Homemade Fleshlight | How To Make The Ultimate Pleasure Tube?


Fleshlights are an incredibly popular choice for an alternative to the real thing, especially because of how diverse the market is.

However, if you don’t want to invest and are open to experimentation, you should look to make your fleshlight at home.

We have a stellar list of DIY homemade pocket pussy options that can be made for dirt cheap. On top of this, they feel great!

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DIY Homemade Fleshlight Options

Latex Glove and Towel Fleshlight

First up on our list is an extremely popular fleshlight that you can put together in a jiffy.

Just make sure you don’t have a latex allergy when making this homemade toy, and you should have zero issues.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x soft towel.
  • 1x set of rubber bands.
  • 1x latex glove or condom.
  • Water-based lube (optional).

There are several versions of this fleshlight you can work with, but the basic steps are:

  1. Roll out a soft towel and fold it in half.
  2. Now, use either a latex glove or a condom and place it inside the towel to act as a fleshlight sleeve. Make sure to leave one end of the glove or condom a little way out of the towel for easy insertion.
  3. Now all you need to do is roll the towel up into a fitting size. You can keep the contraption together with the rubber bands.

That’s pretty much it! You have a homemade pocket pussy ready to go in minutes with this simple technique.

You can also use a water-based lube to help with the insertion and heighten your pleasure.

Pringles Can and Sponges Homemade Fleshlight

Things you’ll need:

  • 2x sponges.
  • 1x Pringles can.
  • 1x latex glove or condom.
  • 1x rubber band

If you have a large, pringles can-like tube lying around the house, why not use it to make a remarkably effective sex toy?

All you need to do is:

  1. Empty the can if you haven’t already eaten the chips, obviously!
  2. Place the two soft sponges directly inside the tube.
  3. Make sure to leave some space between the two sponges to give your member some space for insertion.
  4. Next, place a condom or glove on the far end of the can to act as a safety net for your splooge.
  5. Secure it in place with rubber bands tied around the far end.

The key to making this DIY homemade pocket pussy work is using the right type of sponge. A soft and plush sponge will greatly heighten your pleasure, but an abrasive one will leave you with some battle scars. 

Soaking the sponges in water is a great way to further increase your pleasure and make it feel like the real deal. 

TP Roll Pocket Pussy

This is one of the cheapest methods to create a homemade pocket pussy. You can pretty much put the whole thing together immediately because of how accessible the items are.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x toilet paper roll.
  • 2-3 rubber bands.
  • 1x latex glove or condom.

To get to work on this fleshlight:

  1. Take out the cardboard center of the toilet paper roll.
  2. Pull a latex glove or condom through the middle while stretching it out to the other side.

Once you’re done using the device, chuck the condom and place a new one over the roll for your next session.

Although this one doesn’t quite have the same feel as the other models, you can improve your sensations using rubber bands around the toilet paper roll. Getting the right levels of tightness is key to making this model work.

Banana Meets Banana Homemade Fleshlight

If you want to go back to the days of yore, before the age of fleshlights and pocket pussies, work on this old-school version at home.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x fresh banana.
  • 1x knife.
  • Lubricant (optional).
  1. Cut an end off the banana.
  2. Squeeze the fruit through the open end.
  3. You’re now left with an empty banana skin as a fleshlight!

If there’s some banana residue inside the peel, don’t worry. It works as a makeshift lube in the fleshlight. If you feel like this lube isn’t cutting it, you can always accentuate the experience using lube—water or oil-based works here.

Once you’re done with the fruit, simply throw away the peel and make yourself a new one the next time you’re feeling randy.

Socko the Super Sex Toy

If you’re wondering how to make fleshlight toys immediately without ever having to step out of your home, this is the version for you!

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x latex glove.
  • 1x rubber band.
  • 3x soft socks.
  • Lube (optional).
  1. Just take two of your softest socks.
  2. Place a glove in between them.
  3. Now use a third sock to wrap around the two socks and hold them in place to create a makeshift vagina.
  4. You can also use an elastic rubber band to cement the sealing and hold everything together. 

This is a great homemade device to make for many reasons!

Not only can you put together this model almost instantly, but you can also prevent getting caught with a sex toy by simply chucking the glove once you’re done and disassembling your socks. All you’re left with after your sexcapade is three innocent pairs of socks.

Plastic Bottle and Sponge Homemade Fleshlight

This fleshlight is a variation on the Pringles can toy above, except this one works with any plastic bottle or container.

People use bottles such as the UPPLADDA Ikea bottle, as it pretty much makes the perfect shape for such a toy.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x large plastic container or bottle.
  • 2x sponges.
  • 1x latex glove or condom. 
  • Rubber bands.

To make this fleshlight:

  1. Take the plastic container and stuff it with two sponges to make a tunnel in the middle of the bottle.
  2. Place the glove or condom right down the middle to create a space for you to deposit your load once you’re done.

A pro tip here would be to adjust the bottle size with sponges to adapt to your girth and length. If you’re using a large bottle, and it feels abnormal during insertion, use sponges on the far end.

Prison Fifi Home Made Flesh Light

If you’ve been looking into making fleshlights at home, you may have come across the term, “Fifi.” This simply refers to the use of disposable sleeves in homemade sex toys, much like the latex condom or glove we’ve used for all the models so far.

These homemade sleeves are meant to be thrown away after use for the sake of your hygiene, and a “prison Fifi” is a popular sex toy version made by guys in prison.

Hey! Prison’s a lonely place, so don’t judge!

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x towel.
  • Warm water.
  • 3x latex gloves.
  1. Fill two gloves up to nearly 50% with warm water.
  2. Tie the ends to avoid spillages.
  3. Next, place the spare glove in the middle of the two water-filled gloves. This helps to catch your love spills after you’re done with the unit.
  4. Now roll up the entire fleshlight in your choice of a soft cloth to keep everything in place, and you’re good to get your pump on.

Plush Toy Sex Toy

This is an oldie but a goodie and was probably thought up by a teenager.

Again, it may seem simplistic as a fleshlight, but man does it work!

A plush toy automatically has all the things you need from a great fleshlight—soft materials, tight enclosures and optimal space.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x plush toy.
  • 1x knife.
  • 1x latex condom or glove (optional).

All you need to do to turn the plush toy from your childhood to a fleshlight for your manhood is:

  1. Poke a hole in the right place and make space for your member. You can do this with a scissor or knife.
  2. To make it reusable, make sure to use a condom or glove inside the opening, although it takes away from the plush material’s pleasant sensations inside the toy.

If you don’t want to defame a personal possession, you can always pick up a stuffed toy from IKEA to stuff. They make great toys ideal for your homemade sexual escapades.

For example, a stuffed panda will only set you back a few dollars, but boy, is it worth it!

Cornstarch and Water Homemade Flesh Light

If you’re willing to put in some effort to make a fleshlight at home, you can walk away with some spectacular results.

This one takes a bit of time and a handful of ingredients to put together, but it certainly yields some results for a homemade toy.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x tall glass.
  • Glass of water.
  • 100gm of cornstarch.
  • Microwave.
  • A stick the same size as your penis.

To work on this fleshlight:

  1. Take 100 grams of cornstarch, and add it to a tall glass of water.
  2. Make sure to mix them thoroughly to even out the consistency. You can tell it’s even by looking at the glass and sussing out color inconsistencies.
  3. Next, microwave the blend for a minute to solidify it.
  4. Once the mix feels solid, poke a hole in the top of the blend with the stick. Don’t shove the stick in too deep, though. The ideal length is three-quarters of the way in. This is where your penis will go!
  5. Now place the glass in your fridge and allow it to cool for about an hour.
  6. After it’s cooled, remove the stick and gently tap the bottom of the glass to make the cornstarch water-blob fall out.
  7. You now have a surprisingly effective homemade fleshight in your hands; one that feels extraordinarily real to the touch.

Gummy Bears and Towel Toy

In this version of the towel and glove fleshlight, we add extra texture and sensations to your homemade sex toy. After all, it’s not just about pumping into random objects but about how you feel while you pump.

Using gummy bears is a great way to add an extra level of sponginess to your homemade toy and accentuate sensations.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x rubber glove.
  • 1x pack of gummy bears (as per your comfort levels).
  • 1x towel.
  • 1x plastic cup.
  • 1x rubber band or duct tape.

To work on this advanced fleshlight toy:

  1. Fold your towel in half.
  2. Put your glove into the towel, with the open side sticking out for your member.
  3. Now, surround the towel in loads of gummy bears.
  4. Make sure to have the glove resting in the towel’s center before you roll it up.
  5. With the towel in the right position, place the unit inside a plastic cup, and secure it using tape or rubber bands.
  6. Your new and improved gummy bear-powered toy is ready and raring to go.

The Pillow Pump

This is yet another oldie but a goodie that’s sure to make you relieve your days as a horned-up teenager.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x bed.
  • 1x pillow or cushion.
  • Enthusiasm of a teenage boy.
  • 1x latex condom or glove.
  1. Simply place your member on top of your mattress.
  2. Cushion it with a pillow using your spare hand.
  3. Put the condom on, or place the glove between the cushion and mattress.
  4. Now use the spare hand to get the right levels of compression going in your fleshlight to give your member the tightness it needs to release itself.

Floral Beads in a Jar

Floral beads are great to use while making a homemade sex toy because they offer the perfect balance between malleability and stiffness.

Making this fleshlight is as easy as making “cream pie.”

You’ll love the squishy and soft bead texture, and this is one of the most popular DIY toys going.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x glass jar of floral beads.
  • 1x large jar.
  • 1x latex glove.
  • 1x duct tape.
  • Lube (optional).
  1. Empty at least 25% of the floral beads from the glass jar to make space for your penis.
  2. Now take the latex glove and place it inside the beads while pulling the opening over the jar’s rim to create an opening for your member.
  3. Use duct tape to secure the glove’s rim around the jar and stabilize your new fleshlight.
  4. The only thing left to do now is to apply some lube inside the glove if you wish and get pumping.

Gummy Worms and Pool Noodles

This is another realistic fleshlight that’s also effortless to put together. You’ll be surprised what you can get done with the help of a pool noodle and gummy worms.

Things you’ll need:

  • Gummy bears (as per your comfort)
  • 1x pool noodle.
  • 1x knife.
  • 2-3 rubber bands.
  • 1x latex glove.
  1. Trim a pool noodle to roughly the length of your fully erect penis with a 2-inch buffer room.
  2. Now take this pool noodle section and slice it vertically in half down the center to make the tunnel’s two sides.
  3. You can use your knife to make slits inside the interior, but make sure not to slice too deep.
  4. Take some gummy bears and place them inside the slots to heighten the texture inside the pool noodle. 
  5. Now place the glove between the noodle’s two halves, and pull it over the opening to create a space for your penis. You can use the rubber bands to help keep the glove in place.

When you slide into this fleshlight, you’ll feel the incredible sensations of the soft gummy bears rubbing against your penis as you swim towards the finish line.

Nerf Ball Sex Toy

You’ll need to make a trip to your nearby sporting goods store to put this one together, but trust us, it’s worth the trouble.

Just pick up an inexpensive Nerf football that’s made entirely out of foam for a couple of bucks, and take it home to convert it for your pleasure.

Things you’ll need:

  • 1x Nerf football.
  • 1x knife.
  • 1x latex glove.
  1. Take a knife and cut off one end of the football, giving you access to the foam inside the ball.
  2. Now make a hole inside the foam. It should be big enough to fit your member.
  3. Protect the hole with a plastic bag or glove, and let rip!

Stuffing for Stuffing 

If you have an old pillow in your house or are happy to get rid of the pillow you used for the pillow pump fleshlight, this is a great toy to put the stuffing to good use.

Things you’ll need:

  • Pillow stuffing to match the bottle’s size.
  • 1x bottle.
  • 1x latex glove.
  • 1x knife.
  1. Just take out a heap of pillow stuffing and place it inside a plastic bottle with the top cut off.
  2. Now use your fingers to make some space within the bottle and the stuffing for your member.
  3. Place a condom or glove inside the space to catch your mess.

Just ensure the plastic bottle you’re using doesn’t have sharp edges, or you may hurt yourself on your homemade toy! If the edges are sharp, cover them with stuffing and tape the stuffing to the edges using duct tape.

Cucumber and Duct Tape

Cucumbers have long been associated with penises, but now you can actually use one to entertain your penis when you’re lonely.

Things you’ll need:

  • A cucumber matching your penis’ length and girth—a couple of inches longer is ideal.
  • 1x knife.
  • 1x duct tape.
  • 1x latex glove.
  1. Take the cucumber and slice it in half lengthways.
  2. Empty the insides using a knife or a scraper and duct tape it back together.
  3. Now place a latex glove inside the cucumber, and it’s good to go.

The only thing with this homemade toy is that cucumbers are perishable, so you only have a couple of hours to make the most of this toy.

DIY Fleshlights: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the Fleshlight in the Shower or Tub?

Yes, you can use some homemade models in the shower or tub. The best fleshlights for this situation are the models that have a tough exterior. Examples of these from our list are:

  • Floral bead in a jar fleshlight.
  • Cornstarch and water fleshlight.
  • Pringles can and sponges fleshlight.

You can learn about other ways on how to use a fleshlight here

What Type of Lubricants Can I Use With My Fleshlight?

You can use either a water-based or oil-based lubricant with your fleshlight based on the model you’re working with. Water-based lubricants will be compatible with all your fleshlights, but oil-based ones can make certain models extremely sticky. If the fleshlight is disposable or has disposable sleeves, either lube should work.

Am I Too Old To Use the Homemade Fleshlight?

No, you’re never too old to use these fleshlights. These work for any man of any age, and the only thing you need to use these homemade fleshlights is the desire to want to pleasure yourself.

Which Fleshlight Do I Use if I’m Uncircumcised?

You can use any fleshlight you want, even when you’re uncircumcised. This is especially true if you’re using a homemade fleshlight that uses a sleeve, like a glove or a condom. The sensations remain unaffected thanks to the sleeve covering your member in the fleshlight.

Can I Use Vaseline in the Fleshlight?

It isn’t recommended that you use Vaseline in homemade fleshlights as it doesn’t lubricate your member. It also has a chance of stifling the experience by making things stick to your penis.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Who says you need to shell out the big bucks to show yourself a good time! These DIY sex toys are proof you can use a little imagination and ingenuity to convert your average household items into grade-A sex toys.

Each of the above options varies in time and effort, but it’s worth exploring all of them eventually to understand which one your general enjoys saluting to the most. 

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