Ultimate Guide For Best Fleshlights | Don’t Miss Out

Fleshlights are arguably the most popular variety of sex toys for men. Any man who indulges in masturbation (read: any man) should consider buying one.

There’s a limit to what you can get out of your hand and some lubricant. No matter what innovative techniques you come up with, it’s nowhere near the same as penetrative sex.

You may be feeling overwhelmed—I know I was when I bought one for the first time. That popularity I mentioned earlier means there are hundreds of models to choose from.

In this Best Fleshlight Guide, I’ve reviewed the top models (and fleshjacks) money can buy. Whether your primary concern is budget or texture, there’s a masturbation-enhancer for you.

Top Fleshlights/Fleshjacks

Are you familiar with fleshlights, or looking to upgrade yours? Perhaps you already have all the information you need to buy one of your own?

Here are my top fleshlights and fleshjacks and the best features of each one:

Overall Best: Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

  • Extremely stimulating texture and tightness for fierce orgasms.
  • The intensity is perfect for improving your stamina. 
  • It should suit men of almost any penis size (8.5 inches insertable length).

Best Automatic: Launch Stamina Pack

  • You can control the length and speed of the strokes in automatic mode.
  • The interior offers non-stop stimulation whether you use it automatically or manually.
  • Excellent for men who want to take stamina training to new heights.

Best Vibrating Masturbator: MAX 2 6th Generation 

  • Multiple vibrations and strengths to experiment with.
  • Holds a charge between 95 and 215 minutes (depending on the level).
  • Stays on standby for up to 120 hours.

Tightest Fleshlight: Super Tight Sleeve

  • Tight with an untextured canal for men who are more sensitive.
  • Painless to clean versus highly textured sleeves.
  • 9 inches long for penises of all sizes.

Best Anal Fleshlight: Riley Reid Euphoria

  • Walls that narrow and widen feel genuine.
  • Ridges and bumps for extra sensation.
  • Ideal fleshlight for Riley Reid fans.

Best Oral Fleshlight: Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice)

  • Realistic feel (the next best thing to a blowjob).
  • Three insertion points for additional intensity.
  • Tight and textured interior for powerful climaxes.

Best Cheap Fleshlight: Flight Aviator

  • Tight and ringed interior that will appeal to experienced fleshlight users.
  • Includes a discreet case for traveling. 
  • At less than $50, one of the most affordable options.

Best Fleshjack for Gay Men: Brent Corrigan Bliss

  • Dual-textured interior (ridged then bumpy) for maximum stimulation.
  • Realistic-looking anal entry.
  • An appealing choice for Brent Corrigan fans. 

What Are the Benefits of a Fleshlight?

Almost any man can find at least one way a fleshlight brings joy. Whatever your sexual preference or kinks, penetration is the goal. The advantages of these sex toys aren’t exclusively orgasmic either:

Mind-Blowing Masturbation

Fleshlights can be made to resemble and feel like any orifice and texture you can imagine. I’m not just talking about realistic builds (e.g., vaginal folds) either.

Some sleeves are crafted to squeeze and grip you in all the right places. They’re literally designed for your pleasure, unlike your palm and fingers. Choose a model that’s the 

perfect fit for your fantasies as well as your penis.

Improve Your Stamina

Premature ejaculation (known as PE) isn’t a rare condition anymore. It’s one of the most frequently experienced sexual problems affecting men.1

The stop-start method is one of the most well-known techniques to practice. You start having sex, and then back off when you feel like you’re about to ejaculate.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always comfortable or possible to try with a real partner. You can practice with your fleshlight without feeling awkward.

You can choose a model for your specific trigger too. If blowjobs make you come faster than you’d like, pick an oral fleshlight.

Those of you looking to improve stamina overall can select special textures or vibrating models.

Cure or Improve the Consequences of Death-Grip Syndrome (DGS)

Depending on your preferred style of masturbation, you might be inadvertently decreasing your sensitivity where it counts.

You may have heard of the so-called Death-Grip Syndrome (DGS). This is a condition where overly-aggressive masturbation gradually kills your ability to reach orgasm.

Now, DGS isn’t a recognized medical condition. However, delayed orgasm—or an inability to have one at all—can be provoked by overstimulation.2

As long as you choose an appropriate model, a fleshlight shouldn’t cause pain or desensitization.

For men who can’t seem to stop playing rough with themselves, there’s another pro. A fleshlight will serve as a layer of protection between your hands and your penis.

Constant Availability

Fleshlights are sex toys, so they’re ready when you’re horny, day or night. When you feel lonely or your partner isn’t in the mood, you don’t have to resort to your hand. You can still savor an intense orgasm by yourself.

Models Are Usually Discreet and Portable

A fleshlight isn’t difficult to hide or transport. The majority of models can fit into your nightstand or be hidden in your bathroom cabinet.

If you’re traveling somewhere and don’t want to miss out, pack your fleshlight. It shouldn’t weigh down your luggage—although you may have to take it out for security.

Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Sessions

Playing around with lubricant and suction can dramatically alter sensation. Here are techniques and tips to take using your fleshlight to new orgasmic heights:

What Is the Best Lubricant for Fleshlights?

>Concerning fleshlights, a good lubricant has to have two non-negotiable qualities. Not only does it have to lubricate, but it must also be sex-toy-friendly. 

Water-based lubricants are the way to go when you’re stocking up. They’re less prone to staining. If things get messy during vigorous sessions, you’ll appreciate this. 

They’re also not likely to irritate your penis or the material of your fleshlight. Finally, they’re a breeze to wash out when it’s time to clean up.

This formula may not be best for sex in the pool or the shower, but it’s perfect for solo use.8

Are There Lubricants You Should Avoid?

Ironically, silicone-based lubes are a poor choice for fleshlights. If your sleeve is made with silicone, the ingredients in the lubricant can degrade it. 

Oil-based lubes might be pleasant during use, but not after. Washing these oily liquids out of your sleeve might be a chore. 

Is Too Much Lube a Bad Thing?

Don’t think that filling your fleshlight with lube is the way to go—be conservative. Too much lubricant will dull the texture of the sleeve. 

You want just enough to comfortably slip in and out of your fleshlight without feeling too dry. If you’re new to fleshlights, err on the side of caution. 

You can always add more of your chosen lube, but removing excess from the sleeve may not be so easy.

Can You Adjust the Suction Effect?

The end-cap at the end of your sex toy regulates suction. You can twist it shut for a tighter grip, but don’t be surprised if each pump sounds noisier. 

Ways to Use Your Fleshlight

I’ll tell you what kind of positions you can anticipate trying out. I discuss both hands-free (automatic) and manual models, plus twisting:

Best Positions 

Hands-free models give you more freedom. Whether you set it down on a flat surface or place it on your penis while sitting down, your hips will do the work. Use your hands to fondle your balls, pinch your own nipples—whatever gets you off.

Manual fleshlights give you much of the same variety in positions as standard masturbation. How you angle your fleshlight and pace the strokes is up to you.

You can attempt to brace your fleshlight with pillows or similar items. Be prepared for failure if you don’t engineer your makeshift hands-free support system properly.


Fleshlight sleeves can have diverse textures. One side may be ribbed with thick nubs, whereas the other might have slim ones.

Use the full texture of your sex toy to its greatest capacity. Twist and rotate your fleshlight in all directions to up the intensity of your sessions.

Is a Fleshlight Worth It?

Read these user testimonials and decide for yourself whether a fleshlight is worth your money:

Best Fleshlight Sleeves Reviews

These are the best fleshlight sleeves money can buy. All are made by Fleshlight, meaning they should fit in cases by the same brand. 

Overall Best: Stamina Training Unit (STU)

My top pick isn’t a pure sleeve, so to speak, as it comes with a case. It’s a standard Fleshlight design, except in gold.

That’s the least interesting facet of this sex toy. The Stamina Training Unit (STU) will present a challenge to men of all levels of staying power. It’s designed to replicate the most intense sensations you can experience during sex. 

The texture may not seem like much to look at: lots of bumps. As with all Fleshlight products, the sleeve is made from their patented ultra-realistic SuperSkin. 

The material combined with the texture is what will bring the sleeve to life around your penis. Don’t be surprised if you end up climaxing after less than a minute on your first try.

If this happens, don’t be discouraged: the point of the STU is to increase stamina with regular use. Fleshlight provides a detailed e-manual with routines to practice.

If your goal is solely pleasure, this sleeve is also an excellent choice. This kind of stimulation is something you’re unlikely to grow bored with. 


  • Cost: $69.95.
  • Total Length: 9.75 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 8.5 inches.
  • Texture: Stamina Training Unit (bumps).
  • Entry: Vagina.
  • What’s Included: Gold case, STU SuperSkin sleeve, Lady orifice, instruction manual, and a free e-guide. 


  • If you practice with exercises in the e-book, it should boost your stamina.
  • Great for quick masturbation sessions.
  • Sensory paradise for your penis. 


  • The STU’s simple texture may lose appeal with time. 

Best For Beginners: Mini-Lotus

This sleeve is usually suggested as a good pick for fleshlight novices. It will also appeal to men who are more sensitive and don’t want to be hyper-stimulated. Users who are looking for a more natural feel will also like the Mini-Lotus. 

The sleeve consists of a narrowing and widening canal built with waves—much like a real vagina. There are dual textures, a lotus-like pattern at the entrance followed by rounded chambers. 

Once you slip in, the canal widens and then narrows near the halfway juncture. Men with smaller penises will find that both textures are within reach.

You can tease your head in and out of the tightest part of the sleeve. Experiment with the interesting grip towards the entry and rotate. You get the idea—take advantage of the different sensations. 

The entry choices (either vagina or anus) are both made of SuperSkin. 


  • Cost: $49.95.
  • Texture: Mini-Lotus (waves varying from 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches in diameter).
  • Sleeve Depth: 9 inches.
  • Entry: Vagina (also available as an anus). 
  • What’s Included: Mini-Lotus sleeve.


  • Choice between two different entries.
  • Suitable for men of almost any penis size.
  • Realistic, medium-intensity stimulation. 


  • Might disappoint users accustomed to more stimulating textures.

Stoya Destroya

This fleshlight sleeve is a part of the Girls collection. The entry is a perfect replica of adult film star Stoya’s vagina. 

The molded entry is where the realism comes to an end—but that isn’t a bad thing. The sensations the “Destroya” texture offers will destroy you in the most pleasurable way possible. 

Width and pressure vary throughout the sleeve for powerful titillation. Your entire penis will be gripped by tiny bumps, curved fangs and teeth, and ribs all at once.

Don’t let the terminology put you off. The fangs and teeth are just a nickname for protrusions made for tantalizing stimulation. 

Keep the tip of your penis in the pleasure dome, or thrust all the way to the ribbed canal. There are lots of variations to try with this multi-textured sleeve.


  • Cost: $79.95.
  • Texture: Destroya (small and large bumps, ribbed pleasure dome, fangs, narrowing ribs). 
  • Sleeve Depth: 9.5 inches.
  • Entry: Replica of Stoya’s vagina. 
  • What’s Included: Destroya sleeve with white case. 


  • Authentic cast of Stoya’s vagina as an entry.
  • Multiple textures to play with.
  • Deep stimulation for an orgasmic experience.


  • Smaller-sized men may not be able to experience all textures.
  • Might be excessive for highly sensitive users.

Heavenly Pink Sleeve

The Heavenly Pink sleeve will take your solo playtime to new heights. This fleshlight is made with carefully arranged textures to provide maximum stimulation.

Although the canal does widen and narrow, it’s tight overall. You’ll feel every bump, rib, and bead massage your penis from the head to the shaft.

The start of this fleshlight isn’t too textured aside from a chamber with a few bumps. When you slip into the smoother chamber, the constricting passages will hug you like vaginal walls.

Then, your head will squeeze through the narrowest part of the sleeve. If that doesn’t send you to heaven, you’ll encounter ribs and thick beads at the end.


  • Cost: $49.95.
  • Texture: Heavenly (beaded, bumpy, and ribbed textures).
  • Sleeve Depth: 9 inches. 
  • Entry: Vagina (also available as an anus). 
  • What’s Included: Heavenly sleeve. 


  • Firm without too much yield.
  • Widens and narrows for different pressures. 
  • Varied textures for orgasmic stimulation.


  • Might be too constricting for men with wider penises.

Tightest Fleshlights

One of the first things we men learn when we hit puberty is to appreciate the power of a firm grip. These fleshlights are the tightest models you can find. 

Best Tight Sleeve: Super Tight Sleeve

This fleshlight isn’t just for men who love to feel squeezed. It will also entice users who desire simplicity. If all those unusual textures have you cringing, you’ll welcome the classic smoothness of the Super Tight Sleeve. 

Although the sleeve will stretch around you as you penetrate it, don’t expect too much give. 

The diameter is only half-an-inch, which is constricting enough for penises of nearly any length and girth.

Simple doesn’t have to mean limited. You can still pick the entry that excites you the most: either an anus or a vagina. 

A less-considered benefit of a smooth sleeve to think about is cleaning. Semen has no uniquely-shaped crevices to get trapped in. 


  • Cost: $49.95.
  • Texture: Smooth.
  • Sleeve Depth: 9 inches.
  • Entry: Vagina (also available as an anus).
  • What’s Included: Super Tight sleeve.


  • Optimal for men with tender penises. 
  • Simple to clean as it’s untextured.
  • 9-inch length is suitable for nearly all men.


  • Sleeve will eventually lose distinctive tightness with repeated use.

Jessica Drake Heavenly

Users who have followed Jessica Drake’s long and industrious career in adult film will want to invest in this fleshlight. The sleeve entry choices are designed off Drake’s star vagina and anus. 

You don’t have to be familiar with Drake to appreciate this constricting sleeve. From entryway to end, it will take your penis on a journey of textures while holding tight. 

It comes with a Heavenly sleeve, offering diverse sensations. The canal begins gently with a chamber lined with bumps. After that, you’ll be forcing your head through a tiny passageway leading to a winding tube. 

Yes, you read that correctly: picture those curves gripping you tight. At the 4-inch mark, you’ll get a little bit of yield before entering the ribbed zone. Lastly, men over 6 inches will burst into the beaded chamber—and probably explode there.


  • Cost: $79.95.
  • Texture: Heavenly (winding, ribbed, and beaded). 
  • Sleeve Depth: 9.5 inches. 
  • Entry: Replica of Jessica’s Drake’s vagina. 
  • What’s Included: Heavenly sleeve with white case.


  • Visual attraction guaranteed for Jessica Drake devotees.
  • Winding passageway for an intense, distinctive feel.
  • Alternating textures while staying narrow throughout.


  • Smaller penises may not get to encounter all textures.

Abella Danger

Plunge into Abella Danger’s pert vagina or anus and prepare for the ride of a lifetime. This fleshlight has five separate chambers, all with contrasting textures.

Men who crave a sleeve that’s powerfully intensive will want to attempt Danger’s sleeve. It’s packed with a whirlwind of textures, from bumps to swirls, for strong stimulation.

The first chamber is built with thick bumps to hit every nerve-ending on your head. You’ll push through a narrowed, ribbed canal to the swirled portion of the sleeve.

The pressure stays on and doesn’t relent from there. There’s no escaping the divine protrusions of the last few chambers.


  • Cost: $79.95.
  • Texture: Danger (bumps of varying sizes, swirls, knobs, beads).
  • Sleeve Depth: 9.5 inches. 
  • Entry: Replica of Abella Danger’s vagina.
  • What’s Included: Danger sleeve with white case.


  • Five separate chambers with distinct textures.
  • Lots of protrusions for strong sensations.
  • Deliciously constricting throughout the sleeve.


  • Men who are less than 6.5 inches long will miss out on two chambers.

Best Hands-Free Fleshlights (Masturbation Machines)

Do you want to take the effort out of masturbation? Let technological innovations bring your masturbation sessions to new, hands-free heights. 

These are my top picks for best hands-free fleshlights (or masturbation machines).

Best Automatic Fleshlight: Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack

The Fleshlight Launch Stamina pack is the complete kit for almost any man. You get the Stamina Training Unit (STU) sleeve and case included. 

If you haven’t already, read about the STU above. The device itself is also compatible with most other Fleshlight products. If the STU is too much sensation for you; you can try automating another model.

Once you set your chosen fleshlight into the device, you’re in control. At the touch of a finger, you’ll control the length and speed your sleeve strokes you at. It can grant you up to 180 strokes per minute, an impressive feat.

There isn’t much concentration required to manipulate it, which is great. You can focus on getting used to hands-free stimulation with your favorite fleshlight. 

Explore the virtual reality content available for the Fleshlight Launch. The device will caress you in sync with encoded videos to allow you (specifically, your penis) to participate.


  • Cost: $249.95.
  • Texture: Stamina Training Unit (bumps). 
  • Sleeve Depth: 8.5 inches. 
  • Entry: Vagina.
  • Total Length of Device: 12.75 inches.
  • Features and Control: Up to 180 strokes per minute. Control the length and speed of strokes by touch. Compatible with most Fleshlight products.
  • Virtual Reality/Compatibility: Interactive content is available on FeelMe. Includes encoded content and free webcam models. Can be paired with compatible Kiiroo devices for remote stimulation with a partner.
  • Battery Life: N/A.
  • Charging Time: 6 to 9 hours to reach a full charge.
  • What’s Included: Fleshlight Launch, gold case, Stamina Training Unit (STU) sleeve, 4 ounces of Fleshlube Water, universal USB, instruction manual, one-year warranty.


  • Customize the speed and lengths of strokes to your desire.
  • Almost any Fleshlight product can fit into the Launch.
  • Interactive content available.


  • Impatient users may find charging takes too long.

QuickShot Launch

The QuickShot Launch lets you tailor your automated masturbation session for earth-shattering climaxes. As you may have divined from the name, expect your first few sessions to end faster than you might like.

This device can stroke your penis up to 250 times per minute at four varying speeds and lengths. If there’s a part of your penis that relishes special attention, you can go further. 

Select between one of three pleasure zones (base, shaft, or head). Decrease the stroke length as needed, and climax to the sensations you crave the most.

This toy comes with a smartphone mount that will fit with any phone. You can watch your favorite stars in action up close—what’s not to love?


  • Cost: $189.95.
  • Total Length of Device: 14 inches.
  • Features and Control: Universal smartphone mount. Up to 250 strokes per minute. Four variable stroke lengths and speeds. Three pleasure zones (tip, shaft, or base). Bluetooth-compatible. 
  • Virtual Reality/Compatibility: No features available.
  • Battery Life: Up to 1 hour.
  • Charging Time: N/A. Can be used plugged in. 
  • What’s Included: QuickShot Launch, power cable, universal smartphone mount, quick-start guide, instruction manual, one-year warranty.


  • Works while plugged in for impatient users.
  • Precise control options for enhanced pleasure.
  • Mount fits with any smartphone.


  • No virtual content. 
  • QuickShot sleeve not included.

Onyx 2

This gadget isn’t advertised as such, but it will test your stamina. The smooth sleeve has 10 individual rings to contract and squeeze your penis for maximum stimulation. 

The Onyx 2 will entice users who value interactive content. Physical sensation is only the beginning of what this device can offer you.

It’s virtual-reality compatible for users lucky enough to own VR headsets. You can also enjoy syncing the movement to various videos on FeelMe.

If your partner is long-distance (or kinky), invite them to join the fun. You can pair up the Onyx 2 with Kiiroo’s Pearl vibrator for shared masturbation sessions. 


  • Cost: $219.
  • Texture: Smooth with 10 rings.
  • Sleeve Depth: 6.5 inches.
  • Entry: Non-anatomical.
  • Total Length of Device: 10.3 inches.
  • Features and Control: Up to 140 strokes per minute. Control contractions and strokes by touch. 
  • Virtual Reality/Compatibility: Bluetooth-compatible. Interactive content is available on FeelMe. 3D games and video chat available. It can be synced with a vibrator made by Kiiroo (Pearl) from anywhere in the world.
  • Battery Life: 1 hour.
  • Charging Time: 4 to 6 hours.
  • What’s Included: Onyx 2, SuperSkin sleeve, USB cable, one-year warranty.


  • Can be synced to other sex toys for kinky play with a partner.
  • Numerous options for interactive content. 
  • Ideal for men who enjoy the feel of contractions or “milking”.


  • Sleeve depth may not be sufficient for bigger penises.

Best Vibrating Masturbators

These aren’t technically fleshlights, but may appeal to users eager to feel some good vibrations. Here are the best vibrating masturbators for your selection.

Max 2 6th Generation

The Max 2 (6th generation) enables you to control everything from your smartphone. 

You’ll also be able to sync the Max 2 up to other toys from Lovense to play with a partner.

The multi-textured, tight sleeve is interesting enough to penetrate. When you set in motion, the Max 2 will squeeze and vibrate around your penis the way you like it.

It has seven vibration settings for you to test out. There’s the standard: low, medium, and high. 

Adventurous users who want more can try settings like “fireworks” or “earthquake”. Whether your penis is highly sensitive or not, there’s a program that’s right for you.

At the same time, you can control how strong the vibrations are and the suction. The latter feature is regulated manually with an air vent.


  • Cost: $109.
  • Texture: Multi-textured (bumps, ribs, other protrusions, etc.). Vagina sleeve also available for purchase separately.
  • Sleeve Depth: N/A.
  • Entry: Non-anatomical.
  • Total Length of Device: 9.5 inches.
  • Features and Control: Control strength of vibrations (seven settings) and contractions (three settings). Air vent for regulating suction. Bluetooth-compatible for smartphone control. Can be synced with two other toys from Lovense. Splashproof.
  • Virtual Reality/Compatibility: Not available. 
  • Battery Life: 95 to 215 minutes.
  • Charging Time: 100 minutes, stays on standby up to 120 hours.
  • What’s Included: Max 2 6th Generation, sleeve, USB charging cable, instruction manual. 


  • Many settings and interactive content to explore.
  • Long battery life.
  • Sleeve is highly textured for a unique sensory experience.


  • Protrusions in the sleeve might be too extreme for sensitive men.

Onyx 2: Asa Akira Experience

For a cost of only $10 more than the Onyx 2 alone, you can immerse yourself in the Asa Akira Experience. That doesn’t only apply to the Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve that comes with the device.

You’ll have access to all of the petite stunner’s encoded, virtual reality content. The Onyx 2 will tease and please you in sync with Akira’s motions on the screen. She’ll moan, writhe, and scream at the same time as you feel the sleeve pulse around you. 

For users who have watched Akira’s films for years, what could be more exhilarating? Another bonus is that Akira’s authentic autograph is included in the box. 

If you ever tire of the Japanese-American beauty, you can always make use of the Onyx 2 by itself. Offering up to 140 strokes per minute, you should find it entertaining enough.


  • Cost: $229.
  • Texture: Smooth with 10 rings.
  • Sleeve Depth: 6.5 inches.
  • Entry: Non-anatomical (does not match any of Akira’s orifices).
  • Total Length of Device: 10.3 inches.
  • Features and Control: Up to 140 strokes per minute. Control contractions and strokes by touch. 
  • Virtual Reality/Compatibility: Bluetooth-compatible. Access all of Akira’s encoded content. Other interactive content is available on FeelMe. Games and video chat available. It can be synced with a vibrator made by Kiiroo (Pearl) from anywhere in the world.
  • Battery Life: 45 minutes to 1 hour. 
  • Charging Time: 4 to 6 hours. 
  • What’s Included: Onyx 2, Fleshlight sleeve, USB charging cable, authenticity card with Akira’s autograph, quick setup manual, one-year warranty (stickers on the box).


  • Experience virtual sex with the adult star you know and love.
  • Includes Akira’s autograph.
  • Isn’t much more expensive than the Onyx 2 alone.


  • Entry isn’t modeled off Akira’s vagina.

Onyx 2: Romi Rain Experience

The Romi Rain Experience is tailored for fans of the voluptuous brunette. Aside from the Onyx 2, you’ll be able to enjoy virtual sex with the star herself.

Alone, the device’s milking contractions can already grant you profound, staggering orgasms. Picture combining well-timed squeezes and strokes to Rain’s movements. 

As with the Asa Akira Experience, you’ll receive Rain’s autograph with purchase. If you’re only considering this product because of the busty beauty, you won’t be disappointed.

The Onyx 2 will keep you climaxing with or without Rain’s encoded content. You can also sync it up to a partner’s toy (the Pearl vibrator) for a sensual couples’ amusement.


  • Cost: $229.
  • Texture: Smooth with 10 rings.
  • Sleeve Depth: 6.5 inches.
  • Entry: Non-anatomical (does not match any of Rain’s orifices).
  • Total Length of Device: 10.3 inches.
  • Features and Control: Up to 140 strokes per minute. Control contractions and strokes by touch. 
  • Virtual Reality/Compatibility: Bluetooth-compatible. Access to all of Rain’s encoded content. Other interactive content is available on FeelMe. Games and video chat available. It can be synced with a vibrator made by Kiiroo (Pearl) from anywhere in the world.
  • Battery Life: 45 minutes to 1 hour. 
  • Charging Time: 4 to 6 hours. 
  • What’s Included: Onyx 2, Fleshlight sleeve, USB charging cable, authenticity card with Rain’s autograph, quick setup manual, one-year warranty (stickers on the box).


  • Full access to all of Romi Rain’s interactive content.
  • Rain’s autograph will delight hardcore fans.
  • Onyx 2 is usable with or without Rain-specific content.


  • Orifice isn’t personalized.

Best Anal Fleshlights

Anal fleshlights replicate the transcendental tightness of anal sex with extra sensations. Namely, unique textures to make you come harder than ever before. 

Check out the key features of these three models below.

Riley Reid Euphoria

Riley Reid and Fleshlight teamed up to create an anal fleshlight for our pleasure. Aptly named Euphoria, this 9.5-inch sleeve has three separate chambers.

The whole sleeve has a near-identical design, making it accessible to penises of all sizes. This fleshlight’s interior texture is why I awarded it my top pick. 

Firstly, each chamber narrows inwards in the middle. This alternating widening and narrowing is similar to the feel of real anal penetration. 

Second of all, the tight walls have a wide, cross-ribbed pattern with square bumps. They’re ideal for strong sensations without soreness, considering how tight the sleeve is.


  • Cost: $79.95.
  • Texture: Euphoria (cross ribs, square bumps).
  • Sleeve Depth: 9.5 inches.
  • Entry: Replica of Reid’s anus. 
  • What’s Included: Euphoria sleeve with white case.


  • Using the sleeve is comparable to anal sex.
  • Texture provides sensation without feeling like too much.
  • Men with smaller penises won’t miss any remarkable textures.


  • Plainer texture may grow to feel unsatisfactory with repeated use.

Alexis Texas Outlaw

This fleshlight features an anal entry modeled off the anus of Alexis Texas. Start every session aroused knowing the head of your penis is entering a genuine reproduction.

Texas’ sleeve subscribes to the “less is more” principle. The Tornado texture stays uniform from start to finish. 

Users with sensitive penises don’t have to be concerned about unwanted tenderness. It’s not wholly smooth, but there aren’t any intimidating textures.

By this, I mean no sudden protrusions or abrupt changes in sensation. Instead, there are deep indentations spaced throughout the swirling walls. 

As you penetrate the sleeve, this design allows it to squeeze and contract around you. That will bring the unmistakable sensations of anal sex to your solo play with this toy.


  • Cost: $79.95.
  • Texture: Tornado (swirling with indentations).
  • Sleeve Depth: 9.5 inches.
  • Entry: Replica of Alexis Texas’s anus. 
  • What’s Included: Tornado sleeve with white case.


  • Lets you penetrate an exact copy of the famous blonde’s anus.
  • Accessible to men of all penis lengths.
  • Isn’t over-textured for sensitive users.


  • Less sensitive men may find the uniform texture underwhelming.

Adriana Chechik

Naturally gorgeous Adriana Chechik is a treat to watch in action. This fleshlight modeled off her anus is as close as you can get to anal with the pouty-lipped brunette.

The sleeve texture is named Next Level, and it’s easy to understand why. With multiple textures arranged in a swirling vortex, expect intensity all the way.

Initial entry is pleasantly tight, as expected of an anal fleshlight. Then, your penis will be gripped by bumps to start off.

A narrow chamber of rings towards the middle will ensure every inch of you gets caressed. The second-to-last chamber is protruding swirls with bumps for an explosive finale.

With all these chambers, you can have a different experience every time you use it. An added benefit is that the sleeve is only smooth past the 7-inch mark. You won’t miss out on much if you can’t reach it.


  • Cost: $79.95.
  • Texture: Next Level (ribs, bumps, swirls, teeth).
  • Sleeve Depth: 9.5 inches.
  • Entry: Replica of Adriana Chechik’s anus. 
  • What’s Included: Next Level sleeve with white case.


  • Multi-textured with widening and narrowing canal.
  • Diverse ways to use this fleshlight.
  • Visually exciting for users who adore Chechik.


  • Some users may find initial chambers too wide for an anal fleshlight.

Best Oral Fleshlights

These sex toys provide oral sex without the downsides of a real partner. No risk of teeth grazing you and no complaints if you get carried away. 

Those of you who love to get sucked and licked above all else will appreciate these oral fleshlights.

Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice)

The Turbo Thrust may sound like a car part, but it’s definitely built for pleasure. This fleshlight will have you thrusting into it turbo-time: you won’t be able to resist.

There are three stages of insertion, just like with real oral sex. The entry serves as the “mouth” of the fleshlight, followed by the “tongue” and finally the “throat”.

Made of SuperSkin, the grip of the fleshlight should feel natural and lifelike around your penis. The multi-textured sleeve will hit every nerve ending as you slide in and out of it. 

As with any fleshlight, you can modify how strong you want the sleeve to suck you with the end-cap. The sleeve is 8.5 inches long, so most men can simulate deep-throat by going in balls-deep. 

You’ll be able to watch the Turbo Thrust grip you through the clear case. Those of you who have a fetish for voyeurism or a partner who does will appreciate this feature.


  • Cost: $69.95.
  • Texture: Thrust (various ribs, protrusions, swirls).
  • Total Length: 9.75 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 8.5 inches.
  • Entry: Thrust (non-anatomical).
  • What’s Included: Thrust orifice, Thrust sleeve, clear Turbo case, instruction manual.


  • Comparable to or better (depending on your tastes) an actual blowjob.
  • Sleeve texture is designed to simulate suction.
  • Clear case is attractive for voyeurs.


  • May not appeal to users with a preference for anatomical entries.

Turbo Ignition (Blue Ice)

The Turbo Ignition is identical to the Turbo Thrust in every way except for texture. The Blue Ice case is transparent, and the fleshlight has the three trademark insertion points.

The difference is in the sleeve textures. The Thrust sleeve has three chambers; the Ignition has seven for gloriously varied sensations.

There aren’t any fanged or toothy protrusions, which could be too much in an oral fleshlight. Patterns, bumps, and swirls are what will slide over and grip onto your penis. 

As with any multi-textured sleeve, you can be creative in how you use it. Pump into the hilt to experience everything at once, or tease yourself at the halfway mark. 

As a part of the Blue Ice collection, the case is clear. Voyeuristic users as well as partners can indulge in your performance.


  • Cost: $69.95.
  • Texture: Ignition (various ribs, bumps, swirls).
  • Total Length: 9.75 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 8.5 inches.
  • Entry: Ignition (non-anatomical).
  • What’s Included: Ignition orifice, Ignition sleeve, clear Turbo case, instruction manual.


  • Three insertion points feel gloriously real.
  • Clear sleeve and case let you watch the action.
  • Alternative texture to the Turbo Thrust.


  • Sleeve can’t be purchased without the case (if you already own the Thrust). 

Best Budget-Friendly Fleshlights (Also Suitable for Travel)

I can understand that not all men are willing to spend close to $100 or more. Users who travel often might be wary of buying a full-sized fleshlight only to leave it behind.

Whichever circumstance applies, you can still get a fleshlight to meet your needs. Pick one of these four affordable models.

Flight Aviator

The Flight Aviator isn’t only inexpensive (less than $50), it’s also great value for the price. This fleshlight is my top choice in this category for several reasons.

To start with, the Flight Aviator is built to be discreet and compact. It’s lighter and less cumbersome than the average fleshlight—the case is only 8 inches long.

Users with an expansive collection of may find transporting full-sized fleshlights a chore. Anatomically-correct entries and cases emblazoned with the company name aren’t subtle. 

The Flight Aviator’s clear case is low-key and inconspicuous. If this fleshlight is taken out at the airport, only a fellow owner would know what it was. 

New users may find the tight, ringed canal of this sleeve brings on orgasms too fast. It’s better suited to men who are well-adapted to the sensation of fleshlights.


  • Cost: $49.95.
  • Texture: Aviator (rings). 
  • Total Length: 8 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 6 inches.
  • Entry: Aviator (non-anatomical).
  • What’s Included: Aviator orifice, Aviator texture, clear Flight case, instruction manual.


  • Simple but deeply stimulating texture.
  • Compact for storage and travel.
  • Great quality and features for the price.


  • Depth might not be enough for some men. 
  • Could be too intense for new users.

Flight Pilot

Aside from price, the Flight Pilot shares other similarities with the Flight Aviator. It has a subtle case for transport (black rather than clear). It’s constructed with portability in mind, with a shorter case length and less weight to it.

What differentiates it is that the Pilot sleeve offers variety. You’ll get an assortment of textures to slip your penis between for unending and dynamic stimulation. 

Diversely-shaped protrusions in this widening and narrowing canal hit all the right spots. Whether you’re pumping into this fleshlight slowly or energetically, you’ll feel every bump.

All of the fingers and bumps are towards the beginning and middle of the canal. You won’t be obliged to penetrate this fleshlight to the hilt to get off. 


  • Cost: $49.95.
  • Texture: Pilot (variety of bumps, ribs, fingers).
  • Total Length: 8 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 6 inches.
  • Entry: Pilot (non-anatomical).
  • What’s Included: Pilot orifice, Pilot sleeve, black Flight case, instruction manual.


  • Varying canal widths and textures for invigorating penetration.
  • Easy to pack in a suitcase or hide in your room.
  • Hit all your most responsive areas without full penetration.


  • Shallow sleeve depth won’t appeal to men who want to go balls-deep.

QuickShot Boost

The QuickShot Boost is not a traditional fleshlight by any means. Inside the case, it’s a little less than half of the length of the average Fleshlight product. The case has caps at both ends instead of just one, if you were wondering how you’d fit. 

You remove both and slide it up and down yourself—or have someone else do it. This mini-fleshlight can enhance oral sex and handjobs if your partner is willing.

It’s also made to be compatible with the QuickShot Launch. If you decide manual stimulation isn’t for you, you may want to consider buying the device too.

The sleeve will still need to be cleaned, but it’ll be less tricky than with a closed model. There isn’t as much length for you to rinse sperm and lube out of. 


  • Cost: $34.95.
  • Texture: Boost (ribs and indentations).
  • Total Length: 4.4 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 3.5 inches, open-ended.
  • Entry: Non-anatomical at both ends.
  • What’s Included: Open-ended Metallic SuperSkin sleeve, black case, caps for both ends.


  • Can be used during oral sex or handjobs. 
  • Cleaning up is a breeze.
  • Conveniently small.


  • Doesn’t offer the full fleshlight experience (open-ended).

Go Surge Lady

The Go Surge is pricier than other fleshlights in this category. Don’t immediately dismiss it based on that: read about the good attributes first. 

Frequent flyers (or drivers) will find this model enticing. The Go Surge is lightweight and smaller than a standard fleshlight. 

The slim case has another upside: you can grip it one-handed. Your other hand can take a break or be put to use fondling your balls.

The sleeve is 6.5 inches deep, which is generous for a compact model. As for texture, the canal has three chambers to penetrate. Both rear and entry chambers are the same with protruding bumps in the middle to spice things up.


  • Cost: $58.95.
  • Texture: Go Surge (protruding ribs, rounded points, bumps).
  • Total Length: 7 inches. 
  • Sleeve Depth: 6.5 inches.
  • Entry: Vagina.
  • What’s Included: Black case, Lady orifice, SuperSkin sleeve, instruction manual. 


  • Saves luggage room and weight.
  • Sleeve depth means most men can penetrate it fully.
  • Case isn’t too obvious (e.g., for airport security).


  • Might be out of range for financially conservative users.

Best Fleshjacks for Gay and Bisexual Men

These are the top fleshjacks for gay and bisexual men. Check out these three options to find the right one for you.

Brent Corrigan Bliss

Statuesque Corrigan was one the first erotic entertainers to become a Fleshjack Boy. Despite that, his signature fleshjack hasn’t grown any less popular. 

The entry cast off of Brent’s anus is a sensual entry to the canal within. Relish watching the head of your penis disappear into the precise SuperSkin reproduction.

This sleeve is worthy of its name: Bliss. The first chamber consists of thick, circular ribs for 360-degree sensation. 

Then, you’ll penetrate a lusciously tight canal lined with protruding, finger-like bumps. You won’t be able to stop yourself plunging all the way into this 7.25-inch sleeve the first time. Once you recuperate, you can savor the two chambers at a slower pace. 


  • Cost: $79.95
  • Texture: Bliss (ribs and bumps).
  • Total Length: 9 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 7.25 inches.
  • Entry: Replica of Brent Corrigan’s anus. 
  • What’s Included: Bliss sleeve and pale blue case.


  • Tight sleeve combined with two simple but effective textures are blissfully orgasmic.
  • Smaller men will be able to get off on both textures.
  • Personalized entry will turn on Corrigan fans.


  • Men with larger penises may not manage full penetration. 

Stamina Training Unit Butt

Using the Stamina Training Unit Butt is a foolproof strategy to boost your stamina for penetration. The only thing you have to do is use it regularly, which shouldn’t be too hard.

It has the same deceptively basic texture as the original STU. The entry is a realistic-looking anus to keep you in the mood. Both entry and sleeve are made of naturally-soft SuperSkin. 

Back to the texture: this fleshjack will bring you to climax swiftly, which is the point. Repeated use will teach you to stay in control when you’re with a real man, no matter how sexy he is. 

The 8.5-inch sleeve depth should suit men of all sizes. The STU doesn’t have any chambers: you’ll get the complete stamina-testing sensation regardless of size.


  • Cost: $69.95.
  • Texture: Stamina Training Unit (bumps).
  • Total Length: 9.75 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 8.5 inches.
  • Entry: Anus. 
  • What’s Included: Gold case, STU SuperSkin sleeve, Pure orifice, instruction manual.


  • This fleshjack will improve stamina if used consistently.
  • Excellent for a quick orgasm when time is limited.
  • Accessible to men of all penis sizes.


  • Some users may find it hard to adapt to the intensity at first.

Fleshjack Flight Pilot

The Flight Pilot isn’t only for straight men. The qualities of the Pilot sleeve make it an ideal fleshjack too.

This sleeve starts off tight and stays that way with a narrowing entry. Your penis will stretch out chambers that include a range of sensations.

Anticipate rounded bumps, protruding fingers, and grasping ribs at the end. You will get to feel the fleshjack narrow and widen, although it’s tight overall. 

The pressure variations will add an element of realism to your sessions. Plus, the Flight Pilot is discreet and travel-compatible for men who aren’t home much. 


  • Cost: $49.95.
  • Texture: Pilot (variety of bumps, ribs, fingers).
  • Total Length: 8 inches.
  • Sleeve Depth: 6 inches.
  • Entry: Pilot (non-anatomical).
  • What’s Included: Pilot orifice, Pilot sleeve, black Flight case, instruction manual.


  • Variations in sleeve width simulate anal sex.
  • Portable and discreet-looking.
  • Interesting textures can bring you to orgasm without complete penetration.


  • Large men may find the Pilot unsatisfying.

Building Your Own Fleshlight

Our desires, fantasies, and fetishes are a part of who we are. What I mean by that is that we’re all individuals when it comes to what gets us horny.

Instead of searching through hundreds of fleshlights to find your optimal match, why not create one? You can regulate everything from texture to entry and case color.

Fleshlight Builder

Here’s what you can customize when you craft your own fleshlight with, well, Fleshlight. I’ve listed your choices for each feature of your sex toy:

Case color:Black.Blue.
Texture:Crush.Destroya.Heavenly.Mini-Lotus.Original.Super Tight.Wonder Wave.
Available Accessories:
(other accessories are sold elsewhere on the site)
Fleshlight Launch.Shower mount.Sleeve warmer.Black case.Clear case.Pearl case.Gold case.Blue case.Dildo suction cup.Fleshpump.Cock ring set.Various product care kits.Various lubricants.

Fleshjack Builder

Gay, bisexual, or curious men can build their own fleshjacks. These are your options for textures, cases, and accessories:

Case color:Black or blue.
Texture:Destroya.Heavenly.Original.Super Tight.Wonder Wave.
Available Accessories:
(other accessories are sold elsewhere on the site)
Dildo suction cup.Shower mount.LaunchPad.Phone strap.Sleeve warmer.

Famous Fleshlight Girls 

I’ve reviewed a couple of fleshlights from of the Girls collection. If you’re curious what other beautiful stars you can penetrate, learn about five more famous fleshlight girls:

Eva Lovia Fleshlight

Hailing from South Carolina, this striking temptress boasts an exotic heritage. Eva Lovia is a mix of Spanish and Japanese, an arousing combination.

This hazel-eyed stunner is lean and fit with curves in all the right places. Lovia’s girl-next-door appeal got her noticed long before she began dabbling in adult film. 

The brunette took advantage of her looks, showing off her figure as a bikini model. With perky breasts and a delectably rounded ass, it’s easy to see why she achieved success. 

Sexy Eva was the first adult star to be granted the Digital Playground Star award back in 2015. Another noteworthy achievement is posing as Miss December in Penthouse Magazine’s 2017 issue.

Lisa Ann Fleshlight

This desirable MILF gained recognition for her explicit portrayal of politician Sarah Palin. She’s also a member of the Urban X, AVN, and XRCO Halls of Fame. Lisa Ann’s youthful attributes are what make her so popular to men of all ages. 

Her best features are her generous ass and dainty, delicate-looking vagina. It’s a good thing for us that she chose to lend her likeness to Fleshlight.

Lisa Ann’s lengthy experience is shown in her vigorous performances. She has a certain dedication towards acting, no matter the role, that’s a thrill to see.

The busty leading lady isn’t only known for her sexual prowess. Lisa Ann has also worked in the position of talent agent, sports radio host, and television host.

Christy Mack Fleshlight

Christy Mack has an impressive body and a beautiful face, like many other erotic stars. Having said that, this charming bad girl is anything but your average adult entertainer. 

Mack isn’t interested in conforming to anyone’s standards. Her body is covered in a plethora of tattoos, including a sleeve on her left arm. 

Christy frequently changes her hairstyle and color too. She’s been a blonde bombshell, a brunette seductress, and even had a full Mohawk.

Tough Christy was a tattoo model before becoming a celebrity in adult film as of 2012. Shortly afterward, she won awards for best and most promising new starlet from XBIZ and AVN, respectively.

Angela White Fleshlight

Beautiful bisexual Angela White is known for her innocent blue eyes and hourglass figure. She also stands out as one of the few adult entertainers who doesn’t go by an alias.

White, a native Australian, kickstarted her career in 2013 with her website. A year later, she performed in her first film—which included a memorable all-anal threesome.

Her signature fleshlight isn’t the only way you can get close to Angela. She still works as a webcam model in spite of her many successes, connecting with her fans. 

Angela isn’t just a fantastic actress—she’s also savvy behind the scenes. The lusty entrepreneur has worked as a producer and director.

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight 

Nicole Aniston is the classic California girl. She’s tanned and gorgeous with icy blue-green eyes and a body to die for.

At only 5 feet, 3 inches, this petite-yet-muscular girl has universal appeal. The beguiling blonde is just as striking in photographs as she is in motion.

She’s dedicated to staying fit and healthy, and all that hard work has paid off. Aniston has had a prodigious career, having starred in over 300 films.

Aniston isn’t just about her boobs, butt, and beauty. She’s also brainy—Nicole graduated a full two years early from school, and used to work in the financial sector.

Fleshlight Alternatives 

If you’re looking for something more interactive, sex dolls are something you should think about. I’ll also share instructions for making five different fleshlights out of everyday household items.

Sex Dolls

Despite all the benefits, fleshlights do have their disadvantages. Experienced users may feel limited or get bored with the same tube and positions after a while.

Sex dolls can take your solo sessions to the next level. They’re available as half-bodied (e.g., lower torso only) or full-bodied. 

Quality models can feel real to the touch with a natural range of motion. You can pose them and explore different orifices. Most dolls have three holes for you to alternate between mouth, vagina, and anus.

Imagine an ass to spank that jiggles; breasts to squeeze that feel firm and lifelike. There are male versions available, too. The only restriction is your budget: prepare to spend at least $1,000. 

Where Can You Get Fleshlight Discount Codes?

Holidays are joyous occasions for many reasons, one of them being discounts. Yes, even sex toys like fleshlights should have promotions and deals.

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