibrators will tend to also be louder. It’s not a rule but an aim for any magnet or high-tech designs that specialize in quiet sex toys. That way you can save yourself the trouble of awkward encounters out in the yard or down the hall.

Cleaning and Storage

Mentioned less often, but perhaps one of the most important things to consider while purchasing thrusting vibrators is how you’re going to clean them, when you’re going to do it, as well as where you plan to store them. There are easy-to-clean sex toys, and most vibrators fall under that category, seeing as they don’t require extra add-ons or special units that can be hard to access. Always identify exactly what can spot-clean your toy best, as you don’t want any harmful bacteria to re-enter your genitals.

Storage space is also something to ponder. Keeping your rabbit vibrator in a cute drawer may seem like a good idea, but if it’s the same place you keep any oils, powders, or perfumes, it can pick up irritants that will end up damaging both your toy and body.


The exciting world of thrusting vibrators offers a myriad of options that will offer you an unforgettable buzzing experience. Like any sex toy purchase, you just need to have a preference, a budget, and some imagination to get the best out of your experience.

That’s the only way it can live up to its buzz!


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