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Best Fleshlight | 0 to 100 in Less than 2 minutes?

Fleshlights have been on the unmentionable topic list for the longest of time when it comes to male sex toys, even though they are the only alternative to a real vagina.

For a couple of decades now, male sex toys have been a taboo topic, and men couldn’t express their sexual freedom like their female counterparts.

Unlike vibrators, which have been portrayed as a must-have sex toy for women, fleshlights have always been stigmatized and haven’t had the spotlight they deserve.

But as time went by, pocket pussies have risen in popularity and more and more men each day are removing the stigma aspect of owning fleshlight toys. The flashlight business is growing as we speak and hundreds of models, variants, and accessories for fleshlights are being massively produced.

If you have been distanced from this topic, I am here to enlighten you with all the information that you need about fleshlights, or more widely known as pocket pussies. So throw away your sock, because, by the end of this fleshlight review, you too will want to get your hands or penis to be more precise, on a fleshlight and add it to your sex toy arsenal.

What is a Fleshlight?

If you’ve been living under a rock, which I will assume you haven’t, a fleshlight is a cylinder-shaped sex toy, that on one side has a hole representing a real vagina. It got the name fleshlight as a play on words, because of the flesh-like material that is placed in the inner part or fleshlight sleeve of the sex toy.

Also, its shape is reminiscent of a real flashlight, although the only thing that will be glowing is your face after you’re coming down from your high!

Since the late 90s, the time when some of the first fleshlights were designed and put out on the market, fleshlight sex toys have been immensely improved and have become more desirable. Different fleshlight orifices have been created, the fleshlight textures have become more realistic, and different sizes and colors of fleshlights have hit the market. In recent years, numerous porn stars have come out with their own fleshlight girls series, a perfect replica of their lips, vagina, and anus.

How to use Fleshlight Sex Toys

You might think that using a fleshlight is easy and that you won’t need any pointers, but even if it isn’t rocket science, there are still some things you need to know before your first fleshlight pleasure session.

First of all, you should always have some lube and warm water nearby. Even if the fleshlight represents a real pussy, it will always lack the wetness and temperature a real one has. Before you go wild, always make sure to apply a generous amount of lubrication. It will help give you the right amount of friction, and that perfect stroke. If you have a silicone fleshlight, it’s always advisable to use water-based lubes only, so that you can protect the material and prolong its use.

Temperature can play a big part, so if you are a person who likes it a bit cold, stick the flashlight in the fridge for a couple of minutes or pour a little cold water inside. The same goes for people that like a little warmer temperatures. Instead of cold water, add some warm water to the inner sleeve, and wait some time- it will warm up to perfection, just like the real thing.

Another thing you can do if you aren’t into waiting for the water to cool down, or warm up your fleshlight is to go get some lubes that do that for your fleshlight. There are loads of lubes on the market that when you place them in the fleshlight sleeve, the lube itself will change the temperature and you just need to stick it in and stroke away.

Apart from temperature manipulation, a lot of people like to go a little bit more creative and have a different experience with their fleshlight. You don’t have to search a lot to find that there are fleshlight mounts and even a fleshlight shower mount in every sex toy shop. This mount helps people that want a hands-free experience.

Just strap the fleshlight on the mount, and then place the suction cup mount anywhere you want. If don’t want to spend extra cash on a mount, just flick around the internet and you will find some DIY methods that are pretty easy to make.

If you don’t want the hassle of buying a mount or making a DIY one, yet still want to spice things up, the best option is to include your partner in the activity. Introduce the male sex toy in your sex life, and give your partner full control. Heck, put in a bullet vibrator in the fleshlight and let those sensual strokes and vibrations take you to a new world.

You may think you can’t spice up things any more than that, but of course, you can. Head over to your shower, bring your partner and your waterproof fleshlight and get ready for the most intense fleshlight experience of your life. If your vibrating fleshlight doesn’t have to be plugged in, any amount of water can go in the sleeve, and even enhance the feeling.

These are just some ideas you can implement in your next wild fleshlight adventure. There are loads more and if you browse around the internet you can get even more interesting and some crazy ideas. Now, that you know a little bit more about how to use a fleshlight, let’s dive in a little bit more and see what types of fleshlights are on the market.

Types of Fleshlights

A lot of new brands, shapes, sizes, and models, have been created since the first fleshlight was manufactured two decades ago. In the beginning, fleshlights were not that realistic, there weren’t any special textures, with a generic entry point, the plastic used was not that comfortable for the penis, and even though people loved the idea, they weren’t quite on board with it.

Years later, you have so many different types to choose from that some might think owning one is not enough. For starters, you can find fleshlights for beginners, ones that aren’t as intense but can get the job done. As you look around more, you may stumble upon fleshlights that are tighter and ones that are looser. This is all based on preference, and we can’t say which one is better.

Apart from vagina fleshlights, people can find anal fleshlights and bj fleshlights that have realistic lips. Again this is all based on preference and whichever one you choose, will be the one that best suits you. There are many other categories that we can showcase, but instead of just mentioning them, we’ll just explain some of them.

How to Choose A Fleshlight?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and at first, it may seem difficult to pick your first fleshlight male masturbator, because there are thousands to choose from. Before we recommend a couple of fleshlights that will suit beginners perfectly, we would like to tell you what to look for when choosing the best beginner fleshlight.


The first thing you should do is look for fleshlights with the right size for you. Like penises, every fleshlight is a different size. You don’t want a fleshlight that is too small or too big for your penis, because you can either, lose on some of the experience if it’s too big, or struggle to please yourself if it’s too small. The average size of a fleshlight in today’s market is from 12 to 16cm. Of course, you will be able to find smaller and bigger if you do your research.


Apart from size, which probably is the most important thing, texture and appearance come down to preference. The fleshlight can be from the fleshlight girls’ line, and the fleshlight sleeves can vary in texture and intensity. You won’t be able to find the fleshlight that everyone agrees is the perfect one, because one could be perfect for you and it may be a waste of money for someone else.


Getting the right material is not important just for your best experience, but also for cleaning and overall safety. You’ll want to find materials like silicone as it is easier to clean and it is overall safe for your body. Silicone is a non-porous material so there are no microscopic holes that can trap bacteria.

Furthermore, they are much easier to clean, and seeing as fleshlights are generally harder to clean than most toys, you need all the help you can get! Don’t forget to use water-based lubes with silicone, to prolong your toy’s life, as well as to let the fleshlight sleeve dry completely before putting back in the case.

Best Beginner fleshlight

Fleshlight Go Stamina Training unit

In our opinion, there are two fleshlights that can be considered the best fleshlight for beginners. One is the stamina training unit (STU), which will not only give you pleasure but will also improve your sexual endurance. By getting this pink lady orifice, you will be put through a more intense stimulation, which in some cases can be higher than the stimulation of a real pussy.

There is only one texture throughout the whole sleeve, however, the large bumps and the tight canal on this stamina training unit make for a more intense experience. What’s more, it’s a travel-sized fleshlight, so you can take it with you anywhere you need. The idea behind the stamina training unit is to improve your stamina and technique with prolonged use, so you can last much longer for the real deal.

Stoya Destroya

The other option that we regard as the best fleshlight for beginners is the Stoya Destroya fleshlight. Modelled after the famous adult film star, this fleshlight is one of the most talked-about and famous fleshlights on the market. If you want that five-star experience and have fantasized about what would it be like to have sex with a porn star, the Stoya Destroya fleshlight is for you. This pocket pussy is also considered to be the most intense and realistic fleshlight on the market today.

As you go in, the chamber is 0.39″ and is filled with a bumpy texture. As you go further in, the sleeve gets a bit wider and the bumps become larger. Around mid-point, the bumps change into fangs, increasing the sensation. Make sure to always use a water-based lubricant, because oil or silicone lubes may stain or even damage the texture of the sleeve.

It all comes down to preference at the end, and whichever you choose, whether the stamina training unit or Stoya Destroya, you won’t regret your decision.

Tightest fleshlight

The Pink Lady

If you prefer a tight feeling fleshlight and that feeling of a death grip on your dong then getting a super tight sleeve is the way to go. The smooth, bumpless texture is molded after the original pink lady, but even tighter. This male masturbation toy doesn’t have any special chambers and it doesn’t have any bumps, ribs, or fangs. It is designed as one big canal.

Another amazing aspect about this male masturbator is that it is pretty easy to keep clean. Because there are no specific textures on this masturbation sleeve, you can clean it just with water. Also, there is no place for any kind of residue to reside, making the drying process a walk in the park. It is not the most realistic in the fleshlights category, but the sensation you can get is second to none.

Jessica Drake Fleshlight

Only having a 0.5 inches diameter, you can only imagine the tightness as your penis is getting swallowed up. The tight canal provides a slow stimulation, and it all boils down to the friction you create against the material. This fleshlight can also be considered as one of the best fleshlights for beginners, because the stimulation is slow and consistent, making it pretty easy to use.

One of the best fleshlight girls lines, this fleshlight is modeled after the stunning Jessica Drake with all the ridges, bumps, and smooth textures. If you ever wondered what it would be like inside her, now you have the chance!

Cheapest Fleshlight

There are numerous fleshlights that we can showcase, and specify a feature that can make them a part of the best fleshlight list. Now, many people are on a budget and can’t really splurge on some of the best fleshlights. If you are one of them, don’t sweat it, we got you covered as well. There are a lot of cheap and reliable fleshlights, that even if their price is low, can still be great male masturbators.

We know that there are many DIY fleshlight options on the internet, where from some household items, you yourself can make a fleshlight. These aren’t the best, but if your budget is so tight, they can do the job. This is not the case in this category, because we still want you to have a memorable experience, even if the fleshlight isn’t the best of the best.

Thrust Pro Ultra Zoe

The Thrust Pro Ulta Zoe is a steal! It’s priced just under $20 and it’s the ideal toy for the price range. It has a 6-inch internal length accompanied by ridges and bumps for all-over pleasure. It’s compatible with a bullet vibrator for some extra sensations during your hand play. What’s more, it’s also adjustable, so you can play around with the strength of your strokes. The Thrust Pro Ultra Zoe is compact and discreet enough that it can accompany you on all of your trips.

Best Anal Fleshlight

Maybe you want to get a little more freaky or your vagina fleshlight doesn’t feel as good as the first time. If this becomes your reality, we strongly recommend getting a new fleshlight, but this time an anal fleshlight.

This will be a totally new experience for you, and you can finally see what it’s like to have anal sex. There are thousands of anal fleshlights out there but we have decided to showcase only one, which we consider as the best fleshlight for anal play.

Riley Read Euphoria

Many people today, consider Riley Reid Euphoria as the best fleshlight on the market representing an ass hole, and we also share that belief. If you have ever imagined what it’s like to take Riley Ried up the ass, now that can become reality.

Not only is her line of fleshlights super popular, but also has one of the best fleshlight texture you will ever feel. Aside from the vagina fleshlight, her butt fleshlight named Riley Reid Euphoria is arguably the best anal canal design ever made.

There are three chambers throughout the whole sleeve and a total of 12 different shaped bumps and ribs. Unlike all other traditional butt fleshlights, Riley Reid Euphoria starts with a more wide chamber and as you slide deeper it gets tighter. This is consistent with all 3 chambers, going from wide to tight. If you are interested in getting this product it is basically sold on every fleshlight website.

Top BJ fleshlight

Some people can get tired of pussy or ass fleshlights, even if they are using the best sex toys. We can understand them because once in a while you are bound to try out something new. That is why we also recommend getting a bj fleshlight. Before oral sex fleshlights were even a thing, people could only replicate blow jobs by getting a sex doll, which is great in itself, but nothing can quite replicate the real deal as a BJ fleshlight.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

That is all in the past because today, people can get their hands on the fleshlight turbo thrust, or fleshlight ice. Regardless of whatever you want to call it, this fleshlight can almost mimic the same exact feeling when you are getting a real bj. The fleshlight turbo thrust or fleshlight ice is the most intense fleshlights replicating a blow job that you can find on the market today.

From the moment you place your penis on the opening, you will feel like you are touching a pair of lips. As you continue to slide inside, you will enter a wide chamber and hit a ridge that resembles the tongue. As you get past the texture resembling a human tongue, you are now at the most pleasant part of the fleshlight, the part that is the throat. By this point, you will begin to feel the most realistic deep throat experience, and with each stroke, it gets better and better.

Considering all the options on the market, this one is by far the best fleshlight model you can get to enhance your oral sex experience. Plus, many fleshlight girl lines today, also offer a blow job fleshlight, when fleshlight deals are implemented on websites.

Best Mini Fleshlight

Thrust Pro Mini Stella

This mini fleshlight comes with two openings, vagina and mouth. You can choose which end you want to use on this tiny pocket pussy. The canal is textured, so you’ll get those much-needed thrills from each stroke. It’s discreet, compact and ready to be taken with you and your partner around the globe. To make this little toy even more fun, the cap has a place for holding your phone. This way, if you need some extra visual stimulation, you can place the cap anywhere, put your phone on, and stroke away!

The canal is 3.5″ long so it’s perfect for short and quick strokes, while the openings are 0.25 inches, putting your penis in a chokehold. It’s submersible in water too, so you can take your fun in the shower as well!

Quickshot Vantage

The fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is an amazing product where you won’t splash the cash and still get one of the best fleshlights on the market. This fleshlight model is compact, easy to clean, and will give you an amazing experience.

The fleshlight Quickshot Vantage sports two fully opened orifices, and it is half the size of your normal fleshlight. Being open at both ends, there won’t be a lot of pressure involved when used, but the airy sensation is quite satisfying for many men. We don’t even have to mention that having two open ends, makes cleaning 100x easier than a normal fleshlight. The masturbation sleeves can be pretty difficult to clean but on the Quickshot is a whole other story. The inner sleeve is easily removed and because is small, washing it with warm water will be a breeze.

Best Interactive

As years have gone by, creators of fleshlights have tickled the idea of making a hands-free fleshlight. There are many people that want to enjoy a session without doing the hard work. Manual can get boring and that is why the Fleshlight Launch series have been created.

Fleshlight launch

These devices give you the freedom of placing your best fleshlight sleeves on a machine that does all the dirty work for you. Once you have placed your fleshlight on the device, there are multiple features that you can control with just a press of a button. You can increase the speed, depending on what kind of a stroke you want, and you can even decide if you want a longer or shorter stroke. Having all of these options gives you more variety and a lot more pleasure during your sessions.

Fleshlight Vibro

Apart from automatic or hands-free fleshlights, there are other kinds of interactive fleshlights that are becoming more and more popular each day. One of those is the fleshlight Vibro, a fleshlight that incorporates little bullet vibrators that are placed in the actual sleeve. The small vibrators can easily be turned on with the small buttons on top of them, and then placed in the sleeve. This is not the most realistic fleshlight, but it creates a sensation, that no human can do, small little vibrations as you penetrate the fleshlight.

Best Gay Fleshlight

As much as there are straight men fleshlights, the sex toy industry is loaded with gay men fleshlights. There are numerous gay porn stars that come out with their own fleshlights. The likes of Milan Christopher, Boomer Banks, Brent Corrigan, Calvin Banks, Allen King, and many others, have created their own ass fleshlight.

Diego Sans Butt Fleshlight

There is one superior anal flashlight that we have to place in the number one position for best fleshlight sleeve for gay men. This is of course Diego Sans butt flashlight. The standard size from gay fleshlights is somewhere between 8’5” and 10′. Diego Sans fleshlight is just the right size having an 8’5” usable length. Once you are inside, you will start to feel one of the six different textures that are implemented in the sleeve. From twisted ridges, nodes to all kinds of bumps, just the initial penetration will feel amazing. At the end of the toy, there is a cap, which can be twisted to regulate airflow in the sleeve. This gives you the ultimate control of tightness.

When it is time to clean the fleshlight, it can take some time, because of all the different textures that are inside the sleeve. It may take you a few minutes and some amount of warm water to clean everything up, but because the drying process is pretty fast, the fleshlight will be ready for use in no time. This fleshlight might be on the more expensive list of gay fleshlight, but the overall experience will be priceless.

Bottom Line

If you have made it this far, which we are hoping you did, and not gone to the flashlight website to order your first ever fleshlight, we hope that we were helpful in explaining and giving you some of the best options for male masturbating sex toys on the market. As we mentioned previously there is no best fleshlight that we can just name and tell you to go buy. It all comes down to what you are into and in some cases how much you are willing to spend for a mesmerizing experience.

There are thousands of options available now for purchase, so be patient in your research and dive in deep to find out what can give you the most pleasure. A fleshlight is a great investment if you want to enhance your sex life and with some products even enhance your stamina and endurance the next time you have real sex. It is a win-win situation, you get to have outstanding orgasms, and your next partner will be thrilled to get a long-lasting sexual experience.

Fleshlights can last you a long time, if you are careful and keep them clean and tidy. After every use, don’t forget to put them in warm water, because some of the sleeves have various textures and every chamber can hold lube and other residues. Most of the fleshlights that we showcased for you today have a fast-drying process, creating your next solo or partnered session just around the corner.


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