DIY Sex Furniture | Complete Guide For Your Pleasure

Wondering which sex furniture you can make at home to improve your love life? Here’s a complete DIY sex furniture guide for you. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What Is DIY Sex Furniture?

This is a piece of self-made furniture that helps improve the quality of sex. There are two main groups of sex furniture, depending on their purpose. They include positioning and bondage sex furniture.

Positioning Furniture

They comprise a sex bench, sex couch/ sofa, sex stool, sex swing, and slings, designed to save energy during sex and improve your posture during different sex positions. Positioning sex furniture allows your partner to reach the right spots.

Bondage Furniture (BDSM Furniture)

Bondage furniture includes a sex frame, sex cross, and bondage bed. You may use this type of furniture to restrain your partner during sex. Confining your partner to one position helps increase the chances of orgasm due to minimal movements.

Both types of furniture help improve the sexual experience and comfort during sex. They let explore various sex positions depending on the kind of sex furniture in use. Also, sex furniture can be beneficial for people with physical aches such as back pains and knee aches.

Does regular sex get boring to you? Well, homemade sex furniture adds more flavor to your sexual experience. Making a piece of furniture by yourself is a great idea, especially if factors such as size, weight, the sexual position are quite personal.

Also, if the price of your ideal furniture is too high for you at the moment, it may be time to be creative by building your own homemade version.

Sexual Experience

The primary reasons for using sex furniture are improving the quality of sex and getting out of routine sex positions. This furniture lets you explore your desired sexual adventures with ease and great pleasure. To achieve your desired sexual fantasies, though, it all depends on the choice of furniture.


This kind of furniture saves your hands and back the work and energy needed to support yourself during sex. The doggy style position, for example, could exhaust you as you try to support your back and entire lower body. Remember, your body is experiencing extreme pleasure at that particular moment, consequently relaxing your nerves and making you weak.

As a result, your attention shifts from sexual pleasure to trying to support yourself to avoid disappointing your partner. This posture eventually becomes tedious and frustrating.

Homemade furniture holds your weight, accommodates your body size while improving pleasure.

Physical Pain

Physical pain, especially in your back and knee, could prevent you from having an orgasm just when you are almost there. To avoid such interruptions, you may design the kind of furniture that aligns with your sexual and physical needs.


Homemade furniture for sex comes with lots of advantages. Below are good examples.

Your partner may prefer specific sex positions. Some of these positions, as discussed earlier, could be difficult to sustain for prolonged periods, depending on your physical ability, body size, etc. With homemade furniture, you’ll enjoy sex without straining, which sets the perfect atmosphere for an orgasm and a better sex life in general.

The ideal furniture supports your weight and that of your partner. It allows you to choose custom-made materials to accommodate your physical needs first, followed by your sexual fantasies.

Also, making this furniture from home gives you much-needed privacy. Besides, this kind of furniture does not seem very different from traditional furniture, and there is no shame in owning one.


One major disadvantage of DIY furniture is it may take quite a long time to build. This usually depends on your skills and how soon you can find the required materials.

The Seven Types

There are several types of furniture for sex; examples include sex gliders, chairs, loungers, and cages. Some kinds of furniture derive from items available at home; thus, you can make them easily.

Examples of homemade furniture for sex include:

Sex swing and slings

  • Spanking benches
  • Sex frames
  • Sex stools
  • Bondage crosses
  • Bondage tables
  • Bondage beds

When making do-it-yourself sex furniture, there are tools and equipment that you will need throughout the process. They include:

  • A wood drill
  • Tape measure
  • Wood saw (electric or manual)
  • Flat working surface
  • Nails 
  • Nail gun or hammer

Spanking Bench

A spanking bench, sometimes called a fuck bench, is a piece of sex furniture used for positioning a spankee during sex. The spankee may be restrained (BDSM sex) or left free during sex. The doggy style is the most popular position when using a spanking bench.

How To Make A Wooden Spanking Bench 

To make a wooden spanking bench, you will need the following materials:

  •  Pieces of Wood (measuring four 75 cm high, two 40 cm wide, two 80 cm wide, and three 90 cm long)
  • Comfortable memory foams (90 cm long)
  • Small and large triangular offcuts
  • Nails
  • Wood glue
  • Upholstery pins
  • Suitable fabric (leather, machine washable moisture-resistant velvet, etc.)
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Two lashing rings


  1. Take two 75 cm long and one 40 cm wide wood pieces, stick them together with a small triangular offcut using wood glue to form an A-shaped structure
  2. Join them together using nails to make the A-shaped structure firmer and keep it in place during sex
  3. Make another similar A-shaped structure by following the above instructions
  4. Apply wood glue at the top of the two A-shaped structures
  5. Use one 90 cm piece of wood to join the two A-shaped wooden structures side by side with each other.
  6. Take another 90 cm piece of wood and join the two A-shaped structures on the lower adjoining 40 cm wood piece using wood glue and nails.
  7. Repeat step 6 above on the other side of the A-shaped structure. Your final structure should look like sex wedges at this point.
  8. Reinforce the bottom parts of the A-shaped structures using the 80 cm pieces of wood.
  9. Drill any necessary joints and use a bolt and nut to make the structure stronger. You may reinforce the spanking bench further using a larger triangular offcut on both A-shaped sides.
  10. On all the 90 cm wood parts, apply wood glue around them and stick the memory foam using upholstery pins to cover the wooden area.
  11. Cover the memory foam with your preferred fabric (such as marine-grade vinyl) for a beautiful finish.
  12. You may use the lashing rings if you would like to restrain your spankee on the spanking bench.
  13. Paint the spanking bench with your desired color and wait till it dries.

Sex Frame

A sex frame is a piece of furniture made of four wood pieces adjoining at right angles. These are BDSM furniture used for restraining your partner during sex. When making sex frames, you should consider your partner’s size, weight, and height.

How To Make One

Here are the most important things you’ll need to make this kind of furniture.

  • Four pieces of 6 x 1 square foot wood. The height and length will depend on the partner’s size.
  • Nails
  • Wood glue
  • Two lashing rings
  • Bolts and nuts


  1. Take the four pieces of wood, adjoin them at right angles using wood glue and nails to create a rectangular frame.
  2. Drill any necessary parts, especially top right, top left, bottom left, and bottom right parts of the width. Use bolts and nuts to reinforce until it is firm enough to support your weight and that of your partner.
  3. With the sex frame laid flat on the floor, use bolts and nuts to stick the two lashing rings on the top right and left parts. Make sure you reinforce the bolts and nuts to hold your partner during sex.

Bondage Cross

A bondage cross is an X-shaped piece of furniture used to restrain a partner while standing during BDSM sex. You can build your bondage cross using different designs and finish it with a touch of memory foam covered with your desired fabric. Regardless of the design, the structure usually remains the same.

How To Make A Bondage Cross

Below are some things needed when designing a bondage cross.

  • Two pieces of 6 by 1 square foot wood (Your preferred size depends on the height of your partner)
  • Two Lashing rings
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Wood glue
  • Paint Vanish
  • Handcuffs


  1. Take the two pieces of 6 x 1 square foot wood and find the center on each.
  2. At the center of each piece of wood, drill four adjacent holes to fit a bolt.
  3. While still on the floor or working surface, join the two wood pieces at the center using wood glue to form an X-cross.
  4. Align the drilled holes in symmetry and fix the bolt and nut.
  5. Tighten the nuts and check for correct alignment of the two pieces of wood.
  6. Drill a hole on the top right and left corners of the bondage cross.
  7. Fix the lashing rings and cuff the handcuffs on the lashing rings.
  8. You may support the bondage cross on a wall or construct independent support behind it.
  9. Depending on your preference, you may use a vanish or the desired paint to finish the bondage cross.

Sex Swings And Slings

A sex swing and sling is a piece of bondage furniture made from a chain, swing hanged on a metallic frame. It is suitable for people who have a steel-framed bed. Do-it-yourself sex swing and sling could also comprise a crisscrossing metallic frame with four lashing rings on the frame’s upper part.

The sex swing and sling suspends your partner on the swing, made of any suitable but strong fabric, for example, leather. This piece of furniture usually provides the ultimate anal sex experience.

How To Make A Sex Swing And Sling

Here are the main things needed for this project:

  • Four leg chain slings
  • Eight carabiners
  • Leather swing
  • Pillow
  • Four handcuffs
  • Steel-framed bed
  • Firm sewing string


  1. Hook four carabiners on the four top corners of the steel frame.
  2. Hook the four-leg chain slings on the four hooked carabiners. Make sure you get long chains, but this also depends on your height.
  3. Join the leather swing with four carabiners using a firm sewing string.
  4. Join the pillow to the leather swing using the firm sewing string.
  5. Hook the carabiners on the leather swing to the four-leg chain slings, respectively.
  6. Ensure the sex swing and sling are adequately suspended according to your height.

Bondage Bed

A bondage bed is a piece of restraining furniture in the form of a bed. Flatiron and missionary sex positions are the most suitable for this type of bed.

As the giver, you handcuff your partner’s hands or legs, or even both, on this bed. Here’s how to make one.

How To Make A Bondage Bed

The following are the materials needed for this project.

  • Bed
  • Four handcuffs
  • Four carabiners


  1. Clip four carabiners on the four corners of your bed.
  2. Hook the handcuffs on the fours carabiners.
  3. Enjoy some kinky sex.

Bondage Table

A bondage table is a type of table designed to restrain a partner during sex. You may design your bondage table according to your desire, for example, by including memory foam and fabric to give it a nice and attractive finish.

How To Make A Bondage Table

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project.

  • Wooden table
  • Two handcuffs
  • Memory foam
  • Velvet fabric (depend on preference)
  • Two lashing rings
  • Wood glue
  • Upholstery pins


  • Apply wood glue on the surface of your table evenly.
  • Take the memory foam and spread it on the tabletop until it overlaps all sides without covering the table’s box apron section.
  • Ensure the memory foam sticks well on the surface for firmness.
  • Take the velvet or your preferred fabric and cover the memory foam using upholstery pins.
  • On one front right leg of the table, use a nail to pin one lashing ring. Pin another lashing ring on the front left leg of the table.
  • Cuff the lashing rings using the two handcuffs.

Sex Stool

A sex stool (or sex chair) is a wooden or metallic stool used to improve the quality of sex from a sitting position. Some sex stools, also known as sex chairs, may have a hole at the bottom.

The surface of a sex chair is usually curved to improve comfort. The cowgirl helper and cowgirl are good examples of enjoyable sex positions on a sex stool.

How To Make A Top Quality Sex Stool

You’ll need the following things to make a sex chair.

  • Elastic bands
  • Four straight 60 cm wood pieces (framing)
  • Four straight short wood pieces (preferably 60 cm each, but this depends on your height)
  • Four 40 cm wood pieces (crossbars)
  • Wood glue
  • Nails


  • Take the four 60 cm wood pieces and make a frame. The frame should be large enough to accommodate you or your partner.
  • Use the next four 60 cm wood pieces to form the legs of the stool.
  • For firmness, use the 40 cm piece of wood to form a crossbar
  • Repeat step 4 for the rest of the crossbar wood pieces.
  • When the stool has been reinforced and strong enough, nail the elastic bands strongly around two opposite parts which form the wood surface, and the sex stool will be ready for use.

What To Consider Before Making A DIY Sex Furniture

Availability of materials: Some sex furniture need specific materials that may not be easily available at home. For instance, to build a sex swing and sling, you need a steel-frame bed. For that reason, it is always advisable to research the types of materials you need prior to building the sex furniture. Also, make sure you only use high-quality materials to prevent the sex toys from breaking down as you enjoy yourself.

Type of materials: Most DIY furniture for sex consists of wood, which comes in different sizes. Furniture such as a bondage cross, bondage frame, or spanking bench supports the full weight of your partner and is therefore advisable to look for something that’s strong and stable enough, preferably hardwood.

User’s weight: Plus-size people will need specific types of wood because of the wood’s firmness. Extra reinforcement will also be necessary to support the weight of a plus-size person.

User’s height: Customization is among the many benefits of do-it-yourself sex furniture. Whether your partner is excessively tall or short, this furniture is specially designed to meet their specific needs in terms of height.

Sex position: The intended sex position determines the type of furniture needed. Every piece of sex furniture helps improve a specific sex position or make it easy. For instance, the spanking bench improves the doggy style, and the bondage table improves the flatiron sex position.

Stability: Sex furniture, such as a bondage cross and frame, should be thoroughly checked for stability. You may add an extra wood, if needed, to the back of a bondage cross for stability.

Comfort: Most furniture for sex are designed for comfort. Therefore, it is advisable to use materials such as memory foam, velvet, and pillows where necessary, to improve the levels of comfort when the action begins.

Durability. Shaking, trembling, or stiffening of the muscles are some of the many characteristics of orgasmic sex. In such moments, weak furniture may break, consequently leading to injury, which is an instant turn-off. Reinforcing the furniture is, therefore, essential for the safety of both partners.

You now have a better understanding of seven different types of do-it-yourself sex furniture, the importance of using these pieces of furniture, and how to choose the right one for you. The good thing about DIY sex furniture is that there are no limits; you are allowed to be as creative as you can to come up with something that suits your sexual needs.

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