DIY Anal Douche | All You Need To Know

The presence of feces on fingers, penis, or even a sex toy during sex is a complete turn-off for most people. Such a sight could end your mood for sex for quite a long time. Douching helps avoid such incidents by cleaning your rectum before sex to get rid of feces stuck in the anal canal, leaving you ready for anal sex.

An anal douche has two co-joined main parts: 

The bulb: This holds the liquid you’ll need to spray up your anus for cleaning.

The nozzle: This is a hollow tube you insert in your anus to squirt water into your rectum. 

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

First, clean and rinse your hands and the preferred douching equipment. Then, fill the bulb part of the anal douche with the cleaning liquid, preferably warm water. A word of caution, though; do not use liquids with sugar because you risk developing a yeast infection. 

Lukewarm water is the best choice for douching your anus. But, if the water is too cold, it will freeze your internal organs, and you will not enjoy anal sex. On the other hand, if too hot, you risk suffering painful burns. 

Use lube to insert the nozzle and finger easily up your anus. Relax your rectum muscles and open the sphincter and allow the nozzle up your body.

Expel the liquid by pressing the bulb part moderately. This process should happen when you are comfortable. If you feel any pain, stop. Hold the liquid in for one or two minutes, then squirt it out. Repeat the process to clear everything.

It can be quite an eyesore when shit or bits of it appear on your partner’s dick or your sex toy during intercourse. A self-made anal douche comes in handy to avoid such situations by cleaning your anus for uninterrupted sex.

Avoid Embarrassments

It is embarrassing when you realize that your partner saw your feces during anal sex. It is also quite uncomfortable for your partner to witness such a mess while thrusting. To avoid the shame and awkwardness that comes with such an incident, you should consider a DIY anal douche.

Safety First

A DIY anal douche involves cleaning up the immediate area of the rectum. It does not meddle with the deeper parts of the colon. As a result, you do not risk harming the sensitive tissues inside your colon. 

Improved Sexual Health

DIY anal douche helps keep your hygiene at the highest level before anal sex, leaving you clean and fresh. The removal of leftover feces and harmful bacteria out of your rectum, which is part of the douching process, improves your general sexual health.

Anal douching takes anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. When you restrict the douching liquid to small amounts, the whole process takes a shorter time. Given that it takes a shorter time to perform douching, this sexual hygiene process is ideal for impromptu booty calls. 

Besides, it is cheaper to have a self-made anal douche because you do not need to visit any drug store to buy the douching equipment or enemas. You only need few home-based products to begin douching. 

Increased Confidence

After a DIY anal douche, you will have increased confidence in having anal sex. When neither of you is worried about any accidents during anal sex, the comfort itself is an incredible turn-on. This comfortability relaxes your anal muscles, leading to more enjoyable sex. 

Explosive Orgasms

Also, when you are not worried about disgusting your sexual partner with feces during sex, it gives you the chance to focus on having an orgasm.

Anal sex may happen randomly. Most people say the best sex is unplanned, and half of the time, this is true. It may occur when you least expect it and anywhere, even away from home. You will feel more relaxed and cleaner if you had already had your anal douche. 

What’s The Best Time For Anal Douching? 

Anal douching should be done way before anal sex. This is because there are always chances of water remaining in your anus until later. To avoid the embarrassment of water splashing out during sex (which is not as embarrassing as having shit pop out), you should douche early enough. Doing it earlier also allows the rectum’s natural mucous to recover, reducing friction during anal sex.

Avoid sharp and rigid-edged objects that may harm your anal soft tissues. Also, while douching, do not press the tool too hard. When you insert a douche in your rectum, you should stop immediately and clean up gently if you feel any pain or notice bloodstains. You may then take a break until you feel better and safer to resume douching. If the pain or blood persists, you may consult with your doctor. 

While douching, do not flush in large amounts of water all at once; you may experience cramps if you do. To ease the pain, stretch your back, apply some inward force on your abdomen, or jump to flush liquid out. 

Consider having a healthy diet for easy anal douching. It keeps things moving along. The right portion of fiber for your body reduces debris in the colon, and drinking a lot of water will make it easy to cleanout.

PRO TIP: Avoid spicy and oily foods before douching. 

To dislodge any loose matter hanging in the rectum, you will have to repeat the anal douche process a couple of times until the water is clear.

PRO TIP: Restraining the water to your rectum’s entryway during douching reduces the time needed to clean things up. 

For best results, close your anus when you let water in during anal douching and hold the water inside. You should then jiggle and jump to rinse your inner walls before flushing the water out. The process may take longer if you do not close up your anus during douching.

It is vital to clean any items used in anal douching with hot water and soap before and after use. Your hands should also be clean throughout the process.

When someone else wants to use the same equipment for douching, they should consider cleaning them up or using a condom to prevent the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV. 

It is advisable to maintain low water pressure when douching because high pressure can damage the anus and rectum. The water should also be at room temperature to avoid messing with the electrolyte balance.

Homemade DIY Anal Douche

Without the right douching equipment, you may have a difficult time flushing the rectum. There are sensitive tissues in the rectum; therefore, you need to be keen on the tools you use for this process. If you are away from home or in a rush, you may have to improvise a creative DIY anal douche method. Here are some excellent examples worth considering. 

Using A Water Bottle For Anal Douching

Before anal douching, you may need to have a complete bowel movement. The bowel movement helps get rid of fecal deposits from your rectum. Also, it helps avoid the urge to use the bathroom during anal sex. 

Your fingers and the water bottle should be clean and lubed for easy insertion. Consider getting a bottle with a small and a soft tip, and the bottle itself should be squeezable. Using rigid bottles makes it more difficult to flush the douching liquid up your anus. 

Given that anal douching could be a little bit messy, consider doing it in a bathtub or a toilet. After positioning yourself, relax and gradually insert the filled-up bottle of water in your anus. Then, squeeze the bottle gently and feel the water flowing in your rectum until it feels full.

Make sure you let in just a small amount of water at a time. Letting in small amounts of water at a time prevents injuries that may be caused by forcing too much water into your rectum. 

Relax your sphincter as you sit on the toilet or tub, allowing the fecal deposits and water to flow out. For a cleaner anus, repeat the douching a few times. Keep repeating the process until when the water flowing out is clean. Avoid using a plastic bottle more than once for douching due to the toxic chemicals plastics contain, which can be harmful to your anal tissues.

Using A Shower Hose For Anal Douching 

Showers provide a cleaner and deeper alternative to DIY anal douches. If you choose this option, you need to disconnect the shower head from the shower hose. Then, clean up the hosepipe with water and soap, and then rinse it thoroughly to get rid of the soapy remains. 

Remember to set the water pressure to low and the temperature to lukewarm. When ready, turn on the hosepipe to confirm if the water pressure is low and that the temperature is lukewarm. Avoid directing fthe water up to your rectum before testing its pressure and temperature.

If the selected hosepipe provides varying water temperatures or pressure without your direction, you may need to find a different one. Also, do not place the hose directly into your anus; hold it at a distance. If the pressure is too low, keep holding the hose close to your anal opening and then slowly adjust the pressure. 

Pro tip: Avoid adjusting the water temperature with the hose directed at your rectum. This helps avoid a sudden temperature rise. 

After filling up your rectum with water:

  1. Hold the water inside with the anus closed.
  2. After a minute, spray the water out of your anus.
  3. Repeat the process until when the water comes out clean. 

How To Anal Douche With A Syringe 

A larger syringe will serve better in DIY anal douche. This is because you do not need to refill it so many times. Please note that you should never use a needle-based syringe for this process. Instead, use a needleless syringe with a soft tip. 

To prepare your anus before inserting the needle, you may use a lubricant. If possible, slowly insert your finger up your anus and relax your anal muscles. Do this anal play repeatedly until when you are ready to insert the syringe. You may now insert the syringe’s nozzle slowly at the opening and then deeper as you relax your anal muscles. 

You do not have to finish the water in the syringe at a go. Be gentle and keen as you press the plunger when the water feels the anal canal. Hold the water in your anus and jump around on a non-slippery surface and swish yourself. Squirt the water out and repeat this anal douche process until clean water comes out. 

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