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A Sybian is among the most intense sex toys you’ll ever encounter and it was developed back in the 1980s! Its name originates from an ancient Greek city Sybaris associated with opulence, luxury, and outrageous pleasure-seeking. If only such a city existed today…

This sex toy was designed to be used by females for intense masturbation and while it may cost a small fortune, it’s worth every penny. It looks like a large, electric barrel vibrator, spinning while vibrating to stimulate the clitoris in circular motions.

If you want to use this sex toy, yet don’t want to splurge the obscene amounts of money it might cost, you can always build your own. In this article, we will go over the basics of a homemade Sybian, so buckle up and let’s go right in!

How does Sybian work?

A Sybian has a seat (the saddle or base) and two motors. The base is covered with soft, high-quality materials. One of the two electric motors produces powerful circular rotations while the other creates intense vibrations.

It also has a remote speed controller with two switches and dials used to adjust the vibrations and rotations. The external controller adjusts the intensity of vibrations produced from the top of the unit. The hand controller is an externally wired box that controls speed, vibration, and rotation. 

A Sybian usually has a soft top, mostly made from rubber. The design of the detachable tip varies depending on the user’s preferred size and purpose. An original Sybian adapter has different attachments for different but very much guaranteed pleasures.

If you plan to use a penetrative attachment or toy, you may choose a spring or stem to ensure that the attached tip is strong enough to support your back and forth movements. Sybians also come with raisers that help you adjust the tip, for example, by increasing its height, for better stimulations, and for reaching all the right places. 

This sex toy features pulleys, a gearing board, and axles. A Sybian also has an external shaft, vibrating with different speeds from 0 rpm to about 700 rpm. Safe to say, if you choose this sex toy, you’re in for some toe-curling orgasms!

How To Use A DIY Sybian?

The majority of women love the “girl on top” sex position, commonly known as the cowgirl – and rightfully so. For this reason, a Sybian provides an opportunity to explore and enjoy this position all the way to a delightful orgasm. 

This sex machine is made for women to straddle using a dildo, vibrator, or any other sex toy usually mounted at the top. The attached dildo slides in and out of the vagina, continuously stimulating the inner walls. While the toy itself might seem a little bit complicated at first sight, it is pretty easy to use. Here’s how: 

Step 1 – Attaching A Sex Toy

First, you have to attach a sex toy of your choice at the tip. Your choice of dildo depends on what you want to achieve when the action begins. It can be for clitoral stimulation, anal penetration, vaginal, or if you’re daring enough all three simultaneously.

Step 2 – Turning It On

Secondly, make sure that the main cable is connected, and then switch it on. It’s advisable to use water-based lube when mounting a Sybian. You can then sit on the machine and slide the dildo up your vagina slowly at first.

Step 3 – Let The Action Begin

Since you control everything, we recommend starting slowly, teasing yourself to get your body and mind ready, and then proceed with a moderate speed. You can then turn up the speed and start your vibrating ride to a new path of pleasure. We can guarantee that with wild riding and straddling, you will get multiple mind-blowing orgasms.

This kind of control will give you a unique type of sexual pleasure that only you can unfold. This intense and hefty sex machine, plus a powerful dial, is every girl’s sexual fantasy. And safe to say – it will be yours as well!

A Sybian gives you a chance to try different attachments, consequently offering one of the most explosive orgasms you have ever experienced. You can change them from vibrators to dildos and other types of attachments of your choosing. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and play around with different toys to find the right one!

Tips For Using Sybian Saddle

When using a Sybian, you can effectively achieve a clitoral orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. It also allows for adjusting the attached sex toy to a particular position or length to reach the G-Spot and experience incredible orgasms. 

Sexual pleasure is all about the creativity that comes when having sex. The new styles, angles, and positions add an extra flavor to sex. While riding an original Sybian, try to rock and grind to the rhythm of the vibrations. This will undoubtedly leave your legs weak within a short period. Working with your hips and gliding as the dildo vibrates and rotates inside you makes your experience even more enjoyable.

A Sybian will give you exclusive sexual pleasure by just dialing a simple hand controller. It’s the perfect sex machine for those of us who are sexually demanding. Its intensity and power are on an entirely different level compared to many other sex toys.

The fact that a Sybian is easy to use makes it even more preferable. When it comes to sex, the more relaxed you feel, the higher your chances of experiencing an orgasm. Let’s face it, it will take too long to reach the climax if all you do is control the equipment instead of enjoying the moment. 

Sybian Guarantees Sexual Freedom

Unlike ordinary toys and vibrators, which need users to operate them manually, a Sybian does all the work as long as you control the dial in your hands. You can use it for hours and for as many rounds as you wish without getting tired or pausing in between to take a break. 

Given that a Sybian is usually connected to a power outlet, you do not have to worry about batteries running low. Depending on how frequently you masturbate with a regular battery-powered dildo, you may spend a lot of money on batteries. 

On the flip side, a Sybian derives its energy from a power outlet, thus keeping it going for hours unless there is a power interruption. Even without electricity to power this sex toy, it is still a safe and pleasurable means of masturbating. 

This sex device helps you know your sexual limits, what turns you on, and how far, and how long you can last during sex. If you feel like you have never reached your sexual limits and you want to explore exactly that, then this is one of the best sex machines out there.

You can explore yourself by starting slow and gradually increasing the speed to a higher level until you are comfortable. Once you reach your peak, all you need is to keep rocking back and forth as you move closer to an orgasmic moment. 

You Are In Charge

With its controllable vibrations and rotational stimulations, a DIY Sybian lets you achieve multiple orgasms within a short period. It gives you the freedom to control how wide you want the rotations to cover your most sensitive parts for a guaranteed mind-blowing orgasm. 

One thing that gives the Sybian sex toy an added advantage is its small size, considering what this sex toy is capable of doing. This makes it portable and easy to store even in tight spaces. 

How To Build A DIY Sybian?

Let’s face it: Sybians are expensive. They can cost a couple of hundreds of dollars, depending on the design and capabilities. But why spend so much money when you can make your own DIY Sybian from the comfort of your home?

One of the easiest ways to make a DIY Sybian is by detaching the arm of a sofa you do not use anymore. Using a drill, cut a circular hole at the center of the sofa’s arm, and then place a switch-powered motor under the sofa arm. Make sure the motor has adjustable speed levels.

Mount a dildo on top of the motor and then sit on it. Turn on the motor starting with the lowest speed possible. Use a condom and a water-based lube for safety and easier penetration. Increase the tempo slowly as you ride the Sybian on your way to a very happy ending!

Luckily, the cost isn’t high as you don’t need many mechanical parts. You can get a quality motor for anywhere between $70-100 and the speed control for the motor goes anywhere between $20-30 on eBay or Amazon. Once you’ve actually built your DIY Sybian, the thing that’s left is to enjoy yourself and get those mind-blowing orgasms’ for hours on end. You deserve them!

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